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That little girl was driving me crazy! She wasn’t even all that pretty. She was a little too skinny. She was short. Her tangled-blonde hair was a mess. And, she was young. She was too young. She was way too young! Besides, she was my s****r’s k**, she was my niece!

As a 40-year-old man I had no damn business looking at a 17-year-old girl with lust in my eyes! Surely, only ‘dirty-old-men’ behave like that. If only I hadn’t seen her naked! If only I hadn’t touched her! If only I hadn’t fucked her! But, I did, curse my wicked soul!

Two days ago, I had gone next door to return my s****r’s book of recipes. I’d lived next door to my s****r Beth and her husband for years. Beth had one of the best cookbook libraries around. Unlike most men, I liked to cook. My lady-friends liked for me to cook for them. After feeding one of them a good meal, I’d usually get a really nice reward. A fine hot pussy and a couple of tits, mixed with a heaping helping of engorge six-inch cock, made an excellent recipe for dessert. Served at room temperature, this dessert would be topped-off with an orgasmic portion of steaming hot cock-cream mixed with a cupful of sizzling pussy-juices.

I am a confirmed bachelor, always had been and plan to stay that way. I’ve got no wife or k**s and don’t want either. When I was a k**, a bachelor lived across the street. Most of the k**s in the neighborhood thought that he might be queer. I never knew for sure. I hope the k**s around here don’t think that about me. I play for the men’s team. I like pussies and nice-firm clits. I like nipples and silky-soft tits.

Whatever it is the k**s think about me, it doesn’t keep them from coming over to swim in my pool. Mine is the nicer of the two pools in the neighborhood. When the k**s come over they call me Mister Jake. They don’t call me Mister Spencer. They feel that would be too formal. They don’t call me Jake. They feel that to be too informal.

Now, two days ago I stopped at my s****r’s back door and knocked. No one answered. The screen door opened to my pull and I went in. I called out for Beth or her husband Tom, but heard no response. I did hear a hairdryer humming deep in the house. I approached the sound. The bathroom door was opened a little. I pushed it open more.

Well, someone was drying their hair, that’s for sure. But, it wasn’t Beth and it wasn’t Tom. It was that teenage girl of theirs. It was their innocent, virginal little girl. I knew her to still be a virgin because her mother had told me so. I figured that’s a thing a mother would know.

Meggie was the girl’s name. And, Meggie was standing there ‘jaybird-naked’ trying to dry and comb her tangled-blonde hair. I could tell that she had just stepped from the shower. Her glistening-nude body was dripping-wet.

Now, I reckon I should have turned away and closed the door. But, I didn’t. I just stood there looking. That girl might be short and skinny, she might be young and not all that pretty, but damn she had a well-toned body! I knew for a fact that she was really into sports. Track and field events were her favorite. She’d been running and jumping in completions for years. She had just recently won a junior 6k marathon.

I just stood without moving. I was staring at the body of a naked young girl. I only had a side view as she faced the mirror over the vanity table. While short and skinny, I reckoned the legs to be shapely. They started at her petite feet and went all the way up to her ass. Why, her ass wasn’t skinny at all! It wasn’t fat either. Surprisingly, it was a finely-shaped ass! From my angle, I couldn’t see her pubic mound. I couldn’t even tell if the color of her bush matched the color of her tangled-blonde hair. Her arms were working up and down briskly brushing her hair, so I had only quick pictures of her young breasts. I couldn’t tell if they were big or small.

Suddenly, her thick bath towel slipped from the vanity table and fell to the floor. That girl stood flatfooted and bent from the hips to pick it up. Her finely-shaped ass was pointed towards me. I caught my breath. Wow! The ass was even nicer than I thought. My attention moved to the crevasse below. Her legs were spread, leaving the virginal pussy-mound completely exposed. Again, my breath was taken away.

I found the answer as to whether or not her hair color on her head matched the color of her bush. The color was yet to be determined! That girl didn’t have any pubic hair! Her pussy was bare. It was nude. It was beautiful!

In the brief few seconds that she was bent over, I gazed at the puffed pussy-lips and the slit splitting the magnificent pussy-mound. I didn’t see a clit. I guess the slit covered the clit.

She stood back up and resumed drying the hair. I was left with a mystery. I talked silently to myself, “Surely she doesn’t shave her pussy? She’s only 14 and doesn’t need to shave for a guy. Well, maybe she does have a guy, one that likes shaved pussies. Some of the ladies I know shave their mounds for me. They know I prefer a nude pussy-mound to a hairy, bush-covered one.”

Another thought entered my mind. I recalled a TV report I saw about pre-pubescent girls. They had talked about how an active lifestyle can delay puberty. This happens to active girls like gymnasts. Some of them don’t reach their pubic maturity until their late teens. Could the same be true about female track stars? Meggie was certainly an active girl. She never walked when she could run. She hardly ever sat still.

When I though a little more, I realized that this girl’s trim figure and short, lean profile reminded me of one of those petite gymnasts that run and tumble at the summer Olympics. I often watched their athletic routines on TV with a hard-on in my pants. Those little girls really turned me on. More than once, I’d taken out my cock and pumped it until streams of steaming, milky-white semen had coated the table in front of my couch.

I saw that this petite girl had finished drying her hair and had laid the hair dryer aside. She made one last futile attempt to brush the tangles from her hair. Her curly, blonde locks showed no signs of cooperation. She tossed the brush aside in a gesture of surrender.

I was not prepared when she turned towards the door. Neither was she. We both jumped in startled surprise.

Surprisingly, Meggie quickly recovered. She did not scream and she did not faint. She found her voice, and spoke, “Oh, Uncle Jake, it’s just you.”

Unbelievably, my young niece was making no attempt to cover herself. She did not reach for the towel at her side. She had not turned away from me. She did not move her arms and hands to cover her pussy or tits.

Before I found my own voice, I took a few seconds for my eyes to make a quick exploration. From this frontal view, I could tell that my initial assessment of her pubic-mound was correct. She didn’t have a single hair covering her pussy! Not even one! Her pussy-mound was completely bare!

