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My wife , a old friend and a new cuckold who is me

Frist i would like to say this story is true . It has taken a very long time for me to get the courge to write this. i did change our names.

may 1, 2003 was the day i got out of the military. That day had been comeing for a long time. We thought about moveing to many places but a very old friend of mine needed help. He lived in texas ben was 53 and at the time was going threw a divorce and had knee surgey about 5 months before that on both kness. so we moved down to texs and in with ben. i helped do things around the house and out side and my wife did the inside house work and work look after ben because the nurse that came to see him only came for 1 hour a day. well all was going great for about 7 months when the company that the nurse worked for told ben he had to pay for it his self are be droped of the plan. ben did not have that kind of money so he had to cancle the service. Thats when ben ask me if sarah could help him and if i would mind. Me and sarah talekd about it and decide to help ben because he still was stiff and it was hard for him to mmove around.

Well sarah started the next day helping ben. get his food, helped him get dressed , and so on well that night ben needed help with bathing his self. Me and sarah got him in the bathroom and ben truned to us and said i still need help getting undressed and bathing plz. Sarah undressed ben and when she got to his sweat pants she pulled them down and bens cock just flopped out and layed on sarah forearm and she just giggled about it. And with her free hand softly pick up his cock and moved it. ben asked sarah to wash his back ,legs and chest. well Heard him ask her to wash his 'old man balls' as he put it. sarah was kinda shy about that and he said ' don't worry hun it can't get you yet'.

well all went fine over the next few weeks we had a routine down and it was going good. Well i was working out side one day and it was very very hot. I went into the house for some water and i was standing by the sink i heard a soft thunk,then another thunk, this thunk had a rythem. thats when i easyed down the hall to the master bedroom were the thunk was comeing from. the master door was open to the room and i seen ben on top of my wife and he did not look like a man that had knee surgey at all he was fucking sarah hard. sarah was naked legs in the air and i seen ben ass muscle's tighting and lossing going up and down. I shouted hold the fuck up what the hell going on. Ben say's with out stoping at all. I am fucking your wife boy. now shut up and watch or leave. Everthing in my body was tense i woulded to fucken kill him but i could not move i just stood there well ben fucken my wife .

then i heard it the unmiskable grunting of a man cumming and not just cumming butanother man cumming in sarah pussy and alot of cum. ben roll's over and asked sarah to rub his legs because they felt tight. i still was just stading there. when all my body came back to me i walked out and went to set in the kitchen. I hears slurping and new sarah was sucking his dick clean but i just sat there like a wimp. then i hear them comeing down the hall and sarah would not look at me she was looking down and started getting things out to make dinner. ben sets at the table next to me naked cock all d****n over the chair and says son you ok. i just looked at him. ben went on to say that he was just a man and it had been a long time sense he had some good young pussy. as i said ben was 53 sarah was 24 and i was 26. ben then say's i am gone fuck her tonight again and fuck her when and how i want. dont worry son she is your wife and you can still be with her but that's my little tight pussy understand while you guys live in my house it's is my pussy and i well do what,when and how i want with it understand.

For a 53/54 yearold man he did not seem like his knees hurt at all he fucked sarah ALL the time. He would maker her wear mini skirt with high heels no panties and a bikni top my poor wife was fucked constent. Then one day he call;s me and sarah into his bedroom and tell's us a two friends of his are comeing to stay the week with us and sarah and me both need to be ready. ready what the fuck is this i was thinken ready. ben goes on to say sarah were gone fuck but before we fuck this boy here needs to learn his place . boy i said you listen to me and ben grab me by my balls and said no boy you listen. shut up and get on your knees boy! so i did ben went on to say that his two freinds liked there dicke's sucked good and hard and wathing there cum eaten from women's pussy they also liked there cocks cleaned after there done.

he said boy your traing start's today. ben stood up rammed his cock in my mouth and said suck it boy. as he fingerd sarah.all i seen when i looked up was a gray hairy bush in my face and i felt old saggy ball's slap me on the chen then i sucked his cock long and fast ben said i was a good cock sucker as he bent sarah over the bed and placed his cock in her he said boy! get under us and lick my balls and cock while i fuck this tight pussy! i did as i was told i git under them and licked his old shaft and balls i tasted her pussy juice all over his thick fat cock. then he grunted a few time's and slammed his cock hard and deep in sarah pussy. and he was still i hears him braething hard and still grunting and then he slow real sloe pulled out and a hard a plop and seen his cock fall from sarah pussy. he told me to lay back and had sarah sit on my face as she grinnded her hip's on my face until all his cum was cleaned up. i got up slow and ben said her boy he was sitting in a computer chair his balls and cock hanging over and said clean me and just layed back in the chair. i got up walken over got on my knees and began to suck and lick his ball's and cock super clean as he liked saying. all week and the weekend we did this my poor wife was ass fucked many times for her traing. it was sunday we were laying in bed to sore and tired to move and ben walk's in and says you guy's are off today monday my freinds well be here and you two well be very busy. he looked at sarah and says off dont meam your pussy and climbs onto the bed puts his old cock in my wife with me next to then and start's ficking her hard .

part 2 of this comeing soon ben's two friend's vist

p.s what do you guy's think

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