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I met them in the spring about 2 year's back. They
moved into the apartment building I owned. Normally I
don't meet with perspective renters but the manager s
father had died so I was filling in. She was a very
pretty brunette about 5 and a half feet tall, in her
late 30's with shoulder length wavy hair. She had a
dynamite hourglass figure, large succulent breasts that
seemed to bounce with ever step.

Her skirt was not short but showed enough of her
shapely legs to make any man's mouth water. Her hips
were wide and comfortable. He was tall and obviously
into bodybuilding. He was quite a bit younger than her.
I showed them around and as they talked among
themselves I thought what a loving couple. They seemed
so perfectly matched. The only problem is they were
mother and son.

I am a very wealthy woman with nothing but time on my
hands because I hire people to do everything. I am
divorced and 45 years old. Tall, blonde and with a
great figure. Large round breasts and a nice fuckable
ass. I took care of my body with plenty of exercise, in
and out of bed.

My first thought was seduce the 18-year-old son. I
enjoy a young man. But the mother was so gorgeous.
Maybe I would do both. I got to know them on a personal
level. Inviting them over to my place for dinner. He
was a very shy quiet boy that didn't have any
girlfriends. I found out she was divorced and hadn't
dated for years. She was very friendly and outgoing but
wasn't interested in any of the guys who asked her out.

It seemed to me the 2 of them enjoyed each other's
company more than anyone else's. Maybe they were
lovers. I didn't have a problem with i****t but the
more I got to know them I realized they had very high
moral standards so that wasn't possible. So an idea
began in my head. Since they enjoyed each others
company so much and both was in need of more than the
usual mother/son relationship, maybe they should become
lovers. But how?

Obviously I couldn't suggest it or even maneuver them
into a compromising situation.

But somehow I just had to. I knew then that they were
meant for each other and I was going to do everything
in my power to get them into bed together.

More than that, to spend the rest of their lives


First thing I had to do was deal with the age
difference. James had probably never had sex. How would
he satisfy the needs of a 38-year-old woman? I would
train him; I enjoyed seducing young men. I invited him
to come over anytime and use my pool. Unfortunately he
always brought his Mom.

One day I drove to his school and offered him a ride
home. I was dressed to kill, skirt so short he could
see the tops of my stockings. Tight blouse that clung
to my large boobs and plunged deep into my ample
cleavage. He tried not to stare but the bulge that grew
rapidly in his pants told me this was going to be easy.
I stopped at my place and asked him in. He innocently
followed me into the house.

I suddenly turned around and pulled his face to me
kissing him hard. My tongue went into his mouth and he
almost fell over. I grabbed his hand and lead him to
the bed room where I pushed him back on the bed and
quickly shed my dress to reveal nothing but tits, ass,
garter belt and stockings. He lay there in shock gazing
up at my huge tits and wide hips. With a smile I leapt
onto the bed beside him. I tore his pants off and his
huge stiff manhood sprang out. "James," I gasped.
"you're a big boy."

I wrapped my fingers around it and he exploded. I
lunged at it to get it into my mouth. What I couldn't
get into my mouth splattered all over my boobs. I kept
him hard with my hands and mouth. I love the taste of
young men. So fresh and clean and sweet.

"Ready for a bit more?" I asked lifting my face from
his erection. I didn't need to ask. I mounted him
pressing my big boobs to his chest and my mouth to his.
I guided his throbbing dick to the wet waiting lips of
my pussy. There is nothing so sweet as taking a young
man's virginity. You are in total control. As I eased
my hips slowly down over his young manhood I knew he
was feeling a woman's pussy for the first time. He was
big about 10 inches but he slid easily into my well-
used pussy. He felt good in there.

Using 30 years of sexual experience I began to ride my
sweet young man to glory. He tried to thrust with me in
his own inexperienced way. He soon got into the rhythm.
He didn't last long. Within 2 minutes he began to jerk
violently and thick globs of spunk spewed up into me.
Teenage boys seem to have so much cum stored up. I lay
atop him kissing him and then fucked him again. In less
than an hour he shot 4 loads of semen into my pussy.

I looked at the clock. "Better get you home," I said
disengaging from him and reaching for my dress. "Same
time tomorrow?" I fucked him every afternoon until he
graduated 3 weeks later.

I taught him everything he would need to know to
satisfy his mother sexually. I trained him to eat pussy
and how to fuck a woman up the ass.

I also taught him control so he would screw me to at
least 2 orgasms before he would unload inside me. Then
I set him up. I asked him to come up to my summerhouse
on July 2nd. Tell his Mom anything just come and we
would have sex all day everyday. How could young stud

Now to get his mother there. I would often have lunch
with her during these times I was training her son to
be her lover. I invited her up to my summerhouse for a
party July 1st. I told her I was inviting several men
to the party and I had one in mind that was perfect for
her. Her eyes lit up and she asked all kinds of
questions as I described him. Of course I was
describing her son but she would find that out later.

I suggested she say nothing to James. It was sometimes
hard on boys to know their Mom is going to a party to
meet men. She agreed and told James she was going to
stay with an old friend. He didn't say anything because
this was perfect for him as well. Now he didn't have to
tell Mommy where he was going that weekend as well.

Marilyn arrived at my secluded summerhouse and I asked
her to park in the garage, which I subsequently locked.
We had some drinks and she immediately felt sl**py. I
took her to the basement. She was almost u*********s by
the time we got there. I took off her clothes and
strapped her to the bed. This is where she would spend
the next few days. When she awoke she saw me standing
over her dressed in a black lacy corset and stockings.
My pussy and boobs uncovered. She gasped and her eyes
went wide.

"I'm sorry honey," I said. "You're such a good friend
but I want more from our relationship than just
friendship and I couldn't take a chance you would say

She started to protest but I leaned over and kissed her
so hard I took her breath away. At first she strained
at the restraints but my kiss quieted her. She realized
she couldn't escape and this was the first kiss she had
had in a long time. The fact it was coming from a woman
may have been unacceptable but she had no choice. I was
going to have my way with her.

