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My mature wife and young black lover Part II

When I talked to my wife's young black lover on the phone I had him email the details of what happened when he fucked her.

He said he was visiting his b*****r and f****y in their apartment over Christmas and my wife was their visiting also. After they had, had dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, he asked if he could spend the night. They only had a one bedroom apartment and my wife was sl**ping on the couch so he said he would make a pallett on the floor. His b*****r and my wife's daughter had to work the next day so they had went to bed and he and my wife had stayed up to watch a movie. He said my wife had taken a shower and just had a long t-shirt on to sl**p in. He could tell she didn't have anything on under it and he couldn't help getting an erection because she had pulled one leg up under her watching the movie and the t-shirt had ridden way up on her thigh. He said he had never fucked a white woman and he couldn't help getting turned on thinking about it.
He said when he got up to go to the bathroom she saw the huge bulge sticking out and told him she hoped she hadn't done that to him. He said he was embarrassed but told her he couldn't help it, he thought she was so sexy. She told him that was a compliment for an old woman like her. She was about 40 at the time and he was in his late teens. She told him to come over to the couch and if he wanted her to take care of that hard-on for him. He said she spread her legs so he could see her hairy pussy and pulled him in between them while she was still sitting on the couch and pulled his shorts down and said "damn you are a big young man, aren't you?" then she started licking and sucking his dick. He said he thought he was going to cum in about 5 minutes feeling my wife's warm mouth and seeing her pretty white face going up and down on his black cock.
He said she stopped and said, she knew she shouldn't be doing this but she needed that big young thing in her. He said she pulled the t-shirt off and lay back on the couch, spread her legs and told him to come over there and fuck her.
Will tell more of what he wrote me in part III.

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