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N.B. * Sorry for the lapsed time with completing this; I consequently only have myself to blame for lack of responses.......

... as I lightly ran the bristles of the brush vertically through her pussy, she began to quiver. I explained this action was not for her pleasure, and proceeded to press the brush more firmly against her. My objective was to redden her lips thereby causing a slight swelling. She was a true blonde in that her pubic hair was not like hair at all, but fine, white, sparse, almost feathery down. Her reddened labia against her white skin & fuzz made me very excited. Her minora were naturally somewhat longer than average, which I love on a woman anyway. (which I hear women are having surgically trimmed these days; for god sake why!!??!!)
I was now gradually pressing the brush through her lips quite roughly, fully expecting some verbal resistance, but it didn't come; just some mild groaning. I put that down to pleasure, because the subacious fluid was still dripping from her vagina.

From the ceiling, I had two plants hanging from reinf***ed hooks inside of the front bay window. I told Deb to stand, and after removing the plants, used some soft twine to tie her wrists to the hooks. I pulled it just barely tight enough that she was required to be on her tippy-toes.
I went about some other business, emptying the dishwasher I believe, giving her time to become more than just a little uncomfortable. I then fetched a couple of clothes pegs from the back room; the old wooden kind with the metal centre spring. As I slowly applied them to her nipples, she really started to gasp & squirm. I told her to take deep breaths and she eventually got passed it. Her red-brown nipples turned pale with the pressure. I then had to see, if even under this duress, she could cum, and knelt down in front of her, making long slow strokes with my tongue from her vaginal opening to her clit. My chin was dripping with her secretions in seconds, and within minutes, she was literally convulsing in orgasm. I was quite surprised, as she had to be in a rather great deal of discomfort from her calves, hamstrings, forearms, and nipples, to say the least.
And now, it was my turn. Keeping in mind she was still wearing the blindfold (I knew it would be all over if I took it off) I ran my belt over her body, asking her if she knew what was next. She quietly responded 'yes' but when I asked if she was scared, she didn't answer. I explained how I had to leave some welts on her ass that I could see the next day, but the pain would subside in a matter of minutes of completion as I was well practiced at administering pain for pleasure.
I allowed her one alleviance of current discomfort, being either lowering the tie height from the hooks, or removing the clothes pegs. She chose the latter.
I started the intended 25 strokes relatively lightly, increasing with each one, until the last 5 which were very firm. I put the last two on the tops of her legs. I knew I would make her wear a short skirt the next day, anticipating the responses of those that get a peak at her marks.
I then came up behind her, giving her a tight hug, pressing my hips and cock against her ass. The feeling of heat transfering from her red skin to mine was incredible. It was a perfect beating. There was raised red & pink, goose-bumped skin, but no skin breakage.
Although she yelped several times, she took her first punishment very well, and never told me to stop. And that's when I fell in love. And also when I told her the window blinds had been open the entire time.
We went on for about 2 years, until she finally met her Doctor and left this blue collar boy behind. But not before sharing these last words with me:
"I will always cherish what you gave me, and you can always carry with you, the fact that I will never forget because I know I'll never have great sex like that again."
My ego chooses to believe that still holds true.

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