I kissed my way down her trembling body. Lavishing lots
of attention on her hardening nipples. She said nothing
only moaned softly. When I had kissed my way down to
her pussy I found it very wet. I slid my tongue along
her slick pussy lips and clit and suddenly she arced
her back pushing her pussy at my mouth. She let out a
cry and exploded. I stuck my tongue deep up her pussy
and began to work her over good. By the time she had
her 2nd orgasm she was in a state of delirium.

I now got up and straddled her head and lowered my
pussy to her mouth. She gazed up eyes wide with fear
and anticipation. I rubbed my pussy along her lips and
she closed her eyes hesitating then I felt her tongue
ease into me.

I let out a cry and ground my hips onto her face
exploding in a wonderful orgasm. She ate me to a second
orgasm. Inexperienced but knowing like any woman all
the right spots to hit.

Soon we were 69ing enjoying each other's juices, which
were flowing quite profusely. When I got out the strap
on dildo her eyes just lit up. I eased into her wet
pussy and fucked her hard. She thrust back getting
pronged for the first time in years. "Oh yes Sherri
fuck me" She screamed as she shook in orgasmic delight.
I pressed my large boobs to hers and because we were
both well endowed I had to crane my neck to kiss her.
Her lips seemed to suck the breath out of me her hunger
was so great. But then so was mine.

I lifted my head and gasped for air as I got up on my
hands so I could give it to her harder. Her large tits
shook with each thrust. My boobs were soon bouncing as
we pumped together. She came and came screaming and
gasping until I pounded her into u*********sness.

She awoke at dawn still tied to the bed. Gazing up at
me she smiled, "Are you gonna let me go."

"When I'm done with you?" I said smiling.

"OK" she giggled "So are you the 'perfect man' you
promised me?"

"No he's coming later, but first I have to have my way
with you."

"Ok" she said sweetly licking her lips in invitation. I
lowered my mouth to hers to begin the days loving. I
ate her out then took the strap on to her for 3 hours.
I screwed her until she passed out and I collapsed on
top of her. I staggered upstairs and washed up.

James arrived at 4 and I was ready for him. Dressed in
a corset and stockings and not much else. I lead him to
my bedroom. "Let's take off those clothes" I said
reaching for his trousers zipper "and let the fucking

Thanks to his mother I was wet and ready and he slid
into me like a hot knife into butter and soon we were
both making cream. He screwed me for 3 hours straight.
We stopped only long enough to eat then went back at
it. We humped in every position until the wee hours.
His mother was fast asl**p in a locked room in the
basement, oblivious to it all.


In the morning I awoke James with a blowjob then we
fucked. He fell back asl**p and I went downstairs
feeling his semen trickle down my thighs. I clamped my
legs tight to keep it inside. Making breakfast for his
mother and I, I left him a note saying I'd be back by 3
and to enjoy himself.

I went downstairs locking the door behind me. Marilyn
looked so sweet, tied to the bed, hair amuss and a
sl**py smile on her face. "Are you hungry for breakfast
or are you hungry for pussy?" I said putting the tray
on the table. "Pussy" she replied with a grin.

"I have a special taste treat for you this morning," I
said getting up on the bed and straddling her face. "I
fucked the gardener and he left a huge wad of spunk up
my pussy."

Her eyes widened in shock, then in anticipation. I
pressed my pussy lips to her mouth and her tongue
eagerly darted up my moist canal. My juices were
already flowing so it didn't take long for the semen to
flow out into her willing and eager mouth.

I felt a most intense orgasm begin to well up inside of
me as I reflected on the fact I was making a mother eat
her sons cum. If she only knew, but soon she would be
swallowing her son's semen as eagerly as she was eating
my pussy. As I screamed out in ecstasy, I was glad I
had made the basement soundproof. At 3 I staggered
upstairs exhausted.

He was sitting on the porch with a beer. I joined him
and had a drink with him. Then I led him to the pool
for some skinny-dipping and sex. We screwed in the hot
tub under the stars. It was so nice. It was going to be
hard to give him up but I knew it was for the best.


The next day followed a similar pattern as the day
before as did the day after. I was getting very tired
trying to satisfy 2 very horny lovers. Their voracious
sexual appetite, convinced me more than ever, they were
made for each other (even if one had originally made
the other). I realized it was time move to the second
phase of my plan.

After James fucked me silly that night I lay on top of
him kissing him.

"I have someone for you to meet, she's a good friend of
mine," I said. "She'll be here in a few days."

"Why do you want me to meet her?"

"Because I think you two will be perfect for each

He looked puzzled. "I thought..."

"Listen honey I'm 27 years older than you. This is fun
but you need someone younger. Someone to be the love of
your life. I'm just the lustful lover of your youth. My
friend is perfect for you. She's gorgeous...she's got
nice boobs too" I chuckled as I began to describe in
detail her personality.

"What's her name?"


"The same name as my mother."

"What a coincidence."

He fell asl**p that night a little quicker than normal
thanks to the drink I mixed him. I managed to drag him
downstairs to the 'room of love'. This is where he and
his mother would become lovers. I had set it up with
all kind of bondage devices so there would be no chance
of resistance. I won't bore you with the details but I
could strap either one of them to the bed chair or
wall. I also had a whip that I would use to punish

I placed a body harness on him that would allow me to
lift him with a hydraulic lift that ran on a rail into
the next room where his mother now lay. She too would
be fitted with a harness. I strapped him down to the
bed and began my preparations.

He awoke at dawn strapped into his harness and tied to
the bed. He looked up at me in shock. I had placed a
gag in his mouth so his mother wouldn't hear him. I had
done the same to her as well. I was dressed in black
leather and had the whip in my hand. "Forgot to tell
you my sweet," I growled. "That before you get the
woman of your dreams a little more training is
required... it's called obedience training. You will
learn to love her but you must always obey me... is
that clear."

He just stared up at me. I snapped my whip against his
bare thigh. He quickly nodded. "Any disobedience in the
next few days will be punished."

