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Kelly and Jason - Part 5

Kelly finally caught up to the present and slowly rolled off of Jason and turned around. Once again, on her side, she was facing him and had her upper body over his, she was staring right into his eyes and neither of them spoke for about two minutes. Kelly leaned in and kissed him on the nose and said “You made me see stars! That was earth shattering! You just wait until we are rested. I am tearing you up tonight!” Before Jason had any chance to say anything, Kelly leaned in and started kissing him. Nothing special at first, but before long, it looked like they were trying to tie their tongues into a knot inside their mouths. While they were french kissing each other, Kellys hand slid down and she wasn’t rubbing Jasons cock, but had her hand resting on it. Jason slightly turned to his side, but not all the way and started with his hand, he was outlining Kellys profile from her boob, along the side of her waist and along her hips. She was really eating this up too!

Kelly pulled her head up from him and look right into his eyes and said “Do you have a girlfriend?” I think this startled him and I was leaning closer to see where she was going with this question as well. Jason said “No, I don’t.” Kelly said “Good. Would it be okay if I gave you a hickey?” And then she giggled like a little girl. Jason asked her why and she said “I don’t know, I just want to. That way, if anyone sees it, they will wonder how you got it. But you can never tell anyone where you got it!” Jason said he didn’t mind and said “As long as I can give you one too.” Kelly leaned back to look at me and I shrugged my shoulders to let her know I didn’t care. Kelly leaned into his neck and latched on. Holy shit she was sucking on his neck hard! When she lifted her head, she said “There. I left my mark!” Jason said “My turn.”, and Kelly turned her head a little and settled her neck to his mouth. When he was done, he kissed her neck a few times and said “There!” Kelly lifted up and said “So what do you think Babe?” I stood up and brought the camera around and zoomed in on her neck and then to Jasons neck. Then I said to Kelly “You won. Yours is bigger!”

She continued to lay on her side next to him and started rubbing his cock again and tugging on his balls. She leaned into Jason while she was doing this and started kissing his chest and neck. She would lower herself back down to his chest and was using her tongue and started to flick his nipple with the tip of her tongue. And then back up to his neck and she started kissing him again. Softly at first, but he started opening his mouth against hers and soon, I could see their cheeks rolling around with each others tongue. Damn, this was turning me on watching how much she was really getting into this. And by the looks of his growing cock, I could see that it was turning him on too! It didn’t take much longer and Kelly had his cock fully hard again and Jason was sliding his hand between her legs and would tease her cunt with his finger and then slide it in just a little. They stopped French kissing, and Jason started kissing and licking her neck and this drives Kelly wild. The more he did this, the harder she was working him over with her hands. She finally said “You keep this up and your hand is going to get all wet! My husband knows I lose control when he kisses my neck!” Jason said in a really soft voice “Can I fuck you?” Kelly said “I never thought you would ask. The answer would be yes! All night long!”

Jason started to adjust himself and Kelly put her hand on his chest and pushed him to his back and said “Here. You lay there and I want the honors of fucking you first.” Kelly started to roll over on top of him and had a leg on each side of him. She had her weight on him and reached down with her hand and started to guide his cock to her cunt. She started to help him inside of her and once she had the head of his cock in, she let go and slid down a little more on to him. Jason put his arms around her waist and Kelly had her knees up next to his waist and started to slowly move her ass up and down on his cock. Now, she was teasing him because she was only fucking the first couple of inches and every now and then, Jason would hunch his hips up trying to get her to take more of him. Kelly raised up so that the head of his cock was just barely inside of her cunt and said “Lay very still. I have something for you. I think you will enjoy this.” She rested her upper body against his and using her cunt like a set of lips pulling spaghetti in, she started working her cunt muscles to work his cock into her. Before this, I was getting so turned on watching her get passionate with Jason. Now, I was starting to get a little somewhat jealous again, but my cock was still so hard.

She had Jason just over half way inside of her and she started raising up and would use her cunt to gobble his cock back inside of her. She continued this and I could see Jason had his head into her neck. As I said, Kelly goes crazy when I, or anyone do this to her, so it explains what she was doing. She pushed her ass down and started sliding her cunt down onto his cock and then, it hit her point of resistance. She looked down at Jason and said “Okay, I am not trying to hurt you, but let me know if it does okay?” Jason muttered something, but I don’t know what. Kelly sat up and started thrusting herself down. Each time, his cock would get just over halfway in and would start bending over. Kelly reached down and grabbed his cock and thrust herself down again and holding his cock straight at her cunt, she just kept pushing. I heard her say “Damnit! Get in there!” And one more thrust down, and he slipped right past. Kelly was sitting up on him and said “Oh yes! That’s where I want it!”, and she laid back down on Jason. I zoomed in and she had the entire length inside of her and all I could see was her cunt being stretched and a pair of balls. Kelly was slowly wiggling her hips on his cock, but was not letting his cock move up and down yet.

