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I arrived at Sally's place about 10am, where she met me at the door in a really short pair of shorts and a loose t shirt. She was tall and slim as well as have very long legs. I went in and she closed the door behind me, then put her arm around me and put her lips to mine and kissed me. She asked was I ready to fuck her and I nodded not sure what was going to happen.
Sally lead me to the bedroom and took her top off and removed her shorts standing naked infront of me. I could feel my penis growing and inch a second or seemed like that. She came over to me and said don't be shy and pulled off my shirt and undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. Sally then rubbed my hard cock through my undies and said how hard it was. She then pushed me back on the bed and removed my undies and took my cock in her hand. Slowly she stroked it and then started to lick and suck on my knob.
I felt so nice with her warm wet mouth around m cock as she stroked. Soon my cum was squirting into her mouth making her gasp for air. After licking my cock and stomach clean she moved up and laid along side me.
I said to her where did she learn all this and she said have you heard of Norm he is a friend of my parents. I said I had seen him around. Sally said well he is 28 and married and he takes me back to his place on Sundays while his wife who is a nurse is at work.
Fist of all it was only friendship, then they were playing around and Norm brushed up against her, accidently his hand pressed against her tit. He then told her she had nice tits and could he fell them which he did.
From then on each weekend he went a bit further telling her he would teach her all about sex. Next it was putting his hand inside her panties and then teaching her to rub his cock. He started to finger her but said he couldn't penetrate her as it was i*****l. he used to rub his cock on her and shoot his cumm all over her and finally taught her all about oral sex, sucking him off and swallowing his cum and him licking her till she came.
Sally asked me would I like to try licking her and she showed me where to lick as well as nibbling her clit and fingering her while I did..
Soon she was moaning and groaning, wriggling and shaking as her hole stated to leak her hot wet juices into my mouth. She grabbed my head and rubbed my face into it until she had finished.
I moved up the bed along side her and she licked and kissed her love juice from my face.
We lay there for a while talking about what we did and she said are you ready to be the first to fuck me.

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