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Couch Trip

So i'm awake and alone and I find myself thinking of you as I so often do. And, as so often happens as you creep into my thoughts I find that before long my mind has slipped away, become lost and out of reach and my cock is rock hard in my pants. I know too, if I don't cum before long my balls with be so full they'll be throbbing. Aching so much it'll be uncomfortable. My hand slides into my crotch and starts to stroke. I'm as hard as a stone yet warm and my own touch makes me gently moan your name. I picture you here on the couch next to me your legs apart and your cleavage heaving. I know how wet you are between your legs and I'm anticipating the feel of you, your soft, wet heat makes the tip of my cock moist with little drops of pre-cum. Imagining your hand stroking me firmly as I rub you through your soaked leggings. Your pussy is dripping and I can feel you pushing your hips against me to increase the pressure of my fingers against you. I start to grind your crotch hard, moving my whole hand in circles where I can feel your swollen clit. I can feel how wet you are even through your clothes. Your knickers are soaked. I wanna suck all of your juice from them and kiss you. We both know the longer we play, the longer we resist going right at it, the more intense the explosion when it does finally come, but as usual we're just too damn eager to take it slowly.

Without slowing the rhythm of your hand on my dick, your other hand pulls at your leggings almost frantically, urgently wanting your pussy exposed. I help rip them off of you and hear you gasp gently as you spread your legs wider. I can see your juices, soaking your thighs and coating you pussy. Your skin is sticky with it. I can't resist the feel of you and after rubbing your clit for the briefest of moments I plunge 2 fingers all the way into you, pressing firmly on your throbbing g-spot, stroking you inside, firmly moving my fingers in that 'come here' motion that I know you adore so much. You shift your bodyweight so you can thrust your hips hard onto my hand, staring me deep in the eyes as you moan, pumping my cock hard with your hand as you thrust your hips harder to fuck mine. I can only just keep up your pace.

I'm not fingering your cunt now, you're fucking my hand!

You look at me and say 'Do you want me to suck you, baby?' but we both know the answer. No sucking my cock, no licking your clit. I need to feel my cock deep inside you and you need me to be in you and fucking you right now. I pull away from you slightly as you release my cock and roll onto your front, your ass right in front of me and your wet pussy dripping onto the couch before me. I don't even pause to tease you like I would normally, no rubbing my cock on your labia or teasing your clit with my shaft, I just grab your ass firmly and thrust my cock deep inside you making both of us groan. I gasp as I feel the muscles of your pelvis tighten, the wall of your pussy gripping my rock hard cock as tight as your hand was. Tighter. I love how tight you are. I love how it feels to be buried deep inside you. I love how you feel all around me. I love how I fill you up. I love you. I sink my cock all the way into you, feeling you push back onto me exactly as I pull you further onto me. I hold my cock in you just there for the briefest moment before pounding into you hard. Hard, but not too fast now. Long, steady thrusts, firm and deep. We slowly begin to build up the pace, keeping our bodies in rhythm as we fuck one another, moving faster, fucking you deeper, our bodies slapping together harder, the sound mixing with our moans as we both surrender totally to the moment, let ourselves go and moving towards the explosion, the moment of orgasmic release of our pent up sexual energies, building and flowing and amplifying between us.

I've been thinking about this all day.

Since 20 mins after I pumped you full of cum when we woke this morning, the texts flying back and forth between us, getting steadily filthier and more graphic as the day wore on. You sneaking out of the office to the toilets at work just to send me a pic of how wet you are.

One day i'm gonna surprise you and rock up at your work, sneak in, smuggle you away and fuck you in those toilets.

You don't know this yet.

I'm still planning it.

I want to cum, need to cum.

I wanted to wank over dreams of you all day but I made myself wait. We've waited so long to be together that I want every drop of my cum to be either in you or on you. My cum is for you. It's yours. I can feel myself cumming but I hold on as long as I can. I wanna at least know you're close before I let go. I slap your ass. You tell me 'harder' I tell you 'fuck me you dirty bitch. Use my cock.' I'm so close. I can't hold on anymore. You always make me cum quicker than I want. I reckon you do it on purpose. I tell you 'baby i've gotta cum now.' I hear you sigh and tell me 'yes baby. Fill my pussy baby. Pump it into me. Cum hard in me, now!' your pussy starting to quivver and spasm as your orgasm begins. I call your name loud as I spray all my hot, thick cum into you.

God, cumming in you is the best feeling in the world. I know you love it too. I know that feeling my spunk pumping into you, spraying hard in you, is that last sensation that sends you over the edge and as I empty my balls into you I hear you scream 'yes baby fuck me i'm coming!' and I feel that amazing contraction that clenches hard around my cock as your body stiffens and your orgasm surges in your body, rushing through you and making stars flash in your head. we keep pounding each other as a secondary orgasm hits you, I love fucking you more after I cum, feeling your pussy slippery with our cum, the mixture squirting all over us as you cum again and again. and as the intensity grows to more than you can bear you pull off me and spin round to lick and suck our cum off my cock, licking it off my balls, your hand pressed against your pussy as you twitch and spasm.

Sometimes when you do this, you keep sucking me and I cum again in your mouth or at the last minute all over your amazing tits. I love your tits. Just watching them heave as you breath deeply as you're sucking and licking me is enough to keep me hard. I can't get enough of them.

And you know it.

As your fingers tease and caress your pussy you take my cock and press it between them and watch me fuck your tits. The final moment of pleasure is as we cum together, your fingers deep in your cunt and my cock pumping the last of my spunk onto your tits, your chest, your neck. you take one last long hard suck to get the last drops from my tingling balls and we collapse together, hugging close and and caressing each other in an exhausted, sweaty yet beautiful embrace. fingers gently teasing and stroking those sensitive areas where the nerves bundle together.

I could lie like this forever.

I could die in this embrace and I would be content.

But, we probably should clean this couch though.

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