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She awoke me with a blow job

I was asl**p and felt her warm mouth on my cock. I instantly decided this was the time for the new webcam to be put to use. We have several cock-like dildos, and I grabbed two of them, each about ten inches of inserable cock, leaving the bedroom telling my wife to follow me. She couldn't understand where I was going but the PC was in the front room.

As I logged on to an adult website for camming publicly I told her to change into a sexy babydoll outfit. She told me she would not cam on the internet this way and I assured her it was just a website that would be able to see and not the entire galaxy. She soon came out and had obeyed by putting on a babydoll outfit and I told her to sit in my lap.

Within a few seconds there were requests on the screen to see her breasts. She hesitantly let me slide the straps down to expose one breast. When she was laughing at some of the comments I decided to brush against her clit and found it to be very hard and protruding! I told her to stand and slid the thong off,sat her back on my lap and placed her feet on top the desk as far apart as possible. The next thing she knew I was lubing up the first dildo, the "jock cock" dildo and told her she was going to get fucked on cam for the first time. She said something about this being **** and I acted like I didn't hear her.

I started to insert a bit and was managing to rub her clit then started some slow, rhythmic pumping and each inward stroke was inserting a tad bit more. After about fifteen minutes of this it had been buried to the hilt and I had her to stand up so I could get a blanket and had her lay on it , repositioned the camera and handed her the "natural" dildo and told her to masturbate it and had the camera in my hand for close-up action of the dildo pumping her pussy and her nipples hardening.

She was doing this for several minutes and I realized she had squirted as there was an unbelievable shaking of her body, her screaming in ecstasy. When I placed the camera to catch the action of her sucking my cock she managed to still fuck her pussy hard with the dildo! I had her suck until I came and she always swallows. She muttered she couldn't believe I was making her do this on the webcam. I told her don't worry, this is only the first of many, many more times to do it on webcam site!

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