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The Mansion (Chapter 8 & 9)

Chapter VIII

He: Here you are, in my bed. Breathing deeply. Totally in peace. I do not know how long I have been sitting here, just watching you. My slave has brought me breakfast and lunch without speaking. She understands. She doesn’t speak a word. Just watches and gently touching my hand, massaging my neck for a while and then leaving me again.
My thoughts drift away, in random fragments going through the five days that have passed since I met you for the first time, naked in the woods. I remember David calling me, God knows how long ago. Sending me the pictures, writing a long and most of all moving letter explaining what he wanted. Very wll knowing he was asking a lot.
What was it that made me say yes? His honesty probably, or maybe the care, the love, the intensity that was shining from behind the words in an intensity that I myself feel so well. The intensity of one who is willing to go through anything, do whatever is necessary to allow this intensly beloved woman to develop into exactly that you have wanted for all your life and now have found and will never let go. My own early emotions came back to me when reading his letter.

And now she is here. In my home, in my bed. Totally at peace with the situation. A remarkable woman; a bread that is seldom found. The second one I have known so far. I could love her. Oh yes. I do love her. She has become a part of me, just as I have become a part of her. Two people, partially merging into one. Shared memories that will never vanish. Five intense day and the most intense part yet to come. No doubt I have changed her life, her personality forever. But so has she changed mine. She moves ..

She: Looking up, I try to move and the blinding pain in my head prevents that. I am still bound somewhat but lying down. I see darkness, and then a face comes into blurry sight. It is The Man, looking down at me, or is it David? I cant be sure. I want to reach up, to touch, but I cannot. I call out Davids' name, and The Man touches my face. I am filled with an incredible sense of belonging. I am safe and loved. The beauty of this moment overwhelms me. I am a slave. One who will endure anything for her Master. I am suddenly strong again, I know there is nothing I cannot do. They will both be proud of me now. They will most surely be pleased.

Chapter IX

He: When you wake up the next morning you immediately notice a difference. Instead of waking up and getting yourself ready a woman has come in to wake you up. You recognize her voice. She is the one that bathed you before the punishment. You can not help but stare at her. She is completely naked but that is not what attracts your attention. It takes a few minutes before you notice. Her head is completely shaven. She has a gold plated collar around her neck. It is hard to tell how old she is, but you gather she must be about your age.

"Good morning," she says. "Please do not speak, since I am not to speak to you either, except for the absolute necessities." She grabs your hand and leads you to the bath that has already been filled. She washes you, tenderly. She is showing respect and making you feel special. Your eyes examine her as she rubs your body, kneeling down next to the tub. There are so many details. The most smashing one probably is the fact that you now notice that she is not shaven, but that - except for her eyebrows and long lashes - all her body hair has been removed permanently. And then there are her brands. She has two identical brandings on her hips: a monogram. You recognize the fine technique.These have not been done with an iron, but have been cut in with a red-hot knife. Given the fine technique, you figure that must have been a scalpel. She notices you watching them, smiles and her fingers touch yours. Gently, expressing a very subtle bond. Hell, if only you could talk now, share this with her. Her body is flexible and in very good condition. Even though it is obvious she must have gone through intense training, it is totally unmarked, except for the brandings.

When she is done washing and drying you she brings you back to the bed and rubs your entire body with almond oil. The scent is nice and it makes your tanned skin glow deep. Your hair is blow dried and brushed long and carefully. Then she leaves but returns almost immediately, gesturing you to stand up. She dresses you: a long black soft robe is now covering your body. Even though it is translucent you feel protected by it. The robe fits perfectly, following every curve of your body. It leaves your shoulders uncovered, but reaches down to you feet. You notice the front can be opened fully very simply. You are given soft, almost ballet type shoes to wear and then she brings out a long, thin but nonetheless strong and effective chain. It is connected to your collar. Your wristcuffs are attached to two long side chains that are connected to the long center one. The same happens to your ankle cuffs. Even though the chain can hardly be seen as a restraint since it offers you complete freedom to move around the symbolism of all this is overwhelming.

The woman grabs your hand again and leads you outside, through the garden and into the woods. A short walk brings you to a lake, surrounded by grass and huge oak trees. Under one of them, directly next to the water, a blanket has been spread on the ground.
"Good morning A." Until then you had not noticed me. I am standing, my back leaning against the tree. Instinctively you bow your head.
"Good morning Sir."
"Sit down. You are free to speak." I pour a glass of champagne for you. Only now you notice there is complete breakfast here. The weather is beautiful. You have no idea what time it is but it can not be that late in the morning since there is still some haze over the water. Yet it is not cold and very quiet. All you hear is birds and the morning breeze through the trees. You kneel down in the grass and take the glass from me.
"You don't have to kneel. Make yourself comfortable. I have brought you out here to enjoy." My hand reaches inside my riding jacket and brings out an envelope.
"This came in for you this morning. Feel free to read it and if you want we can talk about it."

