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My thrilla in manila (with my favorite filipina an

When my mind wanders, it often meanders into erotic memories of Nancy, my favorite Filipina from my past. She was a DJ/VJ at a club in Manila, very out-going, quick to laugh and tease, usually horny, slightly kinky, and often enjoyed indulging her bi-sexual lusts.

One of my favorite memories of our fun together started with a night out with a group of friends bar-hopping around to some of Manila club's. Later, we were well into a night of partying and dancing, and I took a break from the dance floor for a drink to enjoy watching Nancy dance with a group of her girlfriends. As she was dancing, we were flirting by eye contact, and Nancy was dancing most closely with her friend Maria. At one point Nancy leaned in close to Maria to tell her something and they started laughing as Maria glanced at me and Nancy locked eyes with me as they did a sensual slow grinding dance together. Nancy's eyes drifted down to the rising bulge pressing against my pants and she flashed a sly smile then slowly licked her upper lip as she saw that she was having the desired affect on me. Any other thoughts I might have had at that point pretty much evaporated, replaced by a hot pulsing erotic anticipation of what would cum.

Nancy joined me for a drink at the bar and subtly straddled my leg as she leaned into me, pressing her dress covered steamy pussy against me as our lips and tongues teased in a passionate kiss. As we were kissing, she slipped her hand down and lightly squeezed my semi-hard cock through my pants, causing it to twitch in her hand with excitement, then she playfully bit my lower lip. Nancy was wearing panties that I gave to her which had a cool little "quick-release" feature on each side of her hips, and I couldn't resist my temptation to free her panties and let them drop to the floor. She gigggled and whispered into my ear, "I don't need those anyway!" We laughed about how we were'nt going to be able to leave the club if we kept playing, and agreed that it was time for our own party at the hotel room.

As we were leaving, Maria caught up with us and asked if she could share a taxi back to the hotel, which we were happy to do. Nancy sat between us in the back seat of the taxi, and leaned in close to me, subtly moving her hand over the bulge of my swollen cock. I had my arm around her shoulder, and let my fingers drift casually over her dress-covered braless nipples. While Nancy was complimenting Maria on her dancing and how much fun she had, she was slowly rubbing her fingers over the length of my cock and I returned the favor by tracing slow circles over her nipples. Maria noticed our playing, and gave us a knowing smile and lusty look, and Nancy and Maria's conversation quickly drifted into tagalog (a Filipino dialect) with some excited giggling.

At the hotel, Maria wished us a good night with a knowing smile of what we would be up to, and Nancy and I couldn't get to our room fast enough. After stripping each others clothes off, Nancy told me she had a surprise for me, but I had to wait for her in the shower. A few minutes later she stepped into the shower with a naughty look in her eyes, and just as I was starting to wonder about what her surprise was, Maria stepped in behind her! They both started laughing at the look on my face, and then pressed up to each side of me and started licking and kissing my nipples and stroking my cock and balls. I had an arm around each of them and was alternately massaging and squeezing their tits and nipples and slowly massaging my hand and fingers down between their ass and pussy. Nancy and Maria then started kissing and licking each other while they played with me and rubbed their wet pussies against my leg. As much fun as we were having, the shower was too confining and I wanted us to have more room to fully enjoy each other, so we moved ourselves into the room.

Our room was on the 20th floor and had full length windows that overlooked part of of the city and the bay of Manila. The curtains were open, and the room was lit only by the lights of the city shining through the windows. As we moved to the bed, Nancy and Maria sat on the end and playfully pulled me to them to share my cock with their lips and tongue, while they teased their clits and fingered their pussies.

Nancy slid down between my legs and started sucking my balls and teasing her finger around the rim of mu asshole as Maria lifted my hard cock and ran her tongue along the base of my shaft, and swirled her tongue around the head. Nancy then stood up behind me and reached around to grab my cock from Maria's lips, told her to lay back, and whispered that she wanted to watch and feel me fuck Maria the way that I fucked her.

While Maria was rubbing her clit I raised and spread her legs up against my chest so that her feet were at my shoulders. Our eyes locked as I leaned forward and slowly rubbed and teased my cockhead over her hot wet pussy lips and aching clit, making her moan softly. Nancy pressed herself against me, grinding her pussy and clit against me as she watched. As I massaged and teased my hard cock against Maria's wet pussy lips, Nancy reached out placed her hand over mine and purred, "I want to do it" as she replaced my hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock, using my stiff shaft to lightly slap against Maria's pussy, making her squeal with pleasure at the sensation of each cock slap. Nancy slipped her other hand between my legs from behind to cup and massage my balls, inspiring my lust and causing my cock to twitch with horny anticipation. Then Nancy guided my cock head slowly into Marias pussy, pushing herself against me to coax me deeper into her. I playfully resisted and teased by pulling out and pushing in little at a time, before sliding slowly all the way into her, feeling her squeeze my thickness inside her pussy. Nancy then laid next to her friend with one leg scissoring over Marias waist, kissing and licking Marias lips, neck and large puffy brown nipples, while grinding her pussy against Marias hip as I increased the rythym of my strokes into her.

