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Laura and the two West African businessmen

Laura and the two West African businessmen

At the age of 31 Laura was delighted the way her career at the bank had been going. She had started as a junior immediately after leaving university and was now an important member of the team dealing with loans to large corporations. Her manager called her into her office on Monday morning and told her that she had been chosen to close a deal with a large West African oil exploration company who were about to float on the London Stock Exchange. She was told that due diligence had been successfully completed and it was up to her finalise the last details. She was given information as to what the bank's final offers would be and it was up to her to try to better them.
She was told that the two gentlemen she would be negotiating with had been vetted and checked.

Their names are Kwame Dauda and Emmanuel Marfo and they are both in their mid-50s and married with families back in West Africa.

As a very attractive blonde, Laura had often used her femininity and a tendency to flirt with both male and female clients to close some very lucrative deals and she immediately knew the sort of guiles and clothing she would be using.

Then her manager told her, 'There is a problem with where the meeting is to take place. The two gentlemen are staying in an old converted stone barn in Derbyshire which is set at the bottom of a large valley. The nearest town is 15 miles away and the nearest neighbour is 6/7 miles away. It's very remote and the only means of communication with the outside world will be via your mobile phone, so you need to give it a lot of thought as to whether you feel comfortable being with two strangers in such remote surroundings.'

'One other problem is that it has to be this coming Saturday as they fly back to Africa first thing on Monday morning and you'll probably have to stay overnight there. A car will take you on Saturday afternoon and collect you the same time on Sunday so you have 24 hours to tie everything up. If you're in any doubt we'll appoint one of your male colleagues. However we feel you're the ideal person to clinch such a lucrative deal.'

Laura said, 'I'll think about it and let you know later in the day.'

Her manager said, 'Fine, but I do need to know today, I must tell you though that I have met these two gentlemen and I found them absolutely charming,'

Laura left her manager's office and went back to her desk. For the next few hours she gave the proposition a lot of thought. She knew she wouldn't be able to tell her boyfriend as he would forbid her from going. But she knew she could take care of herself and using her femininity she was convinced she could clinch a good deal for her company. In less than an hour she had decided to accept the job and told her manager.

'Great, I'll arrange a car and driver to pick you up at about 11.00 on Saturday, it's just over an hours drive so you'll get there just after noon. Apparently they have a housekeeper there during the week and she will have prepared meals for the weekend,' her manager replied.

At home that evening Laura told her boyfriend Alex that she had to go to Derby for the weekend on business but didn't give him any further details but he seemed happy about it.

At work the next day Laura started giving the meeting lots of thought. She liked the idea of the remote farmhouse as it reminded of the many weekends she spent with her father there after he had split from her mother. She felt really close to him and even as a teenager she loved sitting on his lap and putting her arms round his neck and cuddling him. And more, but that was not something to remember now. She even wondered whether it could be the same farmhouse.

She decided that she would use her femininity, a word she preferred to sexuality, to get the best deal for the bank. She knew how far she could go, maybe a little flirting and as she is a very tactile person she always felt that some innocent light touching also worked well. Then her mind went on to what clothing she should take. Clearly her business suit was essential and decided on a white blouse where a button or two could be left undone if necessary. She normally wore 3 inch high heels with her suit and decided they would be best, but couldn't make up her mind whether to wear tights or hold up stockings.

Although she was going to be alone with two complete strangers she felt at ease as she knew that if they tried anything with her the bank would stop all negotiations and they would have to return home without the investment they needed and the bank would soon let the rest of their board know why the loan was refused.

Laura had a final meeting with her manager to go over all the details and she left work early on Friday to go for her regular appointment to get her nails done. As the girl doing them filed her nails down Laura suddenly had a thought. She said, 'Instead of my usual clear nails could I look at some coloured ones for a change?'

The girl found some samples and Laura knew immediately which ones to have. 'Ill have these deep red ones please.' she said.

In Laura's eyes they were a lovely slutty red. If she was going to charm and persuade the Africans to do business she was going to do whatever she could. She knew that if she succeeded it would be noticed by higher managers in the bank and would do her career nothing but good.

