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For most of my life my dad would work late into the evening either at a second job or just stay late at his primary job to finish up a project. It was his routine and mom and I never questioned it because he always brought home extra money for us. After work he would always come home and shower then have something to eat while sitting on the computer. When I was about ten my mom decided I was big enough to fend for myself at home in the evenings and stopped worrying about calling a sitter when she decided to go out with her friends. That was fine with me, babysitters just ignored me most of the time anyway. At first they would try to do stuff with me like braid my hair and teach me about makeup, but I've never been interested in that, I have always been more of a tomboy and liked running around outside and playing in a tree or something. I also liked to play video games alot and had a system in my room so often I would just sit in my room playing a game and the sitter would sit in the living room watching a movie or something.

Anyway, after a few years of being home alone in the evening when mom was out and dad was at work I got into my own routine and really enjoyed my privacy. One reason I enjoyed it so much was because I started going through puberty and noticed my body changing. Along with these changes I learned how good it felt when I touched and rubbed certain spots and slowly started masturbating in my alone time. It felt so good when I discovered how sensitive my nipples were and how wet my little pussy got when I ran a finger along the slit of it.

The first time I did it was kind of an accident as I was showering one evening. I was lathering up and ran my hand across my chest and caught my nipple as I did and felt the first thrill of sexuality awaken inside my loins. I immediately tried it again and felt the same electric shock run from my nipple to my young cunt and surge up into my head. It felt wonderful so I started rubbing both nipples and started pinching them and rolling them between two fingers. All the while my little hole was getting wetter and wetter. I could start to feel the juices seeping out of my pussy and coating my little lips with each pinch and tug. I finally ran my right hand down to my young twat to see what was happening down there. I ran my middle finger between my lips and felt a new thrill. I continued to rub my middle finger up and down my slit and began to feel light-headed and tingly all over. Then, as I pushed a little further in on the up-stroke my finger brushed past my little clit and sent a jolt through my whole body. I almost fell over in the shower it felt so good. I continued to pinch and tease my sensitive little nipples with my left hand and rubbed my right hand up and down my parted lips making sure I rubbed along my clit with each pass. It seemed like only seconds later I was moaning loudly and my legs were shaking through my first orgasm.

After that night I was hooked. I pretty much masturbated anytime I had time alone and thought I could get away with it. I would wake up each morning and rub my pussy till I came then go off to school. When I got home from school before mom got home I would go to my room and have another orgasm. Anytime I had an evening alone I would get adventurous and start trying new things that I thought might feel good or that I heard about from my friends at school. I started off by just fingering myself then I heard using a brush handle felt really good so I did that a lot.

Naturally, being a teenage girl I kept a hairbrush on my bedside table, so when I got in the mood I would lay in my bed and grab my brush and stroke the handle up and down along my lips until I couldn't take it anymore and was nice and wet. Then I would plunge the handle down into my young wet hole and pump it in and out until I came so hard I couldn't breathe. That's how I broke my hymen too, I plunged in one day and started bleeding all over my sheets, but it felt so good somehow that I didn't want to stop. As soon as I came I ran and put my sheets in the washing machine and took a shower so my parents wouldn't find out.

I also eventually started getting on the computer and looking up porn to watch while I fingered my little cunt. I started off with just lesbian porn. At first it was just to get ideas then I started really enjoying watching the girls fuck themselves. After a while I started watching straight porn and realized how hot it was to see a hung stud push his thick meat in and out of a wet cunt. Watching some girl lay there and take a guys throbbing erection into there pussy and moaning loudly as they get fucked turned me on so much. I would sit there watching as I shoved whatever I could find up my young little hole and rub my clit.

One day as I was sitting in the computer room watching porn and masturbating furiously I heard the front door open and realized my dad was home from work. Instead of going towards the bathroom I heard him come in my direction. I was stripped naked and had my brush buried deep in my pussy and didn't know where to go. I didn't have time to get out of the room so I quickly closed my porn windows and slid off the chair under the desk. As soon as I got under the desk and tucked into the corner of the leg area and slightly behind the drawers my dad opened the door and walked in and sat down at the desk.