Although she didn’t have hair on her pussy, she did have tits on her chest. While the tits had not reached the full maturity of puberty, they were nonetheless nice. I’d say they each would probably fit perfectly inside a coffee cup. They stood up like perky and decorative Christmas-tree ornaments. Dime-size pink nipples and quarter-size pale areolas completed the picture. Oh, what a pretty picture they made!

Before I had pushed open the bathroom door, my cock had been lying peacefully dormant inside my jeans. At the first sight of naked feminine flesh, it had awakened. When she bent over for the towel, it stiffened. When she turned to face me, it grew fully engorged. I now desperately needed to reach down and move it to a more comfortable position inside my pants. But, I didn’t dare, not with her staring at me!

Finally, I spoke, “Meggie, I’m sorry I came in like this. I came to return your mom’s recipe book. The screen door was not locked, so I came in. I didn’t know it was you in here taking a bath. I didn’t know you’d be naked!”

She could see my discomfort from the mistake I had made. She spoke to put my mind at ease, “Oh, don’t worry about it Uncle Jake. I reckon it’s my fault. I should have locked the door when Mom and Dad left to go to the movies. They went to see an X-rated one, so they didn’t let me go.”

I couldn’t let her take all of the blame. I said, “Well, I shouldn’t have come in without somebody answering the door.”

Meggie giggled and replied with humor in her voice, “I didn’t hear you knocking, but even if I had I don’t usually answer the door when I’m strip-stark-naked like I am now.”

I now laughed too and said, “That’s probably a good policy. You never know when some pervert might come to the door. He’d sure get him an eyeful.”

Again, she giggled. She then spoke in a more-serious tone, “Oh, hey, I just remembered something. Mom told me that if I saw you I was to give you a new cookbook she bought the other day.”

She walked out of the bathroom. She didn’t pick up her clothes and put them on. She didn’t even reach for the towel. She brushed past me still ‘jaybird-naked’! She made no attempt to conceal her nudity.

I followed her out into the hallway and watched as she headed for the kitchen. Her body was indeed well-toned, but her ass had a nice jiggle and shake. I recalled a couple of epithets boys sometimes use when watching girls asses. I spoke them silently inside my head, “You want fries with that shake? It must be jelly, because jams don’t jiggle like that!”

We reached the kitchen and she searched for the book. She opened the door to a lower cabinet and bent over to look in. Again, her legs were spread enough to give a good rear-few look at her pretty pussy-mound.

Again, I was pleasantly thrilled at the sight. Thankfully, I’d been able to straighten out my bulging cock while watching her ass jiggle down the hall.

She didn’t find the book in the lower cabinet so she searched elsewhere. Finally, she looked up to see it on a higher cabinet shelf. Softly she said, “Well, there it is. Uncle Jake, can you give me a boost up? It’s too high for me to reach.”

I glanced up to where she was looking. I wasn’t all that tall myself, only 5-foot- 10, but I could have easily reached the shelf myself. I didn’t even try. Instead, I stood behind her, placed my hands on her slim waist, and lifted her nude ninety-pound, 4-foot-9 body easily. The crack of her naked ass wrapped around the stiffened shaft straining my jeans.

She pulled the book from the cabinet. Yet, I didn’t immediately set her down. I held her ass against my cock for a few seconds longer. I then loosened my grip and her body slid down against me. As her feet touched the floor, my hands brushed against the curves of her young breasts. u*********sly, my hands reached farther around and lightly touched her nipples. She didn’t pull away. But, I did. She didn’t tell me to stop, but I told myself to.

Meggie turned toward me with the cookbook in her hands. But, she didn’t hand it to me. Instead, she took it to the kitchen table and laid it down. She pulled out a chair, looked at me and said, “Uncle Jake, will you sit here for a minute? I want to show you a recipe Mom and I like.”

Well, I didn’t know what to do. So, I did as I was told. I sat at the table. Yet, Meggie didn’t immediately join me. She turned and walked towards the refrigerator. She quickly explained, “I’ll be right back. I’ve got the ‘munchies’ and I need something to eat.”

I watched as she jiggled her sweet ass across the floor and opened the door to the fridge. She reached in, and pulled out a jar of dill pickles. I knew that Meggie was crazy about dill pickles, had been since she was a baby. Neither, her mom or dad liked them. Only one other person in the f****y did. It was me.

Meggie brought the jar back to the table and stood beside me. She seemed completely oblivious to her nakedness. She opened the jar and pulled out one of the long, fat, green, sour-pickles. It came to my mind that the pickle looked like a long, curved, green-alien cock. The girl put the alien-cock into her mouth and sucked.

Oh, shit! Damn me, I was wanting that to be my own throbbing cock in her hot, young mouth! u*********sly, my arm reached out and my hand settled on Meggie’s back. I only applied a little pressure, yet the girl moved. But, she didn’t move away. Unbelievably, she stepped between my legs and sat on my right leg.

Meggie had opened the cookbook. She was showing me the recipe and telling me about it. I was only half-listening. With my right hand on her back, my left hand found her belly. I think she was telling me about how easy it was to fix a meal using the recipe, when my right hand touched her ass and my left hand cupped a tit. She was still talking as I found the nipple with my fingers. I massaged the tit and nipple and then reached to do the same with the other.

At some point she had stopped talking. She wasn’t saying a word, and neither was I. I had lifted her off my leg and sat her in my lap astride both legs with her back against my chest. Both of my hands were now cupping tender young breasts. The skin was warm and silky-soft. An electric current flowed from them into my hands. I felt shockwaves pulsating through the fully-erect shaft of my cock. My engorged erection was pressed firmly the girl’s naked back and ass.

Still, no words were spoken. I could wait no longer. My right hand reached lower to cup the virginal vaginal mound. I found a magical treasure. Meggie’s pussy was warmer and softer than the breast were. My hands were playing with a pussy and they were playing with tits. These were my favorite things in the world to touch.

I massaged the pussy-mound gently. I couldn’t believe that this little girl’s pussy was full enough to fill my hand. But, it was! I kept one hand cupped to a tit and one cupped to her pussy. I then rotated hands. I was giving each young tit equal-time play. I was giving her pussy double-time play.

