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Sally was looking excited at the prospect of finally having a cock inside her. I was as nervous as hell as I wasn't sure what to do or what was expected of me. My worries were removed when she said just lay on top of me and I will tell you what to do.
She opened her legs wide and I moved over on top of her. Sally said to take my weight off her and lean on my elbows and knees. As i did she reached down and took hold of my hard cock and started to rub it on her clit. I think I was shaking because she said don't be scared it will be good.
Now I want you to slowly lower it down as I guide it in, she intructed me. I could feel the head of my cock parting her wet flaps and penetrate her about 2 inches. She moaned and said just hold it there you are very big and hurts a little. Kiss me she said and our lips met and they were both quivering not sure whether it was excitement or fear. I could now feel her opening relax around my cock and she pulled it into her a bit more. She let out a yelp as I broke through her hymen. I held it there for a minute while she caught her breath and then she said she wanted it all in her. I lowered myself down and my cock dissapeared deep into her and could feel our pelvis's pressed together. Her
body started to shudder and her breathing rapid as her first orgasm with a cock in her exploded. I felt her finger nails dig deep into my back but didn't feel the pain as the feel of my cock in this girl was like nothing I has ever felt.
She feverously kissed me and i returned her kisses and she said to start sliding it in and out. First I took her for her word and pulled it out and she said no not all the way just until the head is nearly out and push it back in again and keep doing it.
My cock was now sliding in and out of her wet hot virgina. She was moaning and groaning as I did and I could feel my balls starting to well up and ready to shoot my cum into her. She sensed this ans started to raise her body to meet mine and my balls were slapping against her ass. I could feel the first blast spurting out of my cock deep inside her. Sally responded with another orgasm and we were ramming our groins hard into eachother. My cock going deeper inside her prolonging her cumming and by now looked like she was going to pass out.
Her eyes had sunk back in her head, her lips quivering and her body trembling.
After 5 or 6 six squirts my cum turned to a dribble so I stopped pushing and collapsed on her she sqeezed me really tight and said that was fantastic and much better than she had thought. She had wanted it for a long time but said she was glad it was with me.
After about an hour we did it again and I don't know how many times she came or whether she just had one continuous orgasm but I know that we will do it again.

Continued in OUR FIRST TIME - PART 3 - a friend joins us

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