He logged onto the computer and started doing something routine I could tell by his body language, but being under the desk I couldn't tell what was on the screen. I assumed he was checking his email then possibly checking up on Facebook. I didn't know what to do, I was stuck and didn't know if he'd eventually see me or accidentally kick me but I didn't have a choice since I didn't have any clothes in here and he was now sitting right in front of me.

After a few minutes I noticed the crotch of his pants start to tent out as he got an erection. I never really thought of my dad in a sexual way, but when I saw his tent and his left hand creep down under the desk and start rubbing his cock through his pants I started getting aroused all over again. My dad unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it right in front of my face. It was gorgeous. It must have been 9 or 10 inches long and as thick as the ones I saw in the porn flicks. Without even realizing it I had started rubbing my little slit while I watched my dad stroke his cock unknowingly right in front of me.

After a minute or two I heard a video start on the computer. I guess he had found a porn that was pretty good because he leaned back and adjusted himself in the chair and started stroking his big thick cock with his right hand. From his new position he actually put his cock closer to my face, so close that I could have stuck my tongue out and licked it if I wanted to. I could also see his face when he leaned back, but he was so focused on the computer that he didn't notice me knelt down under the desk driving the handle of my brush in and out of my dripping wet pussy imagining it was his cock. I watched his face as he stroked his meat and he looked so hot with a look of dominating power in his eye.

I started to listen to the porn he was watching and heard the female say "Oh, daddy, I didn't know you were here" and the male say "Sorry pumpkin I got out early and decided to check on you. What are you doing under that blanket?" So daddy was watching a taboo flick about fucking his little daughter huh? That turned me on even more, I started pinching my nipples as I drove my brush deep into my tight little cunt. I lost all concern about being seen at that point, he could look down and watch me as I fucked my wet young hole if he wanted. In fact, thinking that turned me on even more and I hoped that he would notice me under the desk shoving my brush up my snatch. I started to moan with pleasure but he didn't hear because it sounded just like the porn he was watching and he continued to stroke his throbbing erection.

I could tell the porn was getting good because he was really working his cock hard and the look on his face changed to one of focus and determination. Everything about my dad was turning me on at this point. I watched him intently as I continued to fuck myself raw. I was close to cumming and I think he was too judging by the look on his face. From the computer I heard "that's it baby girl, take your daddy's cum, uuggh," and all of the sudden my dad leaned forward and jerked his cock furiously at my face. He let loose a blast of warm creamy cum all over me. I opened my mouth to try to catch it like the girls in the porno's do. As his thick salty jizz hit my tongue I plunged my brush deep into my wet aching young cunt and let loose with my own orgasm. As I did I bumped into my dad which made him look down at me finally. When his eyes met mine I greedily sucked his cock into my mouth to milk out the last few drops of his juice and moaned loudly as I continued to cum hard on my brush.
I woke up this morning and my pussy was soaking wet from having dreamed about it last night. I didn't hesitate to slide my hand down to my pussy and slowly masturbate to the scene of Daddy spurting his gooey cum all over me like he did last night. Mom had already left to go to work and Dad was loading up his truck and about to leave. I hoped he would come back in to say goodbye to me and catch me fingering my wet little snatch for him, but he didn't. I heard his truck start up noisily and he pulled out. I was alone with my thoughts, but oh what wonderful thoughts they were. I let my fingers glide smoothly in and out of my dripping whole with one hand and started fondling my little titties with the other. First I just rubbed them sensually then I started pinching and teasing them as I began to drive my right hand harder into my cunt. Before long I was moaning loudly "DADDY, DADDY, fuck me Daddy, uuuggh". My left hand clamped down hard on my little boob and shoved two fingers into my tight little cunt and came hard at the thought of Daddy plowing my young body hard.

