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I love pink underwear (part 1)

In her eyes I saw the mix of anxiety and excitement before I pulled the blindfold over them. Her wrists were tied properly together above her head, her hands clinched together as in prayer. She can pray all she wants, no one escapes my grasp. I started with taking a good look at this heavenly body beneath me. She lied there stretched out wearing nothing but pink undies and a smile. I undressed. Without touching her I came closer and allowed myself to be invigorated by her perfume. I was so close I could feel her body heat. She must feel mine.
At first I caressed her with nothing but my breath, relaxing my lips and exhaling slowly so she could feel the eupneic heat and then I pinched my lips cooling my breath as I approached her beautiful breasts. Her perfect nipples hardened and for a short moment she had goosebumps on her sweet heaving chest. Then I sat back and observed her perfect curves, pondering on my next move.
I used the back of my fingers to touch her silky cheek, gliding down to end palm down on her sternum. I felt her heart pounding and the beat racing. I gently and very slowly worked my hand over her whole body, teasingly avoiding her most erogenous zones. Then I stopped…
I softly jerked my hard cock, watching her helpless wondering and waiting for my next move.
This time I used both hands and started playing with her brown curls and with a little nail I slid down till her voluptuous bosom. I gently squeezed her aching bust. She sighed and licked her lips. The squeezing became kneading and I could swear I felt them firm up. Then I turned my attention to her perky nipples: I teased and tuned, flick and pinched them and I could hear the tone of her moans rise.
Without leaving her breasts unattended, I moved down one hand caressing the soft skin of her belly, and moving more south to caress her perfect camel toe. I could feel her clit swell through her pink undies, which rapidly darkened with moist. I felt like some sort of musician playing her undulating body producing a range of variations of sighs, gasps and moans.
I leaned over, lifted her chin and kissed her intensely. Our tongues met, danced and curled. She gasped loudly as I slid my teeth over her under lip and I could feel her raise herself against me as her belly touched the moist glans of my swollen member. I eased myself down so she could feel the extent of my weight and to free my hands to fondle her. As my hips met her loins she thrust her hot, wet sheath against my rock hard shaft and clenched me between her thighs. For a moment I was entranced by the motions of our warm bodies gyrating around the same focal point.
When I regained control of my senses I freed myself from her enchantment and glided my lips down her neck. She arched in response and I sensed her hips searching for mine, but I quickly calmed her by sliding my hand in her soggy panties. Her throbbing clit reached my fingers at the same time as my tongue touched her stiff nipples. Whilst continuing to lick, suck and kiss her aroused peaks, I wiggled her clit between my two forefingers. I stuck my hand deeper in her pinkies and spread her labia and felt her whole body shudder when I slid my middle finger in her wet treasure. While my mouth reclaimed hers and my tongue slipped through her parted lips, my ring finger joined my middle finger in her drenched alcove. I softened the pace of my lips and circled my thumb around her swollen joy button whilst fingering her deeper and faster until she arched her whole body and trapped my hand in between her thighs. She nearly bit my lip right before she moaned loudly and I felt her warm cum stream over my hand. Then a sigh.

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