When she arrived home her boyfriend loved the nails and thought they looked wonderfully slutty. Later that evening it was obvious that her boyfriend Alex wanted sex and suggested that Laura wore her stockings and suspenders and ultra-high heels for him. Laura went upstairs and undressed and sat on the bed and pulled up her black seemed stockings and then got her 5 inch high heel shoes and put them on. As soon as she wears them she starts feeling horny, she knows she towers over Alex and makes her feel dominant. She found a deep red lipstick which almost matched her nails and applied it to her lips. As she looked in the mirror she immediately saw that her 36c tits and her nipples were already quite swollen.

She went down to Alex and as soon as he saw her he stood up. They stood together and Laura in her high heels towered above her lover, their mouths locked together. Their lips parted and they felt each other's tongues darting into each other’s mouth. Alex was very hard now and his hand went down between Laura's legs and was amazed at how wet she felt. They both quickly took his clothes off and lay on the floor. Laura parted her legs and felt his cock slide effortlessly inside her. Although she loved the feel of his cock inside her wet and welcoming pussy she would have loved some foreplay with a slow build up.

Probably her only disappointment with Alex was his lack of foreplay, preferring to penetrate her straight away. She thought it might be because he is older than her - in his mid-40s. He always made sure that she orgasmed but Laura absolutely adored having her pussy licked and made to orgasm like that but Alex rarely did that to her. She has very sensitive nipples and adores them being sucked and nibbled. And the couple of times that she tried to suck his cock he had told her he didn't want her too. She found this very strange as she adored the taste of cum and the feel as a cock ejaculated deep inside her mouth.

Her love of the taste of cum started many years ago when at the age of 18 she caught her older b*****r masturbating. During a college holiday she noticed that as soon as their mother went out her b*****r Roger would go up to his bedroom and shut the door. One day she followed him up there and realised that the door wasn't completely closed. She looked inside and saw her b*****r rubbing his cock. She was amazed at how big it was and loved the look of pleasure on his face. Suddenly she was amazed to see spurt after spurt of while stuff shoot out of the tip. Laura was fascinated by what she saw.

The next day when their mother went out her b*****r went immediately up to his bedroom but this time made sure the door was closed. Laura waited a few minutes and burst into the room, and as expected he was rubbing his cock again. She said, 'What are you doing, is it good, let me do it for you.'

His first thought was to tell her to go but suddenly Laura was sitting beside him, his cock was hard and he wanted to cum. He took her hand and put it on his cock. Laura loved the feel of it and amazed how hard it was. He covered her hand and moved her hand up and down on his cock. Laura loved doing it and took his hand away. Suddenly he was cumming and he shot his cum all over her hand. For some reason which she didn't know she put her hand to her mouth and licked it up and immediately loved the taste and texture of her b*****r's cum.

Over the next few days and weeks she progressed from wanking her b*****r and making sure her hands were covered in his cum to then wanking him so he ejaculated direct into her mouth and finally to sucking him off and getting him to cum in her mouth. Although she adored doing this she was also very ashamed and up to now only her and her b*****r know about this. So when Alex wasn't interested in her sucking him off she was very disappointed.

The next morning Laura got up and showered and chose her clothing. She knew it had to be her business suit with a white blouse. In the end she chose stockings but also picked up a pair of her tights too and her 4 inch high heels instead of her usual 3 inch ones she usually wore for work. She took lots of care over her long blonde hair and carefully applied her make up. She admired herself in the mirror. Alex said, 'Wow, you sure this is a business meeting and not a date?'

'Of course, it is,' she replied.

A few minutes later the car arrived and Laura got in the back. It made her feel important having her own chauffeur driven car. The journey took just over an hour and Laura spent the time reading her notes very thoroughly. She knew how important his was for both the bank and her career and she wasn't going to fail.

The car eventually turned off the main road and as it made its way along a country lane Laura began to think that it might even be the farmhouse that she was thinking of. When it turned down a steep unmade lane Laura was convinced it was the same place she had spent those wonderful weekends with daddy. After about half a mile down the unmade road the car pulled up in front of the converted barn that Laura recognised. As she got out of the car the two businessmen came out to meet her. Laura left the driver to get her overnight case and she went and introduced herself to them.

She said, 'Hello I'm Laura.' and held out her hand.

