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Prom Night

No not the HORROR MOVIE,in fact my story has a much better ending.So it's my last year in High School.I was passing all my classes except English which was always a pain in my ass.Adjectives,Adverbs,Pronouns,Nouns,Puncuation,question marks.comma's Proper Engish (now called Politically correct)Hell I grew up in the GHETTO,nobody talked like that.They just cuss you out and went about their business.They bell rings for us to end or day at school.So my classmates all rushed to get out of there.My Enlish teacher called out my name and said I need to talk to you.Of course my friends sang the song YOUR IN TROUBLE and left.She said have a seat.She was short but pretty had a Dorothy Hamilton (the skater)haircut.Some people said she wasnot much older than her students so I'm going to say she was around 25.she came around to sit on her desk in front on me.all though she had nice legs,I was hoping of looking at her ass,she would wear skirts so tight you could see the cheeks of her ass. She said your FAILING my need a D to pass my class and an C average to graduate.Then the subject changed she said I noticed you staring at my ass.I all most fell out of my chair with embarassment.I said but,and she SHHH ME.she said I felt your eyes burning thru my skirt and my panties and then she lifted one leg and opened and said If i wore panties.I was looking up her skirt.I saw that she had a thick bush.She closed her leg and snapped her finger FOCUS.She said i think you are cute and i do want to fuck you.But I can lose my job,and there would be a lawsuit,plus your parents would come here.reality quickly settled in.I was imaging my d***k mom coming here.NOT A PRETTY SIGHT.the teacher said i will tutor you everyday after school here at the school.there will be no HANKY PANKY,FOOLING AROUND,NO TOUCHING OR FLIRTING and I PROMISE when you passed you will have the best PROM NIGHT week before THE PROM. teacher passed out the REPORT CARDS,but she saved mine for last i got really worried.she dismissed the class and said i want to talk to you.Damn I not going to graduate.then she locked the door.then she walked to the side of class because the door had a little window that people can peep in.she lifed up her skirt and slipped out of her panties,and motion me to to come to her.She gave me her panties and said YOU PASSED and kissed me deeply.I was shocked.she said whats wrong,i said i'm surprised that you own any panties,she said i dont i bought them yesterday just for you.I put them on this morning.But i want them back in a week at the PROM.she said will you wear a Tux for me I think men are sexy in a Tux.not a problem.ok Prom Night the usually photo opps,dancing,everybody having a good time.i saw the teacher over by the Punch Bowl serving and to make sure no one spiked it.I went over to her,lucky no one was around.she whispered did you bring them,I have the rolled tight in my hand and wiped my brow with them.she giggled.put them away I will need them later.cause i dont have none on friends was planning on finding another party somewhere else get d***k and get laid.i told them i would walk home.went back to the teacher and said goodnight (my signal)So i'm walking down the street and a car pulls up it was her.went about two blocks from the school.i didn't know she lived so close to the school.she had a cute quaint place with a fireplace.she offered me something to drink,but i declined.she bent over to light the fireplace and the lighting made her dress look sheer.she said I know your looking at my ass,i can feel your eyes.i said yes mamm,she stayed there for a few moments.she turned around and came up and kissed me passionately.then she reached in my left jacket pocket and retrieved her panties.she reached in her end table and pulled out a pair of siccors and began cutting a hole in her panties.she said take off your jacket.she put the panties on.she came around to the arm of the sofa and bent over unzipp your pants.I walked up behind her and she reached back and grab my dick and guilded him in her.she said push and give it to me.I could not believe i was finally fucking this pussy i've been dreaming about all year.and there was something sexy about having clothes on while fucking.she reached down and started playing with her LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT.and pushing back on me.she was making little whimpering sounds.then she started massaging my balls,she said dont hold back give me everthing you got.shoot it in me.when i came i felt like i had empty my soul inside her i was weak in the knees,gasping for air and some more shit.WHAT A PROM NIGHT.

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