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His Birthday Present

My boyfriend had a birthday coming up and we had done every fantasy possible except one. He had always wanted a threesome with two women and him. I was reluctant but decided his birthday was the perfect opportunity to give him what he wanted. I took him out to dinner the night of his birthday and told him that I had a surprise waiting for him at the house. We drove home as quite as possible and I wanted him eyes closed straight to his bedroom where my best friend was waiting in his bed naked and ready for some fun. I grabbed him and whispered in his ear “we are all yours tonight” then I undressed him and he threw me onto the bed and pulled off my clothes quicker than I’d ever felt him do it before. He licked my pussy softly and my best friend rubbed my tits hard and rubbed her clit. My juices were flowing and so where hers, we couldn’t wait to be fucked. After a few minutes of eating me out he straddled my stomach and told us to share his already rock hard cock which we did happily. We took turns licked and deep throating his 8” cock. His moans were such a turn on that I got even wetter and so did my best friend.
I turned my attention to his shaft while my BFF went down and licked his balls for a while. After he started oozing pre-cum he told us to stop and got off of me; he then rubbed my pussy again for a minute right before plunging deep into my pussy with his lovely cock. He rammed in and out of me moaning loudly. I was moaning too and my BFF was moaning quietly to herself as she rubbed her own pussy watching us fuck. After a minute he told me to eat out her pussy so she straddled my face and I ate her out. I always do what I’m told!! Another few thrusts of his cock and we all came in unison, I ate her juices happily and we all moaned loudly as we climaxed and came down from it. After we came down she got off my face and he left my pussy, cleaning me gently I waited for my next set of orders. After resting a minute he pulled me up and told me to rub him again to get him hard. I rubbed up and down his shaft and hard while frenching him passionately. He then told my BFF to rub my ass and lick my ass whole. She did this all too eagerly (which got all three of us very excited). When he felt hard enough he laid me down on my stomach and told Jaime (my BFF) to push his cock into my nice and wet ass hole. She pushed him into me and he fucked my ass as I screamed in amazement. I loved his cock in my ass and begged for him to go harder! He did so and ordered Jaime to spank me lightly which she did. He then told her to turn to get closer she he could rub her nipples as he fucked me. I could hear her moan loudly as he came in my ass. I screamed loudly as he filled my ass with his sweet cum. When he finished he pulled out and had Jaime lick him and me clean, which she loved doing.
He got hard just by her cleaning him and watching me get cleaned. He told us girls to switch places and Jaime laid down face up by him and I sat next to them so I could watch him fuck her. He pulled her legs apart and rubbed her pussy, fingering her gently with one finger until he knew her pussy was ready for him. When she was good and wet he plunged into her and started to pound her softly. She moaned loudly and begged for harder, which he did so happily. After a minute he told me to bend over and lick her pussy with his cock inside, I did so and loved the taste. When he came close to cumming he told me to straddle her with my ass facing him. I did and he pulled out of Jaime and pushed his cock into my ass and fucked me for a minute, he switched back and forth from her pussy to my ass until he unloaded him cock into our holes. Jaime also came with a loud scream while he was inside her, after her breathing slowed she told me I was right and he was the best cock she’d ever had inside her. He then told me to get off her and put my pussy to her face, I did so as soon as he turned her over on her stomach and she lucked my pussy as he rubbed her ass. When I was clean he had me rub lube on her ass hole and his cock until he was hard. I was getting all excited knowing he would fuck her ass any second. When he was good and ready he plunged into her ass and fucked her hard. She screamed and begged for more. He looked so happy I couldn’t help but get horny just knowing I made my man happy. He looked at me and asked if I was enjoying watching him fuck my best friend in the ass. I said yes eagerly and rubbed my nipples hard. He said “good because I’m coming back for you soon enough.”
After that he took turns fucking us until 4:00 am, in the end we were covered in cum but were too tired to clean up right then so we pulled the covers up over us and we all fell asl**p. As I drifted off he thanked me for the best birthday ever and asked if we could do it again sometime soon which we agreed to eagerly.

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