The first one said, 'Hi Laura, I'm Kwame and this is Emmanuel.'

The second man held out his hand and said, 'Call me Manny.'

They led Laura inside and the driver followed with her bag and put it on the floor and said, 'If that's all I'll be back here at about 2 pm tomorrow, if you want me before then just call me, you have my number.'

He went out and Kwame closed the door behind him. Laura looked round and realised the place hadn't changed since she last spent that wonderful weekend there. Kwame said, 'This is your room,' and led Laura to room that she was very familiar with. He said, 'I'll give you a couple of minutes to settle in.'

Laura closed the door behind her and looked at the big double bed. Her mind went to an occasion several years ago when, as she lay on her bed one morning one hand playing with her nipples and the other frantically fingering her pussy that she opened her eyes to see her daddy standing at the foot of the bed stroking himself as he watched his daughter pleasuring herself. This was the beginning of a sexually satisfying relationship she had for many years with her father.

Laura knew she had to put those thoughts behind her. She was here on business not pleasure. She brushed her hair and went and joined the men. They were busy getting lunch and in a few minutes they were sitting down to a smoked salmon salad. They chatted over lunch about nothing in particular but Laura was warming to them both. They were both in their mid-50s, tall, well-built and with shaved heads, and she had to admit good looking. Their accents indicated that they had both been educated in England and when asked they said they had met at Durham University. They finished lunch with a nice chilled glass of Chablis.

The next 3 or 4 hours were spent discussing terms of the business loan. Laura sat opposite them and often crossed her legs exposing lots of thigh which she noticed they were looking at. Then she would slowly swing a leg back and forward and her high heel shoe would dangle down. A couple of times she went over to them to look at information they had, she made sure she put her hand on their shoulder or touched their arm and leaned in close to them so they could smell her perfume. Whenever either of them was talking she made sure she made eye contact with them, her bright blue eyes looking direct into theirs, and would smile a lot at them. These were sort of feminine guiles that she often used and by about 5 o'clock they had agreed everything. Laura was delighted as she had even exceeded her banks maximum requirements relating to an arrangement fee and the security that they had offered for the loan was excellent.

Kwame said, 'I think we need a glass of champagne to celebrate.'

Laura was more than happy to accept. She took the glass from him and leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Manny asked, 'Don't I get a kiss too?'

'Of course, you do,' Laura replied and went to him and kissed him on the cheek too.

Laura said, 'I just need to fill in the figures we've agreed and we can all sign the paperwork, I'll do it in my room, it should only take a few minutes.'

She went into her room and sat at the table and entered the agreed figures in the appropriate documents. As she picked up the papers she glanced across at the bed and remembered the fun and pleasure she had in there. Of course the image that came across was the one she thought about earlier when her father caught her masturbating. She now recalled what happened next. Her father dropped his trousers and underpants and Laura was amazed at the size of her father's erect cock.
She heard him say, 'Laura darling, you know this is wrong, don't you, but you know what you need to say, don't you. Say the words, darling, say the words.'

She heard herself saying, 'Fuck me daddy, fuck me.'

Laura was getting quite aroused now and could feel herself getting moist between the legs, she even wondered whether she would get the opportunity to masturbate when everyone had gone to bed later. Laura loved pleasuring herself and although she loved her boyfriend making her cum she also loved making herself cum and had done so since she was in her early teens.

Suddenly she realised she needed to get this business side sorted and took the completed papers out to Manny and Kwame to sign. They were both in the process of preparing dinner, or at least putting it in the oven as their housekeeper had prepared it earlier.

They quickly signed all the papers and Laura put them away in her briefcase. They sat down to dinner and had Chicken Chasseur followed by raspberry cheesecake. They also managed to drink almost 2 bottles of Chablis between them. They cleared the plates and dishes away and sat down and chatted with another glass of wine although Laura had, by now, started thinking she had had enough to drink.

Once again she sat opposite them but this time curled her legs up. She saw both men looking at her legs. Her glass was filled up again as they chatted. They asked her about her boyfriend and she said that he was quite a bit older than her.

Then Kwame said, 'Why don't you come and sit on the sofa with us, it'll be cosier.'