I got up and got dressed for school. I could barely focus all day in any of my classes. All that was on my mind was Daddy's dick. A couple of my friends asked if I was okay and commented that I looked a little lost, I dare not tell any of them what I was really thinking about. My little nipples were perky and hard all day from the memory of last night. I forgot to put on my bra this morning before leaving too, so I got lots of glances from the boys all day as they tried to get a good look at my perky little tits. It was nice to get the attention, but none of those boys mattered anymore, all I wanted was Daddy.

At one point during history class I got bored during the teachers presentation and started lustfully thinking about the events of last night. I thought about being hidden under the desk all naked and wet with Daddy's dick only an inch from my lips as pumped it hard watching that porn flick. I wished I would have sucked his dick when he started that way we could have done more last night, alas it was not the time I suppose. But what a gorgeous dick he had. I felt my panties getting all wet while I was sitting in the class room. My poor little nipples were just aching to be played with. The lights were off because we were watching a movie and I was sitting in the back of the class so I discreetly pulled my hand up and started massaging my boobs. That only made things worse, my pussy was now drenched and I could feel the juices running down my ass. I let my hand fall to my lap and started slowly rubbing my pussy through my shorts while thinking about Daddy's dick in my face and his hot cum all over me. I was getting really hot and worked up. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed me yet. To my right was a girl texting and looking oblivious to the events around her and to my left I saw a cute looking boy. As I looked left I saw him quickly look away, as if he didn't want me to catch him looking at me. I was still rubbing my pussy and thought, 'why not give him a little show' and pulled my left hand up to start rubbing my breasts again. I looked over to the left again and caught the boy staring at me rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I was turned on all the more. Who knew I was a exhibitionist? Anyway, I pulled my hand down because that would draw more attention than my hand on my pussy slowly rubbing and grinding on my hard little clit. I looked over to the left and saw the boy adjusting his shorts to compensate for his erection. That just made me think about Daddy's dick all over again. I ground my hand hard on my wet crotch and quickly grabbed one of my breasts with my left hand and felt the orgasm surge through my body. It was calm and quiet but it felt so good. I looked over at the boy next to me and he was holding his cock through his jeans. It was hard to tell, but I think there was a wet spot on the front of his pants where he came.

The rest of the day couldn't have gone by fast enough. I didn't have cheerleader practice that day so I went straight home and got on the computer. I wanted to find the video that Daddy was watching and just let it play while I fingered myself until he got home. I knew that Mom had a dinner event that evening but Daddy wasn't working late, so today was my chance to break some ground with him.

Right at five-thirty I heard him pulled into the drive and just in time had I found what I hoped was the video he had been enjoying so much last night. I was completely naked again and decide to hide under the computer desk until he sat down and saw the monitor. I was shaking with anticipation. I heard him come into the house and go to the bedroom to take off some of his stinky work clothes then I heard the door to the computer room open.

He came in and sat down in just his boxers with his legs spread so that I could see his cock through the leg holes. It was limp, but oh how it made me excited.

"What the hell?" he yelped as he saw the computer monitor. At that moment I leaped into action. I quickly reached up his shorts and grabbed hold of his cock and started stroking it. "Why don't you hit play Daddy?" I asked coyly up at him then proceeded to move my mouth closer to his cock and lick it for him. My other hand was already on my wet cunt finger-fucking myself like I had been doing all afternoon while planning this.

"But this is wrong baby, we shouldn't be doing this. Last night was a mistake"

"We shouldn't be, but I don't seem to have the will to stop. I love you Daddy and I want you so bad. Please Daddy, let me suck your big fat cock, you don't have to do anything" I could tell it was working a little because his cock was fully grown and throbbing in my hand and twitched every time I licked it.

"I shouldn't let you, your to young and your my daughter, that's double wrong."

"I know Daddy, but I won't tell anyone, and if you don't who's to say I won't tell Mom about our little episode last night. You know she wouldn't even be happy about you jerking off let alone spurting your hot load all over her precious little girl." I didn't let him answer and proceeded to suck hard on his throbbing cock. I got it nice and slick with my spit as my lips glided up and down his shaft all the while using one hand to play with my clit and finger my dripping little slit. I kept bobbing up and down on his cock and used my left hand to cup his balls and fondle them. I heard a little moan as I did this and that gave me a clue. "Why don't you hit play Daddy, don't you like this video?" I said as I removed my mouth from his shaft so I could lick and suck on his balls while I stroked it slick shaft.

