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First time with hubby and a stranger

My First Time With My Hubby And A Stranger
Hubby kept telling me how sexy it would be to watch me with another man, and how hot it got him. I could see, from the erection that was being subdued by his pants, that what he was telling me was true.

I told him that I would try it, if he agreed to set it up, and control the whold episode. He agreed that he would take care of everything.

Well, it was about 2 weeks before he brought up the subject again. He told me that he had been chatting on sls with a single guy, and that he was to come over to the house after dinner. I was a little upset that he didn't give me much warning, or even time to get ready for him.

Hubby said not to worry, he was going to handle the entire get together, and that the other male was totally agreeable with it. He told me to go and get a shower after dinner, and that things should start around 7:30pm.

I went and jumped into the shower, and I must admit that my pussy was already wet from just thinking about the get together. While in the shower, all I could think of was this new man that I have never seen. I had to masturbate myself while in the shower, and had a powerful orgasm. I only hoped that this would be one of many tonight.

After the shower, I came into the den and sat next to my hubby. I suggested that he tell me all about this unknown man that was only about a half hour away by now. Hubby said that he wasn't going to tell me anything about him, and just wanted everything to take place without me knowing anything.

I asked my hubby if he was certain that he wanted to see me fucking and sucking another man in front of him. He said he was very excited about the thoughts of this man playing with my body, and the pleasure that I will be providing to a man that I have never met. I told hubby that I was not going to start anything with this man, and that if he wanted to see anything happening, then he was going to have to take control and get things going with the other man. Hubby said, not to worry, he would handle the whole thing.

While we sat in front of the TV watching a porno that my hubby had on, we were both getting horny, and before long, he was playing with my breasts, and I was stroking his cock.

Just as we were getting into it, I heard the doorbell ring, and hubby jumped up, almost out of his skin, to answer the door. I just remained seated on the couch, and continued to watch the porno, as my hubby brought in the other man.

I was pleasantly suprised to find that the man was a little younger than both of us, and that he was rather a good looking gentleman. My hubby introduced me to Jim, and I got up off the couch to shake his hand. As I did, hubby pushed us together, and suggested that I give Jim a welcome kiss, which I did. I have to admit that I did find it a little exciting, with my husband standing there and watching me kiss a stranger.

My husband suggested that Jim take a seat on the couch, as he grabbed my hand. He slid the coffee table back away from the couch, and had me stand between Jim and my husband. My hubby was standing behind me, and turned me slightly, giving me a kiss. As he did, he wispered into my ear, and asked me if I was ready for this, and did I feel ok with going ahead with his plans. I told him that if this is what he wanted, then we should get things going.

With that my husband told Jim that he should make himself comfortable, and that while he was doing that, he was going to prepare his wife for him.

I just stood there, and watched Jim as he sat on the couch and removed his clothing and let them fall on the floor. As I was watching, my hubby was standing behind me, and he started to rub my breasts thru the sweat suit that I was wearing. I do not have large breasts, but my hubby knows that they are very sensitive, and he had already been playing with them before Jim arrived.

As he played with them, he unzipped the top, and now had both of my breasts fully exposed to a man that I didn't really know. He removed the jacket, as he reached down the front of my sweatsuit, and started to play with my pussy thru my panties.

At this point, I wanted to just lean back and close my eyes, and enjoy the sensations that I could feel growing between my legs. Before I could relax, I realized that Jim was now sitting on my couch naked and stroking his cock. I was mesmerized with his cock as he stroked it. Jim's cock was atleast 8.5 or 9 inches and with a decent girth about it. My hubby is only a 6 incher, and I haven't had anything larger since before we were married.

My hubby proceeded to pull down my sweatpants, leaving me standing in the room, before a stranger, wearing just a pair of panties. Hubby took my hand and lead me over to the couch and stood me in front of Jim, as he continued to jerk off.

Hubby had me kneel in front of Jim, and he took my hand and placed it on Jim's cock, and hubby was now moving my hand up and down Jim's cock. Once he got me started, I just kept jerking him off, and Jim reached for my breasts and started to play with my nipples. I was still a little suprised with my hubby. Over the years, whenever we went out, he always seemed so jealous if other men even asked me to dance. Now, I was jerking off a man that I had never met before, as he played with my breasts, and was now rubbing my pussy thru my soaking wet panties.

My husband was now sitting next to Jim on the couch, and had removed all of his clothing. I could tell he was enjoying himself by the size of his erection. I have to admit that I did find this all very erotic, especially, with my hubby sitting there watching me jerk off this stranger.

