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I was lying out by our swimming pool, admiring my twenty-two year old daughter, Lillian's big, juicy ass and trying to hide my massive hard-on. She was gorgeous today, wearing a tiny, black bikini and lying on a pool float, on her stomach and her sexy ass was filling my eyes. I was constantly hard for her and that big ass. Lilly, as I called her was five-foot-seven and weighed around one hundred and forty-five pounds. Yeah, she was a fucking thick woman and had a lot of ass.

We were goofing around one night, about her ass being so big and when we measured, it was just over forty two inches around and I thought it was hot as hell. Lilly hated it, but after I gave her a big hug from behind and feeling how fucking hard she made me, her smile quickly came back and all was well. She loved showing it off and knew her ass drove me crazy. Her mom also had a big, meaty ass and before she died four years ago, they'd team up and really make me fucking hard.

My late wife, Cindy, was killed in a bad car wreck and it about killed me. We were soul mates to the core and had been from the first night we were together. Cindy was a thick woman, a mirror image of Lilly and like me, she loved to fuck and I mean FUCK. I have a big cock, ten inches long and just over three inches thick. Our first night together, lasted four, fucking days and we fucked the entire time.

Cindy and I didn't hide anything from Lilly and she grew up seeing us having fun. There were many times that she'd walk in on us making out, going nude or fucking like dogs and she'd just laugh at us. She knew what I was packing around and I'm sure she enjoyed getting me hard. She hardly wore anything around the house and learned all this shit from her mom. Like I said before, they loved turning me on and Cindy taught Lilly how to show off her ass for her daddy, me.

"Daddy, what would you like for dinner, I'm getting hungry and my tummy is growling." Lilly said, breaking my gaze on her ass and thoughts of Cindy.

I looked to her face and I'm sure she saw me checking out her ass, but she liked it as much as I did and never said anything. "How about some of the stew you made last and I'll make some biscuits to go with it." I replied and looked to her ass one last time.

She smiled at me and Lilly looked as if she was in heat. Her eyes were glassy, her face was a light shade of pink and her nipples were also hard. "Ok, I think that'll be great and it'll give me some time to go shower before we eat." Lilly said as she paddled to the side of the pool and put out her lower lip. "Daddy, come help me out. My back is kinda hurting and I don't want it getting any worse." She said and I jumped up without thinking. Lilly went shopping a few months ago, slipped on a wet floor and her back constantly hurt now. Her beautiful green eyes looked right at my cock and Lilly smiled. "Dang Daddy, that thing sure is!" she giggled at me and I helped her out of the pool.

I laughed and gave it a flex. "Well, what can I say, you are a sexy woman and very pretty!" I replied and gave her butt a good slap.

Her eyes were watching it and she giggled. "Ouch, Daddy! You better stop or I won't let you rub my back tonight and I know how much you enjoy that." She said putting her right hand on her hip, cocked them to her right side and gave me a sly look. She was the one that enjoyed it the most and there were a few times I heard Lilly masturbating after I'd finish. We'd usually go to bed right afterwards and I'd hear her moaning the word 'Daddy' when she'd orgasm, but what could I do.

I just laughed and started towards the house. "Oh really, I'm not the one that moans so loud that the people down the road hear and think you're being murdered!" I laughed again, turned to face her and Lilly's nipples were stiff. "Plus, if you weren't trying to show your ass constantly, I wouldn't be in this condition." I smiled and gave her nipples a look.

Her face was red as fire and her green eyes were sparkling. She pushed back her thick, red hair and moved her hips to the other side. "I can't help that and besides...momma used to scream so loud that the people in town would hear her and I guess it runs in the f****y." She said and looked down to my cock. "Daddy, you should go out and um...find you a woman to help with that big, ol' thing." Lilly said with a low and very sexy voice.

I heard her and wished she wasn't my k** or I'd fuck her to god damn death. So many nights I dreamt of fucking her and every damn hole Lilly had. Before my wife Cindy died, she told me that she didn't mind and if I wanted Lillian, I should take her and make love to her. She said that Lillian loved me and I'd be the perfect first man for her. Cindy was very opened minded and would do or try anything sexual. She loved sex anytime, anyplace and nothing was off limits. She was a total nymph and loved anything.

"Nah, there's nothing but a bunch of ugly bar-flies in town and I don't really have time to find a nice woman."

Lilly walked up to me, looked down at my cock and pressed complexly against me. "Daddy, a man shouldn't suffer like this and you're a gorgeous man. You need to get a woman and get some...relief." Lilly whispered, as we hugged and my raging cock was against her rounded, twenty-eight-inch tummy. "Momma wouldn't want you to be in this condition and she'd get mad at me for not making you do something." She whispered again and ran her fingers through my black hair.

My cock felt so good against her tummy and if Lillian only knew. I didn't want any woman in town; I wanted her and her big, sexy ass. "I'm fine baby and maybe someday soon, I'll meet a beautiful you and...nail her big ass all night!" I said with a wink, reached behind her, grabbed two handfuls of ass and squeezed.

