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Cucks first time to try bbc

I was attending my local swimming club which Im a member and theres this one guy ive seen there couple of times, who is really big and really black, he works out so much. For some reason I could never take eyes off him every time I see him I cant stop myself looking, maby because he wears really tight sweat pants which you can basically see everything he is packing downstairs. I tried to put these taughts to the back of my mind.

So a couple of weeks ago on a quite morning I was leaving the pool and heading into the changing room when he came down the stairs from the jym and followed me inside.

I steped into the showers still wearing my trunks which I never do but this time I was a bit imbarrased because of my smaller cock. He stepped in after me with everything hanging out and fuck me it was the biggest piece of meat i had ever seen, I think my jaw dropped in shock. He looked at me real cool and said "man you always wear your shorts in the shower" I didnt know what to say but out came id look so small to that thing.. he laughed. for the next two mins I stood there looking at him rubbing suds all over his body then to his cock and balls, and omg I started to get hard, and you know I think he was too, I didnt wait to find out I jumpped out and back to the changing room, I didnt want him to see i was getting a hard on in the mens showers.

As I stood there naked in the dressing room with my simi hard cock he followed me in stood right in front of me and started to dry himself off I taught I better do the same and get some clothes on before he sees my cock. He put the towel around his head and started to dry and I sat down to dry my legs, his black cock was right in front of my face swinging from side to side as he moved, it actually brushed off my face, wow shit I taught, I was staring again and it must have been eight inches and really fat and it wasnt even hard.

With that he said to me "you really like this cock dont you because keep looking at it" and all I could say was its just so big and he said ooh it gets much bigger, put your hand on it and see. I could stop myself and wrapped my hand around it and how do I put it it was the thickest longest smothest lump of sexy cock ever, I started to stroke it and could feel it getting much bigger, he put his hands behind his head and without thingink I put my mouth around it..well tried my best it was so thick, and started to suck my first cock it tasted so good I was rock hard sitting there with a big black cock in my mouth and my hands all over his cock and balls. I took it out of my mouth because of a funny taste and seen some white pre cum on the top, this was great here I was sucking my first ever cock and making it cum o yea I must be good.

the fun stopped when the door burst open and we heard "honey are you in there whats taking you so long we need to go now", I jumpped up in shock thinking I had just been seen by my gf suck black dick. I quickly got changed and he said to me we will finish this next time and maby your girl can join in, ive been checking you too out for quite a while. I said ill see what I can do and left quickly imbarresed.

Its all ive been thinking about since, I havnt gone back to jym yet but would love for my gf me and my black friend to spend the weekend together. Thats what brings me to this site I suppose, I need to find out lots more on the cuck lifestyle and how to go about it.

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