If I say jump you jump, if I say fuck you fuck...
clear?" He nodded unsure why any of this was necessary.
I didn't have sex with him that day and didn't allow
him to masturbate. By tomorrow when he met the woman of
his dreams he would be very horny. I let him walk
around with a lease tied to his neck and his hand
cuffed in front of him. I asked him to perform various
tasks and he learned to obey quickly.

After I tied him to the bed I went to his mother's room
and went through the same with her. She had been tied
up for a week so this was just part of the game. A few
smacks on her large bare bottom and she realized I
meant business. After a few hours I tied her back up to
the bed and went upstairs to get some needed rest.
Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


"Today you meet your prince charming," I said lovingly
stroking Marilyn's pussy getting her wet and ready for
her son. She groaned into her gag. I had already made
up her face to look like a cheap whore. Lots of eye-
shadow and lipstick. Then I had replaced the gag. "I
will remove the gag after you have met. He's in the
next room... want to meet him?"

The look in her eyes said 'meet him like this'. "It's a
little strange I admit," I said plainly. "All will make
sense shortly." I attached her harness to the lift and
she rose off the bed. I then tied her legs up so she
appeared to be squatting in mid-air with her legs
spread wide apart.

I had already tied her son to a chair and got him erect
with a few skillful strokes of my hand. Then I had
placed a ring at the base of his penis to keep him
stiff until orgasm. I now moved Marilyn over to the
door. I stood in the doorway where I could see both of
them but they could not see each other. "Are you two
ready to meet?" They both nodded muffled affirmative
heard through their respective gags.

I then pulled Marilyn into view and stood back. "James
this is Marilyn, Marilyn this is James. I just know the
2 of you are going to hit it off."

Marilyn's eyes widened and she screamed into her gag.
"I told you he was cute and look at the size of his
cock" I whispered in her ear. I thought to myself, the
last time she had something that large in her pussy was
when she was giving birth to him. "I've spent the last
month training him to be the most wonderful lover for

She was now trying to escape from her harness but it
held her fast.

"You're not going to get away, so don't try. Now let's
get started." I went over

To James and made a few adjustments to his chair.
"Didn't I tell you she was drop dead gorgeous" I said
kissing his cheek. He just moaned struggling to escape
but there was no escape from what was meant to be. His
eyes were glued to his mother. Made up to look like a
slut, dangling from the ceiling completely naked and
legs spread invitingly wide. I now removed his gag.

"You are forbidden from speaking to one another," I
said snapping me whip to emphasize the point. "Who
needs words when you're making love anyway." I laughed.
I walked over to her and removed her gag. She
immediately began screaming for help. "The room is
soundproof so you may as well be quiet. Of course once
you get that monster up your pussy you may moan with
pleasure," I laughed and she just glared at me.

I started pulling her over to her son. "Please don't do
this please," she sobbed.

"This is for you own good so stop complaining."

I pulled Marilyn over until she was hovering over her
son. I moved her close so his head was pressed into her
cleavage. "I told you she had nice boobs," I whispered
in his ear.

Marilyn gasped and she closed her eyes as her son's
head was buried between her breasts. "Why are you doing
this," she sobbed.

"I told you I would find you the perfect man for you
and I have." I replied

Matter-of-factly. "Now I will convince you of that."

I pulled his hands up and strapped his wrists to her
belt. His palms and fingers I then pressed to her firm
round ass. She shuddered and took a deep breath heaving
her ample bosom into her son's face. He tried to curl
his fingers up so they didn't touch his mother's smooth
naked flesh. "Keep them there" I ordered.

His fingers lay back down. Soon they would be squeezing
her ass firmly. But first I had to join them in a way a
mother and son should never be joined but in a way I
knew was so right for them.

His penis was erect and pointed upwards to his mother
pussy only an inch above. I pushed the button and
slowly lowered her until they could both feel the tip
of his young penis touch the now moist lips of his
mother's pussy.

"No please, please don't do this I beg of you," she

"This is for your own good," I said. "You will thank me
for this in time."

I let them contemplate what was about to happen. "In a
moment you will cease to be mother and son," I said.
"You will be lovers. You may feel this is wrong but
soon, very soon it won't really matter because it will
be done. So you may as well enjoy it... I know I
certainly will." At that I pulled his face from his
Mothers boobs and pressed my lips to his and kissed him

"This is the moment I prepared you for my love" I
sighed. "It's hard to give you up to another woman, but
I only want what is best for you."

I then kissed Marilyn hard and long. "Enjoy this young
man as much as I have. He is one hell of a good fuck.
Forget your inhibitions and fears...this is meant to
be" I kissed her trembling lips again and gazed into
her misty wide eyes. I pressed the button and she
slowly began to lower.

"No-ooooh," she groaned as her sons massive prick
parted her slick pussy lips and eased into her. I let
the penetration proceed slowly and deliciously. Marilyn
would feel every long hard inch slide into her and that
would make her pussy lubricate. Once that happened the
rest would come naturally I hoped. Both were now
gasping as his huge penis returned to the point of its
origin. His mothers warm loving womb.

She couldn't believe how far he was going into her and
he couldn't believe how good mommy's pussy felt. Her
groan turned to a low moan as he disappeared between
her legs and his balls, full of semen destined for deep
in her belly, pressed against her now very moist pussy
lips. "Now doesn't he feel good in there," I whispered
in her ear.

By now her head was on his shoulder and I proceeded to
lock their neck braces together so they could see each
other's faces. I felt that might be a distraction this
early into their conversion. I pulled her arms around
his neck and tied them there.

I was hoping nature would take its course and they
would soon begin moving together toward the ultimate
goal of orgasm. They were still though. Their minds
were resisting what the rest of their body was feeling.
I flicked a switch on the chair and it began to slowly
rock. Marilyn let out a moan as she felt her son move
inside her. "No please no," she gasped fearing she
would give into to the feelings welling up inside her.

I turned the knob and the chair began moving faster and
they both began softly moaning in each other's ears.
Their faces contorted as they tried to resist the
feelings but I only increased the speed determined to
break them.

"Resistance is futile," I hissed in their ears and
increased the speed once again.