She moaned and fell into my arms. "Shit Daddy, stop it or you'll have me in the same damn condition you're in and it's too early for bed!" Lilly smiled and hugged me so tight. "Let me go so I can go shower and pretty myself for you." She moaned and I could feel Lilly pushing her hips to me."Daddy, what would you like me to wear for you tonight? I wanta look my 'very' best for you." Lilly purred in my ear, lightly kissed it and she pushed her hips into mine.

I continued to hold and caress Lilly's ass, enjoying her body against me and knew this shit was wrong in the eyes of the law, but damn she felt good and I was so fucking horny. "I don't really care, baby, you look good in anything you wear and I have proof!" I laughed, flexed my cock against her stomach and reached to tilt her face up. "I love you in all white and that pair of white know the ones." I added and Lilly giggled at me. The panties I was talking about were see-through to begin with and when they got wet, I could see everything my sexy daughter had to offer and I mean everything.

She smiled, leaned up and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. "I'll wear the panties for you Daddy and I also have a nice white top I think you'll like. It's see-through too and...well, you'll see when I come back." She whispered, looked into my eyes and I wanted to eat her alive. Daughter or not, I wanted to fuck Lilly and I wanted to fuck her bad.

I held Lilly and returned her little kiss, wondering if we were going down a road of no return and breaking the law. "You remind me so much of your mom and times like when I miss her the most. I'd hug her, she'd hug me back and my poor co...cock would get so fucking hard for her and she loved feeling it!" I said and could feel tears forming in my eyes.

Lilly hugged me tighter and caressed my face. "Oh Daddy, don't be sad and you can...hug me that way and I'd love it Daddy! Come on Daddy...hug me like you!" she cooed in my ear, I grabbed her ass, smashed her into me and I flexed. "Oh're so fucking hard! Oh god!" Lillian moaned, when my cock jumped to full hardness and it tried boring a hole into her sloshy stomach.

I moaned too and needed to blow a big load of cum. "Go shower before you kill me and my cock explodes or something!" I laughed and tried pulling from her, but Lilly held me and pressed her lips to mine.

"Daddy, I love you and I'm here for you." Lilly whispered against my lips and my cock jumped. "Mmmm Daddy, sometimes I wish...never mind." She said with a twinkle in her eyes and eased away before she finished.

"What do you wish, baby?" I asked as she backed away and the front of her bikini bottom was totally wet.

She smiled and kept backing up. "Nothing Daddy, I'll be back soon and in your favorite panties!" Lilly smiled, blew me a kiss and took off towards her room, wiggling her big ass and loving every second of teasing me.

"Holy fuck, if she doesn't fucking stop with the teasing, I'm going to die!" I said and reached down to give my aching cock a hard squeeze. "I wonder if she thinks the same shit about me and is dying to fuck. Wouldn't that be crazy, but if anyone found out, it could get pretty nasty and I'm not up for that." I said and started making my share of dinner, thinking back to the night Cindy shocked the shit out of me and told me to fuck our daughter. After getting the biscuits in the oven, I ran to shave and shower for Lillian.


The hot water ran over my graying, black hair, over my broad shoulders and down my thick chest, towards my flat stomach and hardening cock-shaft. I thought of Cindy, on her knees in front of me and the way she would 'make love' to my long cock. She would start by telling me what she wanted to do to it and describe how she loved it in her warm mouth, nursing it and trying to suck as much of it as she could.

I thought back to that weird night and what Cindy told me. I could see her in front of me, smiling around my swollen head and her beautiful, green eyes looking at me and she let me pop from her mouth. "Does Lillian turn you on?" she asked, licking up the bottom of my cock and she slapped it across her pretty face. "My God, you're sooo hard tonight and I think it's from the way Lillian and I teased you today. Is it?" Cindy asked again and gently sucked my cock.

I heard what she said and didn't know what to say. "How can you ask me that Cindy? She's our daughter's just odd." I moaned and she laughed.

"You're full of shit and I bet you'd jump her in a heartbeat, wouldn't you?" Cindy giggled and stroked my cock with her tiny hands. "I bet her pussy is sooo fuckin' tight and as much as she loves you...she'd be dripping wet and ready for her fuck her!" she moaned and pumped me faster. "I bet she'd fuck you sooo good and let you do anything to her!" Cindy purred as she stroked me and kept teasing with her nasty ideas.

I leaned against the shower wall, enjoying her hands and warm mouth, but trying not to think of Lilly and what Cindy was saying about her. "Why are you saying this? She's my daughter and we made her together." I grunted as she pulled my cock and ran her sharp teeth over the sensitive head.

"So what! She's a hot teenager, that's in love with her tall, sexy, gorgeous Daddy and um...she's dying to fuck, I mean." Cindy laughed and licked the very tip of my cock and smiled. "I love tasting you and you're cum! It makes my...cunt...drip and ach for you to...fuck it! Like the way Lillian wants and burns for her...Daddy to fuck...her!" she moaned and kept her eyes on me."Tell me, I don't care at all! I think it would be hot if you fucked her and be our baby's first man!" Cindy leaned forward, rubbing my cock on her breasts and looking to me."Daddy, fuck me! Fuck your sexy, young daughter...Lillian...and be my...first man! Please Daddy, fuck me!" she whimpered and stroked harder.

