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Fucking my gf with two of my friends

I love my gf so much. However I wanted to share my gf with my friends. I invited two of my friends to my home. Me and my friends had planned to fuck my girl threesome but my girl didnt know about that. As planned, I left the house pretending to go to buy some food leaving my gf and my two friends. I was looking inside from the window. My gf acted normally when one of my friends went near her and sat in her sofa. He touched her thighs lightly. My gf was excited. She rubbed his penis. My other friend took his cock out and inserted it in her mouth. her clothes were thrown out. She was hooked by two of my in her pussy and other in her mouth. I came back and my gf invited me to join the sex party. I took my penis out and she sucked it out all the juices from my penis. I licked her pussy while she was having fun with two penis. I fucked her in her pussy while my friend fuck her in her ass and other one in her mouth. That was such a wonderful day. She is a totally slut and a bitch. I banged her the hardest in my entire life.SHe was able to handle all of our 3 cocks easily. She told me while we were having sex that she has already had sex with more than 10 boys beyond my knowing. I know she is a slut and i will bang her always like this. When we were in climax. all three of us ejected in her face.....she was so beautiful with so much cum in her face...she looked so sexy and bitch......after having sex....she was still plyaing with our cocks....shes a total slut and i love this bitch

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