"Damn baby girl, that feels good." He said and finally hit play. I continued my assault on his cock and occasionally switched to make sure his balls got plenty of attention from my young mouth. I kept looking up at him while I was sucking his dick and every time I looked up he seemed to have been paying more attention to me than to the monitor. I kept hearing pleasant moans and grunts from him, but started getting frustrated because I wanted his cum and I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

As I moved from his cock to his balls one time I asked "Daddy, are you going to cum for me, I want you to cum like you did last night?"

"Oh you do huh? You want Daddy's cum blasted all over you again?" I nodded yes as I continued to suck hard on his bulging cock. "Suck on my balls and get them all wet and keep licking them you dirty little girl. Stroke my cock hard and fast, just like that .Ughh yeah, keep going."

"You gonna cum for me Daddy, cum all over me Daddy. Cum in my face and shoot it all over my young little tits and body." He took his cock in his hands and started pumping it hard and fast. I knew he was about to cum so I sat back and shoved two fingers deep into my hot young snatch and ground down hard on them.

"Mmm Daddy, Cum all over me. I want your cum. I want to cum with you, make me cum Daddy, shoot it all over me"

The look on his face got very serious as he watched his little daughter fingering her hole for him and begging for his hot jizz. I heard daddy grunting "I'm gonna cum baby, here it comes. Aaaggghhhh." And with that he shot a huge load of hot gooey cum all over my face just like I wanted. I could feel it splattering all over me and running down my body. I scooped it up as he finished and greedily licked it off my hands and swallowed it. I leaned back forward and sucked the last few drops from his still hard cock and moaned loudly with and intense orgasm that made my head spin.

We both sat there for a minute glorifying in the moment and catching our breathe. "You can't let anyone know about this baby, I will get into a lot of trouble if ANYONE catches on, do you understand"

"I know Daddy, I won't tell anyone, I wouldn't risk losing you for anything."

"Ok, I believe you, now go get some clothes on, your mother will be home soon and we can't be caught laying around naked and all sexed up when she gets home."

"Ok Daddy, I'm just gonna go shower, care to join me?" I said coyly.

"Not tonight pumpkin, like I said, your mom will be home soon." He said, "But maybe another night." He winked at me as I closed the door and he pulled his shorts back up.
Daddy comes home from work (pt. 3) by pyromania80
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I awoke the next morning as my wife was heading off to work. I laid in bed listening to her shuffling around the house gathering her things then leave the house and drive off. Before she left she told me to make sure Roselyn was getting up and getting ready for school. I rolled out of bed and headed to our daughter's room and thought blissfully about the events that occurred the night before between Rosie and I. I had come home from work to find her fully naked hiding under the computer desk (again) and she had set up a naughty video on the computer to get me hard and horny so that she could suck my cock as I watched the video of a father having sex with his daughter. I admittedly paid little attention to the video as I gave in and let my own young daughter suck my rock hard erection and fondle my balls. I was watching her every move as she licked my balls and gently sucked one then the other into her young little mouth and stroked my cock for me. She put on quite a show as she was fingering her wet young snatch the whole time as well. Finally she begged me to cum for her and shoot it all over her face and young body, I was at a boiling point so I obliged and stroked my cock as she vigorously fingered herself. I shot my load over her face and young little barely developed breasts which sent her over the edge as well as she orgasmed on her hand while licking up my salty sperm.

When I opened the door to Roselyn's room I had a throbbing erection already just from thinking about her sultry sexiness last night. I walked into her room and found her still sl**ping under the sheet. I couldn't believe how beautiful my daughter had turned out. She had long smooth brown hair that flowed out around her head on her pillow and her captivating dark green eyes were still closed. She had a naturally tanned skin tone since her mom is Hispanic and I am white. Her lips were small but succulent and she had a smooth and tender jawline and neck. Her barely developed breasts were poking up under the sheet with her puffy little nipples erect at the center of each one. At this point she rolled over away from me and the sheet fell off her hips and exposed her round little ass to me along with her long slender legs. Between her round little ass-cheeks I could see her wet little hairless mound taunting me.