I heard Cindy and I didn't know what to do, but my cock did and it got hard as steel. "You nasty, dirty cunt! Making think that shit about Lilly!" I moaned and pushed against her. "I don't know if I could or not. She's our daughter and I love her sooo much!" I said and Cindy saw something in my eyes.

"Come on Daddy, fuck me! Fuck your...daughter, Lillian!" Cindy said with lust and pumped me harder. "Please Daddy, please fuck me! Fuck your sexy daughter!" she whimpered and jerked me faster. "Daddy, fuck me...I need you Daddy!" she moaned, looking at me and I jerked. "Ha, ha! Yeah! That's it, Daddy! Cum for your Lillian, Daddy! My sexy Daddy!" Cindy giggled as warm cum shot up my shaft and out the tip.

Her mouth covered the head and she sucked me hard. "Oh fuck, oh fuck! You made me fuckin' hard! You nasty...cunt! Saying that crap're dirty!" I laughed as she pumped and finished sucking me dry.

She stood up, hugged me and whispered in my ear. "I really don't mind if you want to...make love to Lillian." Cindy kissed me and pulled away.

I jumped from the wonderful flash from the past and my cock was straight out. "Oh my God, why did she have to tell me that." I said and remembered I had something in the oven.


I hurried and slipped on a small pair of silk boxer shorts, running back to the kitchen and to check on my biscuits. Walking in the kitchen, Lilly was bent straight over, her big ass was pointing right at me and she was already wet. "Damn girl, you could kill a man bending over that way and showing off your ass!" I said, as my eyes took in the sight of my daughters' big ass and her wet pussy. The panties were wet and completely transparent. I could see her entire pussy, her swollen labia and that she had a thick bush of red hair covering it.

She turned, gave me a sexy smile and very slowly stood back up. "Nah, I'd never kill my Daddy." Lilly purred and sashayed into my arms. "Daddy, why do we do this shit to each other, when we know nothing could come of it and we're in so much pain afterwards?" she asked with a sad voice and rested her face on my mine.

My cock was on her thigh, not far from her pussy and I held her. "I think it could be the dirty thought of i****t and it is a rush! I'm not sure how you feel, but sometimes I um...never mind!" I laughed and Lilly had a sexy look.

I felt her moan and her lips brushed mine. "Sometime you think of um...making it with me...don't you, Daddy?" Lillian purred against my lips and my fucking cock jumped. "Mmmm,'re sooo hard, Daddy and I can feel the bl**d rushing through him! It's so big...thick and momma told me how good it felt inside her." She purred again, lightly kissed me on the lips and sucked the lower one. "Mom said that when you were inside her." She stopped, kissed me again and her breathing increased."You completed her and that you...touched her soul." Lilly whispered and I could see that she was nervously chewing her lower lip.

I couldn't believe this shit and I was so hard. This playing was taking its toll on me and my cock was starting to hurt pretty bad now. "That was something we shared and your mother was an amazing woman." I whispered, kissed her lips and carefully slid my hand up her right side. "She and I were soul mates." I added, watched her smile and my hand stopped beside her breast.

Lilly looked at me and her hand caressed my face. "Do you think you could ever feel that...again, Daddy?" she asked with a soft whisper and kissed the side of my mouth. "What if found someone just like her?" Lilly asked me as I caressed under her breast and I could feel my cock throbbing.

I thought and had an idea of where this was going and I didn't want to rush things. "It would depend on who it was and if she...turned me on or not." I said and looked into her eyes. "Why do you ask?" I teased and caressed over Lilly's nipple, feeling her tense up and she shivered.

"Oh Daddy, you excite me so much and...and...I want to try! I almost die whenever you touch me or even look at me! Please...Daddy, let me try to be your woman. You won't be sorry and I promise to do anything you ask of me!" Lilly sobbed as I held her and rocked her.

I wasn't sure about this, even though she turned me on and made me so fucking hard. "Baby, let's keep things the way they are now, but...maybe we can touch and...kiss more to start and see how things go." I said kissing her and reached my hands down to her ass. "God...I love your big, fucking ass!" I growled and gave her a good squeeze.

She was resting against me and Lilly's nipples were about to rip from her tiny blouse. "Daddy, you can have big...butt, if you want and I mean it." She purred, slowly humping into me and I had to back away.

I eased back and went to the stove. "Like I said, baby, let's go slow and see where this goes. We are talking about...i****t and possibly going to jail, if we were ever caught." I said and slowly dished up our food.

"I know Daddy, but I'm willing to try and I hope you'll think it over." Lilly said, as she came up to my side, smiled and went on. "Can still do my back rubs and have our sexy talks too?" she asked, looking to me and I could see the hope on her face.

I smiled, turned to her and slid my arms around her lower back. "Yes, we can do everything we do now and as I said, we can add some spice, jazz it up some too and more flirting! Let's make sure about this and not fuck up our lives!" I said and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Let's eat and get to your back rub. I said we could turn up the flirting and spice!" I said with a grin and Lillian's face lit up with joy.

"I love you so much, Daddy and I could only dream of you loving me, half as much as you did momma." She said as tears ran from her eyes and down her cheeks.

