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Jerk-Boy Boot Camp, Session 2

"Session 2: Jerk Your Meat To My Sexy Feet"
by Janet Mason

It's your second session of Jerk-Boy Boot Camp...and you start off by showing up 5 minutes late. Not the best way to make a good impression, is it jerk-boy? Irritated, I ask you to show me your Jack-Off Journal so I can read through your entries for the past week. I see that you've made some pretty solid notes, telling me that you've been jacking your little dick every day since Session 1 when I made you worship my pretty, perfectly-puckered asshole. You even say that every time you think about how my asshole smelled and tasted, your little balls erupt and you stain your bedsheets. That's good...not quite good enough to redeem your tardiness today, but still good...there may be hope for you yet, jerk-boy!

For today's session, you are going to worship my sexy little feet - kissing, licking, sucking and smelling every single inch of them while you yank on your inferior little meat. My soft, feminine little peds are so perfectly formed that when you look at them you start leaking pre-cum in your pants, and you wish that you could cum on them...but you know that's not going to happen, don't you? Only real men get to ejaculate on my body, as you know from last session...and a real man is something you will never be, jerk-boy.

We start the session by having you drop down to your knees and put your face down at my feet, which are clad in super-sexy red patent leather peep-toe heels. I tell you to start kissing and licking my toes through the shoes, making sure to get my shiny, painted toenails as well as in between my toe cleavage. Then I make you inhale their scent while you unzip your fly and start to jack off.

We then move on to my incredibly high arches...while still wearing the shoes, I make you kiss and lick them through the arch cleavage, then inhale the feminine, musky scent of my feet mixed with shoe leather.

You're jerking your little dick harder now, and I can tell that you're getting really excited, so from there we move to my super-wrinkly and oh-so-soft soles. Removing my shoes, I tell you to sit up, hold your head still, stick your tongue out and hold it there as I rub one sole after another against it, moving each foot up and down until it is slick with your saliva from heel to toe. I follow this by having you open your mouth wide as I stuff my entire foot right into it, telling you to jack off while you suck my pretty feet, like a good jerk-boy.

It's obvious that you are really getting into this and that you particularly like the musky, feminine smell of my feet, so I switch gears by having you lay flat on your back in front of me, like a human foot stool, and start teasing you further by rubbing my arches and toes all over your face. Placing both feet together and covering your nose with my toes and soles like an oxygen mask, I press them down hard and make you inhale their intoxicating scent deeply while you beat your small cock furiously.

Seeing that you've nearly reached your limits, I tell you to get up off the floor, stand up and jack off over my feet and legs until you are ready to shoot your load - but not to cum until I say so. I then tell you not to even think about spraying your weak, inferior seed all over the carpet like you did last session! Instead, I hand you a blue glass plate and firmly direct you to ejaculate onto it without spilling a drop. Then I start wiggling and pointing my pretty, pedicured toes while flexing my arches and rubbing my sexy legs back and forth, driving you made with desire, as I verbally coax you toward your climax. "Ready?, I ask. "Shoot for me, jerk-boy...shoot your load now!" As if a well-trained (which is what you really are, isn't it?) you begin to spurt your weak seed onto the plate as you jack your little cock ferociously, moaning loudly with the intensity of your release as the memory of the taste and smell of my perfect little feet resonates throughout your submissive brain.

But don't smile with satisfaction, jerk-boy! After you hand me the plate so that I can inspect your load, I am disgusted with it's meager quantity and thin, weak consistency. Can't you do anything right, jerk-boy? Annoyed once again and reminded of your tardiness earlier, I hand you the plate and your Jerk-Off Journal and tell you to get out now, and that you had better be more prepared for the next session or I will kick you out of my boot camp program.

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