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The Triple X cocktail - Wife Shares Shemale With H

"Where are you?" Tara asked in a high pitched voice as if she was either excited or freaked out. "I'm at the boutique" I replied. "Ok I am coming by, something very important. I am so freaked out now and I will tell you all about it when I meet you. Will be there in half an hour see you." She hung up.

The phone call made me really nervous.I had reasons to get nervous if not get a nervous break down. Tara and her husband owns a few restaurants in different cities across the States. I have known Tara since 6 months now since she busted me from one of the restrooms of her restaurants. Well when you say 'busted', I was not caught doing anything wrong, but she figured out I was not a girl by the sound I made when I peed. blup yeah.. I know. But that shows how smart a woman she is. She has her eyes and ears all going to finer details of her business which makes her such a success. At 47 she is highly active with yoga and painting. Her 38DD and 36 waist with 49 hips gave her a curvaceous full figure which fills up what ever she wears. Age had definitely made her body more sexy the way I see it. She is extremely active in her sex life and has a huge drive almost insatiable and while she is quite a private person, she has told me that she and her husband do get adventurous in a big way.

I was just folding up few items in display as Tara ran into the store sweating and panting, she held my hand and pulled me to the back side of the store into my small office space. "We are fucked. we are so fucked" She said throwing her bag onto the table and sitting on the edge of the table. "what happened" I could not hold back my anxiety. "Eric saw our picture on my phone" Whaaaattt? I felt my knees giving way and I sank into the chair, jaws dropped throat dried up just looking at her. Eric was her husband and she was mentioning to a picture she took of us together. we have been seeing each other for almost three months and we have been so sexually active that we have lost counts on how many times we have cum in each others arms. Once we even had an all girls night out with me, Tara and two of her girlfriends, where things got really out of our hands once we were d***k and the other two women got to know that I was a shemale. It was a wild night though we remember very little of it. I know that she had taken so many pictures of us in various positions but I always thought she would be careful with them.

We just sat there staring at each other till I broke the silence. " And does that picture give away that I am a shemale"? NO. Luckily she replied. "Oh okie so it should not be a problem right?I could not hold back my anger. If Eric blows the top off and if I have to take shit, I am done girl. I am so done and I have no more energy left to carry on this sick life. I could not hold back my tears and I started weeping. Tara came over and stood next to me held my head and hugged me resting my head against her belly. Running her fingers through
my hair. Honey I wont let anything bad happen to you You know that. I will have this taken care of. More over, I don't think Eric will go after you. "How do you know that"? I asked. He mentioned that I invite you over for lunch this Saturday. " You crazy? I'm not coming I'm dead. Just tell him that I died. for fuck sake. "Honey, Tara shook me and looked straight into my eyes. He mentioned that you are beautiful and am sure he just wants to meet you.Trust me, you will be alright. I wont let anything bad happen to you alright? I could see in her eyes that she meant what she said. I nodded and she came closer and gently kissed my lips. I will come over and get you from here on Saturday alright? Ok I replied still sad and shaken but wiping my tears.

Saturday I got into my blue jeans and white satin top, trying to bring on the good girl look as I would be visiting Eric and Tara for lunch. I wore my favorite flat heeled brown shoes which has a transparent top through which you can see my toes. Tara came in sharp at 11 am and we drove to her house. Though i have been to her house so many times this time I could feel the cramps in my tummy, as I was shit scared.

As we walked into the house Eric was working on his laptop with a drink by his side. Eric was a very tall guy with receding hairline. Probably in his early fifties. He had very strong built and I could see his huge forearms through the folded sleeves of his shirt. "Girls" he greeted standing up with a smile. I was rather shocked to see the smile nevertheless less took it in the flow and greeted back. Hi Eric, he leaned and kissed my cheek. Welcome Silvia you are so stunningly beautiful he said looking at me from head to toe. I stared at Tara as I was surprised that he already knew my name. Tara closed her eyes and nodded reassuringly. "I saw your picture bare top on Tara's phone and I was sure I wanted to meet this beauty. "Thank you Eric" I replied blushing and looking down and then at Tara with a smile. Would you like a drink? Eric asked.
"Uhmm Wine?" I requested. "Sure". "Even I will take a wine said Tara and walked to get the wine. Once we started sipping on the wine, Eric got up to leave.
"Well please feel at home and we can have lunch when ever you both are ready. I have to finish some work so just give me a shout Im right in the office", he said walking towards his office with his laptop and whiskey.

