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Las Vegas poolside

I needed a vacation terribly and booked a last minute long weekend.
When I got there it was late. I went to the hotel bar and drank heavy. Two hookers offered me some fun but I was concerned about std's.
When I got up the next morning I headed out to the "ultra pool."
I paid for a cabana.
"What is the benefit of this cabana?" I asked the girl that showed me around.
"Well; you can spend the entire day here, I bring you bottle service if you want it, you can watch sports on the tv and you have quite a bit of privacy."
I ordered a bl**dy mary and watched some sports on the tv.
I fell asl**p.
I awoke and was surprised by the presence of a young girl tanning herself on the chaise lounge next to mine
"Hi" I said
"He" she said as she smiled
"I hope you're not upset. I saw you sl**ping. I prefer to get some shade so I can stay out here longer"
She was about 22 and very cute
"Sure, I don't care"
As the day wore on the pool area got busier
Abut two I noticed some girls were topless
"yeah the first girls you will see are hired by the hotel to get things going"
By now I had learned the girls' name; Holly and she is from Seattle.
As the hostess came by I ordered a bottle of chilled vodka.
After our hostess left, Holly removed her top
I stared for a while and Holly didn't mind.
She had smallish tits but they had great shape and didn't sag. They were about 35 b or c
Holly is a brunette and barely stands 5'5" with long straight brown hair. She has straight teeth and a great smile
Her nipples were large for the size of her tits, about eraser size
We drank some more vodka and I was at least a little tipsy
Our hostess, Samantha, came by and I ordered some mojitos.
As Samantha returned, Holly was untying her suit bottom. She rolled the front down to barely cover her pussy.
I rolled mine down some more and Samantha and Holly smiled at me
"You've got a great body" Samantha said, you should show it off"
"Is that legal?"
"You can close the entrance to this cabana"
As Samantha left she closed the curtain doorway
Holly stood up and her suit fell to the ground
She obviously trims her pussy. She has a flat stomach, a young looking pussy and a great ass
I just looked her over
Holly was getting into it and spun around so I could see everything
I slid my suit off and started stroking myself
Holly found great delight in this and started dancing
I grew to full length and Holly came over to my ;lounge and planted her face in front of my dick.
She took me in and started a great blow job
As she locked onto the tip of my dick she stroked the length.
It didn't take me long. When Holly finally played with my balls I exploded in her mouth. I thought I would knock her off the lounge.
She grabbed a bar towel and cleaned off my dick
I fell asl**p
I awoke and Samantha and Holly were kissing by the private bar
Holly was still naked and I found great delight in watching them
I found myself growing and I played with my dick as I watched them
Samantha resisted Holly's efforts to take of her clothes
"I have to work"
Samantha slid off her panties and guided Holly's hand to her blond pussy
Holly sat on the end of the chaise lounge and planted her face in Samantha's pussy
Samantha arched her back, held Holly' face in her crotch and I stroked myself
I think Samantha and I came at the same time. She moaned and shivered as Holly slurped
I shot a load all over the furniture
Samantha quickly left, leaving her panties
"Want these" Holly asked as she held them for me to see
"Yeah sure"
"I've never done that before, what did you think?"
"I was in heaven watching"
We drank some more and Holy stayed on my lounge. She started playing with my dick. I grew quickly and played with her titties. Her nipples were hard\
I laid back and Holly mounted me
Holly slid up and down and I watched her firm titties
This was as good as it gits I thought
Holly started moaning and I could feel her clinching my dick with her pussy
She shuddered and I could feel her pussy quiver. I soon came another huge load and I just pumped gobs into her
Maybe it was all the alcohol but I fell asl**p again
I awoke and Samantha was cleaning my cabana. I was naked
"Do you need anything" she asked. I was naked
As she stared at my dick I replied
"Where's Holly?"
"I don't know, she was gone when I came in"
"Well, I need another Holly" I joked
"I'm not supposed to date customers" she replied, "but here's my phone number."
"any chance we can set up something for tonight while you are here"
"What room are you in?"
"I'll be there around 11"
"Want me to leave the curtains open?"
"Let me put my suit back on"
"You're not going to wear anything tonight I hope"
Her visit at my room is another story

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