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My b*****r In-Law - Part Three: Take it Like a Man

Cartwright pushed the door closed behind him, and Kain stood awkwardly as I stroked my stiff cock.

He eyed it, and I could tell he was concerned.

"It takes good." Cartwright said. "I'm sure it feels good too."

"If I had known," Kain said, "I never would have made the bet." Cartwright walked him to the bed, and seated him.

"No shit." I said smiling. "You're always trying to best me, I think secretly you knew I had a huge cock, and that's why you were always an asshole." I laughed, "no pun intended, of course." He smiled wryly and I took his hand. I set it on my shaft and he began to work the throbbing rod. "If you like, Cartwright can give you head while I fuck your brains out."

"Can we not call it that? and I think getting fucked is enough man action."

"Your lose." I said. "He's amazing." Cartwright blushed, and started to stroke Kain through his jeans.

"Are you sure?" Cartwright asked. Kain pushed his hand away and nodded.

"Pull them down." I told him pointing to his pants. Lets see that thick ebony dick. He stood up and pulled down his jeans. and took off his hoody and he paused at his boxers.

I could see his fat seven inch dick through his silk boxers; a wet spot had formed near the head. I smiled.

"I know you want me to fuck you. Stop pretending, already." he glared at me, and Cartwright pulled down his boxers. He let out a soft gasp, as the semi-soft tool dangled between his legs.

We were all naked now, the strong summer sun warming all of our bodies in the full length windows. The San-Fransisco sun beamed in at full strength on this summer day.

"Maybe you're right... this one time." We all had a good laugh, and Kain got on the floor with Kain, and they kissed roughly. Mouthing each other with an intense hunger.

Then Kain moved their kissing mouths to my genitals. They kissed with my cock in-between their lips and I moaned softly with delight.

Kain moved to the tip, and Cartwright started sucking on my hanging balls.

"I've wanted this for a long time." Kain said.

"How long is long?" I said; my head back, my breath quickening.

"Since the first month, when I watched you showering with your ex."


"Jenny." He said quietly, before he took my cock into his soft lips.

"We haven't dated in over a year and a half." I moaned louder as Cartwright made his way to my puckering asshole.

"Yeah..." Kain said as he kissed up my stomach.

"I wish I had caught you sooner!" Cartwright said as he began to eat my ass. His sharp tongue dove in and pulled out of my tight asshole. Precum dripped down my rock hard fuck stick, and I gasped loudly.

I stood up, pushing the two away. "Now!" I said. Kain bent over the bed, his tanned ass in the air, his woolly legs gleaming with sweat already. Cartwright went for the condom and I shook my head. Precum was dripping from my taint now, and I rubbed myself all over his asshole.

I didn't need the lube as I pushed myself into him. He let out a yelp, almost like a dog when it gets beaten. But I didn't stop pushing. My balls ached so badly, and my cock was so stiff, I didn't have a problem making my way all the way inside him. I heard Cartwright gasp a little, and i looked over to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, stiffer than he had been an hour ago when he caught me jerking off.

I pulled out slowly, and Kain breathed a sigh of ecstasy. Then I shoved it in as fast as i could, and he gasped in pain. But I did it again, and again. Soon the cries were all the same. A moan of pleasure with a slight little hint of pain.

I could feel his tight virgin ass pucker and relax over and over on my cock skin. My thick mushroom head pulled shit out with it I was going so fast. I slowed down and turned him over. His legs stuck up in the air, and I grabbed his ankles so i could speed up.

"Fuck me Will! Fuck me!" I Really laid into him, fucking him as hard and as fast at I could. He cried out in pain, but told me not to stop when i tried to.

I had already cum, but I was still as stiff as a rod. But now I was running out of energy, So I slowed, making more rhythmic trusts as I lay on his chest.

It was shaved, and waxed. His skin was perfectly smooth. I kissed his hard nipples and I felt his engorged member under my belly. A sticky mess was forming between my naval and chest.

I saw Cartwright pull the condom on as he made his way over to us. He licked me from taint to the small of my back, and I couldn't say no.

I was extremely horny at this point, and my as was hungry. He pushed his perfectly straight cock in with no problem. I moaned, and when pulled it out, I unloaded an amazing load into Kain's ass.

With every throb it felt as if gallons of spunk were propelled deep into Kain's bowels. And my coming seemed to be what he was waiting for because as i pulled out to finish on his stomach; string blast after stringy blast shot out of his crooked black dick.

I rolled onto my back and waited for Cartwright to finish.

But Kain had other ideas. As soon as the last shake of his cock, oozed the last of his steamy load onto his stomach he pulled Cartwright off of me, and the condom off of his dick; and sucked Cartwright dry. I didn't see any cum, but Cartwright moaned almost as loud as he had two hours ago when i had finished giving him a blow job.

Kain kissed Cartwright, and I saw cum dribble out the side of his mouth. Cartwright smiled and then licked his way down Kain's body, cleaning every last bit of cum from his chiseled, milk chocolate skin.

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