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Hotel Sex With Stranger

We met in the bar of the hotel lobby. I was killing time before going back up to my room, and he was wrapping up an after dinner meeting with clients. He wore a nice grey suit, blue tie, white shirt, and brown shoes. He had silver hair, and dashing features. He wore a very nice large wrist watch and I could tell he was full of class and charm. We initially made eye contact via glances from the corner of our eyes. Then, when I went to use the bathroom, he got up at the same time and followed me. Once in the restroom I made sure to stand a step or two back from the urinal so my large cut cock was partially visible, just in case he stood right next to me. And he did. As we both pissed, I snuck a look or two, but all I ever saw was the head of his penis, which looked like a nice fat mushroom shape.

I looked up and noticed he was watching me watch him so I smiled bashfully. He smiled back and said, "Got a room in this place? I'm just meeting with some folks staying upstairs."

"Yes," I said, "just for tonight then I leave town." He shook his head up and down, then he stepped back and shook the piss of his cock so I finally got a good look at it. He had a nice fat cock, uncut, and surrounded by white pubic hair. Then he put it away and he zipped his pants. Then he turned to me and smiled as I zipped my pants up. I said, "When's your meeting over?"

"Just finished," he said to me, "so uh..." he paused while I fished through my coat pocket for my spare room key. I handed it to him and told him the room number. He put the key in his pocket and said, "say about 15 or 20 minutes?"

"Sure," I smiled and watched him begin to walk back to the bar, "I'll be ready."

He turned back and said, "good boy." Then we both went back to the bar and after I finished my drink I went upstairs to my room. I noticed my new friend was in the lobby saying goodnight to his party, who came to join me at the elevators. We got on and as the doors closed I saw the older man in the grey suit make his way to the stairs instead of the front door.

My heart raced at the thought that he was really coming up to see me. I hadn't had sex with a man for several weeks, and so I was twice as horny as normal, and the little bit of nervousness of being with a stranger only added to my excitement. I got off the elevator and the rest of the people kept going up. I went down the hall to the room door and opened it. I watch the stair way door at the other end of the hall, and when I saw it open I decided to go inside and wait.

I took off my jacket and threw it on a spare chair. I turned on one light so it was dimly lit and romantic. I kicked off my shoes and socks, and unbuttoned my shirt by a few buttons to show off my sexy smooth chest. Then I lied back resting on the bed, presenting myself legs spread for when the older man in the grey suit would let himself in. I couldn't help but stroke my cock through my jeans, which was getting harder and thicker with anticipation.

Then I heard the door, and my heart began to race again. He came in and closed the door behind him. He walked over to me and I did my best to look confident so I shot him a seductive look while I kept rubbing my crotch. "You made it," I said.

"Yeah," he replied while undoing his tie. "So what are you into baby?" He asked.

I watched him take off his tie, and then his suit coat and I said, "Whatever you want, daddy." The scent of his cologne filled the room and I loved it...he was a real man's man.

His interests were increasingly peaked, while watching me rub my cock and so he said, "Oh really? Whatever I want huh?" He unbuttoned his shirt and untucked it from his pants, taking off his belt. "Wanna start by sucking on daddy's big fat cock? I could tell you wanted to see it earlier."

I sat up as he stepped closer to me. I reached forward and began to unzip his fly, and he gently caressed the back of my head with both hands. Then I reached in and pulled out his cock which was thicker than I realized and he was still just semi erect. I cupped his beautiful genitals in my hand and looked up at him as I licked the underside of his sweet prick. Then pushed back the foreskin and I kissed the head as he moaned with pleasure. I let my tongue run up and down his shaft until he was rock hard and at full length. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to slurp his pole, going up and down taking it all in my mouth and throat and then letting him back out, spit-covered and wet.

"Oh shit," he groaned, "You are one hot cocksucker. Make daddy feel soooooo good."

I kept working his cock in my pussy mouth as he continued to get undressed. Then I sat back and took off the rest of my clothes, and soon we were both naked lying on top of the covers. He pressed his sexy fit body down on top of mine, while i pulled and tugged at his huge hard on. He kissed me right on the lips, using his tongue, as my own prick became rock hard and rested against his leg.

"Oh, daddy," I whimpered, "I want your big dick in my wet asshole. Will you please fuck me with it, daddy?"

Without a word, he knelt on the bed, gently flipped me over, and grabbed my hips with both hands as he buried his face in my ass crack. His tongue and lips masterfully lubed my hole until I couldn't stand it anymore. With my face buried in the pillow, I was squirming and moaning with pleasure, just begging him to fuck me. Finally he sat up, and positioned himself behind me. I looked back over my shoulder at him as he slipped it inside of my burning hot boy pussy. First he pushed it all the way in until he was balls deep. Then he gradually rocked back and forth until we found a nice consistent rhythm. He knew exactly how to keep me wet, by spitting onto his cock and between my cheeks periodically. Once he reached around around stuck two fingers in my mouth for me to lick and suck like it was his cock. Then he smeared it all over my ass, which made me go wild.

He felt so good in there, and I loved being bent over and used by him, a perfect stranger who I had only just met. But I wanted maximum intimacy so I began to turn in place. He withdrew his cock and let me turn onto my back. Then I raised my legs, holding them up so he could reenter my sweet love button asshole. Once he was back inside he grabbed hold of my ankles, held them up in the air, and began to fuck me senseless. He became more and more aggressive as my hole got looser and wider. We went on like that for a few minutes, then he lowered my legs, came face to face with me, and gave me a big wet kiss right on the mouth. I let him bury his cock inside of me as we made out and I feverishly pumped my big hard cock just dying to cum.

"I'm gonna cum," I said, "you're gonna make me cum daddy, with your big hard tool up my pussy asshole. Oh fuck." I was whimpering like a little slutty bitch and he knew I wanted to shoot my load while he was still inside of me, so he sat up and rocked back and forth while watching me stroke myself off with both hands. Within seconds I was shooting huge reams of sperm all over my stomach and chest. One shot reached my neck, and my daddy lowered down again and licked it off for me. I was moaning and writhing with pleasure when he began swapping my cum back into my mouth with more sensual tongue kissing.

Then he broke our kiss. "Ready, boy?" He asked, as his movements became more intense. "Ready for daddy to shoot his hot cum load in your fucking cunt asshole?"

"Oh yes," I whispered while nodding. I smeared my cum all over myself and said, "I want to feel your sexy cock throbbing inside of me while you cum, daddy."

Then he lurched forward and froze as the first blast of cum shot out through his prick and into my begging hole. I clenched my sphincter around his mighty shaft as he emptied his balls into my bowels. He came for several seconds while growling and thrashing with pleasure. Then he fell down onto the bed next to me and finally pulled his cock out one inch at a time. When he finally plopped out all of the way I could feel his cum running down the back of my leg, so I reached under myself, scooped some up, and ate it off my fingers. He laid there watching and all he said was, "Good boy."

Then he got dressed while I was cleaning up in the bathroom. I heard the door close and I knew he'd left. At first I thought it was a clean getaway but when I went back out into the room I saw he'd left his business card with a little note handwritten on it..."anytime" it said, and a circle had been drawn around his cell phone number.

I wasn't sure when I would be back in town again, but I was sure I would be staying at that same hotel, and I was positive I would be taking another hot load of cum from that older guy in the grey new sexy daddy! As I fell asl**p I was intoxicated by the aroma of his lingering cologne, my sweet ass juices and loads of fresh cum.

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