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Visit the Aunt April's House - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Consumed with fear and anxiety, I quickly stepped out the bathroom into the hall. Closing the door behind me, I hoped Nicole wouldn’t notice her mother. How long had she been there? Why didn’t she say anything? Would she tell my mom? Questions raced around in my head with no answers.

Aunt April stood up off my bed folding her towel across her waist. I was motionless when I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the living room. Uncle Dan stumbled into the hall.

“Mikey my man! Whatcha doing k**do?”

I was speechless as my uncle began to look puzzled to why I couldn’t answer him.

“You alright there Mike?” he said with concern now.

“He was just relieving himself.” Aunt April said calmly, as she now walked into the hall with us.

“Oh hey babe, I’m going to lie down. Whelp, have fun k**do, don’t party too hard tonight. I think you may have reached your limit.” Uncle Dan said with a chuckle.

“Ha, yea you got it Uncle Dan” as I finally was able to mutter something out of my mouth and shake off my deer in headlights look.

Uncle Dan gave Aunt April a small kiss then winked at her softly saying “Thanks for earlier babe, you’re the best.”

(uh yea, tell me about it..)

“Sorry I’m just too tired to keep up with you ladies. Let me know tomorrow if I missed anything big tonight” as he proceeded down the hall.

“Of course hun” then her voice trailed off as her eyebrow went up a bit shooting me a sexy almost inquisitive look. “I’m sure we can find something big to do tonight, don’t you think?” looking at me now innocently rubbing the tops of her breasts.

He walked towards the end of the hall and went into their bedroom to pass out, leaving me alone with Aunt April. I couldn’t bring myself to look directly at her, as I rubbed the back of my neck nervously staring at the ground.

“What’s the matter Mikey? You look tense, something wrong?” she said with a subtle grin toying with me.

“Oh what? No, I’m fine.”

“Hmm, yea I bet sweetie” as she leaned in close to me, seeming to purposely bring her cleavage into my point of view still looking downward.
Her tits swelled out of her red bikini top, as I noticed her fully erect nipples protruding outward. I gulped in reaction trying to breathe slower.

“I’ll find you later” she quietly said then innocently kissed me on the cheek slowly pushing her titillating breast against my chest.

She walked back outside and I walked into my room shutting the door and collapsing on my bed. All the drinks and sexually physical and mental fatigue of the night started to set in. I closed my eyes and fell into an alcohol induced nap.

I woke to the sound of voices in the living room. Quickly sitting up, I looked at the clock on the bed stand to see how long I passed out. Damn. It was 11:30 at night now. I must’ve slept for a solid hour, but it felt like days. I tried to shake my grogginess, but decided to give in lying back on the bed and closing my eyes. My feet were facing the door dangling off the mattress as I continued to lie sideways across my bed in the same position I collapsed into, too tired to move yet.

Just as I was about to fall back asl**p, I heard my door slowly creak open. I still don’t know why, but I kept my eyes closed as I heard whispering with quiet laughter from what appeared to be my mom and Aunt April. Mom sounded off and I could definitely tell she had her fair share of drinks.

“Oh now, would you look at that. What a light weight” my mom laughed to Aunt April.

“Hmm, I don’t know about light weight s*s. What’s that under those shorts?

“Ha ha shut up April, or you’ll wake him and stop being ridiculous. My poor boy still has that thing on, it’s probably soaking wet. He must’ve passed out from all those drinks with it on.”

“We need to help him. I can’t have him making my..sheets all wet. With that bathing suit still on in the bed, you know?”

My heart raced as I listened intently to their every word, deciphering their intent in the tones of voice. I could hear my mom step closer as Aunt April gently closed the door. After recharging my batteries with a power nap, my cock began to grow back to life. The tension and excitement in the room was unbelievable. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but imagining the possibilities slowly began to reinvigorate my cock.

I felt my mom sit on the bed next to me as I continued to act asl**p with my eyes closed and arms resting across my chest and stomach.

“Well, what should I do? I think he’s pretty gone s*s.”

Aunt April knelt in front of me between my legs as I felt her place her hands on my knees.

“We have to get these things off Kim, his trunks are soaking wet.”

“Well I don’t want to do it, I’m his mother. Isn’t that weird? What if he wakes up?”

“Please it’s no big deal s*s, here, I’ll help. You undo his strap and zipper and I’ll pull them off.”

My dick grew more and more at the thought of my mom seeing my full grown cock for the first time since I was a k**. It was a strange reaction to actually be turned on by my mom and aunt, but the feeling was so powerful that it became impossible to deny.

I felt my mom’s fingers undo my strap and Aunt April grab hold and start to pull them off. She fought to slide the trunks off as the wetness made them cling tight to my body. Just as my aunt finally brought them to my knees, my ever growing cock popped out into the air. My mom gasped at the sight of my exposed cock bobbing in the air swaying slight as it held itself up.

