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My wife of many years had settled in to the once a month 'doing her duty' fuck which always took the same format. She would switch the light off, climb on top and flop about for a few minutes before sliding off, lying on her front while I entered her from behind, and telling me to be quick because she was getting sore.

I used to wank myself furiously whilst fantasizing over thoughts of using my prudish wife as a sex object. Inserting objects in her cunt, fucking her up the arse cumming in her mouth and ultimately fisting her. Over time these fantasies got more extreme and my favourite was to imagine her getting her cunt roughly fisted by a group of blokes who would then fuck her in her mouth, arse and cunt.

I knew my wife would never consent to any of my fantasies and so I had consoled myself with searching for porn on the internet. It was during these searches that I found myself reading about husbands who had d**gged their wives in order to achieve their sexual fantasies. Although I knew that my gang sex fantasies were out of the question it seemed that with some pharmacological help I might be able to play with her tits and possibly stuff some objects up her cunt. I decided that my best bet would be to get a prescription from the doctor for insomnia. Since I spent the evenings 'working' (trawling for porn) on my laptop while my wife went off to sl**p it was easy to convince her that I needed some help sl**ping. I made the appointment and sure enough the doctor prescribed temazepam. I tried the 30 mg dose and had a very sound night’s sl**p. I waited till the weekend before trying it out on the wife. I doubled the dose and managed to slip her 60 mg and within 30 minutes she was in a deep sl**p. I reached my hand up inside her nightie and squeezed her tit. No reaction. I pinched her nipple, still nothing. I pulled her nightie up exposing both her breasts and sank down on them, sucking and slurping her large brown nipples into my mouth. This was great. Suddenly I had an idea; I grabbed my digital camera and started taking photos of her exposed tits. After several dozen photos I decided it was time to see if she was out of it enough for me to play with her cunt. I reached down and started gently rubbing her slit. With no resistance I decided to go for it and push a finger in her minge. I couldn't believe it, she was completely passed out. I pulled her panties down and spread her legs. She was now led on the bed practically naked with her tits and cunt on display. I grabbed the camera again and took more shots, holding her cunt lips apart and sticking my fingers in her. I wondered just how deep this sl**p was and how far I could go. There was only one way to find out. I went in to the bathroom and found the tube of lubricating jelly that the wife used to insert tampons. I squirted a load onto my hand and rubbed it all over then went back to my sl**ping wife. I got down between her legs and spread her thighs before placing my lubricated hand at the entrance to her cunt. I couldn't believe how easily my fingers slid inside her. Four fingers slid straight in up to the knuckle before I encountered resistance. I wriggled and pushed but try as I might I couldn't get my hand in any further. As I pushed hard the wife groaned a bit and I thought she might be waking up. I stopped and found I was breathing hard. My hand was buried up to the knuckle in my wife's cunt and it was covered in her juices. My cock was ready to explode. I slowly started trying to work my hand in past the knuckle but it was clear that her cunt was just not loose enough. I pulled my hand out and positioned myself with my cock at her gaping cunt hole. I sank in her right up to the balls, it felt great. I started fucking her slowly, building up a good rhythm before picking up the pace and slamming my cock in to her hard, she was grunting as I fucked her but I didn't care, I was going to cum. I shot my load in her and then pulled out. Her cunt was still gaping open and the cum was running down between her arse cheeks. I took more photos. Eventually I decided I'd better tidy up. I got some bog roll and wiped the spunk from round her cunt, pulled her panties back up and her nightie down.

In the morning I got up early and went downstairs to make breakfast. As I arrived upstairs with a tray of toast and tea the wife was just waking up. "what’s this in aid of" she asked pointing to the tray. "Because I love you" I said.

Part Two:

