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Department store manager fuck

for two years, i have worked at a department store in Arizona doing grocery stocking.i work around plenty of attractive women,but the one woman that turns me on is the general merchandise manager.a curvy woman in her 40s with a nice round round ass and big titties.when i see her bend over to pick up something,i see her nice lacey panties and i get a hard on from that.she likes me and has flirted with me since she has been there.

we have gotten to know each other the past year and have gotten along day i was stocking up some canned goods on a higher shelf,she smacked my ass and said "you have a nice big ass,young man" i got turned on by that and have tried nervously to do the same thing back,but was too shy to do it.

one day,we had a sale and she was in a jam and asked me to help her get some stuff sold cause if she didn't get the right amount of stuff sold,she would lose her job.through the day,we luckily got our goods sold and i saved her job.she said is there anything i can do to reward you.then my hormones got racing and i said if she wanted to come over to my apartment for dinner.she said yes and before we went,i picked up some condoms from the pharmacy.

as we left the store,she just kept looking at me with a big smile.i finally mustered up the courage and asked her "um,is it okay if i do this" i got her hand and put on my balls and she started to rub them.she was like "oh my,i can feel you rock hard cock growing"i told her i want to have sex with her.

we got to the apartment and got naked.we first jumped in the shower and i spread her asscheeks and started rubbing my cock and using it like a whip on her ass.we french kissed and i started rubbing her pussy as we got in the shower.she gave me a handjob till i was completely hard as a rock.i got on my knees and started giving her a rimjob.i licked and licked till i made her cum with glee.we got out of the shower and went onto my bed.

we kissed some more till i got the urge to suck her tits.after 5 minutes of sucking,she started sucking my cock and it felt so good.she then lifted my legs up and started licking my ass.she told that was her favorite part of the fuck was my tasty ass.i put the condom on my cock and she started my riding my cock like no tomorrow.she told me she had not had sex this good in years.her big tits were bouncing up and down and i kept kissing her nice red lips.i then got her from behind and fingered her asshole before doing her doggysytle.i pumped her full of my cum as fast as i could cause my god she was a good i pulled my cock out of her ass,my cum oozed out of her pussy and her pussy winked at me..

we fucked for 30 minutes and after that,i shot my load into her mouth.we cuddled up and rubbed our beautiful bodies against each other and remained naked for the rest of the day.i told her i loved her and she said she would love to fuck me again.and though the night,i just rubbed my fingers on her clit.this was a excellent fuck and it made me happy to work there cause of her sexy ass

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