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The training of June Pt. 12.

The man moaned in pleasure as June lapped at his full sack. She then withdrew slowly along the lenght of his throbbing cock. She teased his knob with her tongue and sucked him in and out of her mouth. She placed her hands on his legs and began to bob her head up and down over his rock hard shaft. It didn't take long till he was shooting spurits of hot creamy cum down her neck. June held his cock between her lips till he had shot his last drop and then sucked and licked his cock and balls clean. June didn't know if it was allowed but she was very horny and wanted to cum again. She stood and lay on the bed falling onto her back she spread her legs wide saying, "Now I need my pussy licked". The young woman came to her and dropped between her legs and started to lick her wet hot pussy. June played with her hair as the wonderful feeling of a female tongue worked on her over sexed pussy. June rolled her head to one side to see the man playing with his cock. She fixed her eyes on it and watched it grow in his hand as he stroked it slowly up and down. June looked up into his eyes and licked her lips like a ture slut. The young lady between her legs was now sucking hard on her swollen clit, as she did so she teased June tight little arse hole with her thumb. June squrimed as her arse popped open and the thumb entered her, she gasped as it was shoved all the way into her. By then the man haven taken June's sluty signal was straddling her head and lowering his once more rock hard cock down towards her mouth. June opened and sucked his cock in.
She was sucking like her life depended on it as her arse was thumb fucked while her clit was frimly clamped between eager lips. As her orgasm hit her arse seemed to suck in the invading thumb clamping tight around it. On the second wave she squirted into the young lady's mouth. This took her by surprise and she jumped back pulling her thumb roughly from June's arse. June moaned round the huge cock in her mouth at the loss. June's pussy was pulcing and her juice was ozzing out with each opening and closing. The man pushed his cock further.into her mouth and she sucked harded till he once more paid her with a big mouth full of cum. He waited till his cock stoped jerking and then removed it from June's mouth. The waiter and waitress stood side by side watching June, head to one side, eyes closed cum dribbling from her parted lips. They dressed and left her there purring in pleasure. June lay on the bed in a haze daydreaming about her new Master. Then she showered and went to bed to sl**p.
Cumming so often seemed to have worn her out and she soon fell into a deep sl**p.

She woke early to a nice sunny day. She walked naked out on to the balcony and looked out over Paris in the morning. She placed both hands on the railing and looked over it to see if the car with the cum on the roof was still there, she couldn't tell which one it was now. A movement in the building across the street caught her eye. She looked over this time to see a very beautiful older woman gazing at her. The woman stood in her balcony window wearing a dressing gown. She gave June a big bright open smile and slowly let her gown slip from her shoulders to reveal her naked body, she steeped out onto the balcony and took the same pose as June and they both looked out over the city. June thought to herself, you just have to love the French!. In a few minutes the woman waved and went back into her apartment. June waved back and went inside to get ready for her trip. June Tied up her hair and did her make-up. Then she pulled on the all to revealing coat and fastened it once again her nakedness was only just covered, the coat hadn't got any bigger over night. June looked at the clock,9.45 almost time to go. She put on the high heels and tried walking. Still with wobbly legs she walked back and fort. She thought she was getting the hang of it when she triped and fell on the bed, her breasts flying out of the coat. June just lay on the bed and then she began to laugh thinking to herself, I'm sure if I fall over someone will help me to my feet. June got up and put herself back into the coat and took one last look in the mirror and walked to the door to go and meet the taxi. The lobby was packed with people checking out and June turned almost every head as she walked past. She smiled to herself as she imagined cocks growing hard as the eyes looked her over maybe she had even made a pussy or two tingle.. Thr doorman pulled the door open and June walked out onto the street. She looked up and down to see if a taxi was waiting. Then a horn beeped and a little taxi pulled up, the window came down and the man said, "Are you June?". June nodded and slid into the back. The man sped off hand hovering over the horn just to be ready. The June caught him checking her out in the mirror. His eyes grew wide as he saw her breasts were trying to escape the coat. June slid into the middle of the seat and let her legs fall open she let her head fall back closing her eyes, wondering how long it take him to adjust the mirror to see her pussy. She opened one eye a bit and watched him driving and trying to look at her pussy too. They stopped at a light and he was glued to her pussy. June opened her eyes and slipped a hand between her legs and teased her clit. Then all hell broke lose, every horn in Paris seemed to be blowing. The light had turned green but the driver hadn't seen it. He jumped jammed the car into gear and flew off down the road. June moved close to his ear and said, "Why don't you just drive for now. If you get me too the station in good time I will give you a reward you will really like,ok?". The driver nodded and sped up and weaved in and out thru the traffic. He screeched to a halt outside the station. June said, "Good 15 minutes to spare, now let me see what I can do for you". She stepped out of the back and got in beside him in the front. She slipped her hand between his legs and rubbed his very stiff cock. He was squirming around in the seat. June pulled at his belt trying to free his cock. He helped her and took out his cock for her. She looked into his eyes smiling as she gripped him and began to pump his cock very fast. After halt a minute a stream of cum flew up over the wheel and splashed on the dashboard. June stoked him gently till he stopped spurting. Then she bent over and kissed his cock head and then rose and kissed his cheek saying, " Thank you for the interesting taxi ride". June reached in pocket and pulled out some money and the taxi driver told her it was pre paid And not to miss her train. June got out and walking away she blew him a kiss over her shoulder. June walked into the station with her head held high and proud. Men and women alike were staring at her as she passed by the wind lifting her coat this way and that way revealing her pussy or arse as she went. June found the platfrom and boarded the train. Her ticket said frist class number 222. June was happy to find that his was a compartment with curtains on the windows. She sat down and waited for the train to leave hoping that she would have to compartment to herself.

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