My hands grew more insistent. They were squeezing, and tugging, and pulling the tender young pussy-flesh. My fingers began searching for her clit and vaginal opening. I used both hands, spread the puffed pussy-lips with the fingers of one, and found the clit with the fingers of the other. The pussy-glory-hole eluded me. I couldn’t enter with my fingers. The pussy-hole was dry. I remembered then that Meggie had not yet reached the full ripeness of pubic maturity. Her pussy had not yet been through a menstrual cycle. Therefore, her pussy-hole had no natural vaginal lubrication.

I let go of her pussy with my right hand. Yet, I didn’t grab a tit with it. Instead, I put two fingers in my mouth. I filled my fingers with moisture. I reached again for the pussy-mound. My wet fingers found the clit. Now I was able to flick it, to tease it, and to bring it to heightened erection.

Meggie squirmed in my lap and gave a soft moan. Her head leaned back against my chest. I took the middle finger of my left hand into my mouth. I moistened the finger liberally. I reached for the elusive, dry pussy-hole. My lubricated finger easily found entrance. My finger moved in lazy circles inside the warm vaginal cavity. Meggie arched her back and moaned again. My finger became more aggressive in its exploration. It plunged deeper. It hit an obstruction.

Meggie gasped in pain. My finger backed away a little. I had hit the tender membrane of this girl’s hymen. It was then that I knew for sure that the girl’s mother was right. Her daughter was a virgin! I had my s****r’s innocent, virginal daughter strip-stark-naked sitting in my lap. I was playing with my niece’s ‘never-before-touched’ pussy and tits.

I pulled my finger out of the pussy-hole and moved my hands away from her pussy and tits. With them resting on her belly I buried my face in the silky-soft warmth of her freshly washed blonde curls. I kissed her head, I kissed her cheek, I whispered into her ear, “Meggie, sweetheart, I’d better stop. Don’t you think I should?”

That young girl Meggie, my sweet virginal niece, answered hastily, “No! Oh, Uncle Jake you don’t have to stop. I don’t want you to! I’ve never been touched like this. I like it. Oh, I love it! Please don’t stop!

What was I to do? What was I to say? The naked girl in my lap and the hard cock in my pants clouded my judgment. Finally, my mind found some words, “But, Meggie, wouldn’t you rather have a young boy touching you, maybe someone from school, or maybe someone from the neighborhood?”

She answered adamantly, “No, Uncle Jake, I wouldn’t rather have a boy! I’d rather have you touch me! I trust you. You’ve always been so sweet to me. I know you’d never hurt me. I love you a lot! Besides, the boys don’t pay much attention to me. They think I’m too short, too skinny, and not pretty like other girls. And, my boobs are not big like boys want!”

Now, it was my turn to speak adamantly, “Sweetie, boys are sometimes stupid! Why, girl, you’re prettier than you think! And, doll-baby, your boobs are just fine the way they are! My hands certainly do like them. And, so do my eyes. Babe, you’re a sexy young lady! If the boys could see you like I’m seeing you, I’d have to fight them off with a stick!”

Meggie giggled and laughed. She twisted around on my lap until she was sitting crossways. She looked at me with innocent eyes and whispered softly, “Uncle Jake, would you want to kiss me? I’ve never been kissed. Will you kiss me, please?”

I looked into her pleading eyes. I saw her partly-open, oval-shaped mouth and her puffy-pink lips. How could I resist? She lifted her head and I leaned toward her. My lips gently touched hers. Our lips were dry. I moistened my tongue and licked her bottom lip then did the same to the top one. Her lips still had the lingering sweet-sour taste of dill pickles. I kissed her again. This time our lubricated lips met with sweet, wet, shattering passion. I found her tongue and she found mine. Our tongues dueled and teased. My tongue found the inside of her mouth and hers found mine. I was tongue-fucking her mouth and she was tongue-fucking mine.

Meggie reached for the top button of my shirt. She unbuttoned it, and then the next and the next button. She pulled the shirt from my pants and off my shoulders. Again, she twisted in my lap. She was again astride my legs, but this time she was facing me. Her arms reached around my neck and mine went around her back. I pulled her close, as close as could be. Her naked chest molded against mine. Again, our lips touched and our mouths feverishly fought with impassioned fervor.

I reached to pull her arms from my neck. I pushed her back against the kitchen table. She caught herself with her arms. My eyes begged to see her tits. My hands begged to touch them. I reached to cup the two pretty, peach-shaped breasts. My hands and fingers frolicked and played, squeezing and teasing each nubile nectarine. My lips begged to taste their sweet nectar.

I reached behind Meggie and pushed the cookbook aside. I put my hands under her armpits and bodily lifted her and sat her on the table between my legs. She leaned back on her arms. I leaned forward and my mouth closed on an erect nipple. The sweet, adolescent bud stiffened inside my mouth. My tongue teased and my mouth sucked. My mouth found the other delectable nipple. The naked fleshy tissue of each pre-pubescent breast became a playground for my hands, my mouth, and my tongue.

Meggie moaned and arched her back thrusting her magnetic mammary mounds tightly against my mouth. Her voice became a husky whisper, “Oh, Uncle Jake, that feels good. I didn’t know that you could make my tits feel this good.”

I moved up to capture her lips in another passionate slippery-wet kiss. Again, our tongues mouth-fucked each other until we could hardly catch our breath. Finally, words came forth between my heavy breaths, “Meggie, baby, there are other places where I can touch you that will feel even better. Do you want me to touch you there with my mouth and tongue?”

She quickly replied, “Oh yes, Uncle Jake I do! Please touch me anywhere you want to. Do anything you want. I want it! I want it! I do!”

Well, I wanted it too! But, damn, I had to be careful. This sex-play might be ok, but I had no intention of fucking my innocent young niece. I wouldn’t let this go that far. At 14, she needed to give her virginal maidenhood to someone near her own age. At 40, I was too old to be deflowering adolescent virgins. I knew that I needed to keep my demanding cock out of my still-maturing niece’s pussy. Uncles don’t put their cocks into their naïve niece’s pussies.

But, this uncle had his sexy young niece lying naked on a table before him. Temptation was overpowering. I moved away from her tender, tasty, tantalizing mouth and lips. My mouth again ravished her breasts. It then moved lower. I found the silky-softness of her abdomen. I kissed and licked the sweet, feminine flesh. I found the bellybutton and made a tickling, teasing exploration.