By now his penis was moving in and out of his mother's
pussy with short strong strokes. I couldn't really tell
how much was due to the chair and how much was natural
loving rhythm. She was getting very wet which only
increased that wonderful friction of stiff hard penis
against soft warm wet pussy. Her eyes were clamped
shut, teeth clenched as she fought hard against the
sensations within her trembling hips.

Then it happened, she let out a cry, her mouth open
wide and soft. Surrendering to the feeling within, her
hips began to jerk and twitch. Her ass rose and fell
over his thick throbbing manhood. Her slick pussy
sliding up and down her son's penis with long hard
lusting strokes. James was moving his ass in time with
hers, meeting her push for thrust.

Every time his massive member rammed into her she let
out a loud cry. All at once she stiffened and her face
froze briefly, mouth open wide and a low guttural moan
issuing forth. Her body was shaking in one of the most
intense orgasm I have ever seen anybody have. Her pussy
gushed forth hot gooey come coating her son's thrusting

He responded by thrusting deep into his mother and
letting out a cry filling her with his young semen. "Oh
Mommy oh Mommy," he gasped.

"Oh baby," she sighed as her body trembled and quaked.

Every thick wad of sperm that pulsed out of her son's
penis into her hot pussy caused her to gasp. She was
being slowly filled with her boy's semen and the
feeling was unbelievable. She continued to orgasm until
his balls finally emptied. As the fluids drained out of
them they slumped together gasping for air. Their
crotches a sweet sticky mess, cum dripping out of her
cunt onto the floor. "Wow," I said, breathless from the
intensity of their loving. "That was sure nice wasn't

They said nothing as the realization of what had
happened hit them. For a brief moment they had given in
to their passions and mother and son had screwed like
a****ls in heat. Now they sat there hugging with his
still hard cock up her drenched pussy.

Their relationship would never be the same even if I
let them go right now. But I had no intention of doing
so. I was far from finished with them. I loosened their
neck braces and turned their faces toward each other's.
Their lips were now touching by they resisted. "Come on
kiss your mother, didn't she give you a nice fuck" I

I pinched both their noses until their mouths opened
and them pushed their heads together. I held them there
for a while moving their heads slightly so they at
least looked like they were necking. They moaned but
did little else. I let them go after 5 minutes and went
behind her and checked out her pussy. His cock was
still very hard and wedged most of the way up her. I
grabbed her hips and pushed them down hard engulfing
the rest of his cock in one fluid stroke.

She let out a cry and wiggled her ass around his prick.
She stopped when she realized what she was doing.
"Don't stop Honey" I said "You've already fucked him
once, do it this time on your own" But she resisted my
suggestion. I switched the chair on; slowly increasing
the speed until she once again surrendered to the
sensations her son's prick was causing deep inside her
motherly hips. With a stifled cry she was humping her
son like a bitch in heat and the chair was no longer
needed. I turned it off and they humped on obliviously.
She came twice before her wet cunt milked the semen
from her son's balls.

They slumped together eyes closed with shame. But I
knew this had been a most excellent start. They would
soon make love without any need for my treacherous
machines. I lifted her off her son and she gazed down
at her wide-open cunt. Dripping with her son's semen.
His cock stood stiff and slick with his mother's cunt
juice. They could probably go again but I decided that
was enough for today.

Once back in her room I lowered her body to the bed. I
pulled her wrists up into the bedpost shackles and did
the same for her ankles spreading her legs wide. I
gazed down at her pussy and licked my lips. "There sure
is a lot of spunk in your cunt," I said kneeling down
"It feels good having your sons cum up your cunt
doesn't it?" She didn't reply.

"Answer me!" I ordered.

"N-no," she sobbed.

"Don't lie to me," I barked then softly. "I saw you
fuck your son and enjoy it. Now admit it you wish he
was here right now. You wish it was him between your
legs instead of me" I licked her dripping inner thighs
"Admit it!" I dipped my tongue into her tasty twat
"Marilyn tell me you enjoyed it," I said firmly.

She just moaned and stared off into the distance.
"Imagine this is his tongue inside you, close your eyes
and imagine."

I began to lick her pussy and with in a minute she was
thrashing on the bed and the sweet taste of a mother
and sons cum mixed together filled my mouth.

Thick wads of semen flowed out on a river of female
cunt come. Though my plan called for her to retain as
much semen in her cunt as possible I had to taste the
fruits of all my hard work. I licked her out until she
had no more jism lodged up her pussy. I knew this would
be the last time for us for a while so I made sure I
enjoyed it to the full.

I then left her quivering on the bed and went and
licked her son's cock clean of her cunt juice. "I bet
you wish it was your mother giving you a blow job
instead of me," I said as I went down on him. "Maybe I
can convince her tomorrow...would you like that" He
just moaned as I deep throated his cock.

I would teach her to do that to her son. I enjoyed the
sweet taste of his semen as he came in my mouth.

I kept him hard in my mouth then mounted him. "This
will be the last time we fuck my sweet," I gasped as I
eased my hips down over him. "From now on the only
pussy this big monster enters will be mommy's." This
idea seemed to make him hornier than ever and he thrust
up at me with vigor. I was soon screaming and cumming
as we fucked and fucked. I hoped his mother heard us.

I hoped she was jealous.


After lunch the next day I removed Marilyn from the bed
and strapped her into her harness and lifted her up so
her up and got her ready. James was already strapped to
the chair as yesterday. They both knew what was coming
but only put up token resistance which made me happy.

As before I strapped them together so his hands were on
her ass and hers were on his neck. This time I pushed
their mouths together and pinched their noses so they
opened against each other. I tighten their heads
together so their lips would stay locked throughout the
duration of the fuck.

I hadn't prepared her pussy as I had yesterday but she
was wet anyway, very wet. His penis had somehow gotten
erect all on its own, though I still put the ring on
it. I lowered her down and listened as they moaned into
each other's mouths. I clicked the chair on to get them
started but didn't have to increase the speed. Their
resistance was not what it had been yesterday.

Nature soon took its course and they were soon humping
quite nicely so I turned off the chair. I couldn't
really tell but I think they were French-kissing each
other. Either way their mouths were doing something to
each other. Marilyn came quickly and she groaned load
into his mouth.

