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The Weekend Away... [Part 2]

Continuing from where I left last. The rest of the night we actually did get some sl**p although it was strange being with her overnight. During the next morning it was a normal day where we went out, had a bite to eat and shopping before returning to the room about 1pm in the afternoon. Once back in the room my Aunt suggested using the big jacuzzi style bath together and relax in the tub. I thought it was a great idea, I had never had a bath with any of my ex's so this would get another new experience to me although wouldnt be too strange of a thing really.

Once the bath was filled we undressed and my Aunt was the first one in the tub. I followed moments after and we turned on the bubbles. We both sat back in the tub with my Aunt up close with one of her legs over mine. It was at this time she revealed that when we had been together she had been really happy and forgot about all the shit she had been through in the past. She told me that she would happily do this again and again but brought up the dilemma, what if people found out. I assured her no one would find out because we would always be safe in picking our times.

After I told her this she moved up and kissed me and asked if id be up for some fun in teh tub. All the time kissing me, she had the one hand stroking my cock making it hard. I couldnt say no to her and kept kissing as she stroked my cock, now with a firm grip on it. I reached down and began to rub her pussy, all the time keeping our lips locked. She then released my cock with her hand and moved on top of me with my cock sliding into her pussy. She began to slowly move up and down on it as she told me she loved the feeling of me inside of her. She began to ride a little more roughly however we were struggling to get a good position.

Eventually we ended up outside of the bath but still in the bathroom. She was backed up against one of the units and I moved down to my knees and began to suck gently on the lips of her pussy. I could feel her knees trembling a little as I sucked and licked before I moved up her body to her lips. I helped her onto the unit and put my cock back into her wet pussy. It was a much better position for me at least. She was moaning and her breathing getting much heavier. I could tell by her face that she was loving it. We changed position eventually so that she was bent over infront of me with her hanging onto the unit to keep her balance as I pounded away at her pussy. She kept telling me harder, harder and faster, faster. I was getting close to cumming at this pace however my aunt told me to pull out. I pulled out and my aunt quickly got down to her knees and put my cock into her mouth and just in time aswell as I unleashed a hot load into her mouth. She showed me the load in her mouth before swallowing, something I always found hot.

She got back up and stood infront of me before kissing me passionatly. She then joked and told me she'll let me relax for a little bit before we went again. I knew she was partly being serious. We got back into the tub and again sat in teh same position. We then got talking a little and my aunt said that tonight she wanted to make love not just a quick fuck. Of course I was up for the idea and was willing to do whatever to please her. So we then got back to relaxing... knowing that in a few hours we would be having a little more fun once again.

To be continued.... ;)

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