You open the envelope. There is fax inside. A very long one, unmistakably David's handwriting. Your eyes scan it in no time, hungry for every word. Then you start again, reading it more carefully. "I am impressed with you A," David writes. "Although I was very disappointed seeing your escape I have seen you have learned from your mistake and have been brought to levels that are promising to say the least. I must say I was very amused by your response to the unknown woman taking advantage of you." You look at me, puzzled.
"What does he mean by seeing me, Sir. Is he here?"
"No, he is not. But almost everything you do is being videotaped and couriered to him every day. There is very little that is not captured on film. You can not see the cameras, since all of them are hidden, but take my word for it that almost every move you make is taped."
"Does this mean that ...."
"Yes, David has seen a more or less live video of your attempted escape. In fact three people including me were watching - and filming - you all the time. We were never more then twenty yards away from you." You blush heavily.
"David is very much entitled to see as much of what is happening here with you as is humanly possible, don't you think? Plus, the tapes offer him a very good opportunity to analyze what is happening as well as your responses and that way he and I can determine where to go next." You are speechless, knowing that David will see every minute of your training and god knows how much more. You sip the champagne and nibble a piece of toast as you stare across the lake, trying to straighten your brain out. Why can't there be a day to give your poor brain some rest, not to mention some other parts of your body.

I sit down behind you and put the fax away again. My hands massage your shoulders.
"Tell me A, how do you feel?"
"I .. I don't know Sir. I honestly don't know. There are so many changes, so many impressions. And most of all, I wish I understood what I am feeling for you and how that ties in with David."
"The last part is easy, although you currently won't be able to see things that way. You will develop very strong emotions towards me. In fact, you have already done so. And I will never fully vanish from your memories. Worse, I'll be a very prominent part of them. But your only priority will be David, once you have gone through this. Both he and I wanted you to know he is very much a part of what is happening here, even though he is a couple of thousand Miles away. That is why I let you read the fax. In fact that is why it was sent in the first place. Now I want you to stop worrying and stop trying to understand things. I want you to follow your emotions, no matter where they may lead you and let me take care of the rest. You do not have to understand things now and I know that is extremely difficult for you. But you must learn to give up control, completely and just follow the path David and I are laying out for you."

You turn your head and look at me. "May I ask who the woman is that came to me this morning?"
"Of course you may. She is one of my subs. There is a very strict hierarchy between my subs, even though I care for each one just as much. She is the number two. She has been with me for about fifteen years now and has been trained completely, as have all others. You will get to meet my favorite sub as well. Very soon in fact."
"Is there a reason for her being completely bald?"
"Oh yes, there is. All of them have very specific physical characteristics. All but my favorite one are bald since their physical beauty should not exceed the beauty of my favorite. Also, they do not have names, just numbers. Only Maria, my favorite, has a name."

You stare across the lake again, trying to let the words sink in. I pour us another glass, let your body rest against mine and keep quiet for a while, trying to read your mind. Finally I grab your shoulders and pull you on your feet.
"Come," I say. "You are about to enter a very new stage in your life. You have earned yourself something that is very special and something that I have had to give a lot of thought before telling David I felt ready to do it. In fact I only told him I would do this late last night. And I can only do it because of what you are showing to me and the fact that I do trust you and trust your emotions."
You stare at me as I place you, back against the tree, overlooking the lake and unlock the chains.
"Give me your hands," I say, standing behind the tree. Fyllu confodent you stretch them backward and feel them being tied together behind the big tree. I let you spread your feet and tie them to the tree as well. Since they are pulled slightly backward it is now difficult to keep your balance. I walk around the tree, then stand in front of you and open the long dress. It falls open, revealing your oiled body in the morning sun.