Laura thought for a minute and then got up and walked over to them. They made room for her in between them and as she sat down her skirt rode up exposing a lot of thigh. Immediately she felt their legs pressing against hers and then they both put their hands on her thighs and started rubbing them.

Laura said, 'I don't think you should be doing that, gentlemen.'

But it didn't stop them and then Manny asked, 'Have you ever had sex with a black man?'

Laura replied rather indignantly, 'No I have not.'

The Kwame asked, 'Well have you ever had sex with two black men?'

With that they all burst out laughing and they started rubbing further up Laura's thighs. She knew she should stop them but was unable to resist. She was getting aroused and liked the feeling. She parted her legs a little wider and put her head back on the sofa and closed her eyes. She loved the feel as their hands moved higher and higher. She wanted to shout, 'For fuck sake get on with it.' But she was enjoying it. She finished her drink and handed the glass to Kwame, she put her hands in their laps and asked, 'So is it true what they say about black men having big . . . . ., you know?'

Kwame laughingly said, 'Big what, black men have big what?'

'Cocks,' she shouted. 'Is it true all black men have big cocks?'

''Never had any complaints,' said Manny. 'Nor me,' said Kwame.

They had now pulled her skirt up and could see her panties. One of their hands started rubbing the outside of her panties and could feel how wet and hot her pussy was. Laura still had her eyes closed as she enjoyed this gentle rubbing of her pussy. Then Kwame started undoing the buttons of her blouse and then slipped it off. She was now sitting here with just a bra on and her skirt up round her waist. Laura felt slutty and loved it. Kwame lifted her tits out of her bra and started playing with her nipples, gently at first and then rubbing and pinching them. Laura was beginning to breath heavily now as Manny eased her panties aside and slipped a finger inside her soaking wet pussy. She now felt their cocks through their trousers and wanted them.

'Undress me,' she said.

Manny pulled her panties down and put them to his nose and sniffed them. 'Laura you have the most exquisite pussy,' he said.

Kwame took her bra off and then Manny slipped her skirt off. She was now just sitting here with her nylons and high heel shoes on. Manny stood and took his clothes off. Laura couldn't take her eyes off him as she saw his huge black cock standing in front of him, and when Kwame was a similar size she was even more aroused. Now Manny was kneeling on the floor between her legs and started slowly licking all the way up and down her wet slit. She loved the feel as his big black tongue eased inside her pussy. Then Kwame stood on the sofa with one leg either side of her. His cock, at least 9 inches long and very thick and had was only inches from her mouth. She opened it and he leant forward and took it in her mouth. She clamped her lipstick coated lips tightly around the head and started sucking. It reminded her so much of when she sucked her daddy although it was a different colour.

She reached up and started squeezing his balls and then rubbing his big black shaft. Laura had trouble concentrating as Manny was getting her closer and closer to cumming. He had now found her clit and was alternately sucking and licking it. She wanted to pull his head tight against her cunt and grind herself against him but she couldn't reach. Kwame was now fucking Laura's mouth, although he loved the feel of her sucking him he couldn't keep still and was soon pushing his his cock in and out of her mouth and getting nearer and nearer to cumming.

Suddenly Laura cried out as Manny bought her to an enormous orgasm but didn't stop licking and sucking her clit and had her cumming a second and third time. Seconds after finishing, she heard Kwame saying he was going to cum. Laura clamped her lips even tighter round the head of his cock and then spurt after spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat. Laura loved the taste and texture of her black lover's cum. Just as Kwame pulled out she felt Manny easing his big cock inside her wet pussy and started pounding away at her.

Even though she had just cum the combination of a mouthful of cum and a large hard cock fucking her she knew she was close to cumming again. She was happy for him to cum inside her as she was on the pill and seconds after she had another orgasm she felt his hot seed pump deep inside her. With that she finally swallowed Kwame's cum. Manny slipped out and sat down beside her on the sofa. They sat and recovered for a while and then they both started playing with her nipples. Laura loved the sight of two big black hands on her white delicate tits. She could feel Manny's cum trickling down out of her pussy and onto her thighs.

Her nipples were now being pinched and squeezed and amazingly she was getting aroused again. She had already cum more times than ever before in one session. She got up and now knelt between Manny's legs and started sucking him. He was only semi hard and Laura wanted him rock hard again. Kwame got behind her and slipped his cock inside Laura from behind. He was quite hard and slipped all the way in as she was still very wet from taking Manny's cum.

