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"Oh, hello there" Said a quite surprised Dean seeing two very sexily dressed woman on the settee.
"Hi darl" Said Leanne "This is Alexis from work, would you mind if she joined us tonight"
"Well no, but I have never done any thing like this before" replied Dean
"Neither have we" Said Leanne then.
"Do you think we need it evened up a bit Dean?"
"What like another lad?"
"Yeah, something like that, would that be a problem with you"
Dean said that this was all fun and sex and that there was no reason that another boy shouldn't join them
"As a matter of fact I have just been having a drink with Ben, so I could give him a shout on the mobile and ask"
Ben was 27, about 5ft 11, dark well groomed hair, smartly dressed though casual, well built without being a hulk and had a very quiet and gentle manner, and although at the time the girls weren’t aware he also had a huge cock.
Ben agreed to come over and arrived in about two minutes. After the introductions were made and every one was comfortable the couples poured some drinks and Leanne suggested that they begin the game.
Dean shook the highest dice and so he went first, he picked a card the told him to caress someone softly in an intimate way for one minute, he chose Leanne and began to softly stroke her legs on the insides , Leanne parted her legs until he could only just brush against the bulge of her pussy
Next it was Nick to go and the card she chose instructed her to remove an item of clothing from the person directly to her right, which was Dean.
“Sorry Leanne” she said looking at Leanne
“Oh stop worrying, it’s a game and It’s nice” Leanne laughed
Alexis unfastened Dean’s shirt and took it off him.
Next Ben had to kiss someone passionately for 1 minute nonstop, he moved close to Leanne and taking her hands gently pulled her to her feet before wrapping his firm arms around her and kissing her. His lips were hot, soft and damp and his kiss was making Leanne tingle all over as she responded as only Leanne can, she could feel her fanny begin to get wet, as the kiss continued Leanne felt Ben’s manhood hardening and pressing against her.
“Sorry everyone” Leanne panted “But that was fucking gorgeous”
Dean and Alexis laughed.
“It looked fucking gorgeous too” Dean said
Now Leanne was to remove an item of clothing, so, looking around at everyone she began to pull her dress up and over her head and let it fall to the floor.
The other three looked at her with pleasure as she stood quite unabashed in her lingerie.
“Hot” Dean whispered
“Very” agreed Alexis
“Absolutely” Ben confirmed
As the game continued there were little interludes of flirting and erotic touching as clothing was removed and lips were kissed and cocks gently stroked and fanny’s softly fingered.
Alexis was now down to her thong, Leanne in bare feet and killer heels where Ben had requested her stockings before her shoes. Ben was left with his tee and Dean in his little tight lycra shorts.
Leanne had to touch someone sexually so she moved over to Ben and lay down beside him, she began to stroke his hard cock before pulling his skin back with one hand and squeezing his knob with her other. As his juice flowed out Leanne used it to begin a wank that he, or any of them would forget. She began by slowly wrapping her fingers around his hot cock as tight as she could and slowly pulled her hand down until it stopped. Holding her hand there Leanne did exactly the same with her other hand. Taking it in turns she continued this treatment on Ben and watched as his knob grew bigger as the bl**d flowed into it. His juice was a steady stream now and Leanne changed to holding one hand right at the bottom of his cock and wanking up and down with her other. Holding his skin back let her hand slide over his bare, sensitive knob and Ben was crying out.
“Oh Leanne, that’s good, oh so good, but I’ll explode soon if you don’t stop”
In reply Leanne wanked him as fast and as hard as she could manage for a moment and then stopped and smiled at him.
Then Dean had to do a similar thing and he chose Alexis, first he stroked her nipples until they began to get hard then he started to suck them, as he sucked he slid his hand down to her legs and began to stroke them, Alexis immediately opened her legs wide and Leanne and ban could see Dean’s fingers slide inside her pussy. As he worked with his two fingers Alexis thrust her body up to make him go deeper. Then he found her G pot and began to massage it, when Alexis gasped Dean asked
“Too rough?”
“No, I just nearly cum”
Next Leanne made Ben lay back on the settee and turning her back on him she lowered her bum hole onto his oh so slippery cock, she felt his knob enter her and as it passed through the entrance of her bum she felt her hole close around it. Leanne very slowly sank down onto Ben’s cock then back up all so slowly at first then gathering speed she began to thrust her body onto his erection. Leanne continued crying out all the while then she lay back on Ben and said.
“Dean, come here a minute, can you get your cock inside my pussy?”
Dean got on his knees and she took his cock and guided to her waiting wet fanny lips.
Dean pushed and felt his cock begin to slide up her pussy, he also felt Bens hot cock through her walls, as he pushed in Leanne screamed and he stopped.
“No, don’t stop please push, that’s it, more, now both of you fuck me hard, and my clit”
The boys did and as they fucked Leanne they could feel their cocks rubbing against each other through the thin skin of her stretched pussy.
Leanne opened her eyes and looked at Alexis who was watching with intense delight. Leanne motioned for her to come closer and when she did began to finger fuck her, Alexis moaning with pleasure as Leanne fingered her off hard leaned over and started to suck Leanne’s tits, That did it Leanne went wild, she fucked the two cocks as hard as she could and now had four fingers up Alexis fucking her hard and deep, then she found her G spot
and squeezed on it hard in a tiny circle.

“I am going to cum” Leanne cried “I am going to cum now” As she climaxed Leanne could feel Ben and Dean’s cocks spasm inside her and then the hot spunk spurting into her holes. And Nick was laughing as her spunk flew out, hot and sweet and a bit slippery, it splashed all over Ben and Dean and Leanne who tasted it as she orgasmed.
Now they began to settle and come down and slowly move apart and relax.
After a few minutes Leanne spoke.
“Everybody OK?
Everyone was and as they cleaned themselves up a bit and got drinks and sat together and chatted they all agreed that it was a big success, and that they would do it again sometime.
“What now?” Alexis asked
“Well I won the game so I can take whoever I want to bed, any guesses? Yep I choose Ben, come on then Ben, let’s go”
Leanne and Ben disappeared from the room and Alexis and Dean were left alone together.

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