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Fucking Selena Gomez AND Justin Beiber

I really didn't want to go to this stupid concert. All that was going to be there were a bunch of teeny boppers seeing their idols Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber. For me it sounded so boring. Being a 28 year old male metal head , I was only going cuz a friend won tickets and wanted me to go with her. I agreed and we trucked off to the concert. The concert was surprisingly good as both of them put on a great show to their screaming masses. I found myself surprisingly very turned on by the sight of Selena. Prancing around in a little purple skirt and halter top. A couple times she shook her little boobs for everybody to see. Justins performance was good but you couldn't hear nothing from all the girls screaming in the audience. A couple times he dry humped the stage to the delight of the screaming girls in the audience. All in all I was very surprised what a hot show it was.

After the concert I got lost from my friend. Walking around the stadium trying to figure out where she wanted me to meet her at I stumbled upon a door. Walking in I noticed there were a couple security guards standing there staring at me. I walked up to them to ask them where gate 3b was, when all of a sudden the door they were guarding opened up. To my shock there stood Justin. Clad only in shorts with no shirt on he glanced over at me. 'What u need b*o?' I said 'Hey man, so good to meet you, I am looking for my friend. I forgot my cell phone in the car and can't figure out where I need to meet her at' Justin surprised me when he said 'you can come in here and use our phone' I looked at the guards who looked me up and down. 'I'm clean guys' I chuckled as I walked in the room. To my surprise the room was empty except for Justin. "Did you like the concert?" I said 'Yeah, it was good, I was surprised that I did. I really liked your girlfriend too' Justin said 'sweet, she's actually changing right now in the bathroom, you can tell her when she gets out' I said great and picked up the phone that was there to call my friend.

I guess Selena must of thought they were all alone cuz she appeared from the bathroom. To my utter shock she came out wearing just a little white bra and little light purple panties. 'Shit! Who's that Justin?' 'Oh, he's some dude i let come use the phone. We weren't introduced, what was your name?' 'James...if you want I'll leave' I stuttered, still in shock to see Selena walking out in her tiny underwear. 'No, it's OK...we're pretty open people' said Justin. Selena still looked to be a little embarrassed as he sat down covering herself with her hands. My cock was getting increasingly hard looking at her. I put the phone down. 'Can't reach her...the reception in here sucks' 'Well' Justin said 'You can chill with us for a bit if you want to' 'Thanks man' was my response. Try to trek around the chilly parking lot for my friend or hang out with Justin Bieber and his half naked girlfriend? Was not a hard decision to make.

'What do you like to do for fun?' Selena said, still covering herself up. 'Nothing really, hang out with friends, video games, play cards' 'Yeah so do we' 'I got the new call of duty, wanna play while you wait to call your friend again?' Justin said. Sure I thought. So he plugged in the game and we proceeded to play. Selena sat down next to him, still clad in her bra and panties. My hard on must have been still prominently showing as Selena looked down and giggled. 'I think our friend is enjoying this game a little too much if you know what I mean'. My face must have turned a shade of red not yet invented as I looked down at my hard dick. Justin chuckled looking down. 'Yeah, a lot of guys get that way when they see my girl here' He proceeded to slap Selena on her ass. 'Justin!' Selena giggled. 'Well 2 can play at that game' she said as she grabbed him by his penis. She reached down and started rubbing his cock hard with her hands. Justin replied 'I don't know if James here is into this type of stuff babe'. Being a hetero man, I have had a few bi sexual encounters, mostly at seedy bookstores sucking off old men. Never have I been with someone though who was as attractive as Justin. 'I'm into everything and anything guys' I chuckled looking at the two of them. Justin put down the controller. "Good, we have been looking for a man to party with us. You discreet b*****r?' I chuckled 'It'll never leave this room!'

