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Three Some (sandwiche)

Hello everyone
this is my second story here and my story are about real experince
this story happen to me 4 months ago it was excited and fun well sex always being fun for me i never regrat even im left sore for few days

This story four months old i hope everyone enjoy when you read this.

This guy I chat online few time before I went to see him he had invitation on one website he was looking for cross dress white boy or tranny (shemale) . I don’t know I’m allowed to mention this site on here or not, oh well I rather not. Anyway we chat few times he was black his name was D or he want to call him self that who knows and he ask me I ever had 3 some I told him no I never did I knew next question be u want to try well it was and I agree to it. When I went to his place he was all alone at that time so I ask him can I barrow his restroom so I can change he reply yes sure very nice and very handsome for black male  I went in their with my bag pack and change in to female dress I had sort white with pink roses sundress no panties and had bra on under the dress when I came out his friend was arrived they were waiting for me.
When I came front of them they was so surprise and says wow and quickly ask me want it on bed or couch I reply bed fun. When we walk in the bedroom I felt on hand under my dress standing very close to bed and other guy hand spank very hard and then they push me face down and quickly remove their pants when I saw their cocks I was surprise one was 10.7inches and D was 9inches I get in middle of bed on my knees standing they claims on bed standing on left and right and I got my hands on their cocks and start sucking taking turns D got real hard very quick didn’t waist any time push my on hands and knees start fucking me pounding me so hard I was moaning with other cock in my mouth when other cock got hard they start taking turn pounding me like cheap sluts in every positions on my back sideway after while D ask me I want to try 2 cocks at same time I agree to it but told him if it start hurting we have to stop and do one on one D agree and his friend got under me and I start riding him few minutes pass by I felt other cock fighting to get in my ass and I felt stretching with lots of pain so I yell slowly please and D did went inside very gentle after few minutes later I start enjoying their both cock in my ass at same time they were moving very gently then D start moving little faster and his friend was too soon I felt they both about to cum inside they move fasters and start pounding my ass so hard I start screaming very loud D reach to my mouth and cover with hand and push his cock very deep with his friend I sure felt it they were very deep in and start cum inside me when they done they frizz for few minutes and just lay on top of his friend both cocks still inside me . when they pull out it out I start clean their cocks and then they ask me if I can join in the shower clean them I agree to it when I was cleaning their cock they got hard again and start sucking their cock my jaw start hurting took me very long while to make them cum again standing between them under warm water when finally they start shooting cum after cum all over my face I sure was surprise they cum second time so much then they walk out of shower I clean my self put on my underwear pants and t-shirt walk out drive home when I remove my underwear at my home their cum was all over my wet underwear and still was oozing out. I sure had fun but sore too I did meet D couple of time after that most of time blowjobs not sex
Hope you guys enjoy my real life experiences stories I sure will write more and I also have pictures post and please leave some comments after reading my stories I love to hear from everyone.

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