She squeezed Manny's balls and pulled his foreskin right back with her lips and licked all-round the head and the underneath. He was so big that even with some of it her mouth she was still able to clasp her hand round it and wank him. Once again she loved seeing her little white hand wrapped round a big black cock. Kwame was now frantically fucking her from behind and pounding her arse as he thrust deep inside her pushing her further and further towards Manny. Kwame reached round Laura's front and played with her clit as he fucked her which bought her to another orgasm in no time at all.

Then she felt Manny throbbing in her mouth and she clamped her lips tighter round his cock to make sure she didn't waste a single drop of his cum. Seconds later she felt her cunt being filled with Kwame's cum. For the first time in her life she had both her cunt and her mouth filled with cum at the same time.

Now they all collapsed on the sofa and spent about 10 minutes recovering. They all had another glass of wine and with Laura sitting in between them it wasn't long before they were both groping her. Then Kwame pulled her onto his lap and she put her arms round his neck and started snogging with lots of open mouths and tongues. Meanwhile Manny had her legs on his lap and with her legs wide apart was soon playing with her pussy. She was very wet with his cum still oozing out of her and he started rubbing it all over her clit. She was in heaven again and she parted her legs as wide as they would go. She loved the fact that he could see right inside her. She stopped kissing Manny and took his hands and put them on her tits. He pinched and squeezed and pulled her nipples

She said, 'Do what you want to me, use me as your cunt slut, make me cum however you want.'
Laura couldn't believe what she was saying, she thought she had behaved appallingly when she first sucked her b*****r off and even worse when she let her daddy fuck her but now she was being a cunt slut to two black men. She couldn't get any dirtier and kinkier if she wanted to.

Soon her orgasm was nearing and said to Kwame, 'Finger fuck me, finger fuck my cunt, make me cum and cum and cum.'

Suddenly she was there and amazingly her body shook and trembled, she cried out with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure throbbed through her body and just as the orgasm subsided Kwame started fingering her again and bought on yet another orgasm. All the while Manny was abusing her nipples. Finally she could take no more and lay on top of them both and recovered. She loved seeing the whiteness of her skin and the blondeness of her hair against their black skin.

After a while they decided it was bed time and they agreed to sl**p together with Laura lying between them. Exhaustion meant they all quickly fell asl**p but after a few hours Laura woke. She could feel a cock against her and although it wasn't hard she wanted it again.

It was dark and she didn't know whose it was but she moved down and knelt over it and took the cock in her mouth. Although it was very soft she knew that her sucking would soon harden it and sure enough it was soon rock hard. Manny was now awake and Laura straddled him and lowered herself down onto it. She loved the feel as she impaled herself on the huge black pole. She raised herself up but didn't let it come out before plunging down hard on it again. She loved the feel as it engulfed her entire cunt. Kwame was now awake and had started sucking Laura's nipples. She was very very wet now as she felt Kowame behind her now and was feeling her arse. She had tried anal a few times and had enjoyed it and now he was easing a finger inside her other hole. At first it hurt but soon the pleasure from her cunt overtook the discomfort and then began to be pleasurable. Kwame speeded up the fingering of her arse and she loved the feel of black cock in her cunt and a black finger in her arse.

Then she felt Kwame's cock against her arse. She knew she wouldn't be able to take that inside her but Kwame had greased his cock and amazingly he did get inside her. It didn't go in all that far but the pleasure she got with two cocks inside her was like nothing else she had ever experienced. She orgasmed again and again before Manny emptied his black balls inside her. Immediately she slid out of him Kwame penetrated her again and continued fucking her. She lowered her mouth over Manny's cock but even her experienced sucking couldn't get him hard again. Laura managed to cum one last time when Kwame deposited his final load inside her.

They all fell asl**p again and didn't wake until mid-morning, totally exhausted and quite sore. They showered and had a late breakfast. Kwame and Manny insisted that Laura visited them in Africa on a regular basis to act as their financial advisers. At least that's the story that Laura was going to tell her boyfriend and Kwame and Manny are going to tell their wives.

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