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Black Men vs. Me (Part 1)

I stopped for a moment on my jog to lean up on my favorite tree. I had been going to Sledgeway Park for a while now and had grown used to the relaxed atmosphere. This was a very big "gays" meet spot and I often walked by many men having the times of their lives. Even I had taken part and played with some guys or groups I met on my walks. It got to the point were under my running shorts i would wear a jockstrap or women's underwear because I knew I could expect a good fucking out here.
I was cooling down from my jog. Even though the sun was down it was hot as hell and I would look down to see the sweat run down my toned white thighs. I've always taken good care of my body. Made it nice and skinny and sexy for my men ;) As I rest, I glance around. Nobody was in sight so I slipped my hand in my shorts and began to rub my raging hard-on. As soon as I did a tall, muscular black man came strolling around the corner. He was clean shaven but looked grungy as ever. He says "Got started without me huh?" I wasn't sure how to reply so I just left my hand were it was and stared at him. "I'm Jerome" he says "I saw you runnin' a while back down the trail. I could see that boner while you ran and I knew what you needed." he smiled and stepped closer and placed his huge hand on my cock and grabbed hard. I winced a little but sighed and grabbed his right back and boy was he huge! He was no were close to hard and he was massive! He smiled at me and after I massaged his cock for a little bit he grabbed my arms and turned me around then ripped my shorts down to my ankles and put a finger strait up my tight little ass.
I moaned a little and smiled. "Damn Jerome your gonna screw me right here? Families use this park." "Shut up b*tch" was his reply. He f***efully fucked my ass with his fingers then after a few minutes of that he pulled out his cock. I didn't think to look back at it but I felt its length. After he stroked his meat he pressed his tennisball tip against my little hole and f***ed his cock inside. It must have been 11 inches long! From my previous experiences the first half of his cock went in smoothly. I felt every vein and muscle as it slid right in. As he kept pushing it started to hurt! I could feel my hole stretching as his massive cock slid up inside me. I moaned and winced as he stretched me out still saying nothing.
I felt him grab my waist as he started to slide in and out. The pain was there but the pleasure was unbearable! I had never had anything so big and I let my ass swallow every inch of that cock. He began to use me faster and call me a slut. He'd ram me deep and hard and just pound my ass. It felt so good having that black cock inside me. I began to beg him for more and to call me a whore. I was enjoying being used like this and his cock was just sooo big!
After what seemed like hours he slowed down and pulled out then called out a few names. "Briant! Calaun! DaShayne!" In an instant 3 more black men appeared. All wearing jeans and wife beaters. I could have sworn it was a gang! I stood up and smiled at the but was immediatly grabbed by the waist and hands by them and f***ed over again. I felt Jerome and Calaun get infront of me as the other two went behind. Calaun undid his pants and out flopped a cock almost as big as Jeromes which I could see now. God he was huge and so was Calaun! I thought I was in heaven and I heard Calaun say "Ok b*tch your ours now. So get to suckin" I was happy to oblige and took Jeromes cock in my mouth. I licked his head then began sucking him down my throat. I stroked Calauns cock then switched and did the same to him. I was too busy to hear the zippers being undone behind me. I felt DaShayne and Briant's cocks flopped on my ass and I blushed real big. I kept sucking the cocks infront of me as they both spanked my ass with their giant meat! I felt one of them start to press his cock into me and began to suck harder on Jerome's cock choking the whole thing down my throat. I felt the cock run deep in my ass and start to thrust. He began to pound me crazily using my hole like a toy. He rammed his tool in me deep and hard as I switched off the cocks infront of me. I felt his cumm fill my entire ass. He didn't last very long but his load filled every inch inside me.
Onward this went for a few hours. Everyone got countless turns in me between my ass and my mouth. My lips hurt and my ass was soar when they finally stopped. I completly fell to the ground and "blacked out"

-To Be Continued

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