I wiped her eyes, kissed Lilly and hugged her tight. "Baby, I love you more'll ever know." I said and kissed her again, opening my mouth and let tongue slid over her lips. We kissed and only used our lips, as my hands found that meaty ass and I couldn't help but playing with it. "Let's please eat! There are better things waiting and I'd rather be doing something with you...on...your...bed." I said with a low voice and let my index finger run up the crack of my daughters' sexy ass.

"Mmmm, Daddy, you bad boy!" she giggled and quickly pulled away from me. "I love when touch me, Daddy and I get so...fuck it...I get horny as hell Daddy and it makes me want to fuck you!" Lilly said and looked me in the eyes. "There, I said it!" she giggled and took our bowls to the table.

I looked at her, poured two glasses of wine and gave Lilly one of her pain pills. "That's nice to know and I'm keeping it in my thoughts." I said as we sat down to eat and couldn't wait to rub Lilly's back.


An hour later, we finished dishes, had three more glasses of wine and I rolled a big joint. "Oh yeah and for one last touch...before I start on my gorgeous lady's back!" I said with a grin and Lilly giggled.

She leaned against my side, put her leg over mine and we snuggled on her bed. "Daddy, I'm already fried and at your mercy! If I smoke any of that...I'll be a freakin' vegetable!" she laughed, looked into my eyes and her smile left. "Daddy, I'm not k**ding...I want to be your...woman and lover." She cooed, leaned to my mouth and started kissing me.

I returned her kisses and knew she was mine, but I wanted this to go on a bit longer and play out more. "I know you do, baby and I'm thinking it over." I whispered, as we kissed and sucked lips. "You are sooo fucking sexy and all woman!" I moaned, slid my right hand around and I slid it over her big ass.

She moaned and tried climbing on me, but I pushed her over and I rolled on top of her. "Oh Daddy, I like my men to be f***eful and domineering!" she giggled and slowly spread her legs wide. "A man should own his lover and take whatever he wants from her...anytime that he wants it...anywhere he wants! " she purred, looking up into my eyes and my cock was ready to fucking explode. "Take want from me...Daddy! Take it me and enjoy." Lilly whispered and reached to lift her tiny shirt.

I looked down to her big C cups, as they lay spread out before me and her nipples were filled with bl**d. Lilly reached up, cupped them and squeezed. "Suck my nipples, Daddy, please." She purred, as we stared into each other's eyes and she was trying to kill me.

I looked at her and my cock was throbbing against Lilly's thigh. "Come on, stop Lilly. You're killing me baby and I said we need to take this slow." I moaned, lifted off her sexy hips and sat beside her. "I'm going to smoke a little of this and then, I'll rub you down." I said, lit the joint and took a big puff, watching her sit up and she reached for it.

"Let me have a hit, Daddy, I really need it tonight!" she said with a little smile, but I could see through her and Lilly wasn't happy with me. She took three really big puffs, held the smoke in and rolled on her stomach, making sure her face was by my thigh and only inches from my cock. "I still think you should go hunting for a girl or woman and um...get that monster fixed or um...!" Lilly whispered with a grin, as the smoke escaped her lungs and I could feel her warm breath floating over my thighs. "I you, Daddy." Lilly purred and ran her right hand over my thigh.

I handed her the joint and loved the way she smoked. Lilly took three big hits and got lots of smoke. "With the wine and your pill...and now this, you're going to pass out under my hands and leave me all alone." I said and remembered her passing out two months ago, after a big party and she was just as horny that night.

She smiled, lifted off the shirt and tossed it on the floor. "Mmmm, if I pass could do dirty things to me, violate me too and um...I wouldn't even...know!" Lilly said with a wicked grin and a teasing wink. She lay down and closed her eyes.

I put down the joint and reached for the massaging oil. "You ready sweet-heart?" I whispered in her ear and she only moaned. I popped open the oil and let it run all over her back, her hips and a big part of Lilly's ass. I reached over and started on her shoulders. Gently rubbing my fingers over her flesh, helping her muscles, but I also wanted to make sure that Lilly stayed very horny and hopefully, awake. "I think that a deep, sensual, one of the most erotic things lovers can do for each other." I whispered, dribbled more oil on her back and rubbed around Lilly's shoulder blades.

I caressed down the length of her back, pressing hard, as moved down and towards Lilly's big ass. "I love rubbing and touching you, baby and as you already know...I get so hard." I whispered and heard a tiny moan come from her. I kept rubbing, caressing and working down her body, until I was touching her lower back and at the junction of her ass.

She lay motionless, as I kept rubbing and pouring the warming oil on her flesh. I rubbed her lower back, working from side to side and resting my arms on Lilly's ass. "You are so soft and your skin is hot, baby." I whispered and didn't hear anything from her. I rubbed towards her ass, slowly working up her fat cheeks and eased down Lilly's panties as I rubbed.

Lilly was laying still, her legs were slightly spread and I could see the wetness oozing from her horny pussy. 'You're just like your mom, a horny, little cunt!' I thought and rubbed towards Lilly's big ass crack. I dribbled more oil on her and let in run into her crack, towards her pussy and I knew that the oil was going to drive her nuts, when it did hit her pussy and started warming it.