My eyes moved lower to view the feminine glory they sought. I stared at my niece’s pussy in awe and amazement. Nothing is so irresistible to a man than tender, young feminine flesh. Meggie had the most beautiful teen-pussy I’d seen since my own teenage years. Not one vaginal hair covered her flesh. Every inch was nude and fully exposed. Her freshly-showered pussy-mound had the faint smell of ‘girlie-girl’ soap mixed with musky-sex. This virginal mound awaited sexual awakening. I was just the man to arouse it!

My mouth kissed the puffed pussy-lips. They stiffened in excitement. My lips sought the crevasses between her thighs and the lips of her pussy. My lips kissed and they licked. My fingers closed around the pussy-lips and spread them apart. Her clit lay exposed and inviting. My cock stiffened as my lips closed around this clitoral prize. Her pre-pubescent clit had not grown to its full size of pubic maturity, yet its petite innocence was all the more tantalizing. My tongue found the pee-hole. I licked and teased and vainly attempted entry. I knew the pee-hole was too small, yet I tried my best to stimulate pleasure. When Meggie’s hips began squirming and wiggling, I knew I had been successful.

I attacked the clit with more zest. My lips began making slow, lazy circles around the now fully-erect vaginal jewel. My mouth joined in. I captured the clit with my lips and tugged and teased. I kissed, I licked, and I sucked. I found the tender, fleshy tissue between the clit and the outer pussy-lips. I continued kissing and licking. I moved back to the clit for more kissing, and licking, and sucking.

Meggie moaned softly, and then moaned again louder. Her hips were quivering. Her voice spoke in a husky whisper, “Oh God, Uncle Jake that feels nice. Oh my… Oh my… Oh God, it feels good. Uncle Jake, you’re driving me crazy!”

My voice, too, spoke in a husky, sexual tone, “I’m glad you like it Meggie, honey. I like doing this a lot. Girl, you’ve got the prettiest, sexiest pussy I’ve ever seen! Damn, I love it!”

Just to prove it, I kissed the glorious pussy-mound again. I spread the pussy lips. This time, I bypassed the erect, stimulated clit. It was the pussy-hole I sought. Meggie had raised her legs and spread them wider. The pretty-pink opening to the pussy-hole was mine to enjoy. My tongue teasingly touched the tender pink vaginal opening. The young-pussy taste was wonderful. It tasted like sex. It smelled like sex. My tongue explored deeper. Her pre-pubescent vaginal cavity was dry. My tongue found moisture in abundance in my mouth and transferred it into the pussy-hole. My tongue circled around and around savoring every delicious touch.

I cupped my tongue to make it stiffer. I plunged even deeper into the glory-hole that was my niece’s pussy. My tongue pushed against the barrier-wall that was the hymen. I tenderly tested its resistance. It held firm. I had no intention of bursting my niece’s virginal ‘cherry’, not with my tongue, and most certainly not with my cock. But, that didn’t mean that I couldn’t tongue-fuck her pussy. That’s what I was doing. My stiffened tongue thrust in and out, in and out.

Meggie’s hips bucked to meet each thrust of my tongue. She was moaning and cooing with sexually awakened delight. Her words confirmed her arousal, “Oh, my goodness…! Oh, my God…! Oh, goddamn…! Oh, hell…! Oh, Uncle Jake, that feels unbelievable! Oh, shit…!”

I took my tongue out of my niece’s pussy. I kissed it. I sat up in my chair and pulled Meggie into a sitting position on the kitchen table. I reached for her lips and she reached for mine. We exchanged numerous slippery-wet kisses before I said, “Meggie, sweet-baby, you shouldn’t be using bad words like that! Why, I’ve never heard you use a cuss-word in your whole life! It just doesn’t seem right coming from your innocent mouth.”

Meggie had a quick and stern response to my admonition, “Uncle Jake, you’re the one making me use cuss-words! You’re driving me crazy! I’ve never used those words before. But, I’ve never done a lot of things that I’m doing now! I’ve never been naked with a man. I’ve never been touched by a man. I’ve never had my favorite uncle touch my tits and pussy with his hands. I’ve never had his tongue, or lips, or mouth kiss me and play with me like you do. My pussy feels like it is on fire!”

I smiled at her and winked. I whispered in a seductively, teasing voice, “Meggie, doll, do you want me to stop doing things to your tits and pussy?”

She nearly screamed her answer, “Hell no! Don’t you dare! Damn, now, you’ve made me cuss again! But, don’t you dare stop!”

So, I didn’t stop. I reached again for her tits. I buried my head in her cleavage. My mouth found the nipples and the ripening peaches that were her breasts. The taste buds of my mouth sensed more than the intoxicating, natural-feminine flavor of naked female flesh. Meggie must have dripped sour dill pickle juice onto her tits. The combined pickle-tit taste was exhilarating.

I lifted my head from her tantalizing tits. From the corner of my eye, I saw the still-opened jar of pickles sitting on the table. My fingers reached to pull one of the long, dripping-wet, mouth-watering dills from the jar. I touched the pickle to a nipple and then to the other. I spread the sour juices all around the nubile nubs and the curvaceous tits. My mouth clamped onto each tit and hungrily devoured the slippery-sour juices. The sweetness of her naked flesh mixed with the pickle sourness to become a recipe for sexual intoxication.

I pushed Meggie back on her back. I had another recipe I wanted to try. I had tasted pickled-tits. I now wondered how pickled-pussy would taste. I dipped the dill back in the jar to get more juice. I smeared the tart-tasting liquid all over her pussy-mound. My mouth watered with anticipation. I dove in head first. With a hunger born deep within my erect, throbbing cock, I ate the pickled-pussy. I kissed, I licked, and I sucked. I spread the pussy-lips and tried pickled-clit. I was savoring the most delicious serving of pussy I’d ever had. Oh, damn it was delectable!