My hubby was now standing beside me as I kneeled there jerking Jim off. Hubby grabbed my head and turned it so that his cock was now on my lips, as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I could hear Jim beginning to moan, as I continued to stroke his cock. Jim now had his hand down inside my panties, and had inserted his finger into my pussy. He was really working over my alread soaked pussy.

Hubby was really into it, and told Jim to stand up in front of me as well. I continued to suck my husband, and jerk off Jim as they both stood there. Within a very short time, Jim's cock started to erupt all over my face, and some even ended up on my husband and his cock. I jerked him off until I thought he was completly drained, just as my husband started to cum in my mouth. Now, I must explain that I am not normally into allowing anyone to cum in my mouth, but the situation was so hot, I couldn't stop him. He grabbed my head, and pushed his cock all the way into the back of my throat, and they could hear me gagging on the cock.

As my husband's erection was going down, I continued to stroke Jim's cock, which never really went totally limp, and was now getting hard again.

I was somewhat suprised to see my husband reach over and take my hand off of Jim's cock, and replace it with his. I just knealt there somewhat suprised, as my husband stroked Jim's cock a few times, and then started to rub it on my lips. My husband then used his other hand and put it on the back of my head, and pushed. Jim's cock went into my mouth without any hesitation, and I must say, that I was excited to finally taste his cock in my mouth. My husband was standing behind me, and he had both of his hands on the side of my head, and was actually using my head to run up and down Jim's cock. I was enjoying myself as well, and it did not take much for me to get the idea that my husband wanted to watch me suck off Jim's cock.

Jim having a much larger cock than my hubby, found it easier to make me gag. While I didn't like to swallow, I have always found it exciting to gag a little while sucking a cock. Hubby sat back down on the couch, and he removed my panties, as I continued to suck Jim's cock. Jim was playing with my tits, and my husband was playing with my pussy. Jim's cock was now fully erect and still in my mouth.

My husband reached for my hand, and took Jim's cock out of my mouth, while he told me to jerk Jim off, as he watched. I continued to jerk off Jim as my hubby took Jim's cock and put it back into my mouth. Hubby was getting a decent erection back, and was now standing beside Jim and in front of me, jerking off in my face. He took my other hand and put his cock in it as I continued to suck off Jim.

Hubby was now trying to f***e his cock into my mouth as I continued to suck Jim's cock. I was so excited at this time, that I didn't want to stop sucking off Jim.

I thought if I wanted this to continue, I better give my mouth to my husband. So I was now taking turns sucking Jim's cock, and my husband's cock. I would jerk off one while sucking the other. Both guys seemed to be enjoying themselves.

As I was sucking Jim's cock, and could sense that he was getting ready to cum again, so I was paying special attention to his cock. Jim had a hold of the sides of my head and was now running it up and down his cock, as he started to pump my mouth full of his hot cum. I continued to jerk off my husband as I was swallowing Jim's cum.

I could tell that my husband was about to cum as well, and removed Jim's cock from my mouth and replaced him with my husband's cock. He had only had his cock in my mouth for like four or five storkes before he started to shoot his load of cum into my mouth as well.

Now, for a lady that normally doesn't swallow, her husband or anyone else, I had a real mouthful for the evening, and now had a combination of my husband's cum mixed with a man's cum that I had only known as Jim. Both guys had big smiles on their faces by now, and I had a combination of cum inside my mouth, and on the cheeks of my face.

My husband reached down and took me by my hand and layed me down on the couch naked. He was playing with my pussy, as he suggested that Jim should help himself to his wife.

Jim continued to eat my pussy, as my husband now sat in his recliner and was watching this stranger eat his wife's pussy. It didn't take very long before Jim gave me another wonderful orgasm, one of many for the evening, as my husband continued to watch the excitement and relief on my face. I was now cumming in this strangers mouth.

Once i finished, I thanked Jim for all the excitement for the evening, and told him that I would love to see him again. Jim got up and got himself dressed as my husband showed him to the door.

Jim was out the door as I continued to lay on the couch and tried to recover from all the evening's excitement. My husband came over and asked how I enjoyed myself for the evening. I told him that I really enjoyed the evening, and was looking forward to the next episode. He just smiled, and said that he would put together another session, either with Jim or someone else. My thanks go out to Jim for now, and hope that I do get to see him again. Many thanks Jim

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