I watched from behind as his glistening penis, so long
and thick, was engulfed then discharged from her
sopping pussy, with rapid strokes. His hands were
squeezing her ass tight and seemed to pull her down
f***efully every time he thrust upwards. She didn't
really need the help but it felt good having her own
son try to manhandle her so.

She was soon quaking with another orgasm and his
thrusts became more insistent. She knew he was going to
fill her pussy with semen so she began to hump even
more wildly. With a load cry both came in the most
beautiful intense simultaneous orgasm I had ever seen.

This time they slumped together but not in shame but
they need to hold each other as close as possible. I
let them hold each other close for a few minutes then
waited to see if they would begin humping each other
with out the prompting of the chair. Their consciences
took over and they would not willingly start this
sinful act. I would try something different.

I lifted her off her son and placed her in another
chair strapping her in. I attached the cable to her
James' harness and lifted him over to the wall where I
tied him in place. His arms clamped at the elbows. I
rolled her chair over to him so her face was directly
in front of his erection. She began to struggle as she
realized what was in store but she couldn't move. I
pulled her hands up and clamped them to his belt so her
hands were on his ass.

I attached her neck brace to a belt on the wall between
his legs and tightened it. This moved her head forward
so her lips touched the head of his penis. She began to
struggle but to no avail. I pinched her nose. She held
her breath as long as possible then gasped. I tightened
the belt.

"Don't hurt him," I said as the tip of his penis grazed
her teeth and entered her mouth. I tightened the belt
until she began to gag on her son's huge manhood then
stopped. I could tell she was in some discomfort,
having such a large member pressing against the back of
her throat. "I will not let you go until he comes," I
said sitting down.

She sobbed and realized what she had to do. Slowly she
began sucking his cock. With her hands on his ass she
guided him in and out. I leaned forward and loosened
the strap so his cock would have more stroking room. He
reached down and put his hands on his mother's head.

She began slow but got faster as she got used to it.
She began to enjoy the taste of his penis coated with
her pussy juice and traces of his semen. "Tastes good
doesn't it," I said leaning over and kissing her cheek.
"Just wait until you taste his come.

It's sweet and there will be lots of it. I should

The thought made her shudder then suck harder. Soon she
had sucked off all the juices from their copulation and
he was getting stiffer and bigger in her mouth. This
scared her and thrilled her. She knew her mouth was
about to be filled with his semen and she made her suck
harder. When she tasted his pre-cum juices she almost
when crazy. Thrusting her head at his hips, taking more
and more of his huge meat into her mouth until she was
deep-throating it all.

He let out a cry and arced his back pushing his hips
against his mother's hungry mouth, holding her head
tight. Her fingernails dug into his ass and her head
stopped moving for a second. The look on her face was
one of sweet passionate bliss. I could tell she was
tasting her son's cum for the first time and enjoying
it very much. She moved her head slowly to milk the
sweetness from her lover's penis.

James was pumping wad after sticky hot wad of jism into
his mother's mouth and she was swallowing as fast as
she could but it was too much. Soon it began dribbling
out of her mouth and down her chin splashing down onto
her boobs. I unbuckled the belt but her mouth stay put
sucking every delicious drop from her young man's

"That was nice wasn't it?" I asked as I pulled her
chair back. She craned her neck to keep him in her
mouth but it soon popped out. The look of
disappointment on her face was very noticeable. His
cock was still spurting (young men have so much cum)
and the last few wads of cum splattered on her face and
in her hair. She looked a mess. Semen all over her face
and boobs, lipstick smeared, cum dripping from her
lips. Her hair was dripping with jism and a mess. But
the look on her face was one of contentment and

I set about moving him onto the bed and strapping him
down. Then I put Marilyn back in the harness and lifted
her from the chair. "I'll let you out off this thing if
you promise to go over to your son and fuck his brains
out. What do you say?" She lowered her eyes and said
nothing. "Shit! Ok we'll do it another way." I snapped
angry that she still resisted the inevitable.

I moved her over to James and positioned her over his
erection. I lowered her until her pussy touched the
head of his penis then parted slightly. I held her
there with it wedged at the entrance of her womanhood.
I tortured her by grabbing his penis and moving it so
it rubbed the now slick lips of her cunt. She began to
moan. "Want a little more of that wonderful prick into
you?" I cajoled. "All I have to do is press this

I could tell she was fighting this with all her being.
"You've already fucked him 3 times, sucked him off and
enjoyed it every time why do you continue with this
foolishness," I said softly. "Follow your heart for

Make love to James like you know you want to. Like you
know you must."

She was sobbing and he lay still with his eyes closed.
He wanted his Mom to fuck him but the thought shamed
him so. As I rubbed her pussy lips her hips began to
instinctively thrust at him as best they could. His
prick pressed up at her as he felt the sweet wet
goodness of his mother's pussy on his manhood. Her sobs
turned to moans and a look came over her face like I
have never seen. Like everything she believed in and
held dear meant nothing. All that she wanted was to
fuck her son. "Oh no, no" She whispered as her feelings
defeated her reason and her mind surrendered to the
inescapable. I placed the control in her hand and she
opened her eyes and stared at me.

"Hit the red button," I said.

Her eyes misty and half-open looked over at her son.
The look in his eyes was one of approval and hope. She
let out a shudder and closed her eyes. She knew what
she must do. With a gasp she pushed the red button and
descended onto her son's manhood. "Yes," I gasped

All thoughts of right and wrong, motherhood, i****t,
sin, morality disappeared as his manhood slowly eased
into her pussy. He arced his back to meet her and soon
he was buried deep inside her. I loosened the straps to
her legs so her knees could touch the bed and sat down
with my dildo and watched.

She ground her hips against his as if trying to get it
as deep into her as possible. She let out a long low
moan and proceeded to hump him like a bitch in heat.
This time no help from the chair to get her started.
She was willingly and eagerly fucking her son. He
bucked and thrust beneath her.

I didn't last long but it did make one hell of a mess
of the sheets. I had done it; I had made them fuck each
other not because I f***ed them to, but because of
their lust for each other.