I rubbed more, enjoying her bubbly ass flesh under my fingers and I moaned. Then, I rubbed towards her crack, letting each of my thumbs sink into it and I gently spread it. "Oh my God, I should just go on and fuck you!" I thought and I felt Lilly jump. "Are you still awake?" I asked and saw a smile.

Lilly turned her face to the side and giggled. "I heard what you said Daddy and um...I wouldn't mind at all!" she whispered and it came to me, I didn't think that, I said it out loud.

I just laughed and back to caressing her ass. "I had a momentary brain fuck-up! I shouldn't have said that to you, baby." I kept rubbing and caressing Lilly's massive ass, slipping my thumbs into her crack and started teasing her tiny ass-hole. She jumped, giggled and then, tried to spread her legs more. "You are so pretty." I whispered, as my right thumb moved over the tiny, brown hole and I felt Lilly suck in a deep breath. I kept toying with it, dribbled a little oil on it and tried working it in her.

She tensed for a second and then relaxed, as my thumb pierced the tiny hole and I was just inside her big, sexy ass. "Oh Daddy, yeah, yeah!" Lilly moaned, trying lifting her ass up, but I was laying over it and it was all mine.

I smiled, working it in and out, easing in more and going deeper. "Do you like it, baby?" I whispered and had my entire thumb in her.

"Oh yes!" she whimpered and I felt her butt muscles squeezing my finger. "Go more, do more!" she cooed and kept squeezing her beautiful ass muscles around my finger. I oiled my index finger, my middle finger, eased in her and slowly started pushing it in. "Yeah Daddy, stretch out my hole and...and you can...fuck it!" Lilly moaned as both my big fingers slid in and out of her ass. "Yeah Daddy, stretch it and!" she moaned louder as I pushed deeper and oiled another finger to put in my daughter's ass-hole.

I carefully eased my ring finger into Lilly's ass, slowly twisting all three fingers and I could feel her muscles squeezing them. "Oh God, you're a horny cunt! Just like your mom!" I growled and pushed more, she jumped, but Lilly kept wiggling her ass and letting my fingers go deeper.

She whimpered and kept squeezed her tiny hole. "Oh Daddy...I'm so fuckin' horny! Oh Daddy, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Lillian screamed, her anal muscles locked on my fingers and she exploded. Her body shook,trembled and spasmed. I could feel a stream of warm juice hit my arm and knew that my Lillian came hard for her Daddy.

I slowed my pushing and twisting, leaned to kiss the side of her face and she moaned again. "I love you, baby girl." I whispered, gently eased my fingers from her stretched ass and I looked at it. 'Holy fuck, next time, I'm fuckin' that big thing!' I thought and pulled the blanket over her helpless body.

She turned on her side, curled into a ball and whispered. "Night, night...Daddy and I love you too."

I smiled, patted her ass and went to my room. I didn't sl**p much and visions of Cindy kept filling my mind.


It was a hot summer day, some six years ago and Cindy was driving me crazy. I was sitting by our pool, trying to read a magazine, when my cell rang and it was my wife. "Hello." I said and wondered what she was up to now.

"Lillian took off with some friends and um I was wondering if you...would like to um...cum with me? I'm sooo lonely...Daddy!" she purred in a low and very sexy voice. "I'm wearing the little white panty set that you like sooo much and...I'm all fuzzy inside...Daddy." Cindy purred with more lust than before and my cock jumped to full hardness. "I'm in your room, Daddy...waiting." She moaned and I heard a little giggle.

I had to smile and quickly got up. "Yes, I'd love to play and I'll be right there!" I said running through the house and towards my room, for some hot action, with my wife and she was going to pretend to be our daughter. I walked in and she was lying across our bed, wearing a panty set that belonged to Lilly and my cock jumped.

She saw it and giggled. "Oh Daddy, what would momma say if she saw that big ol' thing and how hard it is for me!" Cindy said with a low voice and pulled me on the bed with her. "Daddy, please...make love to me." She begged with a soft whisper and I mounted Cindy.

My cock slid right on her pussy and I pulled the panties over. "Anything for my...Lilly." I moaned, eased forward and my cock slid deep into my wife, but I was thinking of Lilly and I grew more.

I know Cindy felt just how hard I was and I'm sure she knew why, but she wanted to play this game and I gave in. "Oh my are sooo fuckin' hard, baby! Oh God, yes!" Cindy panted in my ear and wrapped her legs around my hips, locked her ankles and pulled me deeper. "Oh're so big and...and...hard! Oh Daddy, my Daddy!" Cindy moaned through her teeth and her insides were trying to milk my cock.

I held her and kept my cock all the way up her pussy. "You are bad! Making me think of making love to Lilly and playing...this!" I grunted and pushed forward. "Oh yeah, your pussy is so good and so wet!" I moaned and leaned down to kiss my sexy wife. "I'm ready." I moaned into her mouth and she hugged me so tight.

"Go Daddy, cum in me! Cum in your...Lilly!" Cindy cried out, my cock jumped and my hot cum shot straight up her hot pussy. "Oh God, yes, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed, dug her long fingernails deep into my back and her warm pussy locked around me. "Baby, you're cuming so, so hard and...oh fuck!" she squealed as my long cock pumped her pussy full and I held her down.