"You're beautiful. I must say I envy David," I say. Then I bring out some stuff. You shiver as you see a burner being brought out and lit. The next thing that comes out is a very large iron needle. I put on a safety glove and heat up the needle to the point where it is glowing red hot in the flame. Flashbacks about your branding fill your head. What is going to happen now. Will you be branded again? Will you also be given these monograms? You are too scared to ask as you see me rising slowly and walking towards you. Holding the red-hot needle in on hand, I sit on my knees and grab one of your outer labia, stretching it to the maximum. You close your eyes, then the needle punctures you. For a split second there is nothing. Then the intense burning pain starts and you cry out.
It takes quite a while before the needle is retracted. I lay down the needle and get out cooling spray. That helps. The pain dies down, leaving a numb, slightly pulsating feeling. You look down. You have been pierced. Through and through. You can see the brown edges around the circular hole that is much bigger then a normal piercing. I look up.|

"Close your eyes. Don't look at it. There is another one to come and after that something else will happen. I'll tell you when to open your eyes." You do as you are told and I reheat the needle. Less then a minute later the second one is done as well. You are shivering with emotions but despite the pain there are no tears. I reach in my pocket and bring out the small, golden padlock, open it and carefully lead it through the fresh holes. With it little click it locks again.
"Open your eyes." You look down, frozen with emotion as you see the lock through your flesh, locking you up, taking away the freedom to decide about who is going to enter there and when. I kiss your shaven triangle and stand up. Tears are flowing down your cheeks. Pure emotion coming out. I hold you and kiss them away.
"Do you ......."
"Yes," I answer, "I hold one key and David holds the other. From now only two people in the world can decide about what is to be done with your most private part and you have lost all control."
"But ... but ...," you can not find the words.
"Don't talk. Just feel. The answer is yes, I know and that is why I had to think about it a long time before doing it. By the way, these piercings are just as permanent as a branding. They will always be there, will never go away and will not close like ordinary piercings."

We stand like this for a long time before I untie you and put my arm around you.
"Come," I say and I lead you along the lake. Suddenly walking is a whole new experience. You feel the lock with every step, with every move. The spray has taken away the pain, at least for now but even with the painkiller you are very aware of it. You lay your head against my shoulder. I pull you closer.
"You have come a long way. You have earned yourself sufficient trust to allow for this to happen. Up until now there are only two women I have done this for ..."
From behind a tree a woman steps forward. She's small, but looks very tall and her long red hair glows in the sun. She is wearing a robe much like the one you are wearing now. Her green eyes look intensely proud as she walks towards you. Suddenly she opens her robe. You look down. Between her legs is a bright shiny lock.
"Meet Maria."
She takes you in her arms and I stand behind you doing the same, holding you firm between the two of us. Not a word is spoken ........

She: I will try and describe my thoughts to you now, on that sunny afternoon. I remember being led down the hallway to my bath by this beautiful woman. She held my leash as if it were the most normal thing in the world, to be leading a slave to be washed. I fear that my sense of reality has been altered since my arrival here. I remember the sun shining though the huge windows in the mansion. I slept well, for many hours and only awoke well after 1 in the afternoon. If it weren't for the woman at my bedside I think I might have slept the rest of the day. She bathed me while my eyes roamed eagerly over her body. She was beautiful, in a natural kind of way. She had no body hair save for her eyelashes and brows. Her head was bald, as was her sex. She had remarkable brands on her hips, much larger and more intricate than mine. She refused to talk with me, and I sensed that she was incredibly well trained. Her soft hands caressed my tired aching body. She rubbed my shoulders, my calf muscles, my neck, as if she were well aware of the trials I had been through. I rejoiced in the feminine touch, no pain. Simply softness, understanding and respect. I wanted to go back to sl**p as she rubbed almond oil over my naked body. She had other instructions however, to lead me to the park.

Outside, for the first time since my escape, I am blinded by the sunlight. I feel its warmth on my face and stand for a moment just to take it in. There is a gentle breeze, and I cannot imagine anything bad happening in the world in such a place as I am standing right now. I am chilled by the slight wind and I pull the sheer black robe around me, reveling in the ability to do for myself for a change. There is a blanket spread, in the shade of a big tree. This all seems so normal to me. I half expect families to be unloading their picnic baskets nearby. But we are not in the normal world, are we? I am reminded of this as the woman unhooks my leash and walks away. Then HE is there, leaning on a tree, watching me. He tells me to relax, that we are here for me to enjoy the day. He talks of his pride in me, in how far I have come. Then he pulls a letter out of his pocket. It is a fax from David.

It is a reminder from another life altogether, a spirit from my past. I hold the letter close to my chest, hoping to feel closer to My Master. My eyes fill with tears, he has sent me a letter and I am terrified to open it. I am reminded of all the things about him I love, his mind, his touch, his beauty as a man. I am reminded again, of why I am here at all.

I ask for a moment of privacy, as I fall to my knees and read. He tells me how proud he is of all I have accomplished. I find that he has been receiving video tapes of my actions. I blush thinking about the escape. He says he loves me even more and values me much more as a slave now. I have proven many times my loyalty to him, through The Man. I hold the letter close again as my tears fall on the envelope. I need to feel David again. I need his arms. When will he come to me and tell me that he approves of all I have done for him??