Nancy massaged her hand alternately over Maria's pussy and my cock as I was pumping my stiff shaft in and out of her, feeling our passion build. Between thrusts, Nancy slid her hand between us and used her thumb and forefinger to rub and squeeze the base of my cock as I stroked into Maria. Maria's fingers were strumming her clit furiously, and as she began to squeal out and convulse her hips in climax, I couldn't hold back anymore, and thrust my cock hard and deep into her as my legs and body shuddered and I exploded hot streams of my cum into her! Nancy was giggling with excitement, and she pulled my still throbbing cock out of Maria and stroked out more spurts of my hot cum over Maria's pussy. Nancy sensuously licked up my cream and Maria's juices, then kissed Maria to share our flavors.

As Maria relaxed in the afterglow of her orgasm, Nancy captured my cock to stroke and lick it to renewed hardness as she played with pussy. Nancy's passion enflamed, she straddled Maria and looked back over her shoulder with a tantalizing smile as she raised her ass up for me, inviting me to fuck her from behind while she licked and sucked on Maria's nipples. I started to tease her hot wet pussy with long, slow strokes, enjoying the feel of her tightness around my cock, but Nancy wanted to cum hard, and moaned for me to fuck her harder and faster. As I thrust harder into Nancy, she and Maria were wildly kissing and licking each other and Maria slid her hand down to play with Nancys clit and tease my balls as they slapped against Nancy. Nancy was so wildly hot that she came quick and hard, and we settled into a slow rocking rhythm as we wound down. My cock was somewhat desensitized at that point, and I slowly pulled out from Nancy, still hard and without cumming as she relaxed onto Maria.

I layed alongside them to enjoy some three way kissing, fondling and licking Maria's nipples, while Maria and Nancy played with my still hard and twitching cock, then they treated me to luxurious long, slow handjob and blowjob. They teased my hard cock between them, looking into my eyes as their tongues flicked and lips sucked my swollen cock-head and shaft while their fingers massaged my cock and balls until I couldn't resist my horny urge to cum. The intensity of my orgasm caused me to groan out loud as I shuddered and bucked my hips up into the air. My pulsing cock pumped founatains of my hot cum into the air and splashed over their hands and faces. Nancy and Maria giggled and purred with satisfaction of the intense pleasure they inspired as they licked my cum off each other, and then turned their attention to the pleasure of each other. I laid back to recover as I enjoyed their sensuous 69 play as they enthusiastically licked, teased and fingered each others pussy and clit.

Watching Nancy and Maria play and cum together inspired my cock to harden again, and I couldn't resist my horny urge to massage and stroke my shaft while I enjoyed their passion show. They were grinding and writhing in sexual ecstacy together, and I was focused on how Nancy was pleasing Maria's pussy with her lips, tongue and fingers. Maria was excitedly speaking in tagalog as she coached Nancy in her pleasure, and I noticed that Nancy was licking from Maria's pussy to her asshole and then flicking her tongue around the rim of her asshole. Then Nancy spread Maria's ass cheeks apart as she more fervently tongued and fingered Maria's asshole, causing Maria to moan and shiver in ecstacy. My cock was fully hard again as I stroked my shaft, and I noticed Maria was fixated on watching me stroke my cock while Nancy was rimming her.

Maria moaned out to Nancy in tagalog, and Nancy looked over to me with a seductive grin as she slowly eased her finger into Maria's asshole and asked me, "You like this?! as she started finger-fucking Maria's asshole. I could barely speak and just moaned out an approving, "Mmmhmmm". Nancy slid under Maria to lick and tease her pussy and clit while she finger-fucked her asshole and Maria was looking at me and moaning when she suddenly raised her ass up over Nancy and gasped out, "Ooohhh fuck me Mike! ...Fuck my ass!" I was slightly stunned at first, but then Nancy looked over at me with a wild lusty look and reached up to spread Maria's asshole open as she purred, "Come on honey, show me how you fuck her ass!", and I didn't hesitate to roll myself into position behind her open asshole.

Nancy laid under Maria as she looked up into my eyes with a tantalizing smile and reached up to guide my hard cock into Maria's tight asshole. Maria groaned out load as I grabbed onto her thick hips and slowly eased my hard cock deeper into her, feeling her ass squeeze my stiff shaft and Nancy fondling and massaging my swollen balls. Then as I started to slowly pump my hard cock into Maria's asshole I felt Nancy licking and sucking my balls, inspiring my rhythm into Maria's asshole before she turned her oral attention back to Maria's pussy and clit. The sounds, sights and sensations of our three way pleasure was intensely erotic, and our sexual heat and orgasmic tension quickly approached the edge of ecstacy.

Nancy and Maria were frantically licking and massaging each others pussy and clit as my hips were bumping Maria's ass with the rhythm of my cock thrusting and massaging inside Maria's asshole. Suddenly Maria's body tensed and she threw her head back and moaned out as her whole body quaked and shivered in orgasm, squeezing my rigid, pulsing shaft inside her. Maria's orgasm inspired my own horny ache to intensify and I felt Nancy massaging my balls with one hand while she was frantically strumming her fingers over her clit with the other. The white heat of my orgasm seared through my body and my hips shuddered against Maria's round ass when I erupted and pumped my full load of hot cream deep into her asshole. Almost simultaneously Nancy gasped out as she buried her fingers deep into her pussy and her body writhed and thrashed with each wave of her orgasm.

We collapsed together on the bed, our steaming bodies glistening with sweat and our sexual juices. Enjoying the orgasmic afterglow and eventually giving in to our exhaustion. We also had some awesome morning fun (and afternoon as well!), but those stories will have to wait for another time...writing this stuff just makes me too hard, and I really need to take a "break".

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