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Caught masturbating...PART 2

If you didn't read Part 1 is a MUST before starting Part 2...,so:

And without further is PART 2:

I was on cloud 9 the next day at work and couldn’t stop thinking about the day before and the masturbation experience I had with my wife’s s****r. I kept running the images through my mind – her smile, her hand on my knee, her smooth white stomach below her belly button, her hand under her white flowery panties and the glimpses of her dark pubic hair, her own glances at me rubbing my erection. I kept wondering how much she had really seen – I was pretty sure that all she could see of me was the head of penis, but maybe she could see a little more from her angle – some of my own dark pubic hair, perhaps, or maybe more of the shaft of my penis.

Things were more or less normal the rest of the night once my wife got home. There were a few knowing glances between us over dinner, and I swear a wry smile here and there between us. Even the way she said “goodnight” to me before bed felt different, and I spent a second looking her over in her nightshirt. Usually she wore a pair of boxers with her nightshirt, but the night before she had only been wearing the long tee-shirt. I was sure that she left the boxers off on purpose…but was she wearing panties, too? Was she nude under that nightshirt, tempting me with her curvy white thighs, and her breasts free from a bra hanging under the shirt? I felt that we shared something intimate now, and was confident she wouldn’t tell my wife, Samantha.

But what I really couldn’t stop wondering was whether it would happen again. I had to find a way to prompt another experience. I decided that I would rush home from work today, and sit myself in front of the computer once again before she came home. It might prompt a conversation about the day before, which could lead to another session between us. But how to bring it up delicately without causing a scene or embarrassment?

I got home and quickly turned on my computer. I dragged the second chair closer to mine, hoping to give her a place to sit down next to me again. I debated having some pornography on the computer screen when she came home, but thought that might be too forward and could cause a problem. I decided to just be surfing the web innocently, and hope that the topic would naturally come up if I was in the same place as the day before.

It wasn’t long before I heard Tara putting the key in the door. It seemed she was home earlier than normal…I wondered if she, too, was thinking the same thing and was eager to get home. I felt my heart beating fast and was nervous…what would happen?

Tara entered the room. “Hi there,” she said happily. “How was your day?”

I turned around and smiled at her. She looked gorgeous – she was wearing a beige pair of loose pants and a green blouse that was a little low-cut. I could see the top of her cleavage peeking out. “Hey. My day was okay, the same as always, I guess,” I said. “How about you?”

Tara threw her bag down and gave me a mischievous grin. “Honestly?” She hesitated, and then continued. “I had a hard time concentrating today. I kept thinking about, you know…yesterday.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant. Maybe she was feeling regret. I tried to find out more. “What were your thinking about it? I mean, did it make you uncomfortable?”

“No, no, not at all. Absolutely not,” she said with a bigger grin. “It’s the opposite – I enjoyed it. I just couldn’t get my mind off it is all.”

I grinned back, happy to know that she, too, was distracted by the thoughts of our experience the day before. “I know what you mean,” I said. “I’ve been thinking about it all day, too. I’m having a hard time trying to forget about it.”

“We don’t have to forget about it,” Tara said. “Do you think my s****r would be upset if she found out?”

“I think Samantha would be upset if she even knew I had that pornography,” I said. “I’d rather she never finds out any of it.”

“Don’t worry,” Tara said. “I PROMISE I won’t ever tell. You can trust me.” She came over and sat down in the chair to my right, just as she had the day before. “So…” she looked at the computer screen and then back at me with a big smile. “What were you looking at today before I came in?”

This was a good sign – it seemed like she was open to something similar again. “Actually,” I said, “I was reading about football.”

Tara laughed. “That’s bullshit – show me what you were looking at!” She poked at my stomach in a teasing way, making me squirm.

“I swear! I wasn’t looking at any porn!” I protested.