The intense bed shaking orgasm seemed to drain
everything out of them and she slumped in her harness
panting. Her cunt was a mess of love fluids. I lowered
her down so she could kiss her son. But again after the
coupling was over and their passions satisfied they
began to feel guilty. "Fuck," I swore. "Still holding
to those rigid moral values when you have just enjoyed
the most wonderful thing a man and woman, any man and
woman, even mother and son were meant to enjoy!"

I pulled her up and took her to her room strapping her
to the bed. I let myself calm down a bit. I should
realize I told myself, that this was quite an
adjustment for them. I was asking them to let go of a
wholesome 18 year mother/son relationship and become
wanton lovers. I should be happy with the headway I was

Each time they had sex their resistance was weaker,
their submission quicker, their passion more intense. I
had a feeling that by this time tomorrow whatever
resistance they had left would be broken. Then all my
work would have paid off and their dreams would come

She stared up at me. "How do you feel Honey?" I asked
softly. "Pretty good I bet. I always feel good after a
good fuck. I love the feeling of a man's cum in my
pussy. It's even more special when you love the man.
You love James don't you?"

"Of course I do," she sobbed. "He's my son for-"

"You were fucking your boy like a slut, so stop with
the good mother act. "I said matter-of-factly. "Things
have changed now haven't they? You fucked your pressed the button and rode him like a
lustful wanton whore.

I want you to think of him as your lover. How many
times did you cum."

"I-I don't know, at least a half dozen times I think.
At least you screamed in ecstasy that many times so I
assumed you were cumming. Did it feel good when he came
inside you? Answer me!"

"Y-Yes," she softly admitted.

"Then why do you fight what you're feeling," I said
lovingly stroking her cheek. "Wouldn't you rather be
sl**ping with him tonight? Loving him, being loved by
him? Answer me please."

"I-I, yes." She looked away but I pulled her face back
towards me.

"If you're a good girl tomorrow you can sl**p with him

"O-ok," She shuddered. Trembling with fear and
anticipation. Fear of what she might do tomorrow,
anticipation of what she might do tomorrow. Either way
it would be wrong but feel so right.

I left her and went to him. His cock was still hard and
wet. I stroked it and looked down at it. "You need
another fuck from Mommy...maybe if you both behave
tomorrow I'll let you fuck as much as you want and even
sl**p together. Would you like that... sure you would."

I turned out the lights and left. I doubt they slept at
all that night.


They lay on their beds all day trembling in
expectation, but I let them wait until about 5. I went
to her and unstrapped her from the bed. I lead her by
the hand into his room. It was a small room with a
single bed a table and a chair. I had removed all the
bondage devices. He was sitting on the chair naked and
unshackled. He stared at his naked mother and looked
away as did she. Shit I was tired of this.

"I'm tired of playing fucking games. You will not leave
this room until you fuck each other silly and I am
satisfied you will leave and continue this relationship
that I feel is so important for your happiness. You 2
were meant for each other. Until you realize that you
stay here." I went to the door. "Now let me leave you 2
lovebirds alone."

I left the room and went to the 2-way mirror and
watched. They ate the dinner I had left them in silence
then sat there staring at the wall for at least an
hour. I went to the door and opened it. "Bed time" I
announced then left. I turned the lights down, but not
so low I couldn't see the action. They looked at the
bed. It was big enough for 2 only if they lay pressed
or on top of each other. Which was the idea of course.

"I'll sl**p on the floor," James said. It was cold

"No that's ok... we'll be fine," she said.

The bed was so small they could only sl**p on their
sides. She lay behind him. He could feel her large
breasts pressing into her back, her pussy hairs on the
crack of his ass and her hot now labored breath on his
neck. He tried to fight it but his penis began to get
erect. Her hands were on her thighs, which pressed
against his. His back was so muscular and his ass so

He was so handsome and masculine, but he's my son, she
thought. She tried but couldn't fight the urge. Her
hand brushed his strong thigh and gently, she lay her
hand upon it. He stiffened and I saw his penis grow
even larger. She was now slowly caressing his thigh her
hand inching closer and closer to his now huge

Marilyn kept this up for quite a while knowing she was
inching closer and closer to that point of no return.
She knew it was wrong but she had already had made love
to her son so what difference did it make. But it did
make a difference. She had been manipulated, coerced,
f***ed to have intercourse with her son. This time if
she made love to her son it would be her choice.

He lay there trembling beneath her touch. A mother's
touch or a lovers touch?

To make love to her son was against everything she knew
was right. Her mind told her it was sinful, perverse,
immoral and damaging in the long run. But her pussy now
dripping with desire and her heart now pounding with
anticipation still urged her on. She so wanted, so
needed that huge manhood throbbing just inches from her
fingers, deep in her pussy.

i****t and moral virtues be damned. She wanted to fuck
her son. But would she cross the threshold and finally
make her son her lover. Finally admit to Herself and to
him what I had been telling them all along. It was
their destiny to be lovers, nothing could stop that, it
was unavoidable, inescapable and she knew it.

He was trembling beside her. "Mom?"

"Sssh baby," she whispered kissing his shoulder. Her
hand slid up his thigh and brushed over his balls
sliding up the length of his manhood. Wow it's so long
and stiff, I did this to him, she thought. I'll have to
do something about it. She gently wrapped her fingers
around it stroking its length as he began to shake all
over. "Ssh baby it'll be alright. Let momma make you
feel good," she whispered.

That seemed to calm him down. It was so thick and hard,
like a piece of steel. It began to throb beneath her
loving touch. It felt so good him her hands, so warm
and wonderful. But it would feel even better inside
her. She sat up and pushed him onto his back. She
lowered her mouth to his and kissed him long and hard.
Kissing like mother and son were never meant to kiss,
her tongue almost down his throat, her hands all over
his muscular body, his hands grasping at her wide hips
and round ass.

Pressing her large boobs to his chest she straddled him
and guided his now throbbing erection to the lips of
her pussy. She held her hips there for a moment,
realizing she was about to cross the point of no
return. She had gone too far to stop she had to go all
the way now. She lifted her mouth from his and sighed.
Not a sigh of sinful surrender but one of knowing
lustful passion.