Phew....Tara ran towards me and hugged me and kissed me tightly. Oh God that was a relief wasn't it she said. "Oh god i wanna pee i was so scared. lol" I said. cmo lets go to my room. We ran upstairs to her bedroom and gently closed the door behind. "Ok I really need to pee" I said walking to the toilet. "Can I come and peep hun" Tara said making fun of me. "Shut up girl" I closed the door behind me.When I came out Tara was pouring some more wine for both of us. We sat next to each other and expressed how relaxed we were that Eric was not mad at all. I was so relaxed and felt such joy that things went great with Eric. Oh hun were you scared, Tara leaned and kissed my lips running her fingers through my hair. I responded to her kisses by letting my hands gently wrap around her neck. Tara is a wonderful kisser and we usually start slow by pecking on each others lips taking turns gently pecking and sucking in the top and bottom lips and then get so turned on that we kiss and suck the tongue and breath out of each other. The wine was already making me feel good and I pulled Tara towards me on the couch pulling her over me as she started kissing me deep. Her tongue exploring every corner of my mouth taking in the flavor of the wine I had. I sucked in her tongue and started rolling my tongue over it entangling our tongues like two snakes in mating heat.

Tara took off her red lacy top revealing her red bra which was struggling to hold her huge tits. I fondled her tits through her bra and kissed her passionately before leaning down and trying to trace her nipples through her bra with my tongue. I could feel Tara's hands inside my white satin top caressing my tits and squeezing them. I am just a 36D and I adore bigger tits. Wanting to get more of her tits n my mouth I removed her bra releasing her huge tits. Her nipples were excited but pressed down because of her bra. I gently pulled both her nipples with my fingers, releasing them and I could see them stiffen in front of my eyes. I gently bent down and kissed her nipple my hand caressing her right tit. My kisses became gently sucking and I could feel her pushing her tits deeper into my mouth like a mother feeding her c***d. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in as much of her tit as I could as she moaned and pulled my hair. She held me up and removed my satin top and unhooked my bra. Releasing my tits and caressing them gently she hugged me tight. Adjusting her huge nipples against mine. She began rubbing her tits over mine as we kissed like mad lovers. She took her right nipple and pulled my nipple by her fingers. Now holding both the nipples she started rubbing them against each other gently. She reached down to her pussy through her skirt and came up with some moist juice which she smeared on both of our nipples. She then started rubbing them faster and harder. I could feel a burning sensation start from my nipples. It was a slight heat which slowly turned to a deep burning feeling some where from inside my lungs. It felt similar to the first time I masturbated as a small c***d. And just as the burning feeling was too much to bear she bent down and gently took my small nipple deep in her mouth. Just holding it in
her mouth she started licking my nipples as if trying to cool of the burning the rubbing caused. I grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to me trying to get her to suck more of my tits. She had taken almost all of my tit inside her mouth, chewing, licking and sucking on them. Her saliva was all over my tits as she turned her attention to my next tit. I was so aroused by now and I could feel my cock so hard and wiggling out from its position of folded backwards between my legs.

I got up from the couch and walked to her bed and Tara followed. "Will we get busted?" I asked Tara, "No Eric is in the office with his work" she said. I lied down on the bed stretching my arms over my head and Tara got out from her skirt and panties and stood there for a moment looking at me. She then climbed on the bed, standing. looking down at me. Her huge thighs and curvy fully round ass casted a huge profile on top of me as she stood over me looking down at me. I knew she was going to do what we both so love. Keeping her leg across me, she slowly lowered her huge hips down to my face, squatting down on me. Coming so close to me just for me to get the scent of her juice pussy. I could see the moistness on her pussy lips.Teasing me like that for a while, she gently lowered her pussy lips and touched my lips. I grabbed her ass with my hands and started kissing her lips one by one trying to first lick out all the juice from each one of them. She gently bent down and started kissing my navel. Her tongue circling the inside of my small navel. As I sucked her lips into my mouth she would gently bite my stomach and her hands were playing with my thighs.I took my nipple and started rubbing her clit with it. I knew she loved it. I would get her juice on my nipple and use my nipple to stroke her clit. Then I let my tongue slowly circle around her clit and I could feel her hands untie my black thong which was holding my hard-on. As soon as she untied both the ends my cock sprang out from between my legs and she held it gently in her hands caressing it and gently caressing my balls. I cold see her looking at my shecock adoringly and pushing the foreskin down gently to take a look at the moist red head.