“Fine, then let’s start looking now,” she said and grabbed the mouse from my hand. “Where do you hide that folder…hmmm.” She started to open up folders on my computer looking for my collection. As she leaned over to look at the screen, I tried to glance down her blouse, but it clung tightly to her chest and I couldn’t see anything. “Come ON – where is it?” she repeated.

I gave in – willingly. “It’s there, under ‘backup’” I said.

Tara quickly opened the folder and scanned through the names. “Where was the one we looked at yesterday?” she asked.

“Which one? We looked at a few…”

“The last one – the girl in the pink bikini. I want to look at her pics once more real quick,” she said.

“It’s under ‘Debora’,” I said. “Why do you want to see hers again?”

Tara opened the folder marked ‘Debora’ and started skipping through the photos of her stripping off her pink bikini until she was nude. “Because, you said it was on of your favorites,” Tara replied. “I just wanted to see her again. Why is she your favorite?” She stopped on a picture of Debora with her legs spread, her large breasts hanging nicely over her hairy crotch, exposing her pink lips and clitoris.

“I dunno,” I said. “I just really like her body.”

“What about her body, exactly?” Tara prodded.

“Well, she has a chest that seems very natural, and her, uh…vagina, is uh…well, seems very inviting and soft.”

Tara looked back at me and smiled. “It’s okay – you can call it whatever you want – pussy, twat, vag, cunt…you don’t have to be anatomically correct! So what do you think about when you watch her and play with yourself?”

I felt a little more comfortable hearing those words come out of Tara’s mouth. “Okay – well, her pussy seems nice. And I guess I think about what it would be like to, you know, BE with her.”

Tara backed out of the folder and began scrolling through the names of other models. “You mean you imagine having sex with them?”

The conversation was turning me on, and I enjoyed being so frank and honest with someone about my sexual preferences and fantasies. “Sometimes. Other times I just imagine they are watching me play with myself, or sometimes that I’m spying on them.” I wanted to know what my s****r-in-law thought about while she looked at porn. “What about you? What do you think about when you play with yourself and look at pictures?”

Tara paused a minute and looked back at me. “Well, if it’s pictures of men, I imagine that they are pleasuring me with their cock, or tongue, or finger.”

I couldn’t believe Tara was telling me this – I didn’t even know this kind of thing about my wife. I wanted to know more. “And when you look at pictures of women?”

Tara looked a little embarrassed. “I imagine they are letting me look at them is all – I don’t really think about DOING anything with them – just that we are together and playing with ourselves.”

The idea of my wife’s s****r and another woman masturbating together turned my semi into a full erection in my pants. “Have you ever played with yourself in front of another woman before?”

“No, never,” she said. “What about you – have you ever masturbated with other guys before?”

“No, nothing even close,” I said. “It’s always been a private thing – until…until yesterday.”

Tara smiled knowingly and put her hand on my thigh like she did the day before. “Yeah, me either. But have you ever thought about jacking off with another guy before?”

I was unsure how honest I should be – maybe the idea of two guys masturbating was a turn-off for Tara…or maybe a turn-on. I decided to be risky. “Yeah, I fantasize about it. It’s usually what I think about when I look at pictures of guys.” I realized I had just admitted I sometimes looked at guys…I hoped it wasn’t going too far, but Tara either didn’t care and thought it normal and didn’t say anything about it.

“I’ve fantasized about playing with myself together with someone else – man or woman,” Tara admitted. “And yesterday was…well…” she paused for a moment. “Well, it was exciting.”

“Yeah, I thought it was too.” I waited for her to respond – I wasn’t sure what to say next.

Tara went ahead and said what we both must have been thinking. “Do you want to do it again?” she asked. “I mean, play with ourselves together like yesterday?”

Hearing her ask that question made my hard penis twitch in my pants. “Yeah, if you are okay with it,” I said.

Tara smiled and squeezed my thigh. “Sweet. So which photo set should we use? You tell me another of your favorites.”

I glanced at the screen and saw she was in the letter “a” section. “Try ‘Angie’,” I said.