With that she eased her hips down over his throbbing
hard-on with a throaty cry. Her very wet pussy engulfed
his full thick length in seconds. She held him tight
inside her for a minute, her mouth on his, tongues
wrestling as one. Then she pulled up and began

Her hips moved with frenzy as she gave her young man
the working over of his life. Letting out a cry she
exploded in orgasm. The floodgates of heaven opened as
she lubricated her son's welcome intrusion. Lubricating
that wonderful piston that pounded deep in her belly.
Thrusting together in their glorious labor of love.

When he arced his back and filled her pussy with jism
she kept on humping.

He was young and would stay hard and horny. Her lips
stayed on his except when they were open wide crying
out in orgasmic delight. Finally he spunked up her hole
once again and she ground her hips to a halt and lay
atop her son swapping spit with him.

They had done it, mother and son had made love. This
time they had copulated without my manipulations, this
time they basked in the afterglow of love without
shame. This time their passion, their lust had been the
motivating factor. Afterwards they felt only
contentment and joy, knowing the sweet bliss of making
love to one you love so dearly.

After they caught their breath they somehow rolled over
without disengaging his penis from her cunt and without
falling off the bed. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and thrust her hips up at him. "Fuck Mommy hard"
she urged her lover pulling his face to her boobs. Soon
he was up on his hands and humping his mother with
vigor. Her large boobs jiggled with every thrust.
"Harder lover harder baby" She screamed as she came
coating his cock with her thick love honey. James let
out a gasp and began to shake.

Marilyn put her feet flat on the bed and arced her back
forcing him to the deepest point yet inside her pussy,
which now received the sweet rich reward of

His semen. "Oh Baby fill mommy's pussy with cum, cum
inside your Mommy oh Baby," she cried cumming with him.
"Oh I love you Baby I love you lover."

"Ooooh!" James gasped emptying his balls into her. "I
love you Mommy ooooh."

I felt so good watching them. All the planning the
training everything had paid off. They were no longer
mother and son. They were lovers and not ashamed of it
either. Which was good because I planned for them to be
lovers for life. They lay together kissing and
whispering like lovers do. In less than an hour they he
had unloaded 3 times up her pussy and finally they
spoke to each other. "Oh baby that felt so good"
Marilyn sighed. "You feel so good inside me."

James wasn't sure what to say. After all, his mother
had just fucked him like a nymphomaniac. Everything he
thought about his Mom had changed so much in the last
few days. Like a good mother she knew her baby. "Honey"
she said. "I know this seems wrong but it feel so
right. It feels so right to be here with you, in each
other's arms, you inside me where you belong. This is
where you started, how could it be wrong for you to be
here again?"

He smiled down at her and kissed her. Not like a boy
kissing his Mom, but like a man kissing his woman. She
sighed and held him tight. He was the perfect man for
her. Their hips began to move against each other, hard
cock sliding in and out. Her ass was soon thrusting up
to meet him, her juices flowing, her tits bouncing.
After he came for a 4th time up his mother's cunt I
went to get a drink.

When I returned Marilyn was against the wall, arms
around his neck, legs around his waist. He had her
pinned there and he was screwing her hard. I mean
really hard. Her face was contorted by the v******e of
his lustful thrusts but she was enjoying the hard
screwing very much.

Her face only changed when she came and her mouth went
from a grimace to wide open and the short hoarse gasp
she let out every time his prick rammed into her became
a long screaming moan. He wasn't making love to his
mother he was r****g her and she was urging him on.
Suddenly her face contorted in pain and bliss and I
knew he was filling her with semen once again. Their
orgasm was so intense they fell to the floor and lay in
a heap panting for several minutes.

They fucked each other all over the room until about 11
when she eventually collapsed on top of him and fell to
sl**p with his penis still inside. I sl**p in the next
room beside the mirror. I was awoken at 2 in the
morning by the sound of screwing. They were at it
again, this time on the bed in the spoon position.
After they came they went back to sl**p.

At dawn I was awoken by his moans. Marilyn had awoken
her son with a blowjob. I watched her suck his huge
penis with relish and before long she was rewarded with
a mouthful of teenage spunk. She sucked him dry then
swung her hips around so her ass was over his face.
Sitting on his face with a moan as James long tongue
dug deep into her pussy. She soon coated his face with
her warm cream. She bounced off him and sat her hips
down on his now throbbing erection. A gasp escaped her
lips as her son disappeared into her once again. They
fucked all day.

I watched them until I had to get some food. I slid
their food under the door not wanting to interrupt
them. I heard some loud crying out. I rushed to the
mirror and saw James fucking his mother up the ass. He
slowly worked his monster up her tight little hole. He
held her hips tight as he strained to push his forward.
I was sure by the look on her face she was losing her
anal virginity. Slowly gently he eased into her until
he completely disappeared up her anal tract.

I couldn't believe it, he had his cock into his mother
all the way. "Oooh baby!" she gasped hoarsely, feeling
all 10 inches buried in her rectum. He pulled back
slightly and pushed back in. He had to hold her tight
so she didn't collapse from the pain and pleasure of
being ass-fucked by her well hung son.

Grimacing she took all he gave. It felt like she had a
fence-post up her ass. He felt like his cock was in a
wet velvet vice. It was so fucking tight. Mommy's ass
felt so nice. He was soon stroking in and out with long
lustful thrusts. He could only last so long pumping in
and out of her hot tight heavenly backside.

With a shudder and a cry he unloaded up her ass. She
let out a gasping cry as she felt warm soothing semen
coat the inside of her burning rectum. Quivering
beneath him she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her
and spew out her untouched pussy. She collapsed under
him and he couldn't hold on. His pecker popped out of
her ass and spurted thick white globs onto her back.

I caught a glimpse of her formerly tight asshole, now
wide open like a large cavern. White semen oozing from
her depths, her ass crack smeared with spunk. He fell
on top of her, the last of his semen pulsing out into
the crack of her butt. She lay there groaning in pain
and pleasure. She must have liked it though, because a
day didn't go by after that where his pecker didn't
make its way up her backside.