I walked over to the bed and put my hand tenderly on her ass and stroked her hair with the other. As I looked down at my beautiful naked 13 year old daughter laying before me I thought blissfully again about our previous sexual encounters and how she had flirtingly invited me into the shower last night for more fun. Letting that be my assurance that she was interested and following the intuition that my erection was pushing on me I let my hand that was on her smooth round ass slide down to her crack and around to her moist little pussy and started stroking her lips with my middle finger. I ran my finger up and down along the slit of her little hole and along her sensitive little clit and I teased her perky little ass with my thumb. She stirred slightly but didn't fully wake up as I continued to massage her wet little pussy lips and clit.

She sl**pily rolled back onto her back and let her legs lay open giving me access to her sexy little pussy. It was glistening with wetness and looked so sweet that I couldn't resist leaning over her body in a sort of crooked 69 and started licking her young pussy and sucking on her little erect clit. She started moaning and squirming a little under me then I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking it.

"Good morning Daddy, I was hoping you'd come in here and wake me up. I take it you liked what you saw?"

I replaced my mouth with my finger in her little hole and replied "I certainly did, did you sl**p naked just so I could take advantage of you this morning?"

"Mmhmm, I thought you might want continue what we started last night so I slept like this that way I'd be ready for you whenever you came in here." She replied then scooted a little further and started sucking on my throbbing erection.

"That's very generous of you sweety," I said and went back to eating her little pussy. I licked from her clit along her little lips teasing them softly with my tongue then down to her sexy little ass teasing that hole with my tongue as well. This made her jump a little but then she told me to do it again. I worked my tongue up and down her slit again and went and gently licked her ass again.

"Mmm, Daddy, that feels good. I like it when you tease my little ass" She told me as before she started licking my balls. At that point I focused my tongue on her puckered little ass-hole and started fingering her tight little twat as I licked her. She moaned on my balls and stroked my cock appreciatively.

I wanted to show her a little more attention so I stood up and repositioned her so that her ass was on the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees in front of her and resumed my tongue assault on her ass and shoved a finger deep into her sopping wetness. She let out a wild moan and grabbed her little boobs and started massaging them as I ate out her ass and slid a digit in and out of her tight little hole.

After a minute I decided to get a little more aggressive and slid another finger into her tight little snatch which accepted with another loud moan.

"Oh fuck Daddy, that feels so good. Fill my pussy up with you fingers Daddy, push them deeper, harder... ooh"

I backed my fingers out and pressed one against her little back door and started eating her pussy again.

"Oh Daddy, Push it in. Shove your finger in my tight little ass. MMmmm, suck my pussy hard, Ooh" she went on as I pushed my finger a small way into her ass. "Daddy, I want to feel you inside me, will you put your cock in me please Daddy? I need to be fucked."

My raging hard-on was in need of some release so I positioned myself above her on the bed and lined my rock hard cock up with her dripping wet little hole. I put the tip against her lips and held it there for a second. "Are you sure you're ready honey?"

"Oh yes Daddy, I want you to be the first one to fuck my virgin little twat. I want you to fuck me Daddy. Please?" she pleaded as she squirmed under me trying to push onto my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer so I pushed my cock in, careful not to go to fast and hurt her. Soon I was up to my balls in my young daughter's pussy and started easing in and out with long smooth thrusts.

"MMmm Daddy, your cock is stretching my little pussy, shove it in Daddy, fill me up" she said, so I started going harder and faster picking up the pace as I went. Soon I was pounding my cock furiously into my daughter's tight little pussy and she was moaning louder and louder as we went.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I thrust into her little body allowing me to fully ravage her tight young hole. I looked down into her green eyes and could not believe that I was pounding my cock into my thirteen year old daughters virgin cunt and she was loving every minute of it. She started clawing at my back and breathing hard as I thrust into her as deep and hard as I could.