Again, I spread the pussy-lips. I found the pink pussy-hole. I touched the pickle to the opening. The pussy-hole stretched. I slid the pickle in. Meggie gasped. I slid it deeper. Meggie squirmed. She wiggled her hips. She moaned. I moved it in and out, in and out. Meggie’s pussy-muscles attempted to catch the pickled-shaft and pull it deeper. It rammed hard against her tender hymen. Meggie screamed!

I quickly pulled the pickle out. There was no bl**d on it. Thankfully, I had not penetrated her vaginal veil. With her hymen still intact, her virginity was saved. I knew that I had to be careful to protect this girl’s innocence.

I left her pussy. I raised her up and kissed her with pussy-flavored pickle-juice lips. It was now my turn to say a few cuss-words, “Oh, goddamn it girl! Hell, Meggie, dear c***d, you’re the one driving me crazy! I’m so damn horny! My cock is so big and hard it’s about to burst out of my pants!”

Meggie giggled uncontrollably. When she stopped, she said, “I’m glad that I can make you horny. You’ve made me horny, too. I’m glad that I can make your cock get big and hard. I wish I could see it. Can I? I’ve never seen one before. Uncle Jake, can I see your cock?”

Now, here was a question that I was unprepared for. Did I dare let my cock loose from its safe confinement inside my pants? Did I dare allow the engorged shaft to be exposed to this innocent girl-c***d? Could I trust it? Could I trust myself? Could I trust her? Hadn’t she already removed my shirt?

I came to the conclusion that I could no more resist this naked girl’s pleading request than I could deny the lust in mind or the hard-on in my pants. I pushed my chair back from the kitchen table and gave her a softly whispered answer, “Yes doll, I guess you can see it.”

Meggie’s athletic body moved quickly. She sprang from the table and landed on her knees between my legs. Her hands settled on my chest. She leaned to kiss me there. I was glad that my body was strong and hard. I felt as buff and healthy as I was as a teenager.

Meggie’s hands grew bolder. She pulled off my shoes and socks. She unbuckled my belt. She unbuttoned my jeans. She unzipped them. She grabbed a strong hold on each side and pulled down. They slid off my hips, over my legs, and off my feet. Meggie did all that. She then sat back wide-mouthed and gazed. My imprisoned cock had sprung free from its captivity and the swollen, rigid 6-inch shaft was pointing straight at her.

When she spoke, it was with an emboldened feminine voice, “Oh, my God!
Oh, damn! Uncle Jake, it’s beautiful! Oh, it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! How could anything in this world be so gorgeous? Wow! Hey, I can see bl**d running through big blue veins. I can see the bl**d racing and pulsating. I bet I could count your heartbeats if I was holding it.”

Just to prove this point, that girl…that girl who had never even seen a cock, boldly reached out and grabbed mine. She grabbed with a two-handed hold. Her fingers closed gently around the shaft and she started quickly counting, “One, two, three… I can count your pulse, Uncle Jake! Oh my, it’s beating awfully fast! Are you ok, Uncle Jake? I wouldn’t want you to have a heart attack!”

I laughed aloud. I reached to bury my fingers in her freshly-washed, tangled-blonde hair. I spoke to reassure her, “Sweetheart, I’m fine. Luckily, I’ve got a strong healthy heart. I’ll let you in on a secret about a man’s heartbeat. It just naturally gets faster when a sexy female has hold of his cock.”

Meggie giggled and then asked, “You will be ok, no matter what I do? Can I do anything I want with it? I’d like to do some of the things you did to me. I want to make you feel what you made me feel. Ok?”

How could I resist her requests? I answered her questions, “Doll-baby, go for it! But, you’d better be damn careful! Girl, I’m about ready to shoot my load!”

Meggie took me at my word. She went for it. She pushed my cock against my belly. She kissed the shaft. She kissed it again. She laid her cheek against the length of the erect shaft. She hugged and kissed it like it was a long-lost lover. Whispered words came from her mouth, “Oh, I love it! I love it so much! It’s more magnificent than I could ever have imagined. Oh, Uncle Jake, I’ve been dreaming about what it would be like if you fucked my pussy with your cock. But, now I know that I can’t let you. Your cock is just too big! It wouldn’t fit in my little pussy-hole!”

Before I could argue the point about whether or not my cock would fit into her pussy, Meggie pulled down on the shaft. I had not been circumcised. The head of my cock popped out of the foreskin. Meggie gasped in surprise. As I had done to her, she touched her tongue to my pee-hole. She pushed and she prodded. Her tongue then touched the tender flesh of my cock-head. Her tongue circled the head. Her mouth then engulfed the whole cock-head.

I nearly fainted. Good thing I was sitting down. I felt a hand playing with my balls as her mouth licked and sucked my cock. I grabbed a handful of tangled-blonde hair and forcibly pulled her head away from my cock. I was panting as I spoke, “Goddamn it Meggie, I told you to be careful! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Slow down, babe! And, just where in the hell did you learn how to do that?”

Meggie wasn’t offended by my stern admonishment. She did slow down. But, she didn’t let go of my cock as she answered my question, “I guess I learned it from you, Uncle Jack. I’m just kissing, and licking, and sucking like you did to my pussy. Your cock’s a lot different than my pussy, though. But, I’m not complaining. I love the difference. And, mister, you just go ahead and cum whenever you want! I won’t care. Oh, hey, I about forgot something!”

She twirled around and reached for the jar of dill pickles. She picked out a slippery, juicy one. She turned back to me. She rubbed the sour-slick shaft of the pickle up and down the hard-stiff shaft of my cock. She then kissed, and licked, and sucked all the pickle juice off. She pulled my foreskin back and rubbed pickle juice all around the cock-head. Her mouth captured the head. Her tongue licked and teased. Her mouth sucked my pickled-cock vigorously.

I felt molten fire building inside my testicle sack. Semen and sperm were boiling. A volcanic eruption was near. Again, I grabbed two hands full of tangled-blonde hair and pulled back. It was almost too late. Liquefied, fiery-lava entered my cock-shaft. Here it was compressed and heated. The explosion rocked me. The most intense orgasm I’d ever had shot stream after stream of semen and sperm out of the hole where a virginal tongue had just been. The first fiery-stream hit Meggie’s wet tongue and pink lips. She didn’t recoil in fear. The second molten-stream hit her chin and neck. The next three shots sprayed her chest and tits. Surprisingly, Meggie directed the rest of the sizzling streams toward her belly and pussy.

