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Cousins part 1

Anna had always been close. Ever since her parents died my mom took her in.
Now as me being 18 and her being 17 i never thought of her in any sexual way but when i came home one daya and i saw her in this sexy white thong that was phenomonal.
"holy shit Ryan you scared me"
"sorry, y the hell r u dressed like that"
"no one was home so i just thought"
As i was about to talk her out the front door lock started to trickle

Anna ran upstairs and i acted natural

"hi honey i came home to tell u guys i have to work overtime and i was gonna fix dinner."
"its ok i think were gonna go out"
"ok bye sweetheart"

i went upstairs to find Annas door locked and closed but i heard moaning sounds so i knew she was fingering her self
i was up to jerking off.
i must have lost track of time because the door opened as i shot a load.

"shit im so sorry"
"u better be...."
"come in my room"
"just come on"

if i should make a part 2 then tell me

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