I look over at The Man, and he smiles at me. He understands. The chains which bind my ankles and my wrists make a slight noise and we both look down. He realizes my confusion at my feelings. He explains that although I will have feelings for him, my loyalties will always be with David. This thought makes me happy, I cannot wait to show him how well I can behave, how much I can please him. The Man must always, and will always be with me. He has shown me the life I was created for, he has helped me find myself here, I will always love him for that. But Master ........ he is the one I have endured this all for. He is the one who held me together. There will be two men in my life now, there is no other way.
The Man and I talk of his other slaves. He explains the hierarchy, the bald heads and the brands. I admire his slaves, but think to myself that I would wish to be only the number one slave. Is this pride again? I think not, perhaps simply greed. I have discovered that there is in me a survival instinct, that would keep me working always at being his favorite.

He tells me that he has a surprise for me, one that David is aware of. At this point, I have no reservations about what he might have me do. I am here to obey. I will obey. I am told to stand against the tree and am bound to it tightly. He is warming a long needle and I am fearful that I will be branded again. I watch him closely. My body begins to shake in fear and this time I have no luck in calming it. I am terrified of needles. I wish I could close my eyes, but I am fascinated by the red glow. Slow motion again, just like the whip and it seems to last a lifetime.

He reaches between my legs and stretches my labia out. Then there is the pain. There is the fire and the smell of smoke. I am near fainting, simply thinking about what is happening to me. I am screaming and pulling against the rope feeling the tree in my back. The ties that hold me to the tree, also hold me standing. I watch in amazement as he warms another needle. It is glowing in the fire... and my weary brain no longer realizes what might happen, I have given up fighting, I am full of acceptance now. I watch his hands in slow motion, as he pulls the other side of my labia out, stretches it and then suddenly runs the long needle through it. I am screaming, by instinct now. There is immense pain, but my body is reacting to everything that has ever happened to it, for some reason. I scream and scream, long after the pain has subsided. I am looking up into the warm sunlight and am reminded of a sunny day when I was a c***d. Could there have ever been any more happiness? Could I have ever felt so safe? I watch his hands, as if watching a very old black and white movie. There is a gold lock gleaming and then it locks the lips of my sex together.

If there were anything I was holding onto, from my previous life, it went away with the tiny click of that gold lock. I look down, and see it there and smile. This body belongs to two men now. I am only an occupant. My body is now a temple built to worship my Master. This tiny lock symbolizes the fact that what is between my legs belongs to my Master. I will never again choose what to do with it.
I am glowing, I am alive with fire, and pride. I am a beautiful and erotic slave now. There is nothing I wont do. There is no question I would ask. I have a gift between my legs now that is locked to me, and the rest of the world. There are two men who hold this key. The men who understand my value above all else. Can I ever feel any stronger than at this moment? Is there any greater beauty than my submission?
The Man smiles at me with pride. He and I have been through hell together. He is still with me, and has never left my side. I am overwhelmed at the emotions from just looking at him. He unties my ropes and suddenly I am free. I am as free as any human ever was, and I have no intention of going anywhere but where I am right now.

He looks to the right, and then there is a beautiful woman standing there, smiling at me. She is Maria, his number one slave. I am honored to see her finally, to be in her presence. Her eyes speak of ages of experiences, those that put mine to shame. She is glorious in her beauty, in her femininity and in her submission to Him.

She moves closer to me and I notice the small flash of gold between her legs. There is a gold lock, just like mine between her long legs. She catches me smiling, looking there and smiles back at me. We are s****rs now, she and I. We have walked through the same fire. She understands where I am, as no other person on this planet could. She moves closer and I take in her soft female scent. I ache for her touch, I would die just to taste her lips now. She moves up next to me, until I can smell her, and almost lick her lips. The Man is right behind me now and I am filled with the incredible sexuality of this moment. Her soft breasts press against mine, the heat of her stomach, belly to belly with me. I feel the hair from his chest on my back and see them join hands. I am sandwiched between two sources of fire. Oh god, could we just go down now, onto this blanket? I need him inside me, I need her to touch me, I need.... I need ............ soooo much...
When did I become so needy? I would beg now, if it would help. If I could only get away from this feeling, it's overwhelming me again. I spread my legs wider, and the tiny gold lock swings. I am ever aware now, of David's property, of how much he must value it. All I know is I am aching... I need ..... I need.

To be continued……

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