"It's for and my way to say...I love you!" I moaned and to tell you the truth, I was a blithering mess and had never came so hard in my life. I kissed Cindy and caressed her face. "You are so bad, but it was a blast and...thank you." I said and lightly kissed each of her eye lids.


I jumped up and looked at the clock next to my bed. "Are you k**ding me?" I laughed and could not believe I slept till after ten in the morning. I got up and went towards the kitchen.

"Well, look at you! Finally got your lazy butt outa bed!" Lilly said with a laugh and walked to give me coffee. "Did you sl**p good, handsome?" she asked, giving me a soft kiss and pressed her body to mine. "I sure as heck did, thanks to you!" she said wink a big grin and her face turned a warm shade of pink.

"I'm glad that I could help." I said back to her and sat at the breakfast bar, watching her in a tight pair of white stretch pants that hugged her ass nicely and a small, pink blouse.

"I was out like a light, didn't get anything in return and that isn't fair to you. Don't say that you don't care'll be alright and I mean it!" she said as her eyes looked into mine and Lilly moved closer. "You're a man and you have needs." Lilly said as she moved between my legs and put her arms around my neck. "I'm a grown woman and after you finish rubbing my back tonight." She whispered in my ear and rubbed her hips against me. "I'm going to repay the favor and since you're still a little apprehensive about doing this." She whispered again and lightly kissed me, while reaching down and Lilly eased my stiffening cock from my shorts. "I'll let you pick your pleasure. Anything you want, just name it and don't tell me until tonight!" She smiled and went to the sink.

I was in shock and my cock was so fucking hard, pointing right at my daughter and we wanted to fuck her, but that had to wait and I needed relief now. "Lilly, come here." I moaned and she came back to me. "Please make sure this is what you want and can live with." I said, grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss.

She kissed me back and reached down to pull on my cock. "Daddy, he's sooo fuckin' big and hard! I can't wait to do more with him! And, yes, this is what I want!" Lilly said and went back to the sink.

"I'm just making sure. I'd hate to lose my girl and have you hate me."

She turned, cocked her hips to the left and started talking. "Daddy, I'd never do that and I've been in love with you since I turned into a young lady. I crave you and I want you Daddy! Nothing is going to stop that...ever!" she said and came back to me. "I'm ready Daddy and I'm on fire!" Lilly smiled and slipped her hands around my cock-shaft. "I want this in me and soon." She purred, kissed me and smiled. "Be ready tonight, Daddy!"


Lilly had been hurting all day and tried to hide it from me, but I knew her to well and got her a pain pill right after dinner. "Take this and you relax. You've been doing too much today and now you're paying for it." I said giving her a hug and couldn't resist feeling her big ass through the stretchy pants.

She smiled, took the pill and didn't notice that it was one of mine. Lilly took it and swallowed, not realizing that it was double strength and that she was only minutes away from being really loaded. "Does that mean I can finally help you tonight and fix this for you? A man shouldn't have to suffer like this, when there's a young and willing woman that wants to help him. Please Daddy." Lilly purred in my ear and my cock grew in an instant. "Oh my God, Daddy!" she moaned as it filled with bl**d and was now resting against her wet pussy.

I just held her ass tight and pressed my hips to hers. "Oh baby, you make me fucking crazy and I want you too!" I moaned, squeezed her more and pulled her into my bedroom. "I gave you one of my pain pills and you're going to feel it real soon." I smiled, thinking of my big cock going up her tight ass and how great it was going to feel. "You'll need it in a few minutes and it will help when I take your big, sexy ass!" I smiled, squeezed her again and started pulling down my shorts.

Lilly watched and moaned when my hard cock fell from the shorts and she sank to her knees in front of me. She reached out with her small hands, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and held it tight. "I feel like I should...bow to it or...something! He's so fuckin' big and beautiful, Daddy!" she purred, leaned in and started rubbing my shaft all over her face, while kissing it and she gently stroked. "Oh God, Daddy! I want him!" she moaned, looked up and Lilly slowly opened her mouth.

I watched and it was as if everything was in slow motion, as she closed her smiling lips around the head of my cock and my Lilly gently sucked. "Holy mother of God!" I yelled out and was so glad nobody was around, as her warm mouth consumed the head of my cock and Lilly gently nursed it. "Oh baby, you are amazing and..." I grunted and pushed forward. "You're going to make me cum!" I laughed, reached to caress her face and I pulled her up.

Lilly had a big frown and her lip was sticking out. "Daddy, why'd you stop me...I wanted to let" Lilly giggled and fell against me. "I'm...I'm...crap, I'm loaded, Daddy!" she giggled and looked at me. Her eyes were red, glassy and she could hardly kept them open. "Daddy, I'm all yours, do anything you...want!" Lilly whispered with a grin, kissed me, crawled to the middle of my bed and spread her thick legs.

I watched and my cock was throbbing. I slid up her, lightly kissing her legs, up her thighs, over the front of her panties and Lilly cried out with a loud moan. I kissed over her tummy, teasing her belly button with my tongue and I slowly kissed under each of Lilly's breasts. I kissed all around her left breast, not going near her areolas or Lilly's nipples. Her back arched and she was dying for me to suck them, but I wanted her to wait and enjoy my plan. I kissed her pretty face, I kissed her eyes, her tiny nose and saved her sexy lips for last. "I'm so hard for my..." I whispered, reached between us and pulled her panties to the side.

