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~Scenario: Encounter On a Midnight Train.~

Its midnight, you're on a train headed out of state. You get up to go towards the refreshment car when on the way there you spot a tall brownskinned muscular gentleman in a shortsleeve shirt and jeans walking past you..he flashes a friendly smile as he heads back to his seat follow his gaze then turn forward, just barely avoiding a collision with a closed door..

You stand there closing your eye's for a split second, imagining what he looked like naked, then suddenly feel two large, warm and strong hands slide under your shirt squeezing your breasts and pinching your nipples mercilessly until they're both erect and suck in sharply then reach back lustfully searching until your hands find its mark..nearly a foot of rock hard dick throbbing underneath the fabric of his of the hands abandons your breast and reaches down your shorts and slips straight into your panties, burying two big fingers between your labia deep in your now moist pussy..

so what happens next?

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