Finally, I lay back exhausted. I’d never had such orgasmic delight. I looked at Meggie. She was smiling. I saw cooling liquid dripping from her mouth and chin. Her neck and chest were a sticky mess. Gooey globs of semen ran down her tits and dripped from her nipples. Her belly was glistening-slick.

I reached to pick her up. I pulled her body against mine. Sticky-wet seminal fluids mixed with sour-sweet pickle juices were squeezed between the skins of our two tightly pressed naked bodies. I kissed Meggie and she kissed me. We kissed with passionate zeal. I tongue-fucked her mouth and she tongue-fucked mine. I tasted the sweetness of her lips. I tasted sourness of pickles. I tasted an unfamiliar sticky, salty flavor I knew to be semen.

I picked Meggie up and sat her back on the kitchen table and pushed onto her back. I headed straight for her pussy. She had wanted me to feel good. I would now do the same for her. I kissed the pretty, puffed pussy-lips and the soft skin between her thighs and pussy. I spread her pussy-lips. I merciless ravaged her clit with a frenzy of kisses, and licks, and sucks.

My cupped tongue found the pink pussy-hole and savagely entered. I plunged deep and twirled the tongue around and around. I thrust in and out, in and out. Meggie’s hips squirmed, they wiggled, and they bucked. She moaned uncontrollably. Maybe she cried, or screamed, or cussed. I didn’t stop to listen. I continued to mercilessly tongue-fuck Meggie’s pussy. Finally, her hips made a few violent bucks, and then she lay still. I knew she had cum.

I pulled the girl down into my lap astride my legs with her chest hugging mine. She was still panting from sexual exhaustion. I held her tight. I didn’t want to let go of my dear precious niece. I held her and gently rocked her. Time passed slowly.

Finally, I picked her up in my arms and cradled her against my chest. I kissed her softly and whispered, “Meggie, baby, we need to take a shower. We’ve got sticky man-juices mixed with dill pickle-juices all over us.”

Meggie’s baby-doll eyes focused directly on mine. I could see fading passion draining from her. I instinctively knew that this virginal girl had just had her first sexual experience that ended with complete orgasmic satisfaction.

I carried her to the bathroom. I had to pee. Meggie had to pee, too. We peed together. She sat on the commode with her legs spread. I knelt before her. Our twin streams of amber-yellow fluid joined as one.

A wicked, erotic, undeniable urge overcame my resistance. I directed my stream of warm pee towards her pristine pussy-mound. I showered her pussy with comforting liquid warmth. Meggie leaned back, closed her eyes, smiled, and continued peeing.

We didn’t take a shower. We took a bath. We each bathed the other’s naked body. We kissed, we tickled, and teased. Our tender touches were reigniting sexual passion.

We talked in the tub. I was the first to speak words, “Honey, I guess you missed out on that X-rated movie your mom and dad didn’t want you to see. But, I reckon you made one of your own here at home.”

Meggie giggled and laughed. She had the sweetest giggle and laugh I’d ever heard. I loved it. I loved her. I knew she loved me. She giggled again and said, “Well, I guess I had some help making my homemade show. I couldn’t have done it without your direction. You are a fine director.”

A mischievously wicked thought entered my mine and came out through my lips, “Babe, have you ever seen a porn movie? Would you want to see one?”

She didn’t hesitate a second before she boldly answered, “I’d love to! Do you have one? I’d like to see if I did it right with you. Do you think I did?”

I answered her as quickly as she had answered me, “Lord-a-mercy girl, you don’t need a porn movie to show you how! Damn girl, you’re a natural! And yes, you did it right! Meggie, doll, that was the best ‘blowjob’ I’ve ever had! To answer your other question, yes I have a porn movie. Let’s go to my house and you can see it.”

We dressed quickly. I found out that we still had time to watch the porno film. Beth and Tom were going to dinner before going to the movie. Meggie’s s****r, 12-year-old Jenny, was spending the night with a friend.

Meggie dressed in cut-off jean-shorts and a sleeveless, white tank top. She didn’t bother with putting on a bra. Her peach-size tits didn’t really require one. She saw that I saw that she didn’t put on a bra. She smiled at me, giggled, winked, and brazenly said, “You’ll probably just take it off of me anyway!”

It was my turn to laugh. I responded just as brazenly, “Babe, if you leave everything here that I plan to take off you, then you’ll leave here the way I first saw you in the bathroom. You’ll be ‘jaybird-naked!”

When we walked through my kitchen door, I closed and locked it. I didn’t want someone to come in like I did at Meggie’s. I led the girl to my bedroom, picked her up, kissed her, and threw her in the middle of my big bed. I put a porn movie in the DVD player and turned on my big-screen TV. I joined Meggie on the bed. I wrestled with her, kissed her, and fondled her tits.

Before I started the movie I said, “Meggie, I want to give you some info before we watch this. First of all, the porn guys always have huge cocks. You’ll think mine is small in comparison. Second, the women suck those big cocks for a long time before the guy cums. A real guy can’t last that long. You should know that from sucking my cock. You almost ended up with a mouthful of my cum. Third, the guys can fuck the women forever before cuming. Guys just can’t really hold it that long.”

I pulled Meggie over into a place between my legs. She sat with her back against my chest. I started the movie. Meggie sat still, her gaze fixated on the screen. She saw cock-sucking, cunt-sucking, and pussy-fucking. My hands played with her tits. I pulled her top off. I removed her shorts and panties. I stripped my own clothes off. I stopped the movie.

I threw Meggie flat on her back on the bed. I kissed her mouth, her tits, and her pussy. The naked girl in my bed and the TV porn had brought my cock back to life. It was stiff, erect, and fully engorged. I was desperate to fuck my innocent teenage niece, but I didn’t dare! I was not going to deflower this virginal woman-c***d! No I wasn’t!

I pushed away and lay on my back. Meggie jumped on top. Her nubile nakedness pressed against me making me horny as hell! She kissed me with wet lips. Her tongue and mine teased and played. She rose up on her arms. Her tits dangled in front of me. I grabbed them, kissed them, licked and sucked them. She scooted down in the bed. Her hot, young pussy lay on my throbbing cock. She reached down and placed it between her legs.