“Oh my god April!” my mom struggled to find the words she was going to say.

“Look that thing is. I don’t know where he got that from. Is that seriously my son’s penis?”

“Mmm yea your boy’s got quite the cock there. Oooh s*s, look how thick it is too.”

I felt Aunt April softly pet the underside of my cock making it throb in response increasing more in size.

“April! What the fuck are you doing? You’re touching my son’s penis right in front of me. How many drink have you had??”

“Just as many as you have and you’re watching me touch it. Besides, I’m making sure his cock is ok and that I didn’t hurt him pulling his shorts off. Come on don’t be so weird about it. Go on, just feel it. There’s nothing wrong with this.” Aunt April’s voice seemed in a trance.

There was a pause of silence as my mom was contemplating the tempting advice while Aunt April continued to caress my shaft. She was now lightly bringing her palm to my head while extending her fingers down and around my cock then softly pulling her fingers grip up repeatedly. It felt incredible. Her hand was acting like a soft sensual claw teasing my cock upward, making it twitch while she fed it more of the sensations it needed to grow.

“Well, yea I guess we should make sure it’s ok and everything’s working properly. It couldn’t have been healthy for his cock to have so much strain on it. I think I’ve read that can really be bad for men.”

Holy shit. She’s going to do it. Giving into Aunt April’s influence, I felt my mom stretch her body across the bed to lay down. Her massive 38dd tits rested against my left thigh as she positioned herself closer to my cock which throbbed and pulsed in my aunt’s hand. My eyes creaked open just slightly enough for me to see and not be detected.

My mom’s breast looked enormous and they were begging to come out the top of her bikini. When she stretched out she made her tits nearly pop out and now I could clearly see the top half of her large nipples. She apprehensively reached out and grabbed the head of my cock moving it around in a circular motion examining my entire shaft while her mouth widened in awe.

“April, he has to be like 10 inches or something. My boy’s hung like a damn horse. I’ve never seen one so big and thick and…and...” her voice trailed off as she too seemed to be entranced.

Now my mom began to clutch my shaft while Aunt April tended to my balls. Mom stroked my cock all the way up and down as Aunt April massaged by balls upward toward my dick meeting my mom’s hand. A warm sensation hit me without notice. I barely arched my neck to see my aunt sucking my balls now moaning passionately. It was as if she hadn’t eaten in days and strolled across some fruit in a desert. Her lips wrapped around each ball after the other sucking them into her mouth like a sucking the juices out of a mango. My mom looked visibly shocked to see her s****r take the next step.

“But…April...” my mom said softly, in a way almost asking to be told to join her.

My aunt lifted her head up licking her lips with hungry eyes.

“You said we have to make sure everything still works good right? So we need to try our best to make him climax. Let’s be sure he’ll still be able to give you grandk**s one day Kim.”

Without a word my mom slowly nodded in agreement wetting her lips with her tongue. My mom leaned her head down to the top side of my enlarged shaft wrapping her lips around it as far as they could stretch. She kissed and sucked on it while she made her way down the base. Licking her way back up to the head she placed my cock at the entrance of her mouth. Slowly I entered inside my mom’s mouth passed her stretching lips meeting her inviting tongue. The sensation caused my balls to flex in Aunt April’s mouth.

My mom moaned with a deep satisfaction closing her eyes while trying to bring my cock to her throat. Reaching a little more than half way down my engorged cock, my mom gagged suddenly but determined she continued to wrestle my head toward the opening of her throat. Barely inside now, I could feel how warm her throat was and wanted more. I couldn’t help but tense my balls up again in Aunt April’s thick lips to flex my cock upward in a small humping motion. Flexing just a bit further into my mom’s mouth I reached her throat. She made small rapid bobbing motions with her head barely enough to allow my cock to enter and exit her throat for a bit, before succumbing to her gags and pulling back up for air.

My mom pulled her mouth off wiping a small string of saliva from her lip that still clung to my head. She panted heavily trying to catch her breath. My cock was saturated with her spit.

“Mmmm god…April. It’s so good.”

Aunt April quickly pulled my member down to her and shoved it inside her mouth. She sucked me off like a pro, pumping my cock with one hand, clutching my balls with the other, and all while continuously impaling me in and out of her warm mouth.

Still rhythmically flowing her head back and forth, she viciously ripped at the knot to undo the top strap of her bikini finally freeing her massively suffocating tits. The strap shot outward falling toward the ground between my knees and unveiling her gorgeous tits to me. They were two perfectly huge mounds of her soft tan skin and nice good sized dark nipples.

Admiring Aunt April, I then noticed my mom lift her bikini up over her head as her even larger tits fell down one after the other bouncing back into place. Her nipples were huge and nicely perking out.

As she looked back toward me she saw my eyes opened.


I had gotten lazy in all the commotion and hoped she would just go with it…


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