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In the bedroom Leanne and Ben lay on the bed for some minutes slowly recovering from the excitement of the game.
Ben spoke first “Won’t Dean be upset with this?” Leanne replied “What Dean and I have is something really special, we have come through stuff that would have destroyed other couples. We love each other with a passion that is unshakable. This is pure sex and enjoyment and loads of fun with no emotional strings so don’t worry on that score.”
“What do you want me to do now?” asked Ben.
“Well, I am going to be rude and say I just want a good fucking” replied Leanne.
“What’s your favourite position then?” Ben asked.
“I like it doggy style if that’s OK with you” Leanne replied with a slight tremor in her voice. “But take it slowly and not to deep to start please, your cock really is huge”
Leanne turned over and onto her knees and Ben rose onto his, he asked “Do you not want some foreplay?”
“Not after what we have done downstairs, no, I just need your cock inside me please”
Ben slowly slid his shaft into Leanne’s fanny just a little way and very slowly and steadily moved in and out almost to the point where his cock came out of Leanne’s dripping wet pussy.
Leanne moaned softly and clutched the pillow below her, after a few minutes she spoke softly “You can start to put a bit more in now and then if you like”
Ben obliged and sank his cock in a little deeper, Leanne writhed in delight as Ben fucked her with a slow steady rhythm gradually getting deeper until after some time his cock was right up to the hilt and Leanne was almost passing out with the ecstasy.
“Fuck me harder” Leanne cried and Ben increased his rhythm until he was pumping his massive cock in and out of Leanne’s now bright red fanny. As he fucked her he pulled and rubbed her nipples and tits, Leanne cried out with each thrust until she thought she could stand it no longer she felt the end of his cock so deep in side her it was an experience she had never had before and she loved it.
As Ben fucked her with even more strength she felt herself getting a bit sort of sore and slightly faint
“Oh, stop, stop please stop” she moaned. Ben slowly withdrew and both he and she lay back on the bed.
“That was fantastic” she whispered.” I can honestly say that I have never ever felt anything like it before, your cock is so big and hot and the way you use it is just unbelievable” Both lay for a few moments when Ben spoke
“ I must tell you that I have never met a girl quite like you before, I mean the way you fuck is out of this world.”
Leanne said
“What is your favourite position Ben?”
Still slightly out of breath Ben replied with a little hesitation
”I think I would like the girl to squat on her heels with her back to me although I have never done it like that before, as a matter of fact I haven’t had a great deal of sexual experience”
“Lay back then across the bed, I want to see in the mirror” Said Leanne gently as she quite slowly and sensually got into the position Ben described making sure he had a good view of her wet and sexually aroused fanny. She looked in the large mirror beside the bed and could see quite clearly her soaking wet fanny with her clit sticking straight out
“Do you like my bum?” she asked
“You can touch it if you want” Ben did want and he very softly fingered her crack until he found her hole and ever so gently slid his wet finger inside, Leanne gasped with delight and put his still huge and throbbing cock between her legs and into her dripping fanny, she watched in the mirror as his hard cock slowly parted her lips and sank into her pussy she enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her and his finger in her other hole for ages then she said
“You can do it a bit harder if you like, I‘ll say if you are hurting me
” With that Ben finger fucked her arse hard while she slowly fucked his cock up and down watching all the time in the mirror as his cock became drenched in her milky white juice, then
“Are you ready?” she said with a voice that trembled with desire
“Oh yes,yes ,yes please” Cried Ben, this time she did not hesitate but sank immediately onto the full length of Ben’s shaft bringing a loud moan from both her and Ben. She fucked him unmercifully for a long time watching as his cock f***ed her already swollen lips to change colour to a rich ruby red and at last said
” Do you mind if I wank?”
“I would love you to” answered Ben, flushed and almost out of control.
Leanne slid her hand down and found her clit, she pulled her hood right back and her clitoris rose up and out, gently at first she fingered around the hood and then started to massage her swollen part in tiny circles, she felt all the emotions of sex rising and as she fucked Ben harder and harder she fingered her clit harder also until she felt like she was going to explode
“Oh fuck I’m coming, I’m coming”
“So am I cried” Ben. Both Ben and she writhed and thrust with an a****l passion until Leanne cried out with a long drawn out squeal and shudders running through her taught body, Ben was moaning and rigid with the flush of a huge orgasm. She felt every spurt of his red hot spunk pumping into her pussy until she thought she must be on fire. Their orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours until at last it started to subside and both lovers drew apart and lay exhausted on the bed.
After a while Leanne kissed Ben passionately and whispered quietly
“That was just the best ever, what will we do now do you think you can get hard again?”
“Well I don’t know but if you let me suck your nipples and your clitoris and you do the same to me and stroke my inner thighs very lightly it might just do the trick” whispered Ben.
“But I am full of your spunk, what do you want me to do with it?” enquired Leanne.
“You can either let it out on something or I can rub it all over your fanny, I don’t mind licking your clit with a little spunk on it.”
“That sound nice, please now, do it now I am so fucking turned on I am going to burst”
Ben turned and lay with his head close to Leanne’s legs and started to gently stroke her thighs and then her fanny, his spunk mixed with Leanne’s started to slowly emerge and he used it to massage her hairless mound, Leanne groaned with pleasure and then caught her breath as Ben put his head between her open legs and touched her clit with his tongue, Leanne in turn took Ben’s cock in her hand and gently licked the bare end which was now purple, she stroked his thighs and around his balls.
Ben’s cock started to get harder and harder as Leanne worked and her clit got more swollen as Ben licked it, then he changed and took her clit right into his mouth and sucked quite hard. A very shaky moan escaped Leanne’s lips as he sucked harder and pulled at her clitoris with his lips
. “Your going to make me come again Ben” she gasped,
“ I hope so” whispered Ben and increased his licking and sucking pulling her clit until it was slightly painful, Leanne in turn now had Bens huge cock in her mouth and was also sucking hard and fucking it with her lips.
“Do you want to come as well?” Leanne asked,
“Yes” was the only reply from Ben who went straight back to work on her tender clit.
Again Leanne felt the surge of another massive orgasm rising and she could also feel Ben’s approaching, Ben moved his tongue in a circle all around her clit and Leanne started to come with an intensity she had never experienced before, she held onto it for as long as she could before letting go and exploding in waves of pure sweet delightful pain and pleasure as she felt Ben also starting to come and took his cock out of her mouth and wanked it fiercely. Both came together with his come spurting all over Leanne’s tits and her juices flooding around Ben’s lips, this joint orgasm lasted and lasted until both just simply collapsed with the passion of it all.
Leanne was deep in thought about what she had just experienced and knew that this must have been the most intense fuck she had ever had. She wanted more but she wanted Dean and his love and the special feeling they had when they made love, she wanted all her holes filled with toys and the sensuous touch of Dean’s lips on her pussy.
Both were now quite exhausted and lay for a long time in each others arms and neither spoke for ages until Leanne asked
”Will we go back down stairs now and see what those other two have been up to?”

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