Oh, goddamn, I almost started to cum! I wanted my cock inside her pussy! But, I couldn’t. This was my niece! I used every ounce of willpower I had to push myself away. I jumped out of bed. Meggie looked at me with confusion. I could only think of one thing to say, “Hey girl, do you still have the ‘munchies’? Let’s go find something in the kitchen.”

I picked her up. With her naked body cradled in my arms, I carried her to the kitchen. I sat her on the kitchen table. This was the second kitchen table I’d had this naked girl on. I reached in the freezer and brought out ice cream and spooned out two bowls full. I put butterscotch topping on each.

I handed Meggie a bowl and took a seat between her legs. We ate without speaking. I knew she liked butterscotch flavor. I did, too. Suddenly, I thought of what I had done with the pickles. I sure did like pickled-tits and pickled-pussy.

My eyes strayed to the open butterscotch topping bottle. I dipped a finger into the gooey syrup. I touched the sticky finger to a ripe, pink nipple. My mouth licked the nubile nub. I smeared more butterscotch topping on the other nipple and coated both tits. My mouth, my lips, and my tongue sucked up ever drop. Wow, butterscotch-tits were much tastier than pickled-tits!

I then wondered about butterscotch-flavored pussy. I just had to try it. I pushed Meggie onto her back. As if reading my mind, she raised her legs and spread them open. I coated her nude pussy-mound with syrup. I licked and sucked the thick, amber-colored liquid from the soft, warm pussy-mound. I spread the pussy-lips and found the clit. My syrup-coated mouth had ample topping to cover the clit. My tongue tickled, and licked, and sucked her clit. Meggie’s moans reminded me of those in the porn movie. I was glad she liked what I was doing. I liked it, too.

My next target was the pretty-pink entrance to Meggie’s glorious pussy-hole. Her pre-pubescent vaginal cavity might be dry, but I knew that this syrupy liquid would be a fine lubricant. I coated my tongue with topping and entered the pussy-hole. My tongue slipped in easily. My tongue darted in and out and all about. I was using my lubricated tongue to tongue-fuck my innocent niece’s pussy. Meggie’s hips wiggled and squirmed. Her moans intensified.

I stopped to let her settle down. I didn’t want her to cum just yet. I knew that by now she must be going crazy. I was, too. Oh, damn, I loved butterscotch-pussy!

Just to confirm my thoughts, Meggie spoke with a husky murmur, “Oh, Uncle Jake, that’s wonderful! You should be in a porn movie! You really know how to make a girl feel good! Can I do you now? Can I suck your cock with butterscotch topping on it?”

Without awaiting an answer, she sprang from the table. She was again on her knees between my legs. She had the topping bottle in her hands. She smeared syrup on the length of my pulsating shaft. She licked and sucked it off. She grabbed my cock and plunged it into the mouth of the butterscotch jar. It came out dripping thick globs of syrupy topping. Her mouth captured my cock-head. She sucked, she licked, and she mouth-fucked my cock.

I grabbed her tangled-blonde hair and pulled her head back forcibly. I spoke sternly, “Oh, goddamn it Meggie, I warned you to be careful! Do you want me to cum all over you again? Damn, girl, if you touch me again, I’ll get up from here and fuck you!”

Meggie jumped to her feet and threw her arms around my neck. Her butterscotch-coated mouth melted against my syrupy mouth in a sweet passionate kiss. She spoke to me as sternly as I had to her, “Please do! Please fuck me! Uncle Jake, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me just like they did in that movie!”

Well, this wasn’t a movie. This was real life. In real life, uncles don’t fuck nieces. No they don’t! They just don’t! But, I picked Meggie up from the floor and sat her back on the table. I pushed her to her back. I picked up the nearly-empty jar of butterscotch topping. I dipped two fingers in and filled Meggie’s virginal vaginal cavity with thick lubrication. For good measure, I applied additional butterscotch lubricant to my cock-head.

My mind was racing. I can’t fuck my niece! My engorged cock entered her butterscotch-slick pussy-hole. I can’t fuck my virginal niece! My cock-head touched her tender hymen. I can’t fuck my 14-year-old niece! My rock-hard shaft moved in an out in and out.

Suddenly, Meggie’s pussy-muscles contracted, they grabbed my cock-shaft and squeezed and pulled it in deeper. At the same time, her hips bucked up violently. Her hips thrust upward and mine thrust forward. My cock-shaft burst through the virginal veil. Meggie screamed. But, her hips didn’t stop thrusting and bucking. And, neither did mine.

My seminal fluids burst forth. Stream after stream of liquid fire spurted out of my cock-head and entered Meggie’s welcoming pussy. With my swollen cock inside her pussy, the vaginal cavity could not hold all the fluids. Some of it ran back out coating both of our pubic mounds.

A dam had burst and wave upon wave of orgasmic delight consumed me. Meggie, too, was writhing in the throes of orgasmic bliss. We each had one last thrust and one more orgasm. We heard a steady drip, drip, drip. We knew that it was semen and sperm mixed with virginal bl**d and butterscotch topping dripping from her pussy and my cock onto the kitchen floor. There would be a mess to clean up, but it could wait until later.

With my cock still deep in her pussy, I pulled her up against my chest. We each were panting with sexual exhaustion and excitement. Finally our breathing slowed. I held her tight. She held me. I kissed her. She kissed me. I picked her up and cradled her against my chest.

I whispered into my teenage lover’s ear, “Meggie, it seems like we are going to need another bath.”

We both giggled and laughed. We spent the next hour in my bathtub and bed holding each other and kissing, wrestling, tickling, and teasing. I walked her home and kissed her goodnight. We both knew that this wasn’t over.

I was just finishing breakfast, the next morning, when there was a knock at the backdoor. With hopes that it would be Meggie, I hastily answered. My cock was all primed and ready for some pussy.

But, it wasn’t Meggie at the door. It was her mother standing there. It was my s****r Beth. My s****r was four years younger than me. Beth was what the younger boys called a ‘knockout’. She was pretty. She was sexy. She had been both since c***dhood.