After my initial success with the temazepam the d**gging became a regular thing. Each time I would try different objects up her cunt and take more photos. I still couldn't manage to push a whole hand up her but I had fucked her arse. It was so tight that I came within seconds of entering her as her anal sphincter clamped down on the base of my cock. I was still going on the internet most nights but now instead of just looking at other peoples photos I had a nice collection of my own. I suppose it was inevitable that at some point I decided to post some of my wife's pictures. The response was fantastic and I found myself wanking to the messages from these dirty strangers describing how they would like to use my unaware wife. I started exchanging emails with one guy 'John' who went in to great detail about how he would love to stretch my wife's cunt open so that he could double fist her. I told him how I'd love to watch him try and he seemed to take me seriously. He promised to be discrete and suggested that we could meet at a hotel so that I could remain anonymous. He seemed to have thought of everything. I told him it was just a fantasy but my mind just couldn't get rid of the idea. I was wanking myself raw over the thoughts of my prim and proper wife being abused by a complete stranger. It was then that fate intervened. I had the opportunity to attend a trade show up in London staying at a posh hotel. The wife begged me to let her come so that she could see the sights while I was at the show and then we could enjoy some 'special time' back at the hotel. Before I could stop myself I found that I was emailing the details to John. The afternoon before the show we travelled down and checked in to the hotel. That night the wife told me that she was tired from the journey but that she would make up for it the following night. All the next day I couldn't concentrate, wondering if John would show up at the hotel as arranged that evening. Just after mid day I got a text form John saying he was booked in to the hotel and to text him back with my room number and send another text as soon as the wife was u*********s. My wife called me later in the afternoon and asked what time I would be back. She’d had a tiring day and suggested that we just get a meal at the hotel restaurant before having an early night. Everything was going as planned. We had our meal and at 9:00 we were climbing in to bed. The wife couldn’t explain why she felt so tired and whilst still promising to let me enjoy myself she fell asl**p. Little did she know that it was due to 80mg of temazepam. I’d gone for a higher dose just in case she was building up a tolerance for it and also because I wanted to make sure that she didn’t wake up in the middle of getting fisted by a complete stranger. After assuring myself that she was out of it I sent John the text. Within two minutes there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to a short slightly fat man in his mid fifties. I’m not sure what I was expecting but the thought of this slightly repulsive grubby little man sexually abusing my sl**ping wife had my cock twitching. John came in to the room and took a good look at my sl**ping wife. “are you sure she’s out of it?” he asked. “watch this” I said and pulled her panties down, I spread her legs and grabbing a small plastic lemonade bottle from by the side of the bed pushed it straight in to her cunt. She looked fantastic lying there with a bottle up her cunt totally exposed to the hungry gaze of this complete stranger. John gave a wicked grin and pulled out his mobile. He punched in a number and a few seconds later I heard him say a few words. Something like “yeah,,, that’s right,,,, all of them,,, ok”. He put his phone back and turned to me saying “okay, let’s get this little slut stripped and ready for action”. We then proceeded to remove her night clothes and spread her out on the bed. Just as we finished there was another knock on the door. Before I could respond John was heading to the door. He opened it and in marched half a dozen blokes. There were two big black guys who looked like they were professional boxers, a couple of skinny white guys carrying bags and three other guys who looked about the same age and build as John. “What the fuck!” I heard myself saying.... John turned to me... “just shut the fuck up sit down and enjoy the show and there’s no need for anyone to get hurt... understand?” The two black guys made it clear that resistance would be futile. I slumped back in the chair and watched as the two skinny guys proceeded to remove video cameras and lights from their bags. Meanwhile John and his accomplices placed a set of noise cancelling headphones and a blind fold on my wife. The lemonade bottle was still stuck half way up her cunt and they pulled her legs wide apart. One bloke took each leg while John took a tube of lube and preceded to cover both hands with copious quantities of the stuff. With the cameras rolling John pulled the bottle out and replaced it with four fingers of one hand. Rather than trying to stuff his hand in he then started to slide the fingers from his other hand in alongside, withdrawing and inserting fingers from each hand alternately. With four fingers from each hand in her cunt he then proceeded to pull her cunt open. The guys each side held her legs wide and the cameras were able to zoom right in as her cunt was stretched apart. Looking up inside her I could see her cervix. John pulled he cunt open from the sides and then slid his hands round to stretch her open from top to bottom. I had never seen her cunt gaping so wide before. Suddenly John removed one hand and pushed the other one hard into her cunt. There was a moment of resistance as he sank in to the knuckles but with a slight twist his whole hand slid in to the wrist. I couldn’t believe how easily this bloke had just fisted my wife. Here she was led spread-eagled on a hotel bed being filmed while some stranger was thrusting his fist into her cunt. I was as hard as I’d ever been. My cock was straining in my pants as I watched John pulling his hand out of my wife’s cunt before thrusting it back in again. Harder and faster with each thrust seeming to go deeper each time. After a while I noticed that John was varying his movements angling down to stretch her cunt even more, then he withdrew his hand and replaced it with the other hand, he started alternating his fisting, first one hand, then the other and then both hands were pushing at my wife’s stretched cunt at the same time. He pushed and he twisted and I thought that her cunt was about to rip but instead I watched in amazement as both of John’s hands sank into my wife’s cunt. He was double fisting her. The guys with the cameras were getting every possible angle as John worked my wife’s cunt. After several minutes John pulled both hands out of her cunt and this time, rather than shrink back into place her cunt just stayed gaping open.

I hadn’t noticed but the two guys who had been holding the wife’s legs had stripped of and now the first one of them moved forwards and with no warning shoved his cock up her cunt. He was pumping away like a man possessed and the slapping noises as his bollocks hit against my wife’s arse cheeks filled the room. He didn’t last long and went rigid has he emptied his balls deep into my wife’s sopping cunt. As he rolled off his place was taken by the second bloke. His cock was thick and veiny and he appeared to be getting a little more friction than the first guy as he pounded away. I looked up from the action and noticed that another half dozen blokes had entered the room. The second guy was cumming and as he shot his load one of the big black guys was getting lined up. His cock was massive and the contrast of his big black cock up against my wife’s pale thighs made the sight even more erotic as the head of his cock slid effortlessly in between her swollen cunt lips. As my wife was having her cunt used one of the guys had moved up to her head and was pushing his cock into her mouth. Over the next couple of hours I watched as my wife was fucked in all her holes by about 30 different men. As the last one slid his flaccid dick out, her once tight slit gapped wide open the lips making no attempt to close together. The camera men started packing up and most of the guys had gone as I went over and took my turn. I didn’t know whether to fuck her or fist her, so in the end I did both. I held my cock as I pushed into her. There was no resistance and I found I was wanking myself off inside her sloppy cunt. After I came I realised that everyone else had gone. I spent another hour taking my own photos and shooting some video clips before I tidied her up and went to sl**p.

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