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In our new home and on the deck

Hello here I am again I have promised to tell you and it is .
We bought our first house it was what they call a modular which means it was delivered by a truck in two pieces . After they placed the house up on the foundation and we brought the k**s to my in laws in the next lot over we went back to the house it was the opposite of the last story it was a cold October day soon tobe evening. We went in the house looked around again then I see her remove her pants and undies I said what are you doing like a stupid fool I am . She said we got to break it in right
She said join me no heat yet in the house it was cold and we are now naked on the floor of the kitchen which is not covered with flooring yet that is in a roll where I have her bent over so I could put my cock inside her. I give it to her good and she was screaming in pleasure we were alone no body even close to where we were so she was screaming as she came all over my cock . I loved it and my cock exploded in her as soon as she finished she was coming down from it when I sent her into another one. It was great what a night it was going to be but this time after we had dinner with the out laws we went to our apartment and put the k**s tobed and did round two and it was just as good we were so hot.

A few years later I bult a new deck we were out there after the k**s went to bed and she opened her robe to show me she was naked which is not her normal to sl**p in ! It was a warm summer night and we went out side to see the moon is what she told me she wanted to do! We did get to the lounge and and she grabbed me and proceeded to remove my cock from my pants she sucked it great and when she thought I was going to cum she stopped and said suck me now and I did this gave my cock a little to recover from almost cumming so I would not blow it off to quick inside her later ! I love licking her pussy this was wierd since we were outside in the moon light and looking at each outer as it was a full moon and we were having fun there I did not turn the lights on when we went out side it is a good thing cause I did not know what she had planned now it was time to place my now very hard and dripping precum all over place she licked it a little and then said it was time to go inside her and I blew it a nice big load after a nice long fuck it was great.

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