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Miss Justice, my sexy BBW

Sex, sex, sex, that was all I could think of at work. Everyone kept asking me throughout the day if something was wrong? My answer out loud was no I’m okay just feeling a little sick, on the inside I was saying that I wanted to find a sexy black big beautiful woman to make love to. I went home that evening browsing the web looking for the right lady to play with. The social networking site I was on was full of women but not the type I wanted. After about an hour of pointless searching miss right caught my eye. Her name was Justice; I read over her profile she was college educated, single and looking for a man that could appreciate a woman like herself. Miss Justice had the body of a Goddess, she was 5’4 with the measurements of 42ddd-34-65 she had the prettiest brown eyes that I ever saw, and this lady was built like a brick house. I broke the ice first and sent her an instant message, for the rest of the night we sent messages back and forth. Until both of us were sl**py as hell, that night I jacked my big black monster thinking about my sexy new friend Justice and how fun it would be to make love to her. Within seconds my fat dick was busting a load that shot out like a bullet, I had to feed her sexy ass this dick real soon. The next few days we got to know each other better, we found out that we had a lot in common. Around the end of the week the conversation started to turn towards sex, she told me that she loved to make herself cum at least twice a day; it was a great way to ease the mind. To hear a woman say that she loved to be fucked all over the house, have multiple orgasm on a big black dick, and that she loved to have sex until she couldn’t handle it anymore. I had to admit that I was jacking my fat black dick while see was saying all of this, she asked me to turn on my web cam, When the connect went through my African American goddess was standing there in a red nightie that hugged every inch of her thick and sexy body. Her 42ddd tits look like they were about to burst through the material, her tights looked so smooth, and God she had the perfect ass I had ever seen. Justice sat down in a chair and began to play with her dildo, I was jealous of her sex toy because I wanted my dick to fill that pretty pussy up. I watched as she made love to herself, when she had her orgasm she was saying King feed me that fat dick, while forcing the dildo deep inside of her tight pussy. I could see all of her sticky pussy juices on her sex toy when she was done. It was her turn to watch me now. I jacked my oversized dick like a high school teen looking at porn for the first time. I was stroking my dick telling her that I wanted kiss over every inch of her body, that I would slowly fuck her with this black monster of mine, and saying how hard I would fuck her while she had an orgasm. My talking about what I would do to her pushed me over the edge. When I came it shot at my laptop like a 45 bullet, sperm was leaking down the shift of my dick in big globs, and my hand was covered in my hot semen. Once I cleaned up we chatted about how good the other looked while masturbating, I told Justice that I wanted to make love to her a.s.a.p., she just replied you will get your wish soon and logged off. A week or so went bye and I had not heard from my sexy BBW. That Friday I got a message from her with an address on it; it also said that I needed to be there within the next 45 minutes. I rushed to get to the address it was one of those classy hotels when I got to the room number I knocked on the door. When Justice opened the door I got an eye full, she had on a fishnet body suit with nothing but her birthday suit under it. My big dick grew to full length in a matter of seconds, my things and the door shut at the same time. My goddess lead me into the room I sat on the edge of the bed while she sat in a chair in front of me, I was getting a full view of that pretty pussy of hers my God this woman was amazing. I slowly walked over to her looking deep into those beautiful brown eyes, I bent down for a deep passionate kiss at the same time my hand was touching all over her thick and sexy body. When I rubbed her clit I could feel how wet and warm her pussy was, I had to eat it. I got down on my knees and tongue fucked her wet pussy, her juices were so sweet that I couldn’t get enough of them, I made her have two orgasm with my snake like tongue before I came up for air. My sexy BBW was still in another world I helped her out of the chair into the bed. I lay down between those thick and sexy tights, aw if felt so damn good when the head of my fat black dick slide into her tight wet pussy. Justice gave out a loud moan and wrapped her legs around my back. I took that as the sign for me to try and fuck her brains out. I got a mouthful of her 42ddd tit, and feed her my black dick deep and hard; my sexy goddess was bucking back and using her pussy muscles to milk the good dick inside of her warm pussy. I had to pull back because my load was trying to explode, I lay on my back and Justice got on me cowgirl style. She bent over on her elbows and began to give me a ride of my life. I slapped her ass telling her to fuck that dick good, and then harder I slapped that big ass the harder she rode me. After the fifth slap had sexy body began to shake, I could see her cum running down my black dick while she rode my monster to sl**p. The site of the huge black ass riding my dick made me burst a huge load. The only problem I had was that my dick was still hard as hell when I came. Justice loved the fact that my cock got harder after I came, she put her nice round ass high in the air and told me to come pound it to sl**p. Little did I know this was the position were she made grown men brake down and tap out. Justice put my cock inside of her tight and wet pussy, when my dick got fully inside of her I could feel her muscles milking my dick real good. It took every ounce of my soul to hold back the cum that was building inside of my nut sack. Once I regrouped from the great feeling I turned the table on her I started pounding my oversized dick deep into her pussy. I had Miss Justice biting on the pillow she was speaking in some foreign language all I did was pound, and slap that big thick as she had. The harder I fucked her the harder she came, That pussy was to wet and juicy I could not handle it anymore so I gave up on the battle I was losing and shot my load deep inside of that good pussy. When that load left my body it took my soul with it, the both of us passed out in a matter of seconds with my dick still deep inside of my new pussy. A few hours later I woke up to Justice giving me a world class blow job, I told my sexy BBW goddess to set that pussy in my face while she continue to give me the best blowjob that I had ever had in my life. Her pussy tasted so good to me that I sucked on her clit until she squirted all over my face. Her sweet cum was like dick dope to me because my dick got so hard that it hurt like hell. We lay down and began a passionate kiss, I told her that the fucking was over and I wanted to make good love now. When I entered her tight love hole my sex goddess told me to take my time and do it right. I hit every side of her pussy with my big black dick, when she was close to having an orgasm I pulled out and ate her pussy for a few seconds. When she started moving her hips I would stop and began to fuck her hard and deep I did this several times. I could tell that Justice was about to cum all over my big dick I tried to pull out again but she wouldn’t let me up, her pussy had my dick trapped deep inside of her, she was grinding hard and moaning like a little kitten while she had a full body orgasm, she told he to fuck her hard as hell. The harder I pounded her pussy the more cum squirted out of her pussy; she was in another world her pussy lips and my dick were covered in her cum. I had to look away but the expression on her face alone had my dick tender as hell, when she told me to feel momma up with that nut. I couldn’t hold back I gave her want she asked for a huge load. I was out of breath my dick was still oozing my baby making seed; Justice gave me a hand job and told me that was only round one. My dick jumped at the thought of fucking her sexy ass some more.

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