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Rough Suck on Cruise Ship

With so many hotties to choose from on a cruise ship, a constant supply of food isn't the only thing on the buffet. Almost any hour of day or night you can be man-watching and see everything from older daddies and bears to athletic men and downright smokin' hot younger guys. Whether in the gym, around the pool deck, or at the beach, there's plenty of eye candy, and the sauna in the men's locker room? Well, that's where the action is. Of course, it's mostly older guys hanging around in there, showing, playing, or watching. It's a fun environment, but I'm not looking for a grandfather. There were a few younger ones in there as well, and almost everyone wears just a towel, or nothing at all. One young guy with all sorts of piercings would come in and stretch twice a day, letting his towel fall where it may, and he almost gave the old geezers heart attacks. There was a younger couple who would come in together, the top tall and skinny, with a long, uncut cock, and the bottom shorter, with darker skin and a nice uncut cock too. They were only interested in each other, though. And then there would be the obviously straight guys, who either would leave their bathing suits on or wrap up tight in a towel and all but cross their legs. They were a bit of a downer on the action, especially if they started talking about, well, anything. But a couple of late afternoons when I was hanging around the sauna before the evening meal, a group of three or four guys from the New York area would come in. They were clearly straight, probably frat boys or just out of college, and were mostly shy, keeping their towels on and not giving anything away. But even that was still pretty hot to see--nice smooth chests, fairly well-muscled bodies, and bulges in all the right places in their board shorts.

The second time I saw them it was just the three, and one of them, not quite as tall and a bit more slender than the others, with a very toned body, seemed to notice that I was watching them as they slipped out of their suits and put on towels. I tried to be discreet in the locker area, but I guess my eyes were popping out of my head a bit with these hotties around. After a while, I made my way into the sauna where they were and sat opposite the group, and the one guy, who they were calling Tony, leaned back on the bench and spread his legs enough that I could see under his towel somewhat. With a little more repositioning on his part, he was showing me a quite respectable cut cock and balls. Though he was ignoring me otherwise, I was sure he knew I was looking, but the other guys seemed oblivious. Figuring a bit of a free show was all I was going to get, and not being able to stand much more of their chatter, I moved on to the steam room. After a while in there, I came out to cool off and get a drink, sitting on the bench along the wall in the locker area again to rest. The three guys came out of the sauna and showered, with one of them finishing and dressing quickly, rushing out ahead of the others. The second guy got his things and went into the bathroom to dress, while Tony stayed in the locker area, glancing at me briefly before dressing, giving me a good look at his fine ass.

Before his buddy could come out, though, Tony turned and walked over to me, quietly saying that he knew I wanted his cock and I should stick around after they left as he would be back in five minutes after getting rid of the other guy. He had a hard look in his eye that said, "You'd better be here or else," not that it mattered. My hard cock was doing all the thinking at this point and there was no way I was going to pass up a shot at whatever this hot guy wanted to do. The two guys tossed their towels in the hamper and headed out, leaving me pretty much alone in the locker room, since it was getting close to dinnertime. I was hoping Tony would get back before the attendant came in to start cleaning up for the night. A few minutes later I was still waiting, and decided to use the bathroom, but I left the door unlocked in case he came back. Standing at the urinal, I heard the outer door click, and then Tony opened the bathroom door and peered in. He entered and locked the door behind him, saying two words: "Perfect," and "kneel." I pulled off my towel and used it as a pad, kneeling on it in front of the urinal as Tony approached. He pulled his shirt over his head and laid it on the sink, then slipped his shorts and boxers off, leaving his shoes on. He was naturally mostly smooth, and his sack was shaved, with a puff of clipped pubes emphasizing a fairly thick cock that was rapidly chubbing up.

