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My First Blowjob

(well the actual event took place 5 months ago and i won't write the real names of the people that took part because the story itself is far from real)

Well I am a normal (every person is normal in his own way) guy from Greece, i am quite eccentric and very shy (you all know the gy that never says hi or good morning, that is me). I never had friends, only people with common interests with whom i enjoyed long talks without any meaning. From what you 've read so far you must have rightly guessed that i never had any sexual contact or foreplay with any kind of human, the only thing i 've been in sexual contact with is my palm.

I was a pretty good student nonetheless, so i succeeded in my exams and grabed a university spot in my hometown Patra. The first days at the university i was like it felt really awkward i was like a fish out of its waters. After a few days while i was attending a class i saw a bunch of girls sitting in front of me. I concetrated my look in one of them, she seemed quite different from the others, she had long curly hair and modest looks(not beautiful not ugly), she also had blue eyes. There was something wrong with her as she made this odd movements with her limbs, she was not able to write on her notebook,and she had a slow tone of talking.

After a while the other girls left and she was now alone, after a while she turned back and said
-hi (i said)
-are you from the first year? (she said)
-yes (i said as was not much into conversations)
-i am second year, my name is Sofie what's yours
-Costas (i said again in one word)
after an awkward moment of silence she said:
-do you see this guy over, i bet he is a twat?
i was suprised to hear her using such words but i laughed loudly. after this we talked a litle more about lessons until the class was over.

After that moment we came close and had many unusual conversations about a plethora of things. she was a really open person and she seemed not to think twice what she said. One time while talking she confessed to me that when she was young she had a bad accident when a car hit her and stayed in a c*** for 5 months, that explained her kinetic problems. i also suspected that she suffered minimal brain damage and that caused her way of talking and the way she said things that didn't make sense.

While i was near her i became open too, talking about several things without giving much thought. Every time she noticed me somewhere inside the university she was smiling. Also one time as we were walking to the train station (she wanted to catch a train to the centre of the city and i was going home) she grabed my hand passionately and whispered:
-you are so stupid costas
-why? isaid
-mhhh... because (she said and kept laughing)
i felt a bit odd as i wasn't used to being touched but i also suspected that she might be font of me

A few days later as we were chating with another guy about student elections (elections that take place every year,in which students vote other students as their representatives in the university's board, the students are divided in political parties that are connected with the political parties that take place in the formal elections for the Greek parliament). Well as you can guess these elections have a large background of hatred between the parties. So sofie who had attented the elections informed us (me and the guy we were talking with) what the wining party did, she said:
- they 've written "our cocks sprayed cum all over you again" for the losers on the walls
she mustn't really have understand what she said but me and the other guy laughed loudly and she blushed. i was used to the instictive way she was talking, and i also thought she mustn't have had any sexual experience, it was obvious she was a virgin

After a few weeks of being in contact with Sofie i was becoming more and more sure that she had an affection towards me. One day i saw a dream of me fucking her in a really nasty way, I was so embarassed because i never saw her in a sexual way she was like my buddy. After the dream i woke up, got dressed and went to the university, after three hours of lesson the image of me with sofie from the dream i 've seen came back in my mind, I got an instant boner. The boner didnt leave after the class was finished, at the same time Sofie came and asked me to walk again with her to the train station. i thought that this was the time i would on her now. Propably what I was thinking then was because of my raging hard on. As we were walking I got an idea, I lowered my underwear till it was off my cock making my boner visible to her through my uniform. I must have been so horny to do such thing.
To provoke her I thought to bring up to the subject what she said about the elections
-Do you remember what Dap(political party) had written on the wall during the elections?
-Yes, cock (she said)
-haha, i said with my cock pressing against my pants, they are a****ls, i continued
-have you ever seen one i continued
-You are gross (she said) well if seen one, my b*****r's
-Was he big? i said
-Come on she said
-tell me i insisted
-well he was you know... and she moved her hand towards her crotch and she moved it up and down, like she was masturbating.
-did you watched him? i said
-NO said sofie i don't like cocks said blushing
I was so horny that I thought my cock would rip off my pants so after a long pause I came up with a plan
-ohhh fuck i said
-What she said
-i have an itch ahhh..
-where? she said
-here i said pointing at my erected cock
-well it is swollen she said
-aahh ... i said and rubbed my cock over my pants. Did your b*****r do this? I continued
-Yes but i don't think it was of pain she said
I was so horny that i didn;t notice my milf neighbour passing by and obviously watching me ( i don't know if she had seen my bulge)
-aaahhh it's killing me i said.
-what can i do sofie said
-Can you see if it's red or bleeding?
-how? she said
-i will get undressed and you'll examine it
-ok she said
I took her to a secluded place along the railroad
-ok here we go i said and took off my pants and my 5,5 inches cock came out in the air tickling
-where do i have to look she asked
-everywhere i responded.Well have you eve seen a porn film
-maybe she added
-what did the woman do to her partner with her mouth I continued
-I am not doing this she said
-Yes you are i told her and with a qouick move grabed her head and moved it towards my cock saying:
-Suck it bitch. It must have been the first time i violated a woman that way and the first i use that kind of language and it was due to my raging hard on.
i shoved my cock into her virgin mouth and slowly begun to face fuck her (not roughly) and she had a look of disgust printed on her face but i was too horny to care. however about a minute of face fucking i removed my dick and while i was still grabing her hair i leaned forward and kissed hair passionetely, our tongues touched and at the same time i could taste my own cock. At first sofie resisted the kiss but then she relaxed and started kissing back. My first ever kiss lasted about 1 minute after that sofie whispered:
-i love you
-will you suck it on your own? i replied
She moved her hands towards my cock obviously trembling, she grabed it and starting jerking. After a moent of feeling my cock she moved her lips close reluctantly
-Use your tongue like it's a lolipop i told her
She moved closer with her tongue pointing out now until she touched my dick. immediately i left out a loud noise of pleasure and sofie closed her eyes.
Sh used her tongue to lick all my cock shaft and the tip.
-Now put in your mouth i guided her.
-And move it up and down with your hand, i continued.
Sofie did as i told her and she was now giving me my first full blowjob.
-yesss yess i moaned
-don't stop
she continued for about one minute and
- I am gonna cum i told her. I quickly removed my cock from her mouth grabed her hair and starting jerking right in front of her face
-aaaaaaaa I am cumming Sofie I shouted
-mmmm, she moaned too, and at the same time about five long streams of cock juice sprouted out of my cock repeatedly and landed on and in her mouth and hair, she didn't much like the taste of my cum. I shoved my still erected cock in her mouth and whisperd:
- I love you Sofie, and at the same time guided my head closer to her and blowed her a deep french kiss in her stunned face (she couldn't believe what she and I had just done)tasting my own cum and after the kiss I licked one part of my cum on her face with my tongue and kissed her again feeding her my cum.

After that i have to say i felt so embarassed, propably because my horniness was gone,I got up got dressed lifted Sofie up. We covered the remaining distance to the train station without talking she got aboard on the train and i could still she she had a stunned look on her face and some cum in her hair and cheeks. After that incident we remained very close but we were always behaving like it had never happened.

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