My tongue was circling around her clit and i could feel her clit thicken and stiffen as it got excited.I started stroking her clit with my tongue in a circling motion. My tongue would circle on the hood slowly but with a massaging action on her clit. I knew she loved when I did this. She was now licking my shecock from bottom to the tip slowly making it wet with her saliva and then slowly took it n her warm wet mouth. She took it deep into her mouth and let it rest thee for a few seconds. I could feel her throat move as she let it rest. I threw my head behind in pleasure and my fingers started caressing her huge ass.

She started sucking my cock going all the way to the bottom and coming till the tip. She would also take few seconds to lick and suck my balls gently. My tongue was stroking her clit much faster now and occasionally sucking in her clit for a few strokes and then back to tongue stroking again. We were completely into the moment and we were lost. Tara was sucking me mush faster and I heard her say "I'm gonna cum baby suck my clit and don't stop". I took the queue and started sucking her clit in and out of my mouth as I could feel her juices flowing out into my mouth which I drank happily. I loved how she tasted. I could see her pussy squeeze as she was closing in on her orgasm. Every time her pussy squeezed it would seep out stream of juices int my mouth. I increased the tempo of sucking her clit and she slowly started thrusting as if fucking my face. Her heavy hips and ass were quite a weight on my face as she frantically started fucking my face with my cock still in her mouth she gave three more thrusts and then letting my cock out of her mouth she screamed throwing her head back and cumming, her entire body shuddered as she came heavy ..Silvia baby..oh baby...she went on as she came right in my mouth and all over my face.

"Fuck!" she said almost jumping away from me. I got startled and I looked up and as she moved away, I could see Eric standing next to the bed, with his whiskey in his hands. He was staring down at me and said "honey you never told me Silvia was a girl with something very special". " Eric" Tara screamed, this is not right you just came into my room invading my privacy. Honey I am sorry I was just passing by and I heard the loud noise you both were making I could not help but look. And then I saw you sucking her shecock I was so fuckn aroused.

"Let me not disturb you both please." As he said he gently reached down and touched my cock which was semi sloppy now because of all these commotion. Tara looked at me apologetically and I froze there not knowing what to do. Tara knew that I was not very comfortable with men and till date I had been only with one man and would have had sex with him for just about 8 times. As most of my lovers were gurls like me, I don't usually date men or women. Tara knew this and she was worried if I will be uncomfortable with what Eric was doing. He was touching and adoring my cock as Tara looked down at me. And all of a sudden he bent down and took my shecock in his mouth. His big wide wet mouth was very warm and it felt so good around my cock. His masculine tongue started flicking on my cock inside his mouth and I gently threw my head back wards and lied down. Tara let out a smile and bent down to kiss my tits and whispered in my ears - "Is he good at it?" I laughed and said, "yeah he is fkn good at it." My cock was rock hard inside Eric's mouth and Tara moved down from kissing my tits to join Eric in sucking my cock. It was such a Delicious sight to see this
husband and wife enjoying and sharing my shecock with so much love. As I saw Eric let the cock slip out of his mouth to Tara and he moved down to my balls sucking in my entire sack into his mouth. His warm tongue flicking and licking each of my balls with care and softness.

Silvia, its time you took my ass said Tara, "oh Sure" Eric said getting up and making room for us. I will go get another drink anything for you girls? A whiskey for me I said, Tara looked at me "oh girl you are going all out today aren't you"? Where is the rubber I asked Tara. Fuck the rubber lets go wild today fill me up honey, let my husband watch me taking a shecock full of cum in my ass. She lied down on her back and pulled me over lifting and resting her legs over my shoulder. After lubing her enough I slowly slid my stiff shecock inside her ass. Spreading her rosebud entry as I pushed my way through to her asshole resting between two huge ass cheeks. I went root deep and I could feel my balls rest between her huge ass. "Oh yes honey.." she said closing her eyes in pleasure. I cold feel her rectum gently squeeze me as I slowly started pumping in and out of her warm asshole. "Oh that is so hot" Eric came by and poured a small drink into Tara's mouth and helped me take a few sip of his whiskey. He had a few sips himself and stood up and removed his pants revealing his huge veiny curved cock. I cold not help but stare at his huge tool as I continued fucking Tara. Tara saw me giving Eric's cock attention and smile. I laughed and continued to fuck Tara's ass gently but deep and slow.