Tara opened up the folder. The first photo was of a plump brunette in her mid-20s with a low-cut top and blue jeans standing outside next to a swimming pool. “Why do you like her?” Tara asked me.

“She seems very cute and innocent,” I said, and regretted using the word ‘innocent’ – I wondered if it crossed the line. “I mean, she’s not all skinny and anorexic like so many models – she seems natural, with nice curves.”

“Innocent, huh?” Tara said smugly. “I didn’t know you liked them innocent…”

“Uh, I just meant that…”

“I know what you meant,” she said laughing. “Don’t worry – you can say what you want around me – I’m not going to judge you. If you only knew the things that go on in my mind…”

God, did I ever want to know what went on in her mind! It seemed I was already finding out some things, and liked what I knew so far.

Tara started skipping through photos and the model Angie began to take off her clothes. Soon she was standing in front of the pool nude. She had C-cup breasts with quarter-sized areolas and small pink nipples. Her pubic hair was trimmed so short it almost looked like she was shaved – her tiny slit between her chubby legs was visible.

“Well, I can see why you like her,” Tara said. “She has a body like my s****r’s.”

Then Tara leaned back in the chair and unzipped her pants, pushed the cloth to the sides and so that her green silk panties showed. She lifted her green blouse slightly, and I could see all the way up past her belly button. I thought she had pulled her shirt up just slightly more than the day before, and wondered if she did it on purpose. Then she slid her hand into her pants and began to rub herself lightly through the pink panties.

I took my cue and unzipped my shorts. I copied her action and stuck my hand in my shorts and began to rub myself over my boxers. I already had a big erection and it felt good to touch myself sitting that close to my s****r-in-law while we looked at photos of nude women together.

“Do you have any of this girl with another guy?” Tara asked.

“Actually, I think I do,” I said. “Look for the folder that says ‘Angie & friend’.”

Tara quickly found the folder and opened it up. The same model Angie was lying on a bed wearing a white t-shirt and skimpy white panties. Next to her was a slightly older guy in blue jeans. Tara skipped through some photos and soon the guy was kissing Angie, pulling her shirt and panties off, and then licking her nearly-bald pussy.

Tara shifted in her seat. “This is nice,” she said. “He’s pretty good looking…let’s skip forward until he gets naked, too.” She skipped a few more photos and soon the pictures showed the model Angie sucking his average-sized cock. He had dark pubic hair that contrasted nicely with Angie’s trimmed pussy.

“Well, what do you think of him?” I asked as I continued to gently rub myself through my boxers.

Tara shrugged. “He’s decent enough. He’s average size, but it turns me on to see her go down on him.”

I decided to take things to the next step and reached inside my boxer fly and pulled out my boner. I kept my hand wrapped around my shaft so that most of it wasn’t visible – but again, the throbbing head was sticking up above my thumb and index finger and clearly visible to Tara sitting next to me. I slowly moved my hand and squeezed tight, trying to control myself and not get too excited too quickly.

Then Tara made her move. Instead of just putting her hand under her panties, she reached down with her hands on her hips and pulled her pants down a few inches. I glanced over and could see that she had inched them down just enough so that I could now easily see her bare, smooth hips. Her green panties went down a little further and her dark pubic hair stuck out of the top nearly an inch. I glanced behind her and realized I could also see the top couple inches of her butt crack. She had plump cheeks that squeezed up above her pants with little fat dimples as she sat in the folding desk chair. Then she slid her hand down further inside her panties and began to rub herself.

I glanced up at the computer screen. Tara had now skipped forward and the model Angie was riding the man in reverse-cowboy position, her legs spread for the camera giving us a great view of her shaved pussy and the man’s cock penetrating deep inside her. But I couldn’t focus on the screen – I was too excited about Tara sitting next to me showing her hips and little teasing glimpses of her pubic hair and ass crack. I looked back over at Tara and rubbed myself faster as I gazed at her waist. I could almost follow her body lines and imagine what the rest of her ass and crotch looked like.

