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Caught Masturbating By Best Freinds Dad !!

So a couple of years ago im round at my freinds house in her bed room and she shows me some recent photos of a f****y wedding she had been to... just the usual boring f****y album stuff i couldn't help but notice how all of suddon drop dead gorgous her older b*****r had become after he'd been away with the army...

My freinds phone starts to ring and i see the caller id...'Mum' she ansers the phone and is told to go meet her mum and help her back with the groceries.
I look down at the photo in my hand and scream out "I'll will wait here!"

As i listen and watch her walk away from the house i quickly dash across the hall to Ryan's bedroom (the super hot b*o!)

MMmm his room is soo inviting his bed so confy.....

I find his favourate calone on the bedside table and spray it on the pillow, Photo of him in one hand i slide my other around my thigh and up my skirt to my already wet panties,.. i start to rub my clit on top of my panties Fist slow and then picking up the pace, Mmmm wow now this was real hot!!!

Wait was that a creeky step i heard? I listen out and im soooo close to cumming, I just cant help but carry carry on rubbing, harder and harder this time pushing my dripping panties deep inside my throbbing pussy......

I let out a wimper and at the same time i explode just as the door opens slightly.. OMG! E
ven worse than it being Ryan it turns out to be his dad standing in the door way!! I slam down the photo, pulled up my mini skirt and quickly jump of the bed which turns out not the best idea as i revealed the big WET PATCH where i had squirted on his son's bed!

Lets just say i haven't seen my friend or her b*****r in along time!!!!
The funniest thing of all.....The photo was not just of Ryan but his dad too MAJOR CRINGE!!!

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