"Oh Daddy, I wanna cum on your cock. Make me cum for you Daddy. Unload your cock deep in my little pussy and make me cum for you Daddy. Mmm"

"You want Daddy to cum for you baby? You want me to cum inside you tight little hole? Unnggghhh" At that I couldn't last any longer and I gave one last hard thrust into her little cunt and came hard and deep into my little girls virgin pussy.

"Oh YESSS DADDY, I can feel you shooting your load in my cunt, I can feel it filling me up, OOh DADDY, I'M CUMMING FOR YOU... AAAGGGHHHHH" She screamed hard and loud as she came on my cock.

We laid there for a moment catching our breathe with me still inside of her young pussy.

Finally I got up and looked down at her and said "shouldn't you be on your way to school?"

"Daddy, today is a student holiday, it's a rain make-up day. I don't have anywhere to be today"

"Hmm, well maybe I'll call in to work so I can spend some quality time with my daughter then. How does that sound to you?"

"Sounds great Daddy" she replied and reached out and started stroking and sucking my coI walk around the bedroom to find my phone so that I can call in to work. After finding it I look back over at the bed and see my daughter laying there naked with a gleam of perspiration and a wickedly lustful look in her eye. I dial my boss's number put the ear to my phone and return my attention to my lovely 13 year old daughter. She has two fingers up her cunt and is playing with the massive load I left up it only moments ago. With the other hand she is beckoning me to come back to her so I take the couple of steps back towards the bed as the phone starts ringing. Just as my boss picks up she grabs my cock and quickly sucks it between her lips and starts sucking it back to life causing me to let out a little moan.

"Ugh, hello?" I here from the phone on my ear.

"Oh, hey Dave, it's me. I just found out that my daughter doesn't have school today so if it's OK with you I'm gonna take the day off and spend some time with her." I say.

"Yeah, sure, as I'm sure your aware we're pretty slow today anyway. Have fun. Tell her and the wife hi for me."

"Will do." I say as I return my attention to the petite little beauty sucking wonderfully on my dick. "Dave says Hi by the way."

"HMmmgh" she says around my now throbbing hard-on, sending a vibration through my body. Apparently she noticed effect too and started humming on my cock and playing with my balls with her beckoning hand. All the while still has her other hand attentive to her wet little snatch. She sticks two fingers in and scoops out my cum then slowly pushes it back in over and over.

I feel a small tingling in my balls and think I'm actually close to cumming from a blowjob, but before I say anything she pulls away from me and says "I want you to fuck me again Daddy. I love the way your cock feels in my tight little pussy."

"Ok," I say obligingly and grab her by the waist. She looks at me oddly for a split second then let's out a gasp as I flip her from her back to her hands and knees doggy-style away from me, giving me a very nice view of her wet little hole and her perky little ass. I knew she was already wet enough so I plunged my right into her young pussy without hesitation or warning. She inhaled deeply as I fully penetrated her petite body on my rod then started thrusting in and out of her almost savagely.

"Oh.Fuck.Me.Daddy. Oh.It.Feels.Great. I can feel you so deeeeep. Aaghhh" she says in grunts. With her little asshole winking up as me as I fuck her hard and deep I just can't help myself from giving it a little attention too, so I stick my finger in my mouth to moisten it up nicely and start tracing the tip of around and over her puckered little hole. She lets out a loud moan as I apply a little pressure and slip it in up to the first joint.

"You like that baby? You like Daddy's finger up your ass?" She grunts a 'yes' so I start working my finger in and out of her ass constantly going deeper until I get it all the way in.

"Fuck yea, Daddy, Finger my tight asshole. Fuck me hard."

"Do you want more baby? You want another finger up your asshole?"

"Yes, Daddy, put more up there, that feels so good."