Since it was her day off, Beth was dressed casually in a short, sleeveless, yellow-print summer dress. The short length emphasized her slim, well-tanned legs. Even at the age of 36 and with two k**s, Beth was still ‘one-hot-mama’. Being her b*****r didn’t prevent my cock from having a hard-on when I saw her. It was just a fact of my life that my cock came to full-erection whenever I was near her.

I was genuinely glad to see her. I said, “Hey s*s, come on in. You want some coffee? I’ve got a little left in the pot.”

Beth came right on in and sat at the kitchen table and I poured her coffee. I couldn’t help but think of the teenage girl that I’d fucked on this table last evening. That girl was Beth’s daughter. As if reading my mind, Beth began speaking, “Jake, I want to talk to you about Meggie.”

My heart skipped a beat. My pulse raced. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. But, I recovered and said, “Ok.”

Beth laid a cookbook on the table. It was the one I had forgotten at her house after getting the blowjob from Meggie and tongue-fucking the girl in return.

Beth spoke again, “Meggie says you brought my cookbook back and she gave you this new one. But, you forgot it when you left. I began to wonder why. A thought came to me. I went to the laundry basket and pulled out the panties Meggie had on yesterday. Guess what I found? Her panties had dried semen stains mixed with spots of dried bl**d. There were also traces of some kind of lubricant. Jake, there’s something I want to know. Did you fuck Meggie?”

At this question, my heart completely stopped. Oh shit! Oh damn me, how was I to answer? I’d never lied to my s****r. I didn’t do so now. I answered her question with just three words, “Yes I did.”

Surprisingly, Beth smiled. Her face lit up and she spoke, “Thank goodness! I’m glad it was you and not one of those stupid teenage boys. Boys have been treating Meggie like shit for ages. They think she’s to short and skinny. They think she’s not pretty. Her self-esteem has been shot to hell. She hasn’t been happy. But, this morning she was smiling and humming a song. She was acting just like a female that had been happily fucked!”

I looked at my s****r with startled, unbelievable eyes. Why, she was actually glad that I had fucked her innocent, virginal daughter! I was speechless.

But, Beth wasn’t. She continued talking, “I can’t say I’m surprised that it was you. I guess I’ve always had a suspicion that you’d take after one of my girls sooner or later. I actually thought you might go for Jenny first. She’s the one with more sexual curiosity. Even at 12, she is pretty and sexy. She has no trouble attracting boys.”

Beth continued speaking. She said, “Jake, I know how you like young pussy. Damn, if anyone should know, it would be me! I was 8 and you were 12 the first time you put your hands inside my panties. I was 10 when you started licking and sucking my pussy and clit. And, I was 11 when you first fucked me! Not that I ever complained! We had a lot of good times together. Didn’t we?”

Finally, I had a question that I wanted to answer, “Hell yes Beth, we had lots of good times, damn good times! We had some good times fucking! Oh how I loved to get you naked! We didn’t quit fucking until you left for college. That is except for one more time. I remember our last time. It was the night before your wedding. You had a little too much to drink at your bachelorette party. You weren’t really d***k, but you came to my house, stripped off your clothes and practically ****d me! I knew that you needed one last fling, so I fucked you! I was just glad that you came to me that night.”

Beth giggled and laughed. It was the same giggle that Meggie has. She then spoke with remembrance, “I remember it well. I needed to fuck you. And, fuck you I did! I’ve missed our good times together.”

I spoke with the same regret, “Beth, I’ve missed those times, too. I was never sorry for anything we did. We made each other happy.”

Beth’s hand closed over mine. I leaned toward her. She met me halfway. We kissed. It was a kiss of remembered youthful passion. It was a kiss of rekindled sexual obsession. I stood up. She stood up. We joined hands as I led her to my bedroom. We spoke not one word.

Beth’s yellow summer dress, her bra, and her panties fell in a heap on the floor. My clothes fell atop them. We fell on the bed and kissed hungrily. Our hands, our mouths, and our lips explored each others bodies in a frenzy of reawakened sexual enthusiasm. Her body became my playground. Her breast and nipples, her pussy and clit were my toys. I played with them with unrestrained delight.

At last, my throbbing, pulsating, ravenous cock entered her dripping-wet, blistering-hot pussy. My cock sank to the full length of its shaft. Her pussy-muscles clamped on and pulled and tugged. My cock ejaculated torrents of seminal fluids. Her pussy released rivers of vaginal juices. We became lost in gleeful orgasmic enchantment.

We lay still for a long time, holding each other close. We slowly came down from our orgasmic heights. We kissed and we whispered endearing, passionate words.

Forbidden fruit had already been plucked. Forbidden words followed, “I love you Beth. I’ve loved you a long time. I will love you always.”

Beth’s response mirrored my words, “Jake, I love you, too. I love you with a deep, abiding love. I always will.”

Finally, the time came when Beth had to go. She made one last speech before she did. She spoke softly, “Jake, I’m not going to tell you to stop fucking Meggie. I want you to fuck her anytime you want. I want her to have this with you. I want her to feel what you make me feel. I know you won’t hurt her. I want you to fill her youth with the same kind of glorious memories that you filled mine with. And, Jake, if you get the chance to, see if you can take Jenny in hand. I’m afraid she might get too wild with the boys. If you can get her in bed, you can let her know what sex is supposed to be like. I love my two girls and I know you do, too. I want you to fuck their brains out and keep them sex-happy.”

I walked Beth to the door. She quickly reached for the cookbook lying on the kitchen table. She winked and said, “I’ll tell Meggie bring it over to you later. That will give you a chance to fuck her. Or, just to see what happens, I might send Jenny.”

I kissed Beth at the door, and she kissed me. Our kisses were sweet, ardent, and passionate. Our c***dhood passion had been reignited. Would we now be able to ignore it? Would we fuck again?

True to her word, Beth sent one of the girls over early in the afternoon to bring me the cookbook. But, my naughty, mischievous s****r played a little trick on me. She sent my sexy, 16-year-old, sexually-curious niece Jenny. Pretty little Jenny was wearing only a skimpy, hot-pink bikini.

Curse my wicked soul, my cock stood straight up at full-erection as soon as she opened the door

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