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Me and the Coach

I’d been called to his office to discuss something. He was busy so he asked me to sit down. The chair was at his desk opposite him. I looked around as he finished what he was writing. It was then I noticed a partially covered picture on his desk of a hunky man, a light hairy chest and abs to die for. The trail of hair went down further but was obscured by some papers over the top. I was dead keen to see the rest, so tried to move the papers on top but they were being held in place by other papers on top also.

I had always had a bit of crush on the coach, and had been lucky enough to be late showering one day when he came in for his. He had thought we were all finished and meandered in with his meat swinging between his legs. That sight had got me hard so many times, he had muscular legs and frame, a bit of hair on his chest and a bush that you just wanted to run your hands through. His cock was cut and looked sublimely soft and suckable. I jerked myself every night for a week after I saw him. At first he showered with his back to me, allowing me to perve on his beautiful butt and muscular back. Then once he put shampoo in his hair he turned, allowing me to see everything. With his eyes shut I could stare and take in the scenery with no interruption or furtive glances. The soap stream ran down his chest and down to his cock and then to the floor. As he lathered I looked, and then as he rinsed, he tilted his head back into the stream of water and ran his hand down to his cock and washed it, playing with its healthy mass for me to see. I swallowed in wonderment as my own cock swelled and I got the hell out of there before he looked and anyone in the locker room could come and see me.

So here I was at his desk, still wondering what I’d been called for and all the while recollecting what he looked like fully naked. I had started getting a boner in my pants and thought I should try and think of something different when I felt his leg brush up against me as he adjusted his posture. I felt electric and the pulse of bl**d to my cock had me hardening to attention. Coach moved his leg again and it felt like he was rubbing my leg with his, but I couldn’t be sure, and then he adjusted his papers to reveal more of the obscured photo on the desk. I could see now the top of this guys pubes and desperately wanted to see more. I casually tried to move it again and was now able to see this guys cock as well. It was then that I felt Coach’s foot rest on my chair between my legs, his toes brushing my balls and making my cock even harder. He could see me staring at the picture of the naked man and proceeded to full on massage my cock with his foot. I thought I was in heaven it felt so good.

“You like that don’t you” he said as he smiled. “I figured you enjoyed watching me in the shower that time, so I thought I’d see if you wanted to do something about it.”

I was so nervous, I just blurted out that I thought he was hot and would do whatever he wanted.

He got up and I could see he was already bulging in his pants and he came and stood next to me, his bulging pants at head height. I gingerly reached out and rubbed his hardness, I could see the outline of his shaft and head through the pants. Coach moaned as I caressed him through the fabric and then I gently undid the zip to slide a couple of fingers to get inside. Coach undid his belt and his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, his huge cock bulging in his briefs. I slid them off in one go and started sucking his cock. It smelt sublime, masculine, fresh and a sweet sliminess of his precum. I reached behind him, cupping his beautiful ass cheeks in each hand so that I could bury my face down to his hairy bush. I gagged a few times until I got used to taking him all the way, prompted by his enthusiastic moaning indicating I was hitting the spot. I bobbed my head back and forth sliding effortlessly on his shaft and savouring the taste of precum on my tongue. He started massaging my head and hair which was a real turn on. Then he pulled out of my mouth and motioned for me to stand. I did and he hastily removed my pants and began rubbing my hard cock before dropping to my waist and sucking me as I had him.

He slid his mouth over my cock head and then engulfed me from top to bottom. My cock slid effortlessly in and out of his mouth sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. I was tingling like I was being electrocuted. One of his hands slid around to my ass and he gently traced his finger down my crack to finally rest at the entrance of my puckered hole, gently rasping it around the entrance, sending more jolts of electricity to my core. He withdrew his finger and sucked on it as he played with my balls with his other hand and then returned his moistened finger to my hole and began slowly wiggling it to gain entry. The tickling all encompassing sensation was driving me wild.

He slid his mouth sideways up and down each side of my shaft as his whiskers brushed my thigh sending shivers that mixed with those emanating from my ass. The building sensations were all too much and I could feel that warm tickling electrical feeling of orgasm approaching. With in seconds it had arrived like an out of control volcano. I shot my hot white lava into his mouth in a series of body jolting convulsions which made my legs buckle placing more pressure on my ass ring from his inserted finger. The added thrust and support from his finger prompted me to resurge with more jolts as I pulsed another stream into his expectant hot mouth. I was totally spent and looked down to see that he had also blown a huge load onto the floor in front of him, between my legs. We both caught our breath and then coach said that he thought I had been a bad boy and that some future detentions might be in order. I said he was welcome to detain me any day of the week.

I couldn’t wait for the next time.

Coach in the shower

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