On her command I start easing my middle finger up her tight little asshole too. This gets me really excited. I love giving girls anal, so that my very own daughter loves anal I feel in heaven. I start gently working the two fingers I have in now and she starts moaning and squirming more. After a few minutes of grinding them in and out of her asshole and still pounding away at her tender little pussy she groans loudly and shrieks "I'M CUUMMMINGGGG!!!!" And I feel her pussy and assholes both clamp down on there respective members. as her whole body goes stiff with an intense orgasm.

I let her lay there crouched over in front of me raking for air and glowing with sweat so until she caught her breathe and regained composure. I still had the two fingers in her ass and a throbbing hard-on that was dieing for some anal. I eased my fingers out of her ass and my dripping wet cock from her pussy and started rubbing her pussy juice all over her little asshole for lube. I eased it in a little ways and realized I was now dry so I went back into her pussy and ground it in a few times then quickly reapplied it to her ass. I did this a few times until I felt I had it sufficiently lubricated and started slowly easing my cock in and out of her asshole letting her get used to the size and feel of it.

With each stroke she let out a low moan, as I picked up speed and found a pace.I looked down and saw that she had two fingers once again deeply inserted into her pussy and she was grinding down on them hard while the other hand was playing with her petite young tits. I grabbed her tightly by the hips for the second time this morning and started pounding my cock deep and hard into her tight little asshole like, well, like I hadn't had a piece of ass this good, ever. I looked down at my thirteen year old daughter as her body shook from me pounding into her and heard the sound of her moaning with two fingers up her snatch and one tit firm in her other hand and new it was time. I reached down and grabbed a fistful of her beautiful brown hair and pulled her head back firmly at the same time pulling her ass tight against my body and growled like an a****l as I let loose a wicked load of cum deep into my daughter's asshole.

"Oh Daddy, I can feel you erupting inside of me. Oh Daddy, your cum feels so good in my tight asshole. Uuuggh" she says as she shakes hard as another orgasm rocks through her body.

ck back to life.
ter our second session of sex that morning I had worked up quite an appetite and noticed that it was already a little after eleven. My wife would be coming home from work for lunch in about an hour and I didn't want to be home when she did just in case she suspected something between me and Rosie. "You wanna go get some burgers or something baby-girl?" I asked my beautiful little daughter who was laying next to me on the bed where we collapsed after our last session still reeling in the afterglow of two wonderful orgasms (well three if you count the one before I called in to work).

"Oh, yeah, that sounds great, I'm starving." She says and gets up and starts fishing around for clothes to wear.

"Aren't you going to clean up or anything?" I ask her

"No, I love the feeling of freshly being fucked by you, why would I want to wash it off?" She said coyly and slid on a pair of sheer lacy panties. They were thong style so when she turned around and bent over for a pair of jeans I got a clear view of her petite round ass.

"Ok, I just figured you wouldn't want to smell like sex or something." I said as I slid off the bed and started clothing myself as well. I had just fastened my belt and heard her mumbling something so I turned towards her and saw that she had removed the jeans that she had just wiggled into and was now fishing around for something else. "What was wrong with the jeans?"

"I thought they would be too hot, so I'm looking for a cute little skirt to wear, plus that way if you decide you want to have your way with me while we're out there will be easier access."

"Ah, how considerate of you" I swear if I hadn't just nutted twice this morning I would have been fully erect at hearing those words come from my sweet daughters lips, as it was I was already getting hard yet again from it. Well, that and seeing her still mostly nude and being able to admire her petite 13 year old body. She finally found an 'appropriate' outfit and we were ready to roll.

"So what would you like to eat?"

"You mean besides your fat cock, Daddy? I don't know, let's get Whataburger and find a nice shady tree to eat under."

"Sounds great." So off to Whataburger we went. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway she leaned over against me and tried to curl herself around my arm, which was difficult due to the center console between us. She somehow managed it and I could feel her firm little tits pressing against my bicep and could also feel her erect little nipples poking through her shirt at me. I looked over and realized that she was wearing a thin short tank top that showed a lot of skin and could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra under it. I was slightly torn between being outraged that my 13 year old little daughter would have the audacity to wear something so revealing and promiscuous and being turned on because my 13 year old daughter was looking sexy as hell and was wrapped around me and apparently running her hand over my crotch I had just realized.