I decided take a chance and show a little more of myself, too. After all, it only seemed fair – she was obviously showing me more of herself on purpose. I shoved my erection back into my boxers and then did the same as she did – I inched my shorts and boxers down a few inches and then pulled my erection out above my boxers. I slid my t-shirt up a few inches, and now I exposed my treasure trail of pubic hair from my belly-button to the bottom of my shaft. I hadn’t trimmed my hair recently, so I had a decent dark patch of pubic hair visible. I also had now given Tara the first full view of my erect penis, and wondered if she thought it was a decent size. I grabbed my cock again and began to masturbate again, but this time used more movement so that more of my erection was visible.

I glanced over and saw that Tara was looking down at my lap watching me stroke myself. I returned the favor and looked back at her crotch and could see most of her hairy triangle between her legs. If she moved her hand, I probably could have seen her clit that she was rubbing furiously.

Tara looked back at the screen and stopped the slideshow on a picture where the model Angie was leaning back on a desk and the man had ejaculated on her pussy. I stroked hard and faster but then looked back at Tara’s body.

Tara saw me and rubbed herself faster. Her eyes stared at my hand and my cock as I masturbated. “I’m going to cum,” she suddenly said, surprising me. She opened her mouth slightly and breathed in sharply.

“I am too,” I admitted, and thrust my groin forward, pulling my erection out parallel to my body and squeezing hard, showing off more of myself to Tara. I decided I would let her watch me cum instead of covering it up with a tissue.

“Ahhh…Ahhh…” Tara began to moan and breath deeply as she climaxed. I wished she would just move her hand so I could see more of her pussy. But it was more than I could handle, and I felt the pre-cum drip out of the tip of my dick. Then my body tensed up and I began to ejaculate large gobs of semen. The first one landed on my stomach, but the subsequent loads of hot cum sprayed up and landed on my shorts, my shirt, and my leg. I saw a couple drops even fly over and land on Tara’s pants.

I kept stroking for 30 seconds or more as more cum oozed out of my cock. Tara was now watching me intently, her hand still down her panties but no longer moving. I wondered if she had seen the cum drops that landed on her pants.

“Fuck…” I muttered, slightly embarrassed now that I had had an orgasm and was sitting in my own semen. “That was…fuck…”

Tara smiled at me. “Yeah, that was MUCH hotter than yesterday,” she said. “Do you need something to clean up with?”

“Yeah, actually,” I said, still embarrassed. There was so much cum that it had covered my hand, and I was sitting in the chair with my now-softening penis lying in a pool of semen on my stomach.

Tara stood up, and as she did, I looked carefully at the 2 inches of her ass crack that stuck out of the top of her pants. I wished I could see her entire ass – I knew it would be perfect and plump. She quickly went into the other room and came back with a dry washcloth. As she walked back to the desk, I saw that she still hadn’t pulled up her pants. A couple of inches of her dark pubic hair was sticking up above her green panties beneath her unzipped pants. I tried to imagine what she would look like walking toward me with a washcloth to clean up my cum with no pants on after we had sex…but quickly put it out of my mind. It could never happen – it was bad enough that we were doing this. Having sex with my wife’s s****r was DEFINITELY crossing the line.

I took the washcloth from her and began to sop up the cum. She sat back down and watched me, unashamed and, it seemed, a little turned on by it. She now had a full and unimpeded view of my cock, though it was no longer hard. I was sure that she was just staring at me as I cleaned myself up. I took my time, enjoying the fact that she was just a foot away looking at my penis, and then finally pulled up my pants. When I did, she did the same.

Tara put a hand back on my knee. “That was SO hot,” she said. “I hope you’re okay with all of this.”

“Of course,” I said. “As long as Samantha doesn’t find out.”

Tara smiled “No worries. I promise I won’t tell her.”

“Uh, by the way, sorry that I uh…you know…sort of overshot…”

She squeezed my knee. “It was hot,” she said. “I don’t mind – in fact, I kind of liked it.”


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