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Lisa to Liz part 2

Well when Jim called told me what Liz had told him frist thing I said was who the hell is Liz? He explaned that Lisa was his wife but when she wanted my cock she was Liz. I started to try to make sure that my friend was ok whit all this but unknow to me the phone was on speaker and she yelled that it did not matter if he cared cause he was the reason it all started in the frist place. This was a lot for me to handle I told them I would come to there house tomorrow and talk about it.

After I hung up I started to think she was right it was his idea but, he was also my friend for all those years too, but she was the best fuck ever too. so I came up with a plan to hopely make everyone happy.

7am. the next day I walked into there house went to their bedroom they were still asl**p still standing at the foot of there bed I yelled GET UP PEOPLE tring to come to there sentences I yell NOW DAMIT NOW I grabed Lisa and took her to the guest room told her to get naked and stay there!! Jim looked like a wipped puppy and I took him down stairs to the front door told him to go to my house till I called and do as I say when that happens.

Going back to Lisa I said you are going to be my bitch RIGHT? she weakly said yes I looked at and said what? again she softly says yes I scream WHAT she yells yes I'm your bitch I look her in the eye for a few then tell her that if she wants this to work she will do what I say, who I say, when I say, understand me! yes sir is her answer but the look in her eyes tells the story she is worried and frighten. I tell her to lay down and rest I'll be back soon.

I call Jim tell him to go buy flowers for his wife and a hotel room for tonite get wine and come home be quiet I'll meet him in the living room in an hour.

Going back to lisa I said sit up and talk to me why Liz? She almost crying says Lisa is a married women a wife who loves her husband and didn't want to cheat but, Liz is a slut that Jim wanted and f***ed to fuck you and loved it so much she couldn't go back if she wanted to. I said ok who is here at this second looking up trying to smile she says Liz I say ok then I lay her on her front and tied her to the bed post plus a mask on her eyes then put my cock in her mouth while she sucks my cock I swat her ass making it red and rub her cunt from behind too. I hear the door tell her to stay I'll be back put my cock away and go down stairs.

Jim is waiting thereI take him out side to talk. I lay it out for him look ASSHOLE that is a great women up there and she loves you but you are a stupid jeck off who has to have my approvel that why this is all going down. So listen you are going up stairs and fuck her better then you ever have take care of her needs before your own and let her know that she is the one and only one that counts, then take her to the hotel do it right cause if you do not I WILL FUCK HER TILL SHE CAN'T WALK AND SHE WELL NEVER BE YOURS AGAIN. Now strip and come with me.

OK Liz honey remember what I say and who I say right she shakes her head and I tell Jim go for it..............

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