Justin looked over at me and started rubbing my hard on over my jeans just like Selena was doing to him. 'You like that?' Justin groaned in my ear. 'Oh do this with guys often? I asked still in shock that here I was, sitting in Justin Beibers dressing room getting my cock rubbed by him while Selena Gomez was rubbing his. 'Yeah once in a most guys I'm attracted to women but once in a while I like to wander...damn your getting big' he said as I unzipped my pants to give him better access. By this time, Selena had Justin's cock out of his pants and was jacking it to full erection. I looked down to see his bulging member. It looked to be at least 6/7 inchs and Selena was jacking it like a pro. My 8 inch cock sprang free from my jeans. Justin licked his lips while I pulled my pants and underwear down to the ground. 'Do you mind?' Justin said as he put his head down in my lap. 'Oh god of course not' I said as Justin took my member in his mouth. He sucked it like a pro, going up and down on the shaft, jacking if off at the same time into this waiting mouth. All the while I looked over and Selena was doing the same to his cock, sucking it up and down. After a minute I had to pull him off cuz I was going to blow my load in his mouth if he didn't stop. 'Yeah I'm about to cum to, we gotta let this go for a while' Justin said turning his attention to Selena. Unhooking her bra, her beautiful tits appeared in view. Beautiful brown aerolas and fat nipples came into view. 'Grab a tit man, she loves this' Justin said as I sucked on her left breast as Justin nibbled on her right. Selena had both of our cocks in her hand jerking them off. 'Oh god that's it, don't stop' Selena moaned in my ear. I have never been so turned on in my life. Selena dropped down to her knees taking my cock in her mouth. Lubing it up with spit and playing with my balls, I know she was, even at her young age, a pro at sucking cock. Justin stood up and put his cock at my mouth level and I started sucking his dick. Stroking it in and out of my mouth I wanted nothing more then for him to squirt his load deep in my mouth. He pulled out right when it looked he was close. He proceeded to get Selena up off her knees and pull her little purple underwear down to the ground. Selena stepped out of them as my jaw dropped to the floor looking at her. She had the prettiest little pussy I had ever seen. Little pieces of hair were trimmed right over her little pretruding clit. 'I'm sorry Justin, I gotta dive right into that' I said to him. 'Oh, it's all yours' Justin said. I proceeded to dive right between Selena's legs. Tongue fucking her little slit up and down was making her as wet as could be. I stuck one finger up her cunt and ate her out at the same time. While I was doing this, Justin was behind me, licking my ass, getting it get and ready for his cock. I got on all fours and kept eating Selena's pussy out when I felt Justin's cock start entering me from behind. 'Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!' I screamed out loud. Right when I lifted my head Selena took my head and buried it down deep in her trimmed little hole. 'Don't stop licking me, I'm about to cum!' Selena moaned. All the while I was eating her out, Justin was giving me the fucking of a lifetime in my asshole. Right as Selena squirted her cum everywhere Justin pulled out of my ass. 'I'm about to cum, I want to all over Selena' he said. He proceeded to jack off his huge cock all over Selena's tits. 'Not so fast Justin' I replied' 'Let's do this right' I said looking at Selena. 'Oh yeah'. Selena had the look of lust in her eyes as she bent over and got on top of his dick. 'Put it in my ass James please! I want you both to fill my holes up deep!' Selena Gomez moaned to me. As she rode Justin's hard dick i got behind Selena. I tongued her sweet little shithole to get it good and ready for what was to come. I proceeded to fill up her little butt with my hard cock. 'Oh shit, fill me up guys!! Put it deep in me!!!!!' she screamed as I knew Justin was about to blow as I was too. 'FUCK I'm cumminnngg!!!" Justin Beieber screamed as he bucked up and shot a hot load up his girlfriends pussy. 'Oh fuck me too!!!' I said as I pounded harder and harder until I pumped and filled up Selena's asshole with my hot load.

I got up, cleaned up and handed Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez a towel. 'Here guys, it was fun. I promise not to speak of this again' Justin gave me the handshake/hug combo. 'Thanks man, next time your in town, looks us up, we can have round 2'. I chuckled. There was no doubt in my mind that that was the case.

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