Kelly leaned down and started kissing him. Short, fast kisses to the lips. Then, she lifted her head a little and they were staring at each other as Kelly was grinding her hips onto him. Then, she lowered her face back down and locked her mouth over his. As their tongues were trying to find each others tonsils, I could hear them both moaning. I zoomed the camera back to Kellys stuffed cunt and you could see that she was using her cunt muscles to milk on his cock. Looking at the time on the camera, they had been French kissing for nearly 5 minutes. It hit me that when they were kissing like this, not only would they get the saliva in from each others mouths, but I was certain that with as time went by, both of them must have swallowed a mouth full of each other by now. When they parted lips, I heard Kelly tell him that very soon, he was going to make her cum. Jason said “Me too. Do you want me to tell you when in case you want to pull me out?” Kelly looked at him and said “Don’t you dare try to pull yourself out! I want to feel you cum right where it is now!” Then, Kelly dropped on him and Jason went to work on her neck again kissing her neck and making loud slurping sounds. Kelly shouted. Oh my God! You’re making me cum! Get it! I’m cumming! Fuck me deep!” Jason said with his mouth full of neck “I’m cumming! You want it now?” Kelly said “Yes. Now! Give it to me! I want it! Go deep! As deep as you can! God yyyeeessssss!”

Kelly was pressing her cunt into Jason with everything she had and Jason was pushing his hips up to try to push any more that he could inside of her. You could see that his balls were twitching tight against the base of his cock. They were shrinking and getting tighter and I knew he was unloading his cum into her as deep as he could. So many times, his balls twitched. And each time, he would shove his hips into her trying to drive it in deeper. They just keep going. Kelly was cumming so hard on him and Jason, must have had a full load in his balls because they were still getting tight and twitching and sending his cum very deep inside of Kellys cunt. This went on for a good few minutes and finally, they both started to slow their movements together. Jason was laying still on his back and Kelly was only using her cunt muscles and continued to milk on his cock trying to get the last little bit. Then she collapsed on top of him. This was so fucking hot to see and my balls ached and my cock seemed like it was trying to push itself from my skin. They just laid there with Kelly d****d over him and all I heard was some very heavy breathing. Kelly said “Damn. Have to catch my breath after that!” Jason said “Me too! After a few minutes, Kelly said “When you started cumming, I thought you were trying to shoot me off of you! I had to hold on tight!” Jason said “The first time in my life and I think I was feeling that come from inside below my stomach!”

They started kissing again. Yep. You guessed it! Jason was feeding on her tongue again! With her full body weight tight against his, her hands dropped to his sides and she was slowly gliding her hands along his sides with the backs of her fingernails. The continued their passionate kiss for a few minutes and then stopped. Kelly said “Oh damn! I have to rest!” As she slowly started to turn her body off of Jason and onto her back, her cunt stopped milking him and his limp cock slipped out. As it was coming out of her, you could see just a drop of his cum along his cock and once he was all the way out of her, it was not there anymore. As I zoomed the camera in closer to her cunt, you could see that the only cum that was on her cunt, was the drop that he pulled out of her with. She was holding every drop of the cum he just pumped into her so deep inside of her and was making sure not to lose any of it. You could see that her stomach muscles were spasming and I started thinking it was her cunt sucking his cum even deeper inside of her. Kelly was built in such a way that when anyone cums inside her, it doesn’t seem to flow out of her like you see in the movies.

Kelly said “Whheeeeww! Oh my God! That was fucking unbelievable!”, and Kelly placed her hand just below her belly button and patted it and started to rub and looked over at Jason and said “I feel it all right here!” Jason raised his head and looked down. Then he looked at me. The look in his eyes showed he was a little uneasy. I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled. They were both still on their backs next to each other and Kelly turned her head and started kissing his shoulder. That is when I seen her neck! She had hickeys from one side of her neck to the other. (Later counted 12) Kelly looked at me and said “So babe! How are we doing so far? I told her that it was great so far and told her that she should see her neck. Jason looked worried and Kelly looked at him and said “Did you give me another hickey?” I said “He didn’t give you another hickey. Let me grab a mirror.” I went to the bathroom and grabbed her mirror from the drawer and took out and handed it to her. When she found the right position for it she said “Oh wow!” Then she looked at me and said “Why did you just tell me he didn’t give me another one?” I said “Because he didn’t. He gave you a lot of them.” Kelly said “This is going to be fun hiding it at work.” And to make sure Jason didn’t feel bad, she looked at him with a big smile and said “You bad boy! I should have known you were up to something!” And then she kissed him again and said “It’s okay. I’ll just have to figure out a way to get you back now.”

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