She felt my cock pressing against my jeans from the erection I had for her yet again and wrapped her fingers around the bulge slowly stroking up and down the length of it. "Daddy, your all hard again, is this for me?"

"You know it is baby, now stop that before the people at the drive-thru see us." I said as we pulled into the queue line at Whataburger.

"But I love playing with it Daddy, besides, they don't know us, how are they to know that I'm your daughter?"

"It doesn't really matter if they know I'm your father or not, your still only 13 years old and that is i*****l in itself."

"Fine, but as soon as we get our food I want your cock again."

I didn't know what to say and we just pulled up to the order screen so I told the speaker what I wanted and asked Rosie what she wanted. Instead of telling me she leaned over to the driver side firmly putting one hand on my cock and giving it a few firm strokes while holding herself up with the other hand on my seat between my legs. When she got done ordering she pulled herself up a little kissed me on the cheek and said "Thanks Daddy" with a final squeeze of my cock then scooted back to the passenger side as we pulled up to the window to get our food.

We got our food and had barely gotten out of the parking lot when she undid her belt and leaned over putting her head in my crotch and started fumbling at opening my pants and getting to my rock hard erection. I thought about admonishing her and telling her to get back in her seat and buckle up, but my raging hard on seemed to be in more control than my brain, so I let her pull my cock out and she immediately impaled her mouth around it and started bobbing up and down giving me sweet and slurpy road head.

I loved getting head, but I had never gotten off from just a blow-job, but at the rate my daughter was attacking my cock I thought that maybe there was a first time for everything. I knew of a couple of parks with nice shady spots near our house but I decided to go to one a little further away just to lower the odds of being seen by anyone who might recognize us, and to give my daughter a little more time to show my cock some love.

As we were driving I reached around her young body and raised her skirt up around her hips and started fondling her cute little ass and teasing her wet little pussy lips. She scooted a little closer to me giving me better access and allowing me to a couple of fingers into her tight little twat. Of course I had to move the underwear to the side, but with as little fabric there was there, it was no problem getting the string out of the way.

She had managed to work her right hand into my pants and started fondling my balls lovingly as she continued to bob her head up and down working her lips skillfully around my hard cock. She started moaning deeply and thrusting her hips down onto the two fingers I had plunged as far as I could up her little slit.

"OH, Baby, that feels so good."

"Daddy, I love you, I love your cock. Won't you come for me Daddy, Please?" She said beggingly

"Keep that up and I just might. God your pussy is so wet, are you all wet for me baby?"

"Yes Daddy, you make me so horny, I want you in every way. Cum for me Daddy, Shoot your cum all over my face and down my throat, MMMMmmm"

To my own disbelief I felt the sensation that I was about to cum. I couldn't believe that after all these years it would be my own daughter to get me off from oral.

"Keep it up baby, Oh, keep going, Your gonna make Daddy cum," I said and with that she tightened her grip on my balls ever so slightly and shoved my cock as deep into her throat as she could take it. "UUUGGGGHHH, OOhh, Baby oOOHhh" I said as I let loose a torrent of semen down her throat. I felt her body tense up and she pulled off my cock to let out a loud moan as I continued to shoot cum letting rope after rope hit her face and lips. When she finished cumming she wrapped her lips around my cock once more and sucked out the remaining few drops.

I came back to reality and realized that I had somehow managed to drive us to the park and was now in a parking lot facing a nice empty shady spot that looked like a nice place for us to have lunch. I looked back over at my daughter and saw her as sexy as I had ever seen her with my cum dripping off her face and a huge smile on her face and I could imagine a decent wet spot on the seat between her legs. "Do you need a napkin or tissue?" I asked her, thinking about anyone else seeing her in this condition.

"No, I want to let it soak it. I heard it's good for your skin, besides, I wouldn't want to leave any evidence behind." And with that she started rubbing my cum around on her face like lotion until you couldn't tell there was anything there. "Thanks for the snack Daddy, now are you ready for lunch?"

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