"Who are you...hard for? Tell me, tell me, Daddy!" Lilly cried as I rubbed my cock-head into her wet lips making sure everything was ready and I kissed her.

I grabbed the back of her head with my right hand and my left one, grabbed her ass and I pushed. "My baby, I'm hard for Lilly!" I yelled and held her, enjoying her pussy locking around my cock-head and it's wonderful squeezing. "Oh mother feels like you have a...a...hand in there's pulling my...cock!" I grunted and Lilly was smiling, as her face twisted with a mix of pleasure and pure lust.

She held my arms and our eyes remain looking at each other. "Ahhh Daddy, so big, you sooo big!" Lilly moaned and panted for air. "It's sooo big!" she moaned and slowly lifted and lowered her hips. "Mmmm Daddy, it's, so big!" Lilly moaned, as her hips started lifting more and she pushed to me.

"Daddy's baby! Daddy's girl! My big, big girl now." I whispered and held her close. "My sexy girl." I moaned, pushed again and my stiff cock went deeper into her tight pussy. "Yeah baby, take it all and I'll cum soon! You want Daddy to cum in your sexy, little...cunt?" I moaned, pushed and I was completely in her.

Her fingernails dug into my back and Lilly bit my neck, as my cock-head bumped the back of her pussy and the opening of her womb. "Daddy, I can't believe I'm taking it...all!" she moaned and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. "Did momma take it all...her first...time?" Lilly moaned and kept her legs around my hips. "Huh Daddy? Tell me!" she cried and I had to move.

I shifted my hips, spread her legs more and gave her a kiss. "Baby, I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I need to get busy and wear your little cunt out!" I said, pushed Lilly back on my bed and I started hammering her young pussy. She was so wet and that wonderful sound filled my ears. A man and a woman, making love.

Lilly whimpered as I used her tiny pussy so hard and so deep. I hadn't had a piece of ass in a long fucking time and Lilly told me that I could do anything I wanted. "Oh shit, baby! You are beautiful!" I moaned and held my baby as I pumped her pussy hard.

She held me tight and her hot breath covered my neck. "My Daddy! My sexy Daddy is...fucking me!" Lilly whimpered, as we held each other and we moved as one. We did it and could never turn back now. Lillian and I were joined as lovers.

I moved and pushed deep into my daughter, enjoying her warm, wet pussy squeezing and pulling on my cock. "Yes, I'm fucking my baby, my...daughter and're going to be my new woman!" I moaned and moved a little faster.

"Oh Daddy, yes, yes!" she squealed out and thrust her big ass towards me. "Fuck your new woman! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, harder!" Lilly screamed and hugged me harder. "Come on, Daddy, fuck your new woman harder, harder!" she growled in my ear and I kept ramming into her body.

I held Lilly and I fucked her harder than any other woman in my life. "Yeah, you horny bitch! You love it hard, like did! You whore!" I grunted and just fucked her harder. "I can't wait to fuck your ass and cum in it!" I whispered in her ear and she moaned.

"I know, right! That's all I've been thinking about...since last night and what you did to my butt!" Lilly giggled and kissed me. "I hope I can take it all, like momma did and let you fuck it good!" she moaned and I could feel her hip muscles tensing.

I smiled and kissed her. "She told you a lot of things and now, you're using it!" I grunted and thrust up her pussy. "I want this ass and I want it soon!" I moaned, grabbed her cheeks and pushed up Lilly again.

"Daddy, yes,'s...all...yours! Oh God, I'm...I'm ready! Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me!" she said in a low voice and I could have sworn she had been possessed or something. "Go Daddy, go Daddy! Go...Daddy, go my...lover!" Lillian yelled out, her pussy grabbed my cock and her legs jerked me to a dead stop. "Oh God, oh...oh...oh my fuckin' God!" she screamed, juices shot from between her legs and it sprayed my cock.

I hugged her and pushed in. my cock jerked, I grunted and started filling my daughter with cum. "Baby, oh God...yeah!" I growled, gave another push forward and I could have sworn my cock-head found a hidden hole, deep in Lillian's pussy and I just slipped in. "I love you so much, baby!" I moaned and held my hips to her, enjoying this new place and being in my girl. I shot more cum and it was as if I was eighteen again.

Lilly pushed to me and I held her so tight. "Daddy, I love you too! Oh God, yes! Cum in me, cum in me...Daddy and fill me up! Give me all that warm...Daddy cum!" she purred, smiled and I felt Lilly's hips jerk. "Oh fuck...I'm...cuming...again!" Lilly squealed, as her back arched and like before, a warm shot of juice hit my cock and splashed on my arm. "Oh Daddy, I love you sooo freakin' much!" she growled through her teeth and I held her squirming hips to mine.


