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Mom punished

My mom vidya.She is hot and sexy.She always wear her saree below her navel and in fact she is little bit of a exhibitionist.I heard many guys saying sexy about to my fantasy.
I was doing that day I was driving my car to my home and it was already 7pm and it was raining.But unfortunately tyre got punctured.I tried for help in that heavy rain,but no one stop their vehicles.Then i saw a vehicle coming and i gave signal requesting them to stop,but they didn't stop.In that angry I called some abusive language.They heard me and they stop their vehicle.Then only I realize that it was a Police vehicle.I know i was busted.They came to me inquiring about what I said.I tried to justify my situation but they didn't agree.They were d***k too.One guy hold my collar and take me to the vehicle.They take me to police station.There were only 4 policemen.The SI shouted at me and also i got a hard slap on my face too.I beg them too leave me.After some hours one guy came to me and told me to call someone from my home to bail me out.

I then call my mom describing my situations.After 45minutes mom came.It was still raining and mom was little wet,maybe while walking from the car to station.Her saree was sticking to her body and mom was not at all aware of this.When she entered the room all 4 guys become silent.Mom walk towards the SI inquiring about me.I can see him staring at her body,in fact all 4 are doing the same.SI then told her to sit down showing her the chair.Mom sat down.He said what I said and threatened her that I am going to be in great trouble.Mom requested him not to file case and leave me.They all looked at each other and said ok madam.we will leave him,but you have to do something for us".

Mom was confused and asked him "what to do?".He then with a smile put his hand on her shoulder and said "let us enjoy".Mom and Me was shocked hearing this and she said No.Then he looked at one constable and he came to me.He cuff my both hands to a iron bar there and removed my pants and underwear.Then he hit my ass with a stick.I cried with the pain.SI then looked at her and inquired"any change in your decision madam".She didn't reply anything.Then I get continuous hitting on my ass and I screamed.Then SI said "madam you are very hot and you make us hot.Now we want to relax.If you didn't agree for that we will be f***ed to do it with your son's ass".I was shocked by hearing that and I can see very huge bulge in all 4 guys pants.

Mom cried and said Yes.They all laughed.Then SI told her "now stood up bitch,we want to see your beauty".Mom stood up crying.They all laughed and circle around her.They squeezed her boobs and ass over her dress.Then he said "now make us nude".Mom started undressing all 4 guys one by one.Now 4guys were completely naked and I can see 4 huge cocks.I was totally helpless and stood there watching with my hands been cuffed.

Then He said "Now let us show your ability to suck these cocks".Mom was still crying and sat on her knees.SI came in front of her giving his cock in her mouth.Mom opened her mouth and started sucking it.All are shaking their cocks eagerly waiting for their chance.Mom started sucking one by one.SI said "guys,let us fuck her mouth first and make her drink our hot cum.then we can fuck her hard".All agreed that .One guy then hold her head steady and SI started entering her mouth and he begin to fuck her mouth.He fuck her mouth very deep and sometimes he gagged her.I can see tears coming out from her eyes,saliva flowing out of her mouth.He fucked her hard in mouth and after sometime he cummed in her mouth and he make her drink it fully.Immediately after that another guy took his place and started fucking her mouth.Then one by one all fuck her mouth and make her drink their cum.

All 4 sat down resting and was drinking some more alcohol.Mom then begged him "sir,now please let us go".SI laughed and said "we are not fools to leave a slutty bitch like you.we have much more things to do madam".Then I can see them discussing something together.He called Mom and said "By your tremendous mouth we cummed and our cock are down.we want to make it up you do some sexy dance".They switch On a song in mobile.Mom was helpless.She do some moves but was not sexy.They were not happy about it.Then one guy said "sir,this bitch is not making any sex moves.I have an idea sir.let this slut suck her son's cock,it will be good to watch".By hearing this i get really shocked but the other 3 guys like this idea.SI said to Mom "what are you waiting lady,go and suck your son's cock and gave us a good show".Mom cried hard and begged them.But they dont listen to her and one guy pull her hair and take her to me and make her sit on knees in front of my cock.She just sit there crying.He then gave her a slap and f***e her head to my cock forcing her to take my cock in her mouth.

Her hot breath touch my cock and I dont know why my cock begins to get erect.I was little surprised by that.Then Mom take my cock in her mouth and started sucking.She stop it after some minutes.My cock was fully erect.He said "Why did you stop slut,He is enjoying it,his cock is erect,dont disappoint your son,make him cum.We want to watch you drinking his cum".Then only I saw that one of the guy was filming she sucking my cock,in his mobile.But I was not in a mood to react to that,Infact I was enjoying the suck.After sometime I cummed and she has to take it in her mouth.I was surprised to see her drinking my whole cum.

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