Tony pushed my head toward the urinal so my face was pointed into it, and I could feel the cold porcelain on my ear and neck. He laid his cock across the top of my shaved head, the heat searing, and at first a dribble, and then a stream of his hot piss went down my face. I was instantly hard again when he said, "Open!" and I parted my lips, tasting his stream as he directed it into my mouth. It ran out and down my chin as he continued to sluice my face with his piss. This guy obviously had a thing for domination, and I was loving it. Once he was finished, Tony smacked his nearly-hard cock against my cheek and pulled me away from the urinal. I reached up to take his cock, and he slapped my hand away. "You don't touch it--use your mouth only, got it?" I nodded dumbly and shuffled forward a bit to reach him, tasting his cockhead directly for the first time. He lunged forward, driving his shaft into my mouth, and I opened to the intrusion, not wanting to sc**** him with my teeth. It was unexpected enough that I choked and gagged a bit, and he laughed as he pulled back. I sputtered momentarily as he let me catch my breath, and then he positioned the head at my lips and drove it in again. This time I was better prepared, and sucked hard as he held my head, lazily fucking my throat. My spit covered his cock now and dripped down my chin, and he pulled out, slapping me in the face with his thick, hard shaft. Squeezing the shaft toward the head, he dripped a large gob of precome into my waiting mouth, and I savored the taste of it.

Quietly, almost menacingly, Tony drew out the word, "Cocksucker," as he slapped his sticky cockhead against my lips, stabbing it into my mouth and letting me lick it clean. Then he held the shaft up to give me access to his shaved balls, and I licked the large, smooth globes, taking them into my mouth one at a time before licking up and under as far as I could get. This seemed to give Tony another idea, and he guided me toward the wall, placing me in a sitting position with my back to the wall. He turned around, revealing his muscled ass, spreading his cheeks as he backed toward me. I traced my tongue up and down his crack, neatly at first, and then began to circle his pink, hairless hole, rimming and darting my tongue into his pucker. Tony pushed back, pinning my head against the wall, my mouth at his ass, and began to grind into my face as I tongue-fucked his hole. He was practically smothering me with his hot ass, but I kept my hands down, trying to maintain position until he finally eased up. Then he turned around again, placing his dripping cockhead at my lips, and I obediently opened, letting him run his cock in and out of my open mouth, sliming my tongue with his clear juice.

Taking a step closer, Tony once again backed up my head to the wall, and he drove his cock into my mouth and throat, pinning me between cold tile and his hot, taut belly, with that pulsing, thick shaft filling my throat. I could just barely breath through my nose when he let up a bit, not pulling out, but thrusting from his hips enough to move his cock inside me. I let him take what he wanted, and he held my head in place with his hands as he fucked my throat, speeding up and slowing down again as he pulled out, only to slide in again all the way. My eyes were watering and slime and snot ran down my face from my occasional gagging at his intrusions. Tony was oblivious to anything but his own pleasure as he continued to thrust in and out, faster now, and I suspected he was reaching orgasm. Suddenly he stopped with his cock all the way down my throat, his pubes in my nose, balls on my chin, and I could feel them draw up as he tensed and began to shoot. The first stream must had gone right down my throat, but as he drew out, another several squirts filled my mouth and sprayed across my face as he continued to pump come, stroking his cock rapidly. I coughed up some of the come that was in my throat and struggled to swallow again, especially as he pushed his cock back inside my mouth in a shallow fucking motion, working out the last of him load. Then he withdrew and used his shaft to scoop the come dripping off of my face toward my mouth, and I licked it up, cleaning his cock.

When he at last must have gotten too sensitive, he pulled away, looking at me like the fag I was, covered in the residue of his come and piss, sitting on a bathroom floor naked, my own swollen cock dripping precome. As Tony began to dress again, I started stroking my cock, well-lubricated with my own fluid, and he stared hard at me, nodding his permission. It took me no time at all to come, and I caught my load in a cupped hand, bringing it to my mouth and pouring it over my lips for his to see. I licked the remains of my comeshot out of my hand as he was pulling on his shirt, and he turned without looking back, unlocking the door and leaving. I was glad no one else was around at this point, and, grabbing my towel to wrap around my waist, I cautiously exited the bathroom and sat down on the bench to take a breather. Tony was gone, and a few seconds later when the door squeaked again, this time the attendant came in. I hadn't even thought to wipe my face, and since I hadn't gotten under the shower yet, I was still covered with a film of piss, saliva, and come. When I looked up, I saw recognition in the young man's eyes, and he smiled slightly, asking me if I was having a good evening. I could only reply that yes, yes I was.

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