Eric lowered himself onto Tara's face and she started feasting on his cock sucking him and deep throating like a whore. Eric was staring at my cock going in and out of his wife's ass and I could see precum threading down fro his cock when it slipped out from Tara's mouth. The veins on his cock looked almost ready to burst and I could not take my eyes of the crooked curve his cock had. It was curved slightly down and then a sharp curve to the top towards the head. "You want some girl?" Tara asked holding Eric's cock towards me. I just smiled and Eric stood up to adjust his cock to my mouth. I slowly licked his balls which were hanging very low and responded to my kiss my swinging. After sucking and licking his balls enough I slowly took his cock in my mouth as much as I could. He grabbed my hair and held my head as he slowly started fucking my mouth trying to make me deep throat. His curved cock was chocking me and i started salivating all over his cock as I continue frantically fucking Tara in her ass. "Oh this is so fkn wild" Tara said looking up at me sucking Eric's huge cock. "Oh don't make me nut yet gurl" Eric said pulling his cock out of my mouth.

I bent down to kiss Tara and we shared the taste of Eric's precum as we kissed passionately. oh baby this is so sexy isn't it asked Tara. "yes baby it is", i kissed her again passionately. And "Ahhhh" I went "What asked Tara. I started laughing and Tara looked down to see the reason for me getting shocked all of a sudden. Eric was crouching behind me and was flicking his tongue over my assbud. His warm tongue was flicking over the rim and also gently pausing in between to poke the hole. It felt so good and his hands kept caressing and spanking my ass as his mouth got more skilled and faster on my asshole. I was so hard inside Tara and Tara could feel my precum oozing out into her rectum.

Eric by now gave rest to his mouth and used a liberal amount of lube on my asshole and inserted his fingers into me. I arched my back as his huge fingers entered me. This made my cock more harder and Tara said, "oh baby his finger is making you more hard!" I could not speak in the feeling of getting my cock squeezed by a tight rectum and my ass itself probed by two very skilled fingers which were now massaging my Pspot. P spot is the prostate spot which if massaged and excited can f***e an orgasm. Eric was using his both fingers to massage my p spot simultaneously thus not giving me any time recover.

This was making me go so crazy and Tara could feel that I was so close to cumming. She started playing with her clit feverishly. Are you gonna cum baby? she asked. I'm so close . "Eric i might cum any moment dear" I said leaning back to Eric resting my head on his broad chest. As his fingers continued their attack on my p spot. I bent down to kiss Tara as I felt i would be coming any moment and just as I bent I felt Eric's huge cock head tickle my ass.

"Oh dear" I said. Tara figured out that Eric was going to fuck me. "Be easy on the girl Eric" she said. "I will Eric" said. "Bend down honey" he said soothingly. I bent down and rested my head on Tara's huge tits. I felt Eric slowly pushing his well lubed cock head pass my rose bud into my rectum . I could feel his huge cock head stretching and making the passage for the rest of his meat to follow as he pushed harder and deeper into me. His thick popping veins were brushing against my sensitive rectum walls giving me sheer pleasure. Pleasure of getting my deepest and sensitive corners touched and explored. Just as he had his entire meat in me he took a deep breath.

Then he started slowly pulling it back almost till his tip. I moved my ass back onto him to try and get his cock back in me again and this had me fucking Tara again. Just few strokes into Tara and she had a screaming orgasm which had her rectum start tightening and gripping around my cock and I knew I was about to cum too. Tara squirted on my belly as she came shuddering her body and her rectum continuing to milk my cock as she came again and again.

Just then Eric drove his cock deep inside me again and again and for a moment I felt my whole body go numb. I had nothing functioning in me except for my heart beat. Then my ass tightened once... relaxed... again tightened....again relaxed...again tightened.... and then it relaxed and I fell down on Tara, my body shuddering in a huge orgasm and my legs shivering my eyes rolled up and semi closed me screaming in weak voice as my balls squirted and gushed loads of cum all over inside Tara's rectum splashing her ass walls with creamy cum.It felt as if that orgasm lasted for more than a minute as the waves of pleasure swept me all over one after the other. And as i was about to come back into my consciousness I felt Eric give a short and hard thrust and he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread it wide as his veins throbbed against my ass walls and his cock started shooting thick load of semen all inside me flooding me. He started panting and bent down to already collapsed me over my back. He looked down at Tara who was watching her husband enjoy a shemale ass and they kissed passionately as I turned my head and joined their kiss. Three of our tongues kissing each other as we lay down my cock limp in Tara'ss cum filled ass and Eric's cock softening in my cum syrup filled rectum.

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