A few hours later, I was watching the news and I thought Lilly was taking a nap. "Hey Daddy." I heard a soft voice call out and she walked into the living room. She had rubbed oil all over her body and her beautiful ass. "I'm ready for you and that gorgeous cock now, Daddy." She said with a sexy voice, strolled next to my chair and turned her ass towards me. "I'm going to your room, bend over the bed just like this and um...I'm leaving the rest to you...Daddy!" Lilly purred, reaching back to spread her cheeks, smiled at me and sashayed back to my room. "Come on, Daddy and enjoy my last hole!" she smiled and we walked to my room.

I followed Lilly and couldn't keep my eyes off her sexy ass. "I've got to be careful and not get to carried away. I don't want to hurt you." I whispered, as she slid into my arms for another hug and she giggled.

"I'll be just fine, Daddy and like I told you, momma and I were made the same." She smiled and pulled me in for a hug. "I have the same problem she had and I poop really big, sooo, if a big, long cock um...wanted to fuck my could very, very easily!" Lilly smiled, kissed me and slowly lay across the bed, leaving her feet on the floor and spread her legs. She reached back, grabbed her big cheeks and pulled them apart. "I'm have grease in it and I took one of your pills. There's also some oil by the lamp...just in case you wanted to rub my...ass!" She smiled back to me and I rubbed my cock-head around her greased hole.

I smiled back to Lilly, made sure my cock had some lube on it and I aimed it to the tiny, brown hole and I started caressing her ass. "You ready for my cock, baby?" I asked, purring more oil on Lilly and I caressed her cheeks. "Daddy wants his cock in that ass!" I moaned, eased it in and she started moaning.

I felt her cheeks tense, but as I caressed and talked, Lilly relaxed and I pushed more. "Oh fuck, it's sooo fuckin' big, so fuckin' big!" she squealed, as the head very easily popped in her and her muscles were contracting around the head. "Daddy, he's so freakin' big and my butt is burning! Oh God, Daddy! Daddy!" Lilly cried out, as her muscles worked my cock-head and I massaged her blubbery ass.

Her muscles squeezed hard and I thought they were going to cut the head of cock off. "Shhh, it's ok, baby girl. Relax and let's have more fun. Daddy won't hurt his girl and you know that." I whispered and purred more oil over my shaft, hoping it would help Lilly's stretched out ass and stop the burning.

She was half on my bed, my cock-head up her butt and I was rubbing her cheeks. "Oh Daddy, my Daddy! It hurts, Daddy! Will it stop?" she asked and I saw a little smile.

"Oh yes and when you're used to it all...Daddy is going to make love to it!" I moaned to her and I felt Lilly squeezed her cheek muscles.

"Ohhh Daddy, I can't wait!" she moaned, lifted her hips and let more of my hard shaft sink in. "Oh fuck, it feels sooo freakin good, but sooo weird too and it feels like I haven't pooped in a month!" Lilly giggled, lifted again and I could feel my shaft sinking into her.

"Oh yeah, it's going so deep and it feels so good!" I moaned, rubbing her big cheeks and watched my big dick up my daughters ass hole. I kept caressing and trying to help her relax. "Who would have ever known, we'd do this with each other and end up being...lovers!" I whispered, she moaned and I felt Lilly flexing her anal muscles.

I heard a moan and she eased back more. "I know, isn't it so hot and exciting...Daddy? You've had all of me now and I bet momma is sooo happy for us." She said and I could hear sadness in her voice. "After I got bigger and she knew how I felt for you, momma always said that if anything ever happened to her...I better seduce you and be a good lover for my Daddy." Lilly added with a sniff and I leaned down to kiss the side of her mouth.

Lilly pushed back more and our body's touched. "Oh fuck, you took it all, baby! You took all of Daddy's big, ol' cock and I'm going to fuck you...soon!" I whispered and Lilly moaned.

"Oh yeah, Daddy gunna fuck my big, sexy ass and um...cum in it too!" she moaned with need and pushed more. "My Daddy's cock is in! Oh fuck, Daddy! Daddy!" Lilly started screaming, I felt her entire body jerk and tense up. She exploded around my cock-head and her hands were clawing the bed. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy!" she squealed, her cheeks tightened more and I could feel her trembling under me.

I held her hips, while trying not to explode yet, but as I watched Lillian's butt muscles squeezing and her big cheeks wiggling, I grabbed her hips and blew my load up her ass. "Oh baby, oh shit! My God, you made me...cum sooo fucking...hard!" I grunted cum shot up my shaft and deep into her big, meaty ass and Lilly moaned.

Her cheeks tightened, she grabbed the sheets and squealed. "Oh Daddy, yeah, oh God, yeah! I can...feel it and...and it's sooo hot!" Lilly cried out, as my cum filled her insides and that big ass. She jerked and I could feel her cuming with me.

I held her hips and kept my cock deep. "That's my girl...cum with Daddy! Cum with me, baby girl!" I moaned, as the last of my cum shot and I laid over her back. "My God, that had to have been my best piece of ass...ever!" I whispered in Lilly's ear and she giggled.

She was under me smiling and kept squeezing her ass muscles around my cock. "I'm glad Daddy, 'cause I promised momma I'd take very, very good care of you and I gotta keep my word." Lilly purred as we kissed and I wrapped my arms around her.

"You're doing a good job baby and I thank you." I replied as we kissed and held each other.

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