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Old friend

I ran into an old friend that I have not seen in maybe 20 years.It turns out his wife had past away a few years ago.We decided to have lunch and catch up.We parted ways after lunch with a nice kiss on the mouth and a hug which lingered just long enough to tell me that there was a chance maybe he would like a little more.He asked me if he could call me and maybe go out to dinner or something else (you bet the something else is what I am interested in).
He called the next day he called and invited me to dinner.We went to a very intimate restaurant.After dinner we sat in his car talking.He leaned toward me to kiss me and I obliged him.I made sure to slide a little tongue to him to give him a message that I was ready for more.He was so passionate kissing me gently our tongues playing so seductively.My nipples were getting hard and I felt a twinge between my legs.He asked if I would like to go to his place and I quickly accepted.
Once there he was very polite showing me around,offering me a drink but all I wanted was sex so I started kissing him right at the bedroom door hoping to send him a message.He kind of danced me to the bed as we kissed,our tongues twirling around playing.
He was so passionate.Everything he did was slow and calculated.From unbuttoning my blouse,to sliding it off my shoulders,undoing my bra while kissing my neck.Once the bra was off I started to undo his pants as he slid his hand down the back of my pants to my ass saying "I have always liked this ass.I have checked it out many times and to have it in my hands is a dream come true." I said " you are a naughty man but I like it." My hand got to his cock already quite hard.It felt pretty long but not very thick which interested me.He pushed my pants down panties included while kissing down my breast to my belly finally to my moistening pussy.He was so passionate he was driving me crazy.I know he could smell the moistness between my thighs as he kissed my shaved pussy mound."Damn if he keeps it up I might cum in seconds" I thought.He slowly worked his tongue between the lips of my pussy until it touched my clit sending a shiver down my spine his hands firmly grasping my ass.Fuck I was soaking wet down there.I tried to separate my legs without moving so he could get his tongue in deeper.I was getting light headed.My nipples felt like they would pop and my cunt besides being soaked was tingling and contracting in anticipation of something entering it.At this point I wanted something of his inside,tongue ,finger cock,something!!! He stopped and stood up kissing softly his hands in my hair.I wanted to scream.He gently lowered me to the bed and we got side by side where I felt his long cock touching my pussy.I wanted it so bad!!!! I tried to maneuver my cunt so his cock would slide between my lips but he pulled back teasing me with the head.I worked my way down his body to his cock and saw it for the first time.I was maybe 10" long and very thin.I began to kiss and lick the head then I licked down his cock to his big hanging balls.I sucked one then the other into my mouth and he gasped as I sucked his balls stroking his thin long cock.I could feel the juices running out the tip of his cock.I let go of his balls licking my way up his long cock to his juices taking it on my tongue while glancing up at him as he watched in joy as I took his juice into my mouth.I continued to suck his juices into my mouth ,as he moaned I slid my mouth over the head of his cock engulfing it all the way to my throat.He grabbed my head pushing his cock deeper into my throat.I didn't really gag on it,I guess because it was so thin.I fucked his cock with my throat for longer than I ever have.He pushed deeper and I finally gagged spitting all over his cock just like a porn star.He pulled me up to lying next to him again and began kissing me seductively again his long thin cock touching my pussy ever so slightly.Then he rolled on top of me spreading my legs with his leg.I offered no resistance.He laid his cock on my cunt sliding slowly up an down my slit.Damn I wanted him inside me!!! My insides were screaming for his cock but he wouldn't give it no matter how I tried.Kissing me in such a way that I felt like the love of his life.My finger nails were digging into his ass,my legs were quivering and my stomach was doing flips.Then he slid his cock slowly down my cunt lips until the tip was at the entrance to my eagerly waiting hole.First he pushed his cock head between my lips and as it touched my hole my whole body shook.He only put the tip in my hole making little circles on my wet hole.Slowly he entered my screaming hole inch by slow inch until I felt his big balls touching my ass.I opened my legs to get him deeper wrapping them around his waist.I tried to fuck his cock but he held me still slowly stroking my cunt with his long thin cock.My eyes felt like they had rolled back in my head.I was delirious.Every part of me was in unexplainable pain and good feelings.I didn't know what to do next I thought I would explode as he relentlessly slowly stroked his cock in my cunt.I think I was actually hanging on him off the bed.My arms and legs wrapped around him.I don't know how he kept going for so long.I convulsed with orgasm but he never lost his rhythm.I can't tell you how many times I came it was like one long long orgasm.I think he felt me losing my grip and came down on top of me still stroking my cunt.I actually fell limp and he continued to fuck me slow !!!!.He pushed my legs up and over my head still not breaking his stride.I grabbed the sheets as my body gave way to another wave of orgasm with his cock as deep as it would go his balls still tickling my asshole.Then I felt a warm flow and realized that he was cumming inside me.Without a sound he emptied his warm cum inside my tender insides making my waves of spasms even more intense.I lost control screaming and crying.Tears in my eyes I wrapped my arms around him pulling him down to my lips.I kissed him hard and he held still as I could feel his and my cum running down my asshole.I held on until my arms got numb and I had to let go.He went back on his knees pulling his cock slowly out causing more sensations to my cunt.His cock popped out of my hole and I got a chill though my whole body.He knelt there looking me up and down my body.I tried to speak but nothing came out.He smiled and said "it seemed like you enjoyed that.Am I right?" All I could do was smile and shake my head.I looked down and his cock was limp.Then he leaned forward and embraced me rolling me on top of him.We laid for a long time just kissing softly only stopping to hug once in a while.I finally got my voice and said "that was incredible baby.Where did you learn to fuck like that?" He just smiled and said "that is the only way my late wife could orgasm.I had to practise real stamina and it took awhile to do it but once I learned how we had a great sex life for the rest of the time." Then I realized he was getting hard with me laying on him so I quickly got off and said "I'm sorry but I don't think my body will take another fucking like that tonight that was so intense." He said " that's alright but can we do it another time." "Are you k**ding " I said "anytime you want it baby you just call me.But just realize something I am not interested in a relationship I just want to have fun." He said "that is just fine with me." I have not received that call yet but I am looking forward to getting fucked like that again.

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