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Hey everyone!

So here it is my first story, so i thought whats it going 2 be about.. ME OFCOURSE! ;)
Thought idd let ya'll know what i'm about.
So here it comes hope ya'll gonna like it.. ifso let me know.

I was about 12 years old when i realised that sex was gonne be something that i wil be interested in.
I allready had breasts, wich none of my girlfriends had. and that was gettin the attention from the boys, and i loved it!
I was much more mature for that age then most of the girls.'

Later on i became more aware of my body, and the plesure it gave me, when i would touch my pusssy..
I was facinated by my own body, and started to experiment some more..
When i took a bad i would spread my lips so my pussy would open up, then i held the showerhead against my pussy.. omg i feld so great!
The warm water spreading in my pussy, against my clit.. it didn't take long for me to come intense. it still gets me wet when i think about it.. and it still feels great.
I started mastrubating daily, i was thinking about sex all the time.
As soon as i got out of school i went to my bedroom to mastrubate, it feld so good rubbing my clit and filling my pussy with my fingers..

We were going on vacation, 2 italy, the whole f****y and a girlfriend of mine.
I knew it would be difficult to get some alone-time 2 make myself come.
I was irritated after 3 days cause i still didn't had the time 2 make myself come!
we went to the swimmingpool it was crowded, and we decided to get in the water.
Some dickhead thought he was funny and pushed me underwater, and i got a beam of water in my eye! it fucking hurt like hell!
(you know what i mean? those holes in the wall of the swimmingpool where the water comes gushing out)
I was rubbing my eye, en then it hit me!
That would be perfect to give a hell of a orgasm!
So discreet possible i would press my pussy against the beam.. my whole body started to shiver.. i feld the tension building op, more and more.. and there it was in the middle of hundreds of people i had a fantastic orgasm, my face was red, hart was pounding, and i couldnt feel my legs anymore.. it was fucking great.
every day for those 3 weeks i got my orgasm from a beam in a swimmingpool among hundreds of people in italy..

A few years later, when i was about 16 i got a boyfriend.
I had the most nasty and slutty images in my head that would help me 2 come everyday, but when it got to the boys i was prudish.
I always was certain that my body was sacret, and that it was not for everyone to enjoy.
So it took a while before i gave in, that he could fuck me.
There it would be, my first time!
i was hysterical after all this time, i would finaly get fucked!
So that night i would go to his house, his parents were out of town, and we would have the house to ourself.
I shaved my pussy, and i was ready to get fucked!

After a few drinks we started kissing.. he touched my body.. breasts..
He took off my top and started kissing and sucking my nipples.. the got hard.. and i felt my pussy getting wet.
He kissed my tummy.. he took my pants off.. my thong.. and i felt his big wet tongue licking my pussy!
hmm.. it felt great, i heard and felt him sucking my juice out of my pussy, this was more then i hoped it would be!
After a while of me sucking his cock he wanted to fuck my pussy, he did..
thats all i got to say.. I DONT EVEN REMEBER THAT PART! i was fucking pissed! this was not the way i hoped it would be!
i didn't feel a thing! worst part of all.. he was gonne be my boyfriend for 5 years..
All those years i missed something.. sex wasnt great, i feaked everytime we had sex.
i started to look upon the internet i wanted to know what i was missing..
I discovered Xhamster and i loved it!
so much 2 find!

soon after that i knew what i was missing.. i was a shamed of myself.. how could i like that,.. thats sick!
but everytime i watched a video my pussy felt wet.. and i would get so horney!
I just had to admit it to myself.. I LOVE TO GET FUCKED AS A slut!
yeah i said it so what!
I love to get a big fucking hard cock in my pussy, to get my hair pulled while im getting fucked from behind, to get tied while getting fucked hard and deep,
I love it to be called a whore and a slut, i love to get my pussy pound so hard that i feel the tears comming up, love to get choked while im having a hard cock in my pussy, love to get smacked in the face.

Why should i feel a shamed about that!?
Better yet, i think al lot of woman should envy me if they knew that, knowing that the behave like little angels in the bed while there husbands fuck them while getting told not 2 do this, and not 2 do that!

I think every man wants a lady in the streets and a freak underneath the sheets!

So when that man comes along 4 me.. he is in 4 a suprise ;)

xxx Diosa..

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