They were like honeymooners all week. They would stop
having sex only long enough to eat. They had sex in
every position imaginable. I slid a 100-sex position
book under the door and I'm sure they tried them all.
They were so in lust with each other. My plan had
worked very well, but I had one more thing to
accomplish before I was finished with them.


Finally on the seventh day I visited them. They were of
course fucking when I entered the room. "Don't let me
stop you two lovebirds." They finished the fuck then

"When can we leave?" Marilyn asked standing there with
her sons cum trickling down the inside of her legs.
"We've done everything you've asked."

I looked at her and smiled. "You can leave when and
only when you are pregnant with his c***d. That
shouldn't take long considering how much you've been

Marilyn stared at me mouth agape. After all I had put
her through I was asking this? "You are truly evil" She
gasped. "Truly wicked."

"How can you say that after all I've given you. When
you have his baby growing in your stomach you will
thank me for making you do this. It is meant to be, you
were meant to love him, to become the mother of his

"Who else would you want knocking you up? Until then I
will keep you locked in this room, so I suggest you get
back to it, as if you two needed any incentive."

I left the room and went to the mirror. She stared at
the door for quite a while then looked down lost in
thought. She turned to her son standing there just as
shocked. "You heard what she said," she sighed still
looking down grabbing his hand she lead him to the bed
and lay back spreading her legs.

"We have to make love like this so your semen stays
inside me."

"M-Mom are..." he stammered.

"Don't call me That. My name is Marilyn lover. I'm your
lover, I'm the mother of your c***d, I'm the love of
your life."

"I love you Marilyn." He mounted her easing his cock
into her.

"I love you James." She gasped feeling her son inside
her where he belonged.

"I love you Baby... so much."

But it wasn't the love of a mother for a son. They were
passionately in love and they now made love like I had
never seen them before. Perhaps they realized the joy
and passion they were experiencing was never going to

She was going to get impregnated by her own son and she
never wanted anything so bad in her life. She was going
to be the mother of his c***d.

They fucked all day and all night and every morning she
would give me a urine sample. At the end of July I came
in and gave them the good news.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. MacIsaac. You are going
to have a baby."

"Oh yes," she gasped and hugged her man tight kissing
him long and hard. Then she turned back to me and
wrapped her arms around me giving me a hug and then a
long passionate kiss. "Thank you so very much for
everything you have done for us Sherri. Thank you for
introducing me to the perfect man. Thank you so much
for forcing us to realize we were made for each other"

I kissed her back. "You made him for yourself, 18 years
ago. Who'd have guessed when he was growing inside you
he would return to plant the seed of life and become
the love of your life. You've spent all these years
raising him to be the perfect man. The man for you, the
only man for you."

She kissed me again and hugged me whispering "Thank you
thank you" in my ear. James walked up and hugged both
of us in his arms. His now erect cock pressing against
our thighs. Marilyn looked down at his manhood. "That
thing never gets soft. I'm not a young woman any more."
She laughed.

"Nothing beats a young man. Always hard, always horny.
Just what women our age need."

"You got that right..." Then she looked at me. "Can you
give me a hand with him."

"I sure can... let's go upstairs to my bed. It's big
enough for all three of us."

Once upstairs Marilyn pressed her face between my
spread legs and proceeded to work me to a lather. James
stood before me and I took his throbbing cock in my
mouth. It tasted so good, coated in his mother's
juices. Once my cunt was slick I lay back on me bed and
Marilyn guided James large manhood into my wet pussy.
It felt so good to have him back inside me after nearly
a month absence. Marilyn sat her hips on my face. Her
pussy still full of her son's semen, pressed to my
lips. Soon I was drinking the love of a mother and son.
It tasted so good. James unloaded up my cunt and
Marilyn leaned over and ate me out. I came quickly
spewing James semen into her mouth.

My licking was interrupted by James huge prick sliding
past my nose into Marilyn's pussy. I let her licked me
to another orgasm watching her son pound into her pussy
inches from my face. I pushed them both off me and had
her mount him and start riding. I pulled out my strap
on dildo and lubed it up in my pussy. Then I strapped
it on and eased it up her ass.

She exploded in orgasm as we double-teamed her. He soon
filled his mother with semen and I licked it out of her
juicy cunt. Then we double-teamed James, Marilyn sat on
his face and I eased my hips down over his thick
manhood. I rode him to glory and had his semen eaten
out of my pussy and on we went. About 3 hours later we
collapsed in each other's arms. Exhausted sore but
satisfied. All my plans, all their dreams had come
true. I felt so wonderful inside.


They spent the summer with me. I gave them the small
guesthouse beside the lake rent-free. I hired James on
a grounds-keeper. I got an old friend turned new age
minister to marry them, so they were now husband and
wife. In May Marilyn gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
They named it Sherri. I visit them often and we have
great sex together. I will make love to both of them or
individually, as neither of them is jealous of me
having sex with their mate.

I visited them just last week, coming in from the city
for a weekend of sex and relaxation. James and Sherri
were playing in the yard. She ran over to me giving her
Aunt Sherri a hug then went back to her Dad. I had big
plans for those 2 in about 13 years or so. If he can
screw his mother why not his daughter.

Marilyn greeted me at the door with a long loving kiss.
She was looking more radiant than usual. She took my
hand and placed it on her stomach. I felt a slight
bulge. "Marilyn you're pregnant" I gasped

"Knocked up again," she giggled. "Not bad for a 40-
year-old broad."

"Of course when you're getting poked every night its
bound to happen," I laughed. "Maybe this one will be a

Suddenly I had a vision of a still fit and sexy 55 year
old Marilyn mounted atop a teenage boy. Humping like a
hot old bitch in heat, screaming in delight as she
milks the sweet young semen out of him. Marilyn was
looking out over the lake with a far away look in her
eyes and a dreamy smile on her face. "I sure hope it's
a boy." She said dreamily.

As I looked at her I realized she was thinking exactly
what I was thinking.

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