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Tricked by long time friend part 2

After being tricked by my friend and his co-workers last night I was invited back to their hotel for some group fun with me being the "center of attention" tonight. I was at work trying to work all day but just kept thinking about what was going to happen tonight. I was doing more porn surfing watching group and gang bang action and jacking off in the office bath room. I got home about 4 and texted my friend Jeff wanting to know what time to meet at the hotel. He replied back and told me to go to the hotel a room card would be at the front desk for me, go ahead and shower and stay naked on the couch in the room and when you do that text me again. I drove to the hotel went to the room and did exactly like I was told. I text Jeff again and he said open the blue travel bag up that is in the corner and warm yourself up we will be there soon. I opened the bag up and found a jumbo size bottle of lube, a large dildo, and 2 vibrators. I set them all out on the table and decided to play with the small vibrator, I put some lube in my hand and stroked the toy lubing it up good. I turned it on and started working it around my ass pushing it in about a inch. I was jacking myself at the same time as I pushed the vibrator deeper until I had the whole thing in me. I grabbed the other vibrator and dildo and suctioned them down on the table and poured some lube on them they were alot larger than the first one but I could wait to get on them. I pulled the small one out turned around sat down on the large vibrator and started riding it I was getting so into it I grabbed the dildo and started sucking it. I looked to my right and seen Jeff standing with his cock in hand completely naked. I reached for his cock and lead it to my mouth it felt so much better than the dildo and the taste of the pre cum made me horny for cum. I could feel my cock get harder then I felt a hand grab my cock and start jerking me. I looked around to find the room almost full of hard cocks I noticed one black guy sitting on the bed with a cock that was bigger than Jefff massive meat that I was sucking on. Jeff looked down at me asked "are ready" I replied willing "yes". He instructed me to get on my knees I got down on my knees and all of them swarmed around me with cocks hanging in my face. I instantly grabbed the one in front of me and started sucking. I was really getting into this cock when another guy grabbed my head and led me to his rock hard cock to suck on. This continued for a while changing from cock to cock with different guys fingering my ass and jerking me, then I finally got to this large black cock I started by licking his balls and shaft because I wasn't sure if I could fit it in my mouth. I finally took the head in my mouth and kept making myself go further and further down until I was taking it down my throat just a little. He grabbed my head a held me on his cock as he layed back on the couch leaving me on all fours with my ass sticking up ready to recieve a cock. I was still sucking this massive BBC when I felt a cock slide in my ass. I was being fucked and sucking for the second night in a row and was enjoying it more and more. They were taking turns fucking me while I sucked there black friend wanting to feel him cum in my mouth hoping the cum was a big as his cock. He then said let me get that ass and stood up let another guy sit down for me to suck. He was standing behind me stroking his cock and putting lube on it as I sucked another guy. The guy I was sucking said getting him on the table. The slide the coffee table to the edge on the bed and I climbed up on the table on all fours again facing the bed. Another guy got on all fours on the bed with his ass ready for me to rim. I started rimming him licking his ball and giving a reverse blowjob, I was licking his assand he was pushing back to try and get my tongue to go deeper when without warning the BBC slammed in my ass making me try to get away but I could on go deeper into the ass in my face. The black guy was fucking me so hard I could feel myself sinking lower not able to hold his thrust up. I was licking ass after ass as Jeff and the other guys kept swaping out from sucking to rimming as I was getting fucked. I finally colapsed and the black guy pulled out and I got on the bed laying on my back with my headlaying off the edge. Another guy started fucking me as I held my legs back and Jeff stood at the edge of the bed with his cock ready to slide in my mouth. I started sucking Jeff as the other guys took turns pouring lube on their cocks and fucking me I could tell they were getting rougher everytime, then Jeff started face fucking me he was pushing his cock down my throat then pulling it out and spanking my face then back in again. My throat had gotten so use to taking his cock he could slide it all the way down until his balls were sitting on my nose. I was really enjoying this first class fucking but I was also wanting to get some cum. Jeff stopped face fucking me and I was licking his balls when he said you ready for cum. I eagerly relied "YES" one of the other guys said I guess he is a cumslut. Three of the guys then sat down on the couch and I got in front of them and started sucking on there cocks as the other guys started fucking me from behind again. The first guy on the couch I was sucking told me to go faster I was sucking and stroking his cock as fast as I could when I felt his first spurt of cum shoot in my mouth and I kept sucking it letting it run down his shaft and balls. I finished sucking him and Jeff said No cum wasted lick it up and swallow. I started licking his shaft and balls to make sure I got it all when another jumped up to his knees and shot cum at my face I the first spurt hit my lips and I opened my mouth and went down on his cock to make sure no cum was wasted. The guy fucking my ass pulled out and I turned around to take his load he shot it all in my mouth then sucked a few more drops out swallowing it all. I went thru most of the guys except for Jeff, BBC, and another guy that had an average dick but huge balls. I was sucking the BBC as Jeff was fucking my ass with the other guy jerking on the bed. I was licking the head of his cock while stroking it hard and fast wanting him to cum when he grabbbed my head with 1 hand and stroked his cock with the other then he came in my mouth it was a strong spurt of cum followed by 2 more spurts and I was taking it all down my throat. I was still licking his cock when the guy on the bed stood up and walked over and said here comes a huge load. Jeff pulled out so I could position myself to take this load. I was on my knees with my mouth wide open and tongue out when he started shooting cum all over my face, mouth, and chin. I could tell he had more cum in my mouth than any other guy and it felt like my face was covered too. I was getting ready to swallow when Jeff said keep that hole opened and shot his load all over my face and mouth. I swallowed both loads down and Jeff was taking his cock rubbing it on my face and putting it in my mouth to make sure I didn't waste any drop of cum. I started to get up when another guy stood up and shot another load in my mouth. I swallowed it down then asked "anymore?" And round 2 began with each of them shooting another in my mouth. After I